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Comments by yourebarred

The Robin Hood, Stretford

Good for a few pints after work and you are right about the beer garden. The staff are fine and the food is alright. Worth an early evening stop.

3 May 2007 16:11

Tim Bobbin Public House, Milnrow

Awful pub. Plenty better in the area.

29 Apr 2007 10:36

The Shepherds Inn, Rawtenstall

Have they turned the quiz machine back on yet? It never seems to work when I go in.

29 Apr 2007 10:35

The Gardeners Arms, Charlton

I met the lovely couple who run this pub in Corfu. Well worth a visit.

21 Sep 2006 12:01

The Red Lion, Withington

I love the Red. After over 20 years, I still love talking nonsense in the vault.

21 Sep 2006 11:59

The Craven Heifer Inn, Rawtenstall

Pleasant enough pub but like a lot of others in the area, don't try winning too much money on the machines. The landlord will not be happy.

6 Sep 2006 14:12

The Rigbye Arms, High Moor

The food and the view is lovely. Good place to take the family for a nosebag. Don't try winning any money on the machines. Power cuts have been known to happen when you have a winning streak.

6 Sep 2006 14:08

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