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The Bowling Hotel, Bradford

The Bowling Hotel has closed quite a while ago. It is now a cafe.

27 Feb 2018 18:14

The Corner House, Bradford

This listing should be taken down. It hasn't been a pub for a very long time! :-(

21 Jun 2014 12:29

Uber, Bradford

A very welcoming and fun place. Not really for the real ale connoisseur but definitely worth checking out if you're up for a laugh. Friendly staff and always seems to pull a crowd. Nice beer garden round the back which is sometimes set up for music gigs. Worth a visit.

16 Jul 2012 21:16

The Black Horse, Low Moor

Been in a couple of times. Nice quiet place with rustic interior and friendly atmosphere. The only pub in Bradford other than the Shoulder of Mutton in the city centre that does Alpine Brewery larger and beer. Not sure if the George next door is still trading as its always closed with curtains draw every time I've gone past.

28 Jun 2012 14:05

Jacobs Well, Bradford

UPDATE: The Jacob's Well is closed whilst the owners look for new tenants :-(

17 Jan 2012 11:46

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Ingleton

Visited a couple of times when I lived up that way, once for food which was good. Had a fair selection of real ales on. It was peak times when we visited so very busy. Not been recently though.

11 Sep 2011 21:41

The Black Horse Hotel, Giggleswick

My eldest step son used to work here. Very friendly and cosy pub. Excellent food. Fair choice of real ale. Downside is they wouldn't let us take the dogs indoors so not very animal friendly.

11 Sep 2011 21:38

Devonshire Inn, Skipton

This has to be the best Wetherspoons pub I've been in but it still falls short of the quality from the likes of the Wooly Sheep and the Narrow Boat. Cheap real ale is a plus. Louts from Skipton and the surrounding area descending on it Fridays and Saturdays is the deal breaker.

11 Sep 2011 21:33

The Airedale Heifer, Sandbeds

Been in once. Didn't have a single real ale pump on that afternoon. Very unfriendly landlady who got our food order wrong and when it finally arrived 30 minutes later and we complained had nothing to say. Totally amateur set up and will not be back.

11 Sep 2011 21:30

The Old White Bear, Crosshills

Been in a couple of times. Always a friendly atmosphere and had a couple of real ales on that were fine.

11 Sep 2011 21:26

Yo Yo, Shipley

Not a pub. A Japanese style restaurant with an alcohol licence. Shouldn't be on this site.

11 Sep 2011 21:21

Sir Norman Rae, Shipley

Avoid. Cheap real ale is the only plus. Lots of negatives as like a typical Wetherspoons it attracts the loutish element. Punters drunk and staggering around at lunchtimes. Prams with screaming kids. Not good.

11 Sep 2011 21:20

The Boy and Barrel, Bradford

Update: the Boy and Barrel is now closed.

11 Sep 2011 20:50

The Red Lion, Silsden

Update: the Red Lion is now closed.

1 Aug 2011 19:16

The Bridge Inn, Silsden

Update: the Bridge is now closed.

1 Aug 2011 19:15

The Bowling Hotel, Bradford

Just been in here the once after work mid week. Was predictably quiet being on the very edge of the City Centre and in more of a residential area. Looked to be at least a few real ales on. Would be good to hear others' experiences.

25 Jul 2011 19:33

Moyles, Hebden Bridge

The most atmospheric pub in Hebden Bridge. Good selection of real ales. Always very friendly.

25 Jul 2011 19:31

The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge

Excellent food. Always a good selection of real ales. Wonderful canalside setting.

25 Jul 2011 19:28

The Maypole Inn, Long Preston

Used to be a regular haunt when I lived in the area. Always a good selection of real ales on. Fantastic home made food served either in the bar area or the dining room. Nice interior. Very friendly staff. Good atmosphere. Anybody mentioned the wife swapping one night a week?

25 Jul 2011 19:26

The Royal Oak Hotel, Settle

This pub has a fantastic interior that has been immaculately kept. Always a good selection of real ales. Karaoke night is an experience in itself...

25 Jul 2011 19:20

Woolly Sheep Inn, Skipton

This pub embodies what Skipton is all about in time honoured tradition. Wonderfully kept interior. Good selection of real ales. Some fantastic food on offer. Just can be a bit pricey.

25 Jul 2011 19:17

The Victoria Hotel, Shipley

Nice little place but as the last person fed back it is always quiet. Always have a few real ales on tap. Staff are friendly. Hope it survives.

25 Jul 2011 19:14

The Hockney, Shipley

Pricey. Poncey. If you appreciate proper beer and don't like being ripped off then go elsewhere.

25 Jul 2011 19:12

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Wonderful and well kept Victorian interior. Great atmosphere. Fine selection of ales. My only criticism is that I've found it to be a little more expensive compared with other Leeds City Centre pubs when buying like for like. Still well worth a visit though.

25 Jul 2011 19:07

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

I love this place. Always the starting point getting off the train in Leeds and often where we'd have our final drink before leaving. Nice interior. Friendly atmosphere. Usually a good selection of real ales.

25 Jul 2011 19:04

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

Fantastic place. Owned and run by the Leeds Brewery and mainly serving their fine selection of real ales. Always busy. Food is fantastic. Give it a go!

25 Jul 2011 19:02

The Waggon and Horses, Laisterdyke

Absolutely terrible place. Last time I was there both the exterior and the interior were needing TLC to say the least. Broken windows, ripped seats, damaged walls, all before you get onto how worn it all is through lack of maintenance. To call the clientele "rough" would be an understatement. No real ales on. We went in here whilst waiting for Akbrars across the road to open. Never again!

24 Jul 2011 08:18

The Cock and Bottle, Bradford

Following my last review, the Cock and Bottle is definitely closed.

24 Jul 2011 08:11

The Westleigh Hotel, Bradford

Fairly decent place. Generally at least a couple of real ales on draught. Pool table. TV. Excellent food. Good atmosphere. Give it a go!

24 Jul 2011 08:06

CHE BAR, Bradford

Went in once last year just before Christmas. Larger and vodka fruit drinks on the menu by the bottle. Can't recall seeing anything hand pulled let alone a single proper beer. Dance floor, loud music, overbearing doormen. Ladettes trying to dance whilst out of their heads and lads hanging around on the edges of the dance floor giving the eye.

If you have any maturity about you and appreciate proper beer then avoid this place!

24 Jul 2011 08:04

The Sun Hotel, Bradford

The Sun is Bradford's "gay pub" usually complete with drag act DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. Its welcoming to people of any sexual orientation and I've had some fun nights there. Brilliant atmosphere. Decent beer.

I'd just like to point out I am not gay for the record!!

24 Jul 2011 07:46

The Sparrow, Bradford

Small place with a wonderful atmosphere. Street cafe style venue that serves a good selection of real ales, mainly local breweries. Interesting beer menus on every table to aid you with your selection. Try it!

21 Jul 2011 17:18

The Bedford Arms, Bradford

Closed. Now turned into offices for a recruitment agency.

13 Jun 2011 20:43

The Mill Lane, Bradford

Went in before Christmas and had a pint of the locally brewed larger. Really nice. Was a bit quiet but very friendly landlord.

28 Apr 2011 14:26

Jacobs Well, Bradford

Nice friendly warm atmosphere. Usually have at least a couple of real ales on. Interior is a bit worn and "social club" esque but it's a good stop off point if on a pub crawl. Handy for the Interchange.

27 Apr 2011 15:51

The Black Bull, Kirkgate

Been just once but had a great time. Had a couple of real ales on. Rustic interior with oldie worldie feel. Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff.

27 Apr 2011 15:01

Haigy's, Manningham

A strange venue. Been there a few times with a delinquent crew of mid-week drinkers, mainly because it has a late licence. Ended up one night being punched by a guy (entirely unprovoked) and witnessed another guy turned threatening, had to be thrown out, he put his fist through the window and then stuck his head through to tell us he was going to kill us all :-Z

Having said that, once you get past the stress of violence suddenly raising its head its actually quite a nice place. Always have some good real ales on and plenty of snacks. Landlord and landlady are very pleasant.

29 Mar 2011 15:33

Bar twenty5, Bradford

Just following on my last posting, unfortunately Bar 25 is now CLOSED :-(

29 Mar 2011 15:26

The Cow and Calf, Ilkley

Good beer. Good food. Wonderful setting. No complaints.

17 Sep 2010 14:15

The Fleece, Addingham

Great real beer. Excellent food. Good atmosphere. Wonderful!

17 Sep 2010 13:16

The White Lion Hotel, Kildwick

Wonderful pub. Excellent food. Nice real ales. Nice character. A regular when I go walking on the canal tow path.

17 Sep 2010 13:11

The Lord Rodney, Keighley

It's okay. Has a bit of a false atmosphere inside since the refurb like a chain pub but there are some real ales on

17 Sep 2010 13:01

The Sun Inn, Bingley

Only been in here a couple of times with a mate and not impressed. Not a real pub. Beer well over priced and nothing worth mentioning. No real ales. No character. No way I'm visiting again.

17 Sep 2010 12:51

Suburban Style Bar, Bingley

Expenses, limited range of beers (not real ale) and doormen with bad attitudes.

17 Sep 2010 12:49

The Old Tramshed, Saltaire

Okay if you like loud music and cooking largers. Not so good if you're into a proper pub that serves real ale.

17 Sep 2010 12:46

The Busfeild Arms, East Morton

Visited this place yesterday evening. The pub building and grounds themselves are pretty decent and tidy. Only had Timmy Taylor's Dark Mild on which was okay. Prices aren't though! Much higher than you'd get down the hill in Keighley or in Skipton or Ilkley for that matter. Food looked pricey as well so decided not to hang around after one drink. Pity!

3 Sep 2010 11:48

The Victoria Hotel, Shipley

Pretty good pub I'd say. Good real ales, nice interior and its always dead so you can hear yourself think while you're reading the paper.

23 Aug 2010 21:07

The Connection Restaurant, Shipley

Used to go quite a lot when I was involved with this bird who lives in Sandy Lane. Anyway we broke up after she slept with three other blokes so I've not been back since!

23 Aug 2010 21:05

The Elm Tree Inn, Embsay

Very good pub. Always a good selection of real ales on and a nice friendly atmosphere. Used to frequent when I lived in Embsay.

23 Aug 2010 20:53

The Noble Comb, Shipley

Agree totally with the last reviewer. This place is the pits and ought to be torn down to extend the nearby carriageway.

23 Aug 2010 20:47

City Hotel, Bradford

Used to know this place as Maguires. Was run by the dad of a school friend. Was a pretty decent place. Not sure if it is still open.

23 Aug 2010 20:46

Albert, Keighley

Good pint of Landlord but the crowd in there are very off putting. Lass with a fake tan tried to get it off with me but her boyfriend was watching and looked like he would commit murder. Supped up and buggered off!

21 Aug 2010 22:47

The Robin Hood Inn, Silsden

Only been in a couple of times. Can't recall any real ales on but maybe they were off those nights? Nice interior though and large beer garden to the rear.

20 Aug 2010 20:12

The Red Lion, Silsden

Scrub my last comment - I was getting mixed up with the Robin Hood in Silsden. This place is a bit wierd. Everybody stopped talking when my friend and I walked in, can't recall anything of particular interest on the pumps, and the atmosphere was generally "who are you and why are you in our pub?" Not been in since.

20 Aug 2010 20:12

The Red Lion, Silsden

Only been in a couple of times. Can't recall any real ales on but maybe they were off those nights? Nice interior though and large beer garden to the rear.

20 Aug 2010 20:10

The Punch Bowl, Silsden

Best pub in Silsden. Always a few real ales on and good atmosphere.

20 Aug 2010 20:09

The Kings Arms, Silsden

Its an okay pub. Had a few good ales on when I last visited. Pretty nice atmosphere.

20 Aug 2010 20:08

The Bridge Inn, Silsden

This pub could be so much better. Right next to the canal with a wonderful beer garden in a wonderful little town but the interior is run down and there is not much in the way of real ales. Needs a bit of a boost.

20 Aug 2010 20:07

Sir Titus Salt, Bradford

Its a barn. Always waiting for ages to get served. They do have the occasional good ale on but at the end of the day its a wetherspoons so not a real pub!

19 Aug 2010 22:45

The Queen, Bradford

Not been in for years but when I last did I remember wanting to sip up quickly.

19 Aug 2010 22:38

The Park, Bradford

Bit of a soulless place to be honest. Feels like a bit of a plastic palace rather than a proper pub. Can't recall any real ales being on.

19 Aug 2010 22:36

The Harp Of Erin, Bradford

It's okay. Good for picking up Latvian women anyway ;-)

19 Aug 2010 22:28

The Cock and Bottle, Bradford

I new this pub as a teenager as a school friend's family ran it. Used to absolutely love it. It's certainly gone down hill since! It closed for a while, was reopened by the local Anglican Church as a sort of community centre with beer, then shut again, then reopened and whoever took over didn't know how to keep it in a fit state. Seats ripped out. Bald patches on the walls. Plaster crumbling. Remember a very young barmaid who looked like she didn't care and a very limited selection of beers on. This was at peak time on a Saturday and there was just me and my mate in. Not been back since.

19 Aug 2010 22:21

The Angel Inn, Leeds

This place is cool. Good beer. Always a lively atmosphere. Can't complaint.

10 Aug 2010 17:40

The Vine Tavern, Keighley

What a dive! Bar staff very stand off ish and unwelcoming. Didn't pull a full pint for either of us and argued when we complained. Beer was flat and tasted like it had been watered down. Never ever going again!

8 Aug 2010 22:40

The Red Pig, Keighley

Good pub. Good ales. Nice atmosphere. Give it a go!

8 Aug 2010 22:34

The Gardeners Arms, Keighley

A bit of a dive really. Smells of something rotten and the interior looks like a working men's club. Read somewhere that they usually had a couple of guest beers on but definitely not the night I went in.

8 Aug 2010 22:33

The Boltmakers Arms, Keighley

It's okay as pubs go - some good Timmy Taylor ales on, quite welcoming but its a bit small and the atmosphere is always rather downbeat.

8 Aug 2010 22:31

The Golden Lion, Settle

Good pub. Always have some good beers on. Food is excellent. Wonderful interior. Great atmosphere. How pubs should be!

5 Aug 2010 00:13

Tempest Arms, Elslack

Wonderful pub! Always some good real ales on and the food is EXCELLENT! Must have been a dozen times and would definitely recommend.

5 Aug 2010 00:12

The Cavendish Arms, Embsay

Visited a couple of times when I lived in the area. The interior is a little tired but there were some good ales on and it was a good atmosphere.

5 Aug 2010 00:11

The Bull At Broughton, Broughton

The last time I visited it had just changed hands. The beer was mediocre. The food wasn't great. The prices were high. Not been again!

5 Aug 2010 00:10

Woolly Sheep Inn, Skipton

Good pub. Always has a few real ales on. Pretty decent food as well. Definitely worth a visit!

5 Aug 2010 00:09

The Narrow Boat, Skipton

Wonderful place. Fantastic real ales. Great atmosphere. What are you waiting for??

5 Aug 2010 00:08

The Black Horse, Skipton

It's an okay pub but definitely not Skipton's finest. Tends to attract a rowdy crowd Friday and Saturday evenings. Limited selection of real ales. Check out the Narrow Boat or the Wooly Sheep for a proper pub!

5 Aug 2010 00:07

The Shipley Pride, Shipley

Pretty decent gaffe. Would recommend you give it a visit.

5 Aug 2010 00:05

The Noble Comb, Shipley

Plastic palace. Should have "Tesco" or "McDonalds" displayed on the outside. That about sums it up.

5 Aug 2010 00:04

The Branch, Shipley

Quite a decent place. Good friendly atmosphere. Can't remember anything about the beer though!!

5 Aug 2010 00:03

Myrtle Grove, Bingley

Just a big soulless place too loud to talk to anybody and attracts the rough element. Typical Wetherspoon really.

5 Aug 2010 00:02

The Old White Horse Inn, Bingley

Wonderful pub. Always has a couple of real ales on. Nice beer garden round the back. Has to be the best pub in Bingley.

5 Aug 2010 00:00

The Brown Cow, Bingley

I had problems being served last time I went. Had to change the barrel and must have been waiting for about 20 minutes before I got my pint. Also was a bit pricey.

4 Aug 2010 23:59

The Prune Park Bar, Allerton

It seemed a pretty decent place the last time I went, which was a couple of years back now. Can't remember any real ales on but I don't know the current score.

4 Aug 2010 23:58

The Greenwood Inn, Bierley

Used to go a bit when I lived in Bierley. It was always quite a decent place though I can't recall any real ales being on. Pretty tidy and well presented though.

4 Aug 2010 23:56

The City Vaults, Bradford

Pretty decent pub. Not as wide a selection of real ales as some others in Bradford but it's quite popular and a good atmosphere.

4 Aug 2010 23:55

Yo Yo Cafe Bar, Bradford

This isn't a pub. It's a cafe in Little Germany. Was decent enough when I last visited some years ago but I can't recall alcohol being on the menu. Maybe times have changed?

4 Aug 2010 23:54

The Turls Green, Bradford

I hate this place. Always far too loud for a conversation and full of trouble causers. It's the one place I always avoid when out in Bradford.

4 Aug 2010 23:53

The Shoulder of Mutton, Bradford

It's a bit dusty and dirty but the beer is good.

4 Aug 2010 23:50

Old Bank, Bradford

This pub has been closed a while now.

4 Aug 2010 23:49

The Exchange Ale House, Bradford

This place has just closed recently. Three empty pubs now on Market Street in Bradford!

4 Aug 2010 23:48

The Corn Dolly, Bradford

Wonderful place. There is always a good selection of real ales on. Nice atmosphere.

4 Aug 2010 23:46

The Boy and Barrel, Bradford

It's not such a bad place. Been a couple of times and the regulars are just salt of the earth people - the best type in my view! To be honest I can't remember if the beer was particularly good and I certainly can't remember any real ales.

4 Aug 2010 23:45

The Castle Hotel, Bradford

Just been in once and have to say it was pretty decent. Very friendly atmosphere. Good ales on. Felt quite a home.

4 Aug 2010 23:44

Bar twenty5, Bradford

A good pub. Relatively modern compared to some in Bradford but a great atmosphere and there are always at least two or three real ales on. The food 9 times out of 10 is also pretty damn decent (just had one visit where it wasn't up to usual standard). Quite a local for residents in Little Germany.

4 Aug 2010 23:43

The New Beehive Inn, Bradford

This has got to be the best pub in Bradford. Wonderful atmosphere. The gas lanterns just do it for me. It's wonderful how the interior has been largely preserved although the gents desperately need some work doing to them! And of course the most important thing is the beer. There is always at least a couple of real ales on although we're usually onto the snifters by the time we reach here.

4 Aug 2010 23:41

The Fighting Cock, Bradford

Wonderful place. Proper ale with some wonderful guest beers on. Does anybody know who that guy with the long beard is who seems to always be in there whatever day and time it is?

4 Aug 2010 23:38

The Cricketers Arms, Keighley

Fantastic little pub. Great atmosphere, very friendly regulars and wonderful real ale. Think as it only really one big room it must have been an ale house originally.

4 Aug 2010 23:35

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