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The Holly Tree, Forest Gate

No ale, just Guinness and l***r :-(

8 Nov 2018 20:38

The Dukes Head, Walthamstow

Was in the area and need somewhere to stop for an hour.

Interesting "rock bar" vibe inside - dark walls, 70s rock music piped - but loads of kids running around. It was only 17:30 on a Saturday so no idea what happened later.

Small DJ area, lots of room inside, food area at the back (with its own loos!) but not separated.

Good, cheap JHB beer, 3 portions of decent fries for £7, friendly staff, worth a follow-up!

7/10 for now!

29 Jan 2017 23:52

The Big Chill Bar, Shoreditch

Achingly trendy bar at the achingly trendy (i.e. non-curry) end of Brick Lane, adjacent to the Rough Trade shop. Expensive but not hideously so.

I went in yesterday (Monday - 26/09/16), at about 17:45, as my trains from Liverpool Street were cream-crackered. I had a double Laphroaig for £9.95.

There is a small outside area which was full.

I was BY FAR the oldest person there (low 50s), as I'd expected.

27 Sep 2016 15:38

The Doric Arch, Euston

Good review from Raiders Of The Lost Pubs:

20 Sep 2016 13:18

Cart Overthrown, Edmonton

Now seems to be called jut The Cart...

18 Sep 2016 13:33

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Known for its cluttered interior, this is quite a good pub to go in to get served, look around then drink outside. It's tiny!

Still, a good selection of real ales, just a tad difficult to get to the bar to get your paws on!

18 Sep 2016 13:27

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

Yes, not cheap but wow, the view! I absolutely love this place for all the wrong reasons:

Crowds: Yes, loads of tourists but - and here's the rub - they DO! NOT! START! FIGHTS! Great atmosphere of, just, fun outside!

Poky downstairs: Cute, even for a Londoner like me!

Movement: I don't get sea-sick so it's great fun to go up to someone who does and move slowly from side to side...

18 Sep 2016 13:04

The Abbey, Kentish Town

Don't recall this pub, perhaps previous reviews indicate why...

18 Sep 2016 12:52

Tapping the Admiral, Camden Town

Yes, a truly great pub!

Not tried the food but the beer has been top-notch every time I've been here (only about 3 or 4 times but I'm working on it!).

Love the nautical-related decor, too!

18 Sep 2016 12:46

Camden Town Brewery Bar, Kentish Town

Trendy. Verrrry trendy.

18 Sep 2016 12:35

The Camden Eye, Camden

Pictures from 2014 uploaded...

18 Sep 2016 12:33

The Camden Eye, Camden

Used to be the Halfway House during the Britpop wars.

Not a bad pub, really. Yes the service is... random but the beer is OK (I went for the Tribute but it *just* went off so settled for the local Camden Eye Ale, which was serviceable).

Downstairs was very popular but upstairs was almost empty - perfect for what my friends and I wanted this time as we were catching up after a long time apart.

18 Sep 2016 12:31

The Middlesex Arms, South Ruislip

Huge, cavernous pub. Not much real ale but a good spot to watch the footie (they were showing two different games in two discrete areas when I was there - large-ish screens).

About £3.90pp Strongbow, if that's a decent guide.

About 2 minutes' walk from South Ruislip station which is on the Central Line and BR from Marylebone to High Wycombe.

Only pub in the vicinity, far as I could see.

18 Sep 2016 12:06

Prince Arthur, Euston

Had a lunchtime pint. Drinks were ordered at the bar, seemed OK, approx. £13 for 2 pints of Pride and a glass of merlot (for the laydee).

Interesting "artwork" around the place (reflecting the street it is in!), along with some clutter hanging from the ceiling (OK, the antique musical instruments I get but ties?).

We had a plate of the BIGGEST sweet potato fries I have ever seen between us, which were quite nice.

Sorry, didn't get to try the gents this time (see earlier reviews).

1 Jul 2016 15:16

The Sun, Romford

No food at the moment as they are looking for a new chef. This is a shame as their Sunday roasts - at 2 for 312 - were ace! :-(

1 Jun 2016 17:02

The Goose, Romford

Went in here for the first time on Monday for the pub quiz. The pub itself is OK (6/10) although the service when I arrived was DIRE!!!

Anyway, there were good-ish beers on (the Scrum Down helped me forget England's showing in the RWC!) and service improved once the quiz started.
This was the first pub quiz for me in years and I enjoyed it thorougly! £1 per person - I was Nobby No-Mates on my own but still came 5th out of 15.

Quiz recommended, pub was OK but, like everywhere in Romford, approach with caution (especially, I would think,m on Fridays and Saturdays!)!

11 Nov 2015 14:47

The Spread Eagle, Marylebone

Have to agree with Strongers' comment from 15 Sep 2008 14:21 - the world's smallest pub toilets makiing it impossible to pass each other when disposing of your beer! Nice pub with cheerful staff. IPA £4.15 pp.

1 Oct 2015 14:46

Sovereign, Camden

Is this pub now The White Mustache?

2 Sep 2015 14:56

The Doric Arch, Euston

Outside 28/08/15

31 Aug 2015 09:57

The Doric Arch, Euston

Pumps: 14/08/15 - and

23 Aug 2015 13:18

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Pumps: 11/08/15 -

23 Aug 2015 13:13

The Sun, Romford

Sun in the sun!

23 Aug 2015 13:03

The Hanover Arms, Kennington

Paid my first visit to the pub while having a walk around Kennington Park (beware - there is a bin for putting weapons in located in the CHURCHYARD!). Can only agree with the previous posters: nice pint of Young's. I paid with my debit card and the server nicely arranged to charge me £10 and give me the change in dosh! Like it!

Two biggish LED screens in use, showing the usual Sky Sports News cos nothing else was on, but there is a proper pull-down screen available too.

11 Jun 2015 11:26

Cart Overthrown, Edmonton

I went back in here a few months ago for the first time since 1995 and it has changed mightily! The next day, someone was murdered a few hundred yards away. Coincidence, I am sure...

18 May 2015 12:37

Tompkins, Canary Wharf

Hopefully, my photos of this place will be added soon (I uploaded them) so you can see the main selling points of this place: the location and the interior! Both are, frankly, amazing!

It's more a cocktail bar than a pub, really, so expect to queue but I got me a mighty fine pint of Murphy's when I was there, which was a treat!


6 Jan 2015 19:12

St Paul's Tavern, Moorgate

Now a restuarant with a different name...

29 Jul 2014 14:20

The Gun, Coldharbour

Beers were reasonably priced but £16.50 for a burger? Are you having a giraffe?

Anyway - nicely set next to the river, the rear area has a nice view of same with the O2 (aka The Dome) prominent, as was Boris' Folly (aka the cable car).

A large part of the rear section was closed off for a private function (as was the so-called Gin Garden), so viewing options were limited to a quick shufti then back to the main bar.

Pictures here:

27 Jul 2014 21:29

The Hope, Wandsworth Common

Not been here for a while, used to be a Firkin. Also used to have an impossible pub quiz!

26 Jul 2014 16:28

The Royal George, Euston

Sports pub, several screens showing a variety of things. Pricey food but can recommend the pies. 6/10

21 Apr 2014 11:38

The Doric Arch, Euston

CAMRA pub, well worth a visit. 6/10

21 Apr 2014 11:36

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

Not bad, used to work around the corner. Hophead £4.50 pp. Sofas, big screen TV (even on Saturday!), young person's pub. Quite arty, as can be seen by various paintings around the walls. 7/10

21 Apr 2014 11:34

The Lamb, Romford

Had a pint of the black stuff, nicely poured. They were setting up the karaoke when I made a sharp exit. Looks OK but a typical fake Irish pub.

16 Nov 2013 21:37

The Bitter End, Romford

No change! Closed down, no lights on, no sign of a new owner... 0/10

16 Nov 2013 21:36

Golden Lion, Romford

Not a bad pub which makes it probably the best in Romford. A nice change from the meat markets on the main road. Nice beers! 7/10

16 Nov 2013 21:34

The Masons Arms, Fitzrovia

Looking for a place to go for a work team lunch, I found this place. Nice interior - panels, mirros, you know. Two ales on that I could see, Proper Job and Tribute (bot St. Austell). Had a pint of Trib - not too shabby! Will try the food and report back. No rating yet...

15 Nov 2012 18:50

The Smugglers Tavern, Warren Street

One of the weirdest pub lunches i have ever experienced! There was no-one behind the bar when my work colleagues and I arrived - for about TEN MINUTES! We were about to leave/rob the place when a stressed barmaid appeared from outside. She served us, took our food order and left again! For even longer! Eventually our food arrived - pad thai was OK - but man, this confusing pub will probably have to make do without our custom for the forseeable! 3/10

28 Aug 2012 14:08

The Court, Tottenham Court Road

Went in today for a lunchtime swifty - OK, i guess. Had a coupla pints of Limpix-themed Red, White & Brew which were OK (not my round so don't know the price). Three of my companions had food which they didn't like much - "bland" sausages and burnt offerings instead of a mixed grill! 5/10

10 Aug 2012 18:55

The Rake, London Bridge

Very impressed with this place - the beers *started* at 4.3%! Was already on the way to tipsy when I got here so can't go into too much detail but I liked the modern layout and the outside area was pleasant. The rear yard also gives out onto a market car-park, which was handy at that time of night - loads of space and a nice view of The Shard. A tentative 7/10 but this may go up as I explore it more.

14 Jul 2012 12:02

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Great view of the river but the nearby Anchor Bankside is nicer inside. Wasn't my round when I was there recently so can't comment about the staff...

14 Jul 2012 11:57

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Not a bad place, 3.90 for a pint of Pride which is about standard for London these days. Really like the interior (waiting for pix to be approved - come on, mods!) and there's a view of London Bridge Station and The Shard. 8/10

14 Jul 2012 11:55

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

My first time there and have to say it is a belter! Started on the Wandle and finished on the Oxford Gold - most excellent. Love the back room (formerly a courtyard), with walls covered in what I would call ephemera (some may call tat) - always a winner with me.

Also, the pub is in a great setting, in a street of what look like old railway workers' homes and oldie worldie street lamps.

Yep, this one is on The List!

17 Jun 2011 14:12

The Assembly, Tower Hill

Hmmm, yeeees...

Went there for an agency do so didn't have to pay UNTIL the tabe ran out, then... woo-hoo! Didn't see much change from 2 Amstel and a rose wine (for the laydee)!

No ceiling baffling meant the noise echoed of the bare plaster and quiet chat was impossible. OK, there were quite a few suits in there but still...


8 Dec 2010 18:16

The Sun, Romford

Only been once and it was late Saturday night but it seemed OK! Reasonable music act (two guys - one on guitar one on vox and occasional guitar), barmaid had never heard of Cointreau until I pointed at the bottle and she said: "Oh, Coin Tree!", beer was Greene King IPA or John Smith's...

22 Jun 2010 14:05

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Was there again on Friday, nice pints of Doombar, good place to stand outside. Service seemd a bit random but one barman seemed to care about his customers so that's a plus!

24 May 2010 12:41

City Tavern, City Of London

Used to come here a lot in the 80, com-PLETE-ly changed since then! No longer a dingy hole on the way to somewhere else, now really quite bright and shiny shiny inside!

Greene King IPA, very nice, 3+

28 Apr 2010 08:52

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Went in here for the first time today. Lunchtime, so couldn't really vouch for the ambience, although it was more populated than The Nelson is at this time.

COMPLETELY new decor since the pix on this page! Now very dark and slightly dingy. Black is the new beige! Also, trying to be trendy, which is always a turn-off for me. Some "happening" pictures in some of the windows, one of which refers to "Hoxton", so you know it's going to be poor! Also, a mosaic of same on the toilet doors. What is goin ON?!?!?!

"Guest" beers included Black Sheep - noticed that this has been on tap for some time so no longer really qualifies as "guest". VERY nice though!

Has a reasonable number of tables, most of which were taken or reserved - obviously a foodie pub so depressing to read a food-based review here which doesn't exactly entice me to eat in this pub!

Overall, good beer, poncey and trying-too-hard decor, good service... 6/10.

23 Apr 2010 18:22

The Prince Albert, Romford

This place has recently had a revamp - i.e. bright paint on the walls - which has done it a power of good. I have only been on a Friday evening, when they have the karaoke, and it is pretty lively then, with no sense of impending doom, which one might expect, given its location.

The varied clientele has a very local, friendly feel to it. It is one of only two easily accessible to the residents. It is not much of an ale pub, however, as most people seem to prefer lager.

I have never seen any trouble in or outside the pub - another sign of its friendly approach. Everyone seems to know everyone else (myself excluded) and I am sure a lot of punters have been going to it and/or will be frequenting it for some considerable time.

20 Apr 2010 17:55

The Prince Albert, Romford

This place has recently had a revamp - i.e. bright paint on the walls - which has done it a power of good. I have only been on a Friday evening, when they have the karaoke, and it is pretty lively then, with no sense of impending doom, which one might expect, given its location.

The varied clientele has a very local, friendly feel to it. It is one of only two easily accessible to the residents. It is not much of an ale pub, however, as most people seem to prefer lager.

I have never seen any trouble in or outside the pub - another sign of its friendly approach. Everyone seems to know everyone else (myself excluded) and I am sure a lot of punters have been going to it and/or will be frequenting it for some considerable time.

20 Apr 2010 17:54

Nelson, Camden

Not much to add to the previous comments - nice sofas? Not a beer-drinkers' pub but staff are very friendly and helpful during the day...

1 Apr 2010 17:14

The Captains Cabin, Piccadilly

Oh yes, stumbled into this one totally by accident - VERY nice!

27 Mar 2010 03:00

The Bree Louise, Euston

Well now, what a nice change! This used to be The Jolly Gardener and it wasn't Jolly and there was no gardening! However, since then... wow! A really, really tantalising gem of a pub, hidden off Euston Road when it should be being shouted about! CRACKING beer (I go for the Wandle, a deceptively mild ale which suddenly comes up and WHUPs you on the back of the head!). Haven't yet had time to explore the ales further but, as I have just relocated job to the area, I expect further excursions my be on the horizon... QUALITY!

P.S. Oh and didn't you like the comment below from "Craig"? How refreshing for a bar manager to respond positively to criticism like that. Yes, this is now my work local!

20 Feb 2010 03:48

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Was in there yesterday, pre-Beer Festival, and it had its own "festival" thing going on! There are, 40-odd beers available over the course of a few days. However, the ales which are traditionally served at the apex of the curved bar are included, as are "normal" ones - such as Shepherd Neame and London Pride - but it was still a nice touch. All beers are 3pp and the glass is 2 (refundable).

11 Feb 2010 12:53

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Went there for the first time in ages - beer hasn't got any cheaper in the credit crunch, has it!!! :-0

18 Jan 2010 13:52

The Sporting Page, Chelsea

Good place to watch the Lions eat the Boks on Saturday, nice pint of Doom Bar for 3.15. Small and a bit crowded but OK and the staff were friendly.

6 Jul 2009 12:45

The Red Lion, Witham

Nice, cheap food and a fab juke box

18 Jun 2009 14:04

The Prince Alfred, Bayswater

Saw the end of the Mighty Chelsea's glorious FA Cup win over Everton in here. Good views of a flat screen TV, good service, nice pints of Director's.

31 May 2009 11:41

The Red Lion, Witham

Very quiet at lunchtime but a good pint of Greene King IPA. I need to practice my pool skills, I was rubbish!

31 May 2009 11:39

Battesford Court, Witham

Not bad, not bad at all. Nice pint of Pedigree and a very tasty burger.

31 May 2009 11:37

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Yep, good out-of-the-way pub for a post-Forum-gig pint of Kingstone Brewerys Kingstons Gold, whic I'd never had before. Got a seat, too!

7 May 2009 15:03

The Langthorne, Stratford

Now seems to have a coupla more real ales on tap. Youngs and one other which escapes me. Not a pubby pub but OK to watch Chelsea winning yet again.

5 May 2009 22:38

The Haywain, Little Bromley

Yep, cracking pub. We went for the Hog Roast (a hog was roasted, oh yes!) and a good time was had by all. Andy and Dawn were ex-TREME-ly busy all afternoon but still did the mingle-with-the-punters thing at the end when time allowed.

I had a pint of Stoneleys which then ran out. After that, a coupla pints of strong cider and that was me for the day. Wimp, I know. Anyway, a top drawer selection of ales which I woudl have sampled had it been an evening.

The band were a fiddly-diddly folk mob who got the punters in the back room singing and clapping (but not dancing - no dance floor) to their mix of folk standards and their own take on Dylan covers and Buddy Holly classics. The service in the back was not that great - only one kid serving and he was way too strecthed, especially as he had to go to teh main bar for every drink, one at a time.

Yeah, good pub, would love to go back but it's a bit out-of-the-way for me. 9/10.

5 May 2009 22:27

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Yep, been in here many times and will always come back. Good beer, good selection of beer, quality interior.

2 Feb 2009 13:26

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Really good pub, good beer, TV screens, rugby paraphernalia - even a signed shirt from my team (Northampton Saints, for whom the guvor was a registered player, apparently!). Top notch. 10/10

2 Feb 2009 13:24

Clockwork, Islington

Yeah it's OK, just full of knobs with moustaches!

30 Jan 2009 13:44

The Cross Keys, Hammersmith

Did I see this pub in James May's BBC2 programme about toys over the festive period?

30 Dec 2008 13:14

The Ship, Soho

Probably my most favouritest pub in the whole wide world! ESB and Pride on offer with good, attentive service (although the barmaid cocked up my order) for a standard-ish 9. Quality music - they were playing The Sonics, for Peel's sake! The clientele is what you would expect - e.g. cute girl with shed loads of tatoos on her back (my, she'll look SO GOOD when she's 50!) - with no sign of trouble. Then we went to The george, which was kak.

23 Dec 2008 18:07

Clockwork, Islington

Well, this pub is now called The Lexington. I paid my first visit last night, for a pop quiz, run by Rough Trade. We (my two mates and I) were thumped in the quiz but, judging by comments made by the quizmaster, the place seemed to be populated by music biz insiders so I wasn't surprised. Oh and Mark Ronson was there briefly.

Anyway, we wuz robbed in the quiz. The people marking our scoresheet cocked it up big time. It wouldn't have made any difference to the outcome but still! Grr! And JEEZUS! What a bunch of posing Hoxtonite knob-ends in the clientele! Since when have moustaches been legal?

As for the beer, well, as previously stated, there isn't any. Some Guinness - reasonably priced, well-poured - was all I could drink there.

16 Dec 2008 14:28

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

In there again last night. Beer's pricey, innit! Good view upstairs of the mighty Chelsea scraping a win against Cluj (who?), once they switched the telly to the right channel!

10 Dec 2008 13:19

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Very good, small, atmospheric pub. Yeah, a bit fake but so what! What's the alternative! The beer was goooood! Not crowded last night but it was a Tuesday...

19 Nov 2008 17:48

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

Watched the footie in there last night. Choice of viewing: Arse downstairs, Man U upstairs. Good view, decent sound. Drinks a bit pricey, mind...!

6 Nov 2008 17:52

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Went there to watch the footie last night and the screen was broken! Didn't stay...

6 Nov 2008 17:50

The Barley Mow, Shoreditch

Not bad, very tasty pint of HSB. It has a jukebox (always a good start for me!) which will need to be investigated further, although it played Chelsea Dagger and Heart Shaped Box while I was in there, so, good start! Wobbly table made me spill my pint so Grrr for that.

17 Oct 2008 14:47

The King Edward VII, Stratford

The best pub in Stratford, easily. Nice pint of St. Austell Tribute, good rock on the sound system, yeah that'll do for me! Didn't try the food.

17 Sep 2008 17:31

The Langthorne, Stratford

Saw the second half of the mighty Chelsea vs the lowly Bordeaux last night. Not many people in but good view of teh big screen and good sound, lots of smaller screens dotted around. Only John Smith's on tap. OK.

17 Sep 2008 17:29

The Queens Head, Stratford

Saw the first half of the mighty Chelsea Vs. Bordeaux in there last night. Dead! Impossible to see the big screen from virtuyally anywhere except for right in front of it! Only John Smith's ale! Not good!

17 Sep 2008 17:26

The British Lion, Stratford

This pub has been demolished.

12 Sep 2008 13:20

The Swan, Bank

I was there last night. Very nice indeed. I went upstairs and the Fuller's London Pride was excellent. The manager is called Simon and he's an Aussie (which we won't hold against him) - top bloke.

11 Sep 2008 13:26

The Cobden Arms, Camden

Went there for a private function during the day, very well looked after. Nice pint of Pride, too.

14 Aug 2008 13:43

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Went to the cellar bar on Friday last for a private function. Not bad although the air-con wasn't working. Also, got there about 7.30pm, no Stella! Already? On a Friday? Sheesh! Also, there was only one barman serving so had to wait 15 mins to get served my first drink of the day. Ladyfriend not amused!

Apart from that, all was OK.

11 Aug 2008 12:13

The Salutation, Hammersmith

Not bad at all. Friendly staff, reasonable Fullers beer, useful beer garden.

3 Aug 2008 21:39

The Crosse Keys, Bank

mlmcjonesy - I was also there for that CL final. Agreed, the screen was excellent in size and we had a good view (albeit from about a mile away!). My problem was that there was no sound where we were! The ONLY speakers were right on top of the screen and the sound just didn't carry.

The service was very good, considering how rammed it was - I was very impressed! Believe me, I've seen many games in many pubs and the beer flowed more quickly here than in most!

Shame the Chelse lost but I can't (realistically!) blame the pub for that! :-(

3 Jun 2008 19:49

The Golden Bell, Leighton Buzzard

Not bad. Some good beer available. Clientele are very young (apart from me, obviously).

1 Apr 2008 12:10

Swan, Hemel Hempstead

Yup, this is now open and jolly nice it is, too. Never went in there before but I am assured it was a hell-hole. Extremely modern inside, good pint of Black Sheep. Didn't eat there but the menu is a little pricey (London prices, not too exorbitant, hope it's worth it!). You can have great fun, though, trying to spot the spelling mistakes on the menus!

Also, why on Earth do you have to climb over a chain to get in unless you're coming from the car park?!?!?

31 Mar 2008 14:46

The Three Horseshoes, Bourne End

Fantastic setting, I was there yesterday. Didn't go inside but had OK beer (Black Sheep, not perfectly kept but OK) and good food (pork n leek sossies - yum!).

31 Mar 2008 14:43

The King Edward VII, Stratford


25 Mar 2008 15:51

The Poet Bar, Liverpool St

This could be so much better if: 1) they had more real ale on sale; 2) they didn't run out of the real ale they have; 3) it stayed open later.

The pop quiz is great but, as mentioned in another post, could do with being better served by the venue.

25 Mar 2008 11:38

The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

The quiz night is on Tuesdays and is OK. The quizmistress doesn't seem to be the one who set the questions, mind, as she has trouble with some of the names. Still, not bad. The beer is pretty standard: I drank John Smiths and Pedigree and it was good tucker.

6 Mar 2008 17:41

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