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BITE user comments - wirraldrinker

Comments by wirraldrinker

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

This pub lost its Licence in December 2020 following persistent breaches of Covid-19 Regulations. It will be interesting to see if it reopens on 12/04/21.

26 Mar 2021 13:19

Rock Station Hotel, Rock Ferry


21 Jan 2021 16:43

Franklyns Bar and Kitchen, Wirral

Closed at the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis and has never reopened.

19 Dec 2020 16:34

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

A Covid-19 free zone on a Friday and Saturday night and nobody seems to care.

6 Oct 2020 12:48

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Now called Sue's Bar. Was fined £1,000 yesterday for breaking Coronavirus rules.

6 Oct 2020 12:44

The White Lion Inn, West Kirby

Track and Trace precautions in place on a recent visit. I ordered as I walked in the pub and paid (via card) then sat in the rear beer garden where a pleasant barmaid brought my pint to me. There seemed to be four ales on tap. A pleasant experience.

15 Sep 2020 15:51

The Cottage Loaf, Thurstaston

My fears from earlier this year were unfounded. The pub has reopened and yesterday punters were sat outside in the beer garden as I passed.

3 Sep 2020 23:06

The Old Roan Inn, Bootle

The Liverpool Echo reports that the owners of this pub, Commercial Realty, has left this pub to badly deteriorate over the last seven years that it has been closed despite legal proceedings instigated by the local Council. Today the owners were once again summoned to Court but failed to turn up. They were fined £16k in their absence. Somehow I think this building is likely to be demolished.

27 Aug 2020 16:05

Greyhound, Farndon

Been closed for 18 months but rumoured to be reopening later this year.

23 Aug 2020 15:24

The Sandstone, Broxton


22 Aug 2020 20:02

The Stirrup, Birkenhead

Demolished July 2020.

28 Jul 2020 17:14

The Dell, Prenton

Demolished and replaced by a block of flats.

2 Jul 2020 20:00

Ring 'O' Bells, West Kirby

This pub was bought by Stange & Co Ltd a few months ago. Their other pubs on Wirral, the Jug & Bottle, Fox & Hounds and the Ship Inn are excellent for both food and ale. I hope the company survives the coronavirus shutdown and that they make a success of the Ring O' Bells.

29 Apr 2020 14:01

The Cottage Loaf, Thurstaston

Don't know what has happened here. Was trading normally a couple of months ago but now every window is boarded up. Something more than the Coronavirus shutdown?

21 Apr 2020 22:39

The Nags Head, Haughton Moss

Evidently re-opened but closed suddenly on 31/12/19.

1 Apr 2020 15:20

The Orient Hotel, Liverpool

Closed by the Police yesterday after the pub management kept the pub open defying the Coronavirus shutdown.

26 Mar 2020 20:06

The Boathouse, Parkgate

A recent lunchtime visit was cut short when, as I waited at the bar to order drinks, my pal went into the back room to bag a table only to be told "You can't sit in there all tables are reserved" despite only one couple being in the room and no 'reserved' label being on any table. Not being prepared for such an unfriendly reception we looked the bloke up and down and left.

22 Mar 2020 20:40

The Boathouse, Parkgate

A recent lunchtime visit was cut short when, as I waited at the bar to order drinks, my pal went into the back room to bag a table only to be told "You can't sit in there all tables are reserved" despite only one couple being in the room and no 'reserved' label being on any table. Not being prepared for such an unfriendly reception we looked the bloke up and down and left.

22 Mar 2020 20:40

The Abbey, Liverpool

This place is well worth a visit. On a recent evening trip 6 ales were available and one draught cider. I managed to get a window seat and watched the world go by whilst drinking a nice IPA.

15 Mar 2020 12:13

The Black Bull, Gateacre

Lunch and a pint of Wainwright (I think) was very enjoyable. Pleasant attentive staff.

4 Dec 2019 20:41

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Visited last night for the beer festival. Had a meal and a pint of a citrus pale ale for £6:14. The festival ales were all £1:99. The place was crowded. Service was pretty good for once.

19 Oct 2019 11:48

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Today's Liverpool Echo contains a story that the Dispensary has been sold.

16 Sep 2019 20:17

The Queens Royal, New Brighton


11 Sep 2019 19:49

Y Bryncynan Inn, Pwllheli

Went for Sunday lunch but found the place packed and was told there was no chance of a table for an hour. Didn't stay. Pity.
Then went to the Ship at Nefyn (not listed on BITE) but experienced the same thing!

2 Sep 2019 22:46

The Town Crier, Chester

Doombar was the only ale I could see on offer. To be fair it was ok. Very crowded on a warm evening so I sat outside but suffered from the smokers as mentioned by Ellisref. Only called here as I was waiting for a train at the station over the road.

25 Aug 2019 22:15

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Well worth a visit. Very popular and rather up-market. Great selection of ales. I enjoyed standing outside on a warm evening alongside the canal.

25 Aug 2019 22:11

Red Lion, Chester

Packed on a recent Saturday night visit. Lots of tv screens which of course attracts a certain type of person. A couple of ales available but most punters were lager swillers. Not somewhere I'd recommend.

25 Aug 2019 22:07

The Pied Bull, Chester

Quiet compared to other nearby pubs. Pleasant nevertheless. I tried one of their own brews, Bull's Hit, and a very nice pale ale it was. Several other of the pubs own ales and one guest were available. Their own brews are produced in a tiny brewery under the pub.

25 Aug 2019 22:03

Thomas Telford, Ellesmere Port

Bought by Amber Taverns and re-opened as 'The William Jessop'.
Cheap beer and lots of televisions. Occasional live music. Occasional fight.

17 Aug 2019 16:04

The Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn

Nice little pub in a quiet village where I ended the day following a walk over Halkyn Mountain. There were only a few customers on this Saturday afternoon. Several ales available, can't remember what as it was a few months ago!
I sat outside in bright sunshine and relaxed. Altogether a pleasant experience.

14 Aug 2019 11:17

The Boathouse, Parkgate

To my knowledge this is the only Hydes pub on Wirral.
Food was good but pricey, views excellent but ale was uninspiring. Of the two ales that seemed to be available I had a golden brew called Piffle or Pyffle. It was bland.

21 May 2019 21:00

The Waterhouse, Manchester

I liked this Wetherspoon pub. I ate here and had a pint of Rudgate Brobek which was very nice. The place was crowded and I had to search all of the small rooms and alcoves in order to find a free table. Worth a visit.

12 May 2019 21:45

The Vine Inn, Manchester

Previous posts mention 2 bars and 3 floors. I didn't see any other the one small groundfloor bar which had only 2 safe ales. Timothy Taylor's Landlord and Robinson's Dizzy Blonde. Well kept ale but a disappointing venue with what appeared to be fake wooden beams.

12 May 2019 21:42

The City Arms, Manchester

Another visit, I had a lovely pint of Oakham Citra, however the price was an eye-watering £4:90 !

12 May 2019 21:35

Rock Station Hotel, Rock Ferry

Local newspaper reports that this pub was targeted by arsonists last night. Apparently it was badly damaged.

29 Apr 2019 15:43

The City Arms, Manchester

Thursday evening was my first visit to this small, traditional city centre pub. A good selection of ales available. I had Neptune Poseidon Orange Pale Ale. Only a few customers but that suited me. Great that such old pubs are still surviving in city side-streets.

27 Apr 2019 16:46

The Chronicle, Bebington

Closed again.

1 Apr 2019 17:45

Ship Inn, Wallasey

Another planning application has been submitted to the local council to demolish the pub and build six houses on the site.

20 Mar 2019 13:22

The Dell, Prenton

A planning application has been submitted to the local council to build a block of flats on the site.

20 Mar 2019 13:20

The Bowler Hat Hotel, Prenton

Been flats for years.

20 Mar 2019 13:18

The Bull, Shocklach

My one and only visit to this pub was last weekend and it was closed!
Apparently it is to re-open soon.

26 Feb 2019 11:38

The Stirrup, Birkenhead

Planning application for housing on the site submitted to local council.

17 Feb 2019 20:58

The Stirrup, Birkenhead

Closed and building deteriorating.

27 Jan 2019 13:22

The Cock and Pullet, Birkenhead

The lights were on and it appeared to be open when I passed a few nights ago.

12 Dec 2018 14:56

The Chronicle, Bebington

Seems to have been renamed 'The New Chronicle'.

16 Nov 2018 20:51

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Still not re-opened. Work continues.

12 Nov 2018 13:27

Arrowe Park Hotel, Woodchurch

Closed. Having a major refurb inside and out.

12 Nov 2018 13:25

Moodz, Birkenhead


12 Nov 2018 13:24

The Bell, Tring

The BBC News website featured a video from the Bell a few days ago. However, it wasn't the sort of promotional video that most pubs welcome. Instead it was a security camera video of a mass brawl inside the pub.

4 Nov 2018 11:21

Clairville, Wallasey

This Wetherspoons isn't too bad so far as layout and drinks are concerned. The problems are caused by the people who use it! Better during the day when a mixture of shoppers, alcoholics and teen mums drink and eat in here but at night it is a lot more edgy. Best avoided unless you are with a group.

25 Oct 2018 17:14

The Boot, Wallasey


24 Oct 2018 17:49

The Harvest Mouse, Heswall

A couple of weeks ago I went to this pub for the first time in five years because it was participating in the Wirral Ale Trail event. However, the only ales which seemed to be available were standard Greene King brews in this standard Greene King pub. Didn't stay.

13 Sep 2018 20:43

The Vines, Liverpool


7 Sep 2018 11:46

Rose And Crown Hotel, Lower Bebington

Re-opened in April. I haven't been in but a pal tells me the new management team are trying their best to make it work. Live music and a quiz are now regular events. Ales are Thwaites and Ringwood.

4 Sep 2018 18:07

Calveley Arms, Handley


31 Aug 2018 10:52

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Closed for the next couple of months while an extension and major refurb of the building and car park takes place. Due to reopen in mid-Oct 2018.
Hope it doesn't destroy the 'country pub' feel of the place. Sometimes pub companies lose sight of why a pub is popular in their haste to increase profits.

30 Aug 2018 10:41

The Milners, Heswall

A block of flats now occupies the site.

30 Aug 2018 10:35

Dee View Inn, Heswall

Doesn't seem to be popular this year. Not as many ales available as in the past and no live music. Don't know what has happened.

30 Aug 2018 10:31

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Closed again.

30 Aug 2018 10:26

The Chronicle, Bebington

Re-opened and now called 'No. 6'.
Appears to have had a lick of paint and is now a bar/diner.

11 Aug 2018 12:44

The Refreshment Rooms, Birkenhead

On a recent weekend visit it was busy with diners but a few drinkers were in the back room and beer garden. Three ales were available. I had an IPA which was fine if a little expensive. Looks like this pub continues to thrive. Well done to the owners.

22 Jul 2018 12:18

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Re-opened at end of June 2018.

4 Jul 2018 14:36

Old Colonial, Birkenhead

Snarling Mallard - the trams haven't run for 6 months. They were meant to recommence in May but are now due to start Sunday only service at the end of July 2018.

29 Jun 2018 12:17

Old Colonial, Birkenhead

Has just reopened as a pub! Now called Molly's Chambers Bar & Kitchen.
Seems to be trying to establish itself as a music venue.

28 Jun 2018 16:52

Hogshead, Liverpool

Two pump clips were turned around today and just an IPA was available. It was pretty tasteless, I suspect it was Greene King IPA. Other than that it was all fizz and cheap food. Some dodgy people in and around the pub.

25 Jun 2018 18:35

Lord Raglan Hotel, Birkenhead

Now a Greek restaurant.

25 Jun 2018 15:12

The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool

No real ale just fizzy piss. I waited several minutes before a barman appeared from a backroom whilst talking on his mobile. I seemed to be an inconvenience to him. I had an Amstel and it was expensive. Wouldn't bother with this place other than for the comedy shows held downstairs.

25 Jun 2018 15:11

The Abbey, Liverpool

As reported by Blue Scrumpy this pub is now called the Head of Steam.
5 or 6 ales and 1 cider available today. I had an IPA (can't remember the name). It was a well kept ale. Definitely worth a visit.

25 Jun 2018 15:05

The Cock and Pullet, Birkenhead

Closed and boarded up.

23 Jun 2018 13:17

The Royal, Birkenhead

Closed and boarded up.

23 Jun 2018 13:17

Elephant Bank, Neston

I submitted details of this place to BITE following a visit last summer. I can't remember what I had to drink but I can't remember much of a beer choice. The Elephant Bank is a café/bar in what was formerly a Nat West Bank. One thing I do remember was that it was the only Neston pub which was crowded on my Saturday night visit.

13 Jun 2018 14:24

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Re previous post - the pub was refurbished and re-opened in 2017 but just didn't get support of the locals.
It closed at the end of May 2018.

4 Jun 2018 13:53

The Yacht Inn, Woodbank

A major redevelopment of the building is underway. It is to re-open as an Italian restaurant.

2 Jun 2018 20:02

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

Still an impressive selection of ales with 'White Rat' from the Rat Brewery the best in my opinion. Bar meals are available or you can eat in the adjacent restaurant for a greater meal selection and a waitress will bring your choice of ale to your table. Recommended.

30 May 2018 22:13

Harp Inn, Little Neston

Visited recently on a warm, sunny afternoon. 4 ales available. I had Peerless Triple Blond which was very nice. I sat outside and gazed over the marshes to Wales. Several birdwatchers had scopes set up on tripods and were scanning the marshes. The road improvements seem to have led to an increase in car owners, cyclists and walkers which I've no doubt has increased the pubs business.

29 Apr 2018 15:58

The Mill House, Broughton

A modern Greene King pub on the edge of a new retail park. Poor.

11 Apr 2018 16:49

The Yacht Inn, Woodbank


11 Apr 2018 14:37

The Bluebell, Hawarden

Has been closed for a long time. Proposals submitted to convert into apartments.

11 Apr 2018 14:36

The Millhouse, Moreton


21 Mar 2018 15:03

The George, Bebington

Now a block of apartments.

26 Feb 2018 15:37

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Still offering a tremendous selection of ales.
Recently had a chicken meal and a pint of Bodmin Bitter for £6:99.
However service was painfully slow. Just one barman was taking food orders and serving drinks.
Worth a visit if you've got plenty of time.

22 Feb 2018 22:29

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

I thought I'd have a last pint late on Saturday night so I made my way through Heswall Bus Station towards the Johnny Pye. I could hear a band playing and things seemed promising. However, as I approached the pub door a man was hurled out and went sprawling on to the pavement, quickly followed by a second man! A scuffle and frank exchange of views then took place between the ejectors and the ejected. I turned around, walked back into the Bus Station and waited for my last bus home.

20 Feb 2018 19:04

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Visited last Saturday night. It was busy and lively. Still a very good choice of ales available. I had a lovely pint of Elderflower Wheat from the local Brimstage Brewery. Still well worth a visit.

20 Feb 2018 18:58

The Chronicle, Bebington

Closed a few months ago.

9 Feb 2018 15:04

Rake and Pikel, Huntington

Closed early in 2017 due to a serious fire. Re-opened in November 2017.

15 Jan 2018 22:38

The Farmers Arms, Frankby

Closed in 2017, was refurbished and re-opened (quicker than BITE). Now called the Old Rathbone.

15 Jan 2018 22:35

Otto Lounge, Heswall

A family oriented restaurant/bar where drinkers aren''t welcome, especially if they dare to swear!

19 Sep 2017 17:30

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Much improved over the last year but still rarely see the manager and the ''open mic'' nights ended a few months ago. Reasonably popular at weekends and often has entertainment on a Saturday night. Although often a piss-poor singer with a loud music machine. Usually has four ales available from the Marstons stable. The Hobgoblin ''Gold'' has been superb recently. Still does steady business during the day and early evening due to cheap meal offers.

19 Sep 2017 17:27

St George, Liverpool

Report in the Liverpool Echo details a brawl in this pub last night between two groups who had been watching TV coverage of the All Ireland Gaelic Football Final.

18 Sep 2017 16:59

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

A decent selection of ales last weekend but eye-wateringly expensive for Liverpool. £4:30 for a low strength pale ale is far too dear.

18 Sep 2017 15:49

The Swan Inn, Ingham

Very badly damaged by fire at the weekend.

11 Sep 2017 20:29

Brewers Arms, Wirral

Ten years ago this was a thriving pub but last Saturday night there were around a dozen customers and a DJ who was being ignored. The whole pub was rather dimly lit. Pool used to be very popular here but the pool table was covered and unavailable. Two real ales available. Both had homemade, paper pump clips. I had a pint of the one described as ''Indian Pale Ale''. It turned out to be rather nice.

5 Sep 2017 11:26

The Malt Shovel, Neston

On my Saturday night visit there were 3 customers in the bar and 7 in the lounge. How does this place survive? No real ales. Gets one point for having a draught mild and a pool table.

5 Sep 2017 11:20

Greenland Fishery Inn, Neston

Like going back in time and not in a good way. Still no real ales and John Smiths was the only bitter available. Around a dozen elderly customers on my Saturday visit, some swearing loudly in this small, dingy pub.

5 Sep 2017 11:16

The Brown Horse, Neston

Rather empty on a recent Saturday night visit. A ''singer'' with a music machine was entertaining nobody in particular. Two real ales available. Both in reasonable condition. Neston pubs seem to be slowly dying. The only one which was full was the Elephant Bar but it is not listed on BITE.

5 Sep 2017 11:10

The Twelfth Man, Greasby

Reopened as Goodwin''s Restaurant and Bar - part of the Greene King empire so I''m not expecting anything special.

31 Aug 2017 11:23

Thomas Telford, Ellesmere Port

Closed. A victim of the 2017 Wetherspoon''s cull.

26 Aug 2017 18:14

The Bull and Stirrup, Chester

Seemed to be open when I passed today.

25 Aug 2017 18:11

Raven Inn, Llanarmon-yn-Ial

A lovely-looking pub but at the end of our walk today it didn''t seem to be open. Pity.

17 Aug 2017 19:42

Ship Inn, Wallasey

A planning application, to turn this pub into a private dwelling, has been submitted to Wirral Borough Council.

19 Jul 2017 15:03

Blue Anchor, Hoylake

Still closed and now sporting metal plates over the windows.

17 Jul 2017 11:59

Franklyns Bar and Kitchen, Wirral

Doesn't seem quite as popular these days. Maybe if the staff concentrated on serving customers and ensuring that pints weren't short measure the public would return.

15 Jul 2017 17:18

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Well worth the walk from the city centre. 6 or 7 ales and a cider on yesterday. I had Equinox IPA, a lovely citrus ale.

10 Jun 2017 15:48

The Devon Doorway, Heswall

Attended for a family meal. Food expensive but nice. Rows and rows of keg and Eurofizz pumps but only one ale - Doombar.

8 Jun 2017 16:46

Kozys, Liverpool

Now called Mr Caps. Still populated by the dregs of the earth.

5 Jun 2017 15:58

Ring OBells, Christleton

My first visit was last night. Appears to be an established, upmarket village pub that has had a modern 'glass box' added to it which serves as a restaurant. Three ales available. I had 'Eastgate' from the Weetwood Brewery - a pale ale. And very nice it was too. There were several 'food awards' displayed in a glass cabinet. The pub is in the centre of the village but luckily has a decent car park at the rear.

31 May 2017 19:52

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

This pub did reopen (see previous post) but has closed again. Apparently the new landlady has handed the keys back to Punch Taverns. There must be a lesson to be learned for Punch following the pantomime of the last year.

28 Apr 2017 19:02

Irby Mill, Greasby

Still 8 ales available. Food also very good. Only downside is that it gets uncomfortably crowded in the evening. Well worth a visit though.

8 Apr 2017 10:55

The Anchor Inn, Irby

First visit for years. I was invited to a meal. Food was fine. I took advantage of an early evening 'fixed price' deal. Ale was less good. Doombar and Wainwright were the only ales on offer. I had a warm pint of Wainwright. The place was occupied by a few very quiet diners and pleasant, attentive staff. Definitely a restaurant and not a pub.

29 Mar 2017 10:36

Red Cat, Greasby

A standard Greene King pub. A bit grubby looking. Several Greene King brews available. I had the IPA which was ok but rather uninspiring. The staff were friendly. I was asked if I wanted my pint in a handled glass. I thought these were withdrawn for safety reasons 30 years ago. Very few customers but it was a mid-week evening.

16 Mar 2017 13:07

Greave Dunning, Greasby

A good selection of ales available last night. I can't remember what I had but it was a perfectly acceptable IPA. Small groups of customers, of all ages, were spread about the various alcoves and high tables. However we were forced to leave due to a loud quiz starting.

16 Mar 2017 12:54

Coach and Horses Inn, Greasby

Sharp's Doombar and Purity Mad Goose were last nights offerings. The Mad Goose was excellent. The average age of the customers was around 70 !
A nice place for a quiet chat.

16 Mar 2017 12:38

The Hub Alehouse and Kitchen, Liverpool

Went to the Hub for a family meal. As lezford says, it is really a restaurant rather than a pub. The food was fine but took 45 mins to arrive. Drinks were expensive. I had a pint of Curiosity IPA which was very nice.

13 Mar 2017 10:38

The Archers, Bromborough

A planning application to build flats on the site has been submitted to the local authority.

8 Mar 2017 20:12

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Currently closed and clad in scaffolding whilst undergoing a £300k refurbishment which has been needed for years. Due to reopen in March. Best wishes to all concerned.

17 Feb 2017 11:30

Chicago Rock Cafe, Trowbridge

The Albany Palace appeared in many newspapers and online following a video being released of a mass brawl on 12/02/17.

13 Feb 2017 21:40

Hilbre Court, West Kirby

Local paper states that this pub is being converted into an Italian restaurant.

6 Feb 2017 11:14

The Courtyard, Heswall

Paradox seems to be popular once again, at least it is at weekends. The upstairs still isn't open unless booked for a private party.
Still an uncomfortable mix of drinkers and diners. Mainly young people dressed in their finest, drinking cocktails. I made the mistake of buying a pint of Theakston Perculier IPA and a pint of Estrella lager - cost........£8:70 !

31 Jan 2017 14:06

Cross Keys, Liverpool

Apparently due to re-open end of Feb 2017 after having some money spent on it by Punch Taverns.

26 Jan 2017 15:54

The Red Fox, Wirral

Went here this week for lunch. A very spacious and well appointed pub/restaurant set in a rural area. The place was crowded with well-heeled pensioners and 'ladies who lunch'. Upmarket and pricey. My Brimstage Brewery 'Rhode Island Red' was £3:70 which is disappointing as the brewery is only a mile away! Seven real ale/cider pumps were available. Well worth a visit if you are feeling flush.

7 Jan 2017 16:13

Ellies Wine Bar, Greasby

Now called Oak Bar & Bistro.

1 Jan 2017 13:04

The Aeronaut, Acton

Reported as being very badly damaged by fire early on New Years Day.

1 Jan 2017 10:21

The Chronicle, Bebington

First visit for 2 years and the place seems to have deteriorated.
There were six hand pumps but ALL six had a 'Doombar' clip. However I doubt that all six were in use. There were six large tv screens, ALL six were showing horse racing. Still doing cheap food and several punters were eating and swilling lager. Think I'll leave it for another couple of years before venturing in again.

28 Dec 2016 11:13

New Penny Farthing, Liverpool

Apparently this dump is being converted into an upmarket 'Courtyard Bar & Kitchen' in conjunction with the Royal Court Theatre next door.

17 Dec 2016 17:09

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Pleasantly surprised at the sight and size of the rebuilt pub. It is unrecognisable.
Very crowded last night due to it being the first Saturday night since re-opening. It was so crowded that I'll have to return in a few weeks when hopefully it is less crowded and I can see the full extent of the changes. However, the bar was definitely longer than before. Still 5 ales and a cider on draught plus all the usual fizzy stuff. Well worth a visit.

11 Dec 2016 15:42

The Scotch Piper Inn, Lydiate

The Liverpool Echo reports that the thatched roof of this pub was destroyed by fire a couple of nights ago. Consequently the pub is closed until further notice.

7 Dec 2016 13:49

The Grapes, Liverpool

My first visit for 2 years. If anything this pub has improved! A new seating area is now available and there is an upstairs smoking area. Still a great selection of ales and a good mixture of customers. Well worth a visit.

3 Dec 2016 16:52

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall


30 Nov 2016 10:09

The Hilltop, Wirral

Now called The Viking. Not been in but appears to be a foody pub.

15 Nov 2016 16:31

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Apparently this pub closed a few days ago. Sad news. Let's hope Punch Taverns come to their senses and offer a good deal to someone so that it can reopen.

14 Nov 2016 15:08

The Saracens Head Inn, Symonds Yat East

As others have said, an idyllic setting. Welcoming staff. Good ale selection, I had Butty Bach and wonderful food. Glad I visited this pub. Food and drink is at a premium but well worth the extra cost.

14 Nov 2016 11:10

The Mail Rooms, Ross-on-Wye

Bright and clean. Reasonable number of staff, which can't be said of many Wetherspoon establishments. Very popular when I visited on a Saturday. Pretty standard selection of ale. I had Hobgoblin Gold which was fine. The only downside was a few loud, drunken locals.

14 Nov 2016 11:00

The Harvest Mouse, Heswall

Closed for a refurbishment and rebrand, not that drinkers will be bothered!

28 Oct 2016 17:06

Cabbage Hall, Anfield

Seemed to be open when I passed today. Now called the Cabbage Hall Restaurant & Bar.

24 Oct 2016 22:06

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Apparently the Jug & Bottle is closing for 6 weeks from 24th October 2016 for a rebuild/refurb. I hope this doesn't mean loss of the already small drinking area in favour of more restaurant space.

19 Oct 2016 16:15

The Open Arms, Birkenhead

A planning application has been submitted to the local council applying to demolish the pub and replace with apartments.

12 Oct 2016 16:32

The North Western, Liverpool

Friday night was my first visit since this Wetherspoons opened. I must say it's a vast improvement on the dying Head of Steam. It was packed with customers and it took a long time to get served. I wasn't impressed with the choice of 4 ales but chose Hanlon's 'Yellowhammer', a nice light-coloured summer ale. I then wandered round a corner into another room to find another bar complete with another 5 completely different ales! Take my advice and have a walk through this big pub before choosing your drink. I liked the railway-themed photos and maps on the walls.

10 Sep 2016 17:09

The Balloch House, Alexandria

Lovely setting adjacent to the river which runs out of Loch Lomond.
I had a nice pint of Hopback 'Summer lightning' which had travelled 400 miles from southern England!

7 Sep 2016 21:02

The Halfway House, Birkenhead

Has had a much-needed lick of paint and is advertising that cask ale is available. Not been in though.

4 Sep 2016 22:18

The George, Bebington

Don't know what has happened at this pub but a planning application has been submitted to the local Council to convert it into flats and associated parking.

17 Aug 2016 13:00

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Saturday night was my first visit for a while.
The place was crowded. A band was playing. There was a good selection of ales from the Marston's stable.
HOWEVER, only two staff were working! They did a fine job but It took an age to get served. A customer was collecting empty glasses and taking them behind the bar! No sign of the manager.
Please management get this sorted out.

25 Jul 2016 14:06

The Crossbar, Moreton

Now a pizza shop.

24 Jul 2016 21:01

Blue Anchor, Hoylake

I've passed this pub several times recently at various times and it has always been closed. Is it closed permanently?

15 Jul 2016 18:48

The Mockbeggar Hall, Moreton

A good ale selection this evening but usual Wetherspoon's slow service.
I had a pale ale, can't remember who produced it but it was fine.
Some of the people in here though........dear oh dear.
Luckily I only attend every five years or so!

7 Jul 2016 18:30

Jolly Tar, Wardle


29 Jun 2016 12:19

The Refreshment Rooms, Birkenhead

A refurbished and re-named pub on the banks of the Mersey at Rock Ferry. I believe there has been a tea room or pub on this site since Victorian times when it serviced ferry users. I first went to this pub more than 30 years ago when it was called The Admiral and it was a run-down dump.
The Refreshment Rooms is a delight to visit, A good selection of ales and an excellent food menu. The pub is in a rather industrial area but does have a good-sized beer garden to the rear and tables outside on the pavement with river views. Well worth a visit though it is well out of the way.

16 Jun 2016 16:14

Cross Keys, Liverpool


15 Jun 2016 14:48

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool


15 Jun 2016 14:44

West Kirby Tap, West Kirby

My starting point for Saturday's 'Wirral Ale Trail'. As usual there was a good ale selection. Well worth a visit.

6 Jun 2016 15:15

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

A very good ale selection on Saturday for the 'Wirral Ale Trail' and the staff coped despite the small bar being overwhelmed with punters each time a bus arrived.

6 Jun 2016 15:13

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Excellent ale selection on Saturday for the 'Wirral Ale Trail'. Well done! Loved all the shipping photos and military regalia on the walls.

6 Jun 2016 15:11

Mississippi Bar and Restaurant, Bromborough

Visited for the first time on Saturday on the 'Wirral Ale Trail'. A small converted shop unit. Uninspiring inside and out. However, had 3 ales available on Saturday. Can't remember what I had but it was well kept. Not a destination of choice but worth going to if you live local.

6 Jun 2016 14:53

Chapelford Farm, Sankey

A modern pub in the middle of a modern housing estate. Every table was set for diners. I was surprised to discover that 3 ales were available. All three were tried by various friends and we decided that they were perfectly acceptable. Not somewhere I'm ever likely to visit again though.

25 May 2016 16:59

The Barley Mow, Warrington

Well worth a visit. A nice old building with an interesting interior. Good selection of ales.

25 May 2016 16:33

The Old Quay, Parkgate

Closed for a refurb but will re-open on 27/05/16 as a 'Pizza & Carvery'.

18 May 2016 10:58

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

A few years since I visited. Ale condition and choice still good.
From the outside the place is looking a bit unkempt. The window frames in particular are perishing. I hope funds can be found to restore the place to its former glory.

15 May 2016 19:12

The Waterloo Hotel, Birkenhead

Todays Liverpool Echo reports that this pub was the scene of a recent stabbing.

11 May 2016 14:19

Paloma, West Kirby

Closed down after being prosecuted for not having a music licence.

11 May 2016 12:02

The Exchange Bar, Liverpool


6 May 2016 21:45

The Frog and Nightingale, Chester

The Lock Keeper is a swanky, canal-side pub. Only two ales available but one was Kelham Island 'Pale Rider' which was well kept. Very few customers considering Chester Races was on but then it did look like more of a restaurant than a pub. Sat outside in the sunshine and watched the boats go by.

5 May 2016 21:19

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Pricey but well worth a visit. Tremendous selection of ales. Great to sit outside yesterday in warm sunshine watching walkers and canal boats going by.

5 May 2016 21:01

The Town Crier, Chester

Unchanged from my last visit 2 years ago except that yesterday two standard ales were available. I had Black Sheep which was fine. Beers were cheapest we encountered in Chester. Our party of racegoers sat in the large beer garden in lovely sunshine. The place was crowded.

5 May 2016 15:06

The White Star, Liverpool

Very crowded on the evening I visited which is a pity as it was not possible to view the nautical pictures on the walls. A good selection of ales and quick service despite the old soaks who refused to move from the small bar.

1 May 2016 19:00

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Not as crowded as I remember it a few years ago. Still a good range of ales and a range of ages amongst the customers. Worth a visit if in the city centre.

1 May 2016 18:55

Shenanigans, Liverpool

Unchanged from my visit 6 years ago except that they now sell Guinness Golden Ale in addition to the usual keg beers.

1 May 2016 18:51

Ned Kellys, Liverpool

A couple of ales on the other night. Not many customers though and none of them under 50.

1 May 2016 18:44

Master Mariner, Wirral

A visit last night (Friday) wasn't enjoyable. The place was crowded mostly with families eating. Kids were running about and the ale choice was poor. I had a pint of Doom Bar which was well kept but I couldn't wait to leave. The two bouncers amused me. They must be two of the ugliest on Merseyside. One had tattoos on his head, the other was chubby, unshaven and had a front tooth missing!

23 Apr 2016 14:02

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

My previous visit to this bar was a pleasant experience so thought I would try it again last night. However, I could barely get through the door as it was so crowded. They must be doing something right! Turned around and went to the nearby Wetherspoons.

23 Apr 2016 13:56

Duchess , Battersea

Damaged in last nights storm.

28 Mar 2016 13:51

Durham Heifer, Broxton

Derelict and surrounded by rubble when I passed today.

25 Mar 2016 19:33

Old Ropewalk, Liverpool

Had a very acceptable pint of Timothy Taylors 'Boltmaker' here last night, served by a chatty barman. There was only one other ale available. I seem to remember there was a much larger selection a few years ago. There was a 'toilet' smell throughout the whole bar.

19 Feb 2016 11:45

Barcode, Heswall

Still open but only two customers when I passed at 9:30 on Saturday night. I didn't venture in.

8 Feb 2016 16:30

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Very few customers on Saturday night. Banks's Bitter and Wychwood Hobgoblin were the only two ales. The Banks's was well kept and very reasonably priced.
A local told me there is still no on-site manager and that the open mic is now just once a month. I do hope it is not in another downward spiral.

8 Feb 2016 16:28

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Another new manager since my last visit but the good ale and cider selection remains the same. I had a nice pint of Trappers Hat from the local Brimstage Brewery on Saturday night. It was also pleasing to find that the pub was crowded.

8 Feb 2016 16:22

The Slak, Heswall

Gone - see entry for the Milners.

17 Jan 2016 15:39

The Milners, Heswall

Demolition has commenced.

17 Jan 2016 15:37

The Castle, Angel, Islington

It was reported today at Woolwich Crown Court that the largest burglary in English legal history - the Hatton Garden jewellery heist - was planned at meetings held in this pub by the gang. No mention of the ale.

14 Jan 2016 16:41

The Hilltop, Wirral

Appeared to be closed when I passed yesterday.

20 Dec 2015 11:59

Dee View Inn, Heswall

A choice of 3 ales on a recent Saturday night visit, all well kept.
I don't know why I haven't mentioned this before but please management GET RID of the barstools which make an already narrow pub virtually impassable. They are an utter pain in the arse!

2 Dec 2015 14:26

The Fleece, Addingham

This pub was in the news today for all the wrong reasons. A couple of months ago the pub was burned down in an arson attack. Today a 'disgruntled barman' was sentenced to 6 years 8 months in gaol for the attack.
Let's hope the pub is rebuilt and re-opens.

12 Nov 2015 15:16

The Railway, Meols

Closed for refurb.

16 Oct 2015 20:44

The Orient Hotel, Liverpool

A report in todays Liverpool Echo states that the pub has been closed by the Licensing Committee until additional security measures have been introduced following recent violence.

12 Oct 2015 22:04

Willow Grove, Southport

A bit of a down-at-heel Wetherspoons compared to the Sir Henry Segrave just along the road.
Decent enough place for a food stop and a pint.
The downside on my visit was very slow service at the bar and noisy kids running round the place.

5 Oct 2015 10:06

The Empire, Liverpool

A very dull, old, city centre pub serving no cask ales.
John Smiths Extra Cold and John Smiths Smooth plus Guinness and various lagers give a clue to the clientele.

3 Oct 2015 15:13

Sutton Way Hotel, Great Sutton

Now a Tesco Express.

3 Oct 2015 15:07

The Milners, Heswall

Still in exactly the same condition as my post of 16th May 2013.

23 Sep 2015 13:15

Coach and Horses Inn, Greasby

A small pub stuck in a 1960's time warp but that's not a bad thing. Pubs like this are very rare nowadays. Dark wood panelling and benches give the pub an old but comfortable feel. Timothy Taylors Landlord and keg Whitbread bitter plus a couple of lagers available. A place to go for a quiet chat.

22 Sep 2015 17:30

The Courtyard, Heswall

I honestly don't know what's happened to this place but over the last 6 months it has gone from being hugely popular to virtually empty.
I've not heard anyone with a bad word to say about it but it is no longer popular.
A few weeks ago it was renamed 'Paradox' and appears to be run by new people but it is still empty even at weekends.

22 Sep 2015 17:23

The Guelder Rose, Southport

A modern Marston's pub on the sea-front. Seems a strange place for a pub as there is nothing else next to it Tables outside which are popular on dry, summer days.

7 Aug 2015 21:51

The Brown Cow, Bebington


7 Aug 2015 21:48

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Another beer and music festival is planned for August Bank Holiday. I hope it is a success.

2 Aug 2015 21:12

The Courtyard, Heswall

The upstairs bar has been closed the last couple of times I've been and I was directed to the downstairs bar where I stood adjacent to customers sat at tables eating meals. An uncomfortable experience for all concerned.

2 Aug 2015 21:10

Chambers, Heswall

Closed briefly and reopened as 'The Exchange', presumably because the building was a telephone exchange years ago.
Still pretty much as it was - loud dance music and volatile, young clientele.
One ale on last night - Doombar - which was fine.

2 Aug 2015 21:06

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

My first visit to this hotel bar and I was impressed.
It was lunchtime so I had ham, egg and chips accompanied by a pint of Shropshire Gold. Both food and drink were very nice.
Five ales and one cider were on tap. A small kilner jar of each ale sat in front of each hand pump - something I first encountered a couple of weeks ago in a West Kirby pub.
Several other people in there eating.
Well worth a visit.

24 Jul 2015 20:33

Rat and Parrot, Liverpool

A read in the Liverpool Echo today that this building is to be 'redeveloped'.

14 Jul 2015 12:48

The Woodbridge Inn, Telford

Was hoping to visit this pub soon with some pals to fish the River Severn which flows in front of the pub. However, since becoming a gastro pub angling is no longer allowed so we won't be bothering..

7 Jul 2015 21:09

The Abbey, Wirral

The most recent addition to West Kirby's drinking scene. Formerly known as Rock Lobster. Five or six ales available and the barman was happy to give me a taster of a couple to help me decide which one I'd buy. A good range of ale types and a good range of age groups amongst the punters. Well worth a visit.

6 Jul 2015 10:32

West Kirby Tap, West Kirby

An excellent addition to West Kirby's real ale scene in the town centre 50 yards from the station. Owned by the Spitting Feathers Brewery from just outside Chester as you might expect it offers all their ales plus a few guests. A nice touch was a small kilner jar of ale in front of each pump to show the colour of each ale. A few small booths, high tables plus couches give the place a casual feel. A few tables outside on the pavement for smokers. Often has a solo singer or duo performing from a raised floor area on a Saturday night. Well worth a visit.

6 Jul 2015 10:28

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

A tremendous selection of 7 or 8 ales plus a cider available last night. Everything from IPA to stout. Many were £1:99 a pint. For once there were sufficient serving staff. Well done to the management.

5 Jul 2015 21:34

The Wro, West Kirby

Still a very popular, small bar. Crowded last night both inside and outside on the terrace. Jennings 'Cumberland Ale' and Marston's 'Pedigree' were the ales available. I tried the Cumberland but it was way past its best. Didn't finish my pint but instead went to the nearby West Kirby Tap and Abbey bars with their vastly better ale selection.

5 Jul 2015 13:27

Head of Steam, Liverpool

Evidently this place closed some time ago. Not surprising really.
However it is to re-open in a couple of weeks time as a Wetherspoon's pub called The North Western. I hope it doesn't impact badly on the nearby Ma Egerton's.

24 Jun 2015 20:58

The Red Lion, Nantwich

It has taken 2 submissions and more than 3 years to get this pub on BITE.
Please bear in mind that my review is from 07/03/12, my only visit.

I visited this pub on a dark, cold winter’s night.
It is quite an imposing three storey building on the outskirts of Nantwich on the A51. There is a small car park in front of the pub. The first two floors are red brick but the top floor seemed have a black timber and white plaster facade.
Looked like there was a single storey building attached to the back of the pub, don’t know what that was.
Inside was basic. Bare, wooden floors, wooden chairs and wooden tables. More like a classroom than a pub.
Neither the radiators nor the wood burner were working so it was cold.
Framed rugby shirts and photos adorned the walls along with various adverts and fixture lists for Acton Nomads RFC.
MTV was showing on the telly.
I was surprised to discover Black Sheep, Hobgoblin and Deuchars available as well as the usual keg stuff. I had a pint of rather cold Deuchars, although maybe it was simply me that was cold.
A menu listed various basic pub grub including a ‘foot long’ sausage baguette.
Around a dozen young lads were gathered around a pool table.
Not somewhere I’m likely to visit again.

24 Jun 2015 13:39

The Cherry Orchard, Arrowe Park

Now a Mitchells and Butlers 'Toby Carvery'.

22 Jun 2015 17:11

Chambers, Heswall

Still open despite very few customers on my latest visit. Well done to the owners for struggling along. For some reason young people no longer seem to gather at this pub. Bombardier available so I had a pint but it didn't taste like Bombardier.
This is probably the largest pub in Heswall. I hope the owners find a way of filling it with customers.

22 Jun 2015 17:00

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

A visit on Saturday found a largely unchanged pub although there is now a limited food menu. Less than half full. A good selection of ales was available. If this pub wasn't at the bottom of such a steep hill I'd visit more often!

22 Jun 2015 16:52

Dee View Inn, Heswall

Visited on Saturday night. Less than half full. A duo was playing covers of well known songs. Sharps 'Doombar', Brimstage 'Trappers Hat' and Purity 'UBU' were the ales. The Trappers Hat was well kept.

22 Jun 2015 16:47

The James Monro, Liverpool

I've not visited this pub and a report in todays Liverpool Echo states that the James Monro will close at the end of this week as it simply wasn't making a profit.

16 Jun 2015 17:27

We Three Loggerheads, Gwernymynydd

Visited this week during lovely weather. I had a very nice pint of Great Orme Brewery 'Welsh Gold' straight from the barrel. Three other ales available.

12 Jun 2015 21:03

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Management changed at the beginning of 2015 but real ale and open mic nights have continued. I went in on Saturday night to watch the Champions League final on the big telly. The place was crowded but only two bar staff were working. They were rushed off their feet but just about coped. Well done to them. No sign of the new manager. Ales available were all from the Marston's stable - Banks's Bitter, Hobgoblin and EPA.

10 Jun 2015 16:23

The Cherry Orchard, Arrowe Park

Looks like building work is taking place.

22 May 2015 13:45

The Swinging Arm, Birkenhead

Oh.....forgot to mention that the absurdly high bar has been replaced by one of standard height however it appears to have been made from pieces of scrap timber.

7 May 2015 13:48

The Swinging Arm, Birkenhead

Marstons Pedigree and Brimstage Trappers Hat available on a recent visit. I had a pint of Trappers Hat but it was very poor. Next time I looked the pump clip was turned round so I must have got the end of the barrel. The Pedigree was fine. A metal band was playing (very loud) and the pub was crowded and hot. The atmosphere was fine and not at all threatening despite some very rough looking characters.

6 May 2015 21:52

The Millhouse, Moreton

closed and boarded up.

1 Apr 2015 17:21

The Courtyard, Heswall

Guinness £3:95 a pint and Tiger £4:30 a pint - London prices arrive in Heswall!

30 Mar 2015 15:59

The Railway Tavern, Prittlewell

The BBC report that this was the scene of serious football related violence yesterday which had to be broken up by the use of CS gas following a Southend vs Cambridge match. No mention of what the beer was like.

22 Mar 2015 10:20

Peggy Gadflys, Wallasey

Wirral Borough Council considering a planning application to turn this pub into a hotel.

19 Feb 2015 10:31

The Courtyard, Heswall

Oh you might expect from a new, modern bar.....there is no real ale, just Euro fizz and keg John Smiths.

26 Jan 2015 17:24

The Courtyard, Heswall

A swanky, expensive bar and restaurant on two floors created on the site of a former shop. The Courtyard - Heswall is in the centre of Heswall a few yards from a major road junction. It has no car park and cars and taxis stopping at the door can cause traffic chaos at the nearby traffic lights. The Courtyard opened a couple of months ago. The downstairs seems to be a restaurant. On the occasions I've been there for a drink the doormen have directed me upstairs to the bar. Stainless steel, wood and dark faux marble abound. A bit of a poseurs place but worth a look if you are flush.

25 Jan 2015 16:58

The Crossbar, Moreton

A converted shop where the dregs of Moreton sip fizzy lager.

25 Jan 2015 12:35

Franklyns Bar and Kitchen, Wirral

Opened a couple of years ago following a lengthy conversion from an empty shop. This is definitely the smartest bar in Heswall and very popular at weekends. The groundfloor houses the main bar but there is also a small upstairs bar. The toilets are also upstairs and it can be a real pain to get through the crowds to them. All the usual fizz on offer plus Theakstons Bitter. However the bitter is often not available which is poor. Frequented by all ages and occasionally a minor celebrity. Very few dodgy customers.

25 Jan 2015 12:32

Moodz, Birkenhead

A town centre bar where dreadful, scruffy alcoholics stare quietly into their lager.
No real ale.

25 Jan 2015 12:21

Master Mariner, Wirral

A relatively new Wetherspoons which opened as part of the multi-million pound regeneration of New Brighton. I've only been in once and that was on a Saturday lunchtime. The place was crowded with noisy, chavvy families. The food was standard Wetherpoons stuff. Service was good and my pint well-kept.

25 Jan 2015 12:19

The Queens Picture House, Liverpool

A large Wetherspoons in a converted cinema. The colour scheme is the gaudiest I've ever seen - a riot of bright orange and yellow. Service was fine on the two occasions I've been in and the food was standard Wetherpoons fayre.

25 Jan 2015 12:02

Kozys, Liverpool

No real ale in here, just very cheap keg and fizz. This is one of those city centre bars which opens early in the morning and grey faced, alcoholic, smokers can be seen sat outside drinking lager at 9am on a summers morning.

25 Jan 2015 11:59

The Seahorse, Wirral

A Greene King 'Hungry Horse' in a modern retail building built recently as part of the regeneration of New Brighton waterfront. I went once for a family meal. Everything was 'ok' except for the hordes of small children running about.
Not somewhere I'd choose to go again.

19 Jan 2015 11:58

The Red Fox, Wirral

This large, old, sandstone building has been a restaurant and night club for all of my life - until a few months ago when the Brunning & Price Group bought it and turned it into a gastro-pub. They have apparently moth-balled the downstairs night club and groundfloor function suite for the time being.
Given its rural position there isn't going to be much passing trade, i.e. you've got to be planning to go there by car.
I hope it is successful, only time will tell.

8 Jan 2015 12:37

The Orient Hotel, Liverpool

A grim estate pub.

7 Jan 2015 20:59

The Stables Bar, Heswall

Now a sewing shop.

4 Jan 2015 11:58

The Hillfoot Hotel, Hunts Cross

The scene of a robbery this morning according to report in the Liverpool Echo.

3 Jan 2015 17:41

The Cock and Donkey, Rock Ferry

Looked to be open when I passed today.

28 Dec 2014 20:41

The Birch Tree, Birkenhead

Re-opened as the 'Birch Tree'.
The outside has been painted black and bright orange!
Doesn't inspire confidence.

22 Dec 2014 16:29

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

Crowded last night. Two ales available - a dark seasonal ale (can't remember its name) and Clark's 'Westgate Gold'. I had a pint of the Gold and very nice it was too. Various adverts around the bar for daytime food. This pub seems to be doing very well.

19 Dec 2014 12:33

The Chronicle, Bebington

Although this pub has 'Smith & Jones' signs outside, that company has not existed for a year. Now owned by Treasure Inns, whoever they are. The pub is pretty much unchanged from a year ago. Food and drink offers attract diners during the day and loud music on weekend nights attracts younger lager and shots swillers. Pleasant staff. Three ales available last weekend. Not somewhere I would go out of my way to visit unless I'm in the immediate vicinity.

16 Dec 2014 19:15

The Grapes, Liverpool

First visit for a couple of years. The customers were a mix of office staff, students and hippy/punk types. A good selection of ales. There was a strong smell of skunk coming from the smoking area behind the pub when I went to the toilets. A lady was cooking Thai food in a tiny kitchen and regularly bringing it out to customers. The two barmen were pleasant and helpful. I forgotten about the narrow bar area and having to continually move out of the way of people. Not a pub I could spend all night in but well worth a visit.

10 Dec 2014 12:20

Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake


4 Dec 2014 14:56

The Cambridge, Liverpool

oldboots description of 5 years ago still applies.
I found this pub disappointing despite being served by a pleasant young barmaid.
The place was empty and the only two handpumps were not in use.

28 Nov 2014 11:56

Chambers, Heswall

Visited Chambers last night only to discover that all 3 hand pumps were out of action so didn't stay. I also heard a customer complaining that the lager he requested was also unavailable. A failing pub?

23 Nov 2014 14:01

Hilbre Court, West Kirby

Went here recently for the first time in around 30 years!
One fairly large 'L' shaped room with one end given over to an open mic session.
Less than half full but a decent atmosphere.
Pleasantly surprised to discover 'Trappers Hat' from the local Brimstage Brewery was available and in good order.

12 Nov 2014 15:06

The Glegg Arms, Heswall

Was persuaded to go here for a family meal.
Food was corporate formula stuff and rather expensive for what it was.
Beer was very expensive - £3:79 a pint.
Pepsi - £2:25 for a half pint.
This is a restaurant NOT a pub.

17 Oct 2014 10:39

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Went in here last night for 'Steak Night'.
I had rump steak and a pint of Cheshire Gold for £6:25.
Both were very good.

15 Oct 2014 14:17

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall


10 Oct 2014 19:22

Kings Arms, Egremont

Closed and may become a community centre.

3 Oct 2014 17:10

Little Brighton Inn, New Brighton

Wirral Borough Council is considering a planning application to turn this pub into flats.

3 Oct 2014 17:08

The Falstaff, Gateacre

The Liverpool Echo reports that this empty pub was the scene of an arson attack last night.

24 Sep 2014 12:50

Hooton Hotel, Hooton

Has had a refurbishment and now describes itself as a 'country pub and dining'.
Not tempted to go in what with the Chimneys just down the road.

22 Sep 2014 17:03

Hooton Arms, Eastham

Apologies! The info below refers to the Hooton Hotel, Hooton.

22 Sep 2014 17:01

Hooton Arms, Eastham

Has had a refurbishment and now describes itself as a 'country pub and dining'.
Not tempted to go in what with the Chimneys just down the road.

22 Sep 2014 13:41

The Carlton Hotel, Birkenhead

The local authority is to consider proposals to convert this pub into flats.

22 Aug 2014 20:06

Andersons Bar, Liverpool

Today the Liverpool Echo reports that this popular city centre bar has closed unexpectedly.

19 Aug 2014 17:26

The Punch Bowl Hotel, Hoylake

Update from my last post - half of this pub is now a plumbing shop! The other half is still closed and empty.

13 Aug 2014 22:19

Coach and Horses Inn, Greasby

A sign outside proclaims 'Lease for sale'.

13 Aug 2014 22:14

Watergates, Chester

Two burgers with chips, a pint of ale and a pepsi - £22.63.
Ale £3.60.
A Taylor-Walker chain pub.
As mentioned previously, lots of rooms, passageways and steps make it an interesting building.
Two ales available. I opted for Tatton 'Gold' which was very nice.
With so many decent pubs in Chester and my visits so infrequent I don't know if I'd go here again but it was perfectly acceptable.

7 Aug 2014 16:47

Longford House, Cannock

This pub was in the news today due to a car crashing into it and ending up embedded in the pub toilets.

4 Aug 2014 22:50

Chambers, Heswall

Largely unchanged layout from when it was the Ravenscroft except less tables.
The prices have changed though! Doombar and Bombardier at £3 a pint.
Almost full of mainly young blokes swilling lager and downing shots on Saturday night.
A rather poor duo were singing at the far end of the pub.

27 Jul 2014 21:13

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Pretty much the same as my last visit except apparently there is a new manager. Only around 25 patrons.
Old Rosie cider, St Austell Tribute, Charles Wells Bombardier, Brimstage Trappers Hat and a Gold ale from a brewery I can't remember. I had a pint of Gold which was a nice tangy pint although a bit pricey at £3:30.
A good pub for a quiet chat.

27 Jul 2014 21:09

The Colomendy Arms, Cadole

Unable to try this pub today as it was closed until 6pm so went to the We Three Loggerheads.

24 Jul 2014 16:03

We Three Loggerheads, Gwernymynydd

Well worth a visit. This pub is situated on the A494 between Mold and Ruthin at the bottom of a small valley and opposite the entrance to the popular Loggerheads Country Park. The pub is used by many walkers.
A bar area is at the front of the pub. Up some steps to the rear is the restaurant.
There is a decent sized area outside with tables and benches.
Always a couple of ales available, one usually from the local Hafod Brewery.
This is a pub to visit in hot weather when you can sit outside and watch the world go by. In cooler weather I've had a very good meal in the restaurant.

24 Jul 2014 15:59

The Freshfield Hotel, Formby

This pub is advertising a beer and cider festival 21 -28 July 2014.

20 Jul 2014 12:36

Old Hall Farm, Ellesmere Port

I passed this pub recently and it had clearly reopened. It seemed to be crowded with families. Not tempted to go in but at least it's still a pub.

19 Jul 2014 13:08

The Birch Tree, Birkenhead


16 Jul 2014 20:27

The Punch Bowl Hotel, Hoylake

Still closed but building work taking place inside as I passed today.

8 Jul 2014 12:57

Moreton Arms, Moreton

The Morton Arms is no more. Now a plumbers merchants.

4 Jul 2014 22:03

The Colomendy Arms, Cadole

Footnote for blue scrumpy.

I submitted details of We Three Loggerheads (and several other pubs) more than a year ago but think I'm more likely to win the Lottery than see them appear on BITE.

30 Jun 2014 22:47

John Laird, Birkenhead

Good choice of ales last night but my god this place houses some very strange old people.

28 Jun 2014 15:28

Ye Olde Custom House Inn, Chester

Wasn't impressed with this place. Only Jennings ale available yesterday which was poor considering Chester Races brought large numbers of customers to the pub. The building itself is interesting though.

28 Jun 2014 15:26

The Town Crier, Chester

Cheap and cheerful pub and was popular yesterday following Chester Races. However, only one ale available. More of a lager swillers establishment.

28 Jun 2014 15:21

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Six or seven ales available yesterday. Well worth a visit.

28 Jun 2014 15:10

The Albion Inn, Chester

Closed yesterday afternoon which seems strange when every other Chester pub was welcoming racegoers.

28 Jun 2014 15:09

The Milners, Heswall

A planning application has been submitted to the local Authority proposing to demolish this pub and build 28 apartments and associated car parking. I hope it is successful.

25 Jun 2014 14:14

Pollards Inn, Willaston

Currently advertising a beer festival to be held Saturday 5th July 2014.

24 Jun 2014 23:14

The Chronicle, Bebington

Appears to have re-opened. Don't know by who and haven't been in yet.

12 Jun 2014 20:18

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

Builders ripping out the interior when I passed recently, looks like this pub has gone for good.

2 Jun 2014 16:52

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Uncomfortably crowded when I attended the beer & music festival but I suppose that's not a bad thing! A temporary outside bar had been set up but closed not long after I arrived. This left just two guest beers available inside the pub. They were perfectly acceptable though. Well done to management for organising.

2 Jun 2014 16:51

Chambers, Heswall

This pub has new owners and reopened as 'Chambers Bar & Grill' a few weeks ago. I haven't tried it yet.

29 May 2014 10:56

Otto Lounge, Heswall

A recently opened, single roomed, modern eating establishment which also serves a few drinks.
The walls are festooned with pictures of all shapes, sizes and subjects.

25 May 2014 15:21

The Dispensary, Liverpool

A quick visit last night before going to a show.
Another good selection of ales. I had a golden ale from the Ossett Brewery which was excellent. Crowded but customers were a decent bunch and no hint of aggression from anyone.

18 May 2014 14:26

Ned Kellys, Liverpool

Vastly improved since the days when it was Ned Kelly's. The Victoria Cross had 4 ales available last night at 11pm but only 4 customers! Perhaps it had been busier earlier in the evening. I had a swift drink before catching the last bus home.

18 May 2014 14:22

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

The Pye is hosting a Beer & Music Festival 23rd - 25th May.
I hope it is successful.
I intend to go for at least one session.

13 May 2014 19:39

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

A planning application has been submitted to the local authority proposing that this pub be converted into offices.

10 May 2014 13:31

The Nags Head, Haughton Moss

Apparently closed having been bought by a Pub Co.
Hope they don't destroy it.

29 Apr 2014 16:04

The Queens Head, Piccadilly

A narrow, traditional pub in a back street. Several ales available. Attentive barman. I had a perfectly acceptable pint of Wandle from the Sambrook's Brewey, Battersea. Expensive but then that's expected in central London. The downstairs toilets smelled like the elephant house at Chester Zoo.

21 Apr 2014 12:47

The Duke of Kendal, Marylebone

Eye-wateringly expensive little pub but crowded on Saturday night. 'Gilly' was playing piano and singing which led to a sing-a-long.
Doombar was ok. A couple of other ales available.

21 Apr 2014 12:22

The Halfway House, Birkenhead

I walked past this pub on Saturday night but wasn't tempted to go in. It's a two room pub both were almost empty. A few years ago when it was a live music venue it was very popular at weekends. How things change.

10 Mar 2014 10:50

The Birch Tree, Birkenhead

I went to this pub on Saturday night to see a band play. I knew the place had never sold real ale but I wasn't bothered for one evening. However upon entering I looked along the pumps and asked the young barmaid for a pint of Tetleys bitter. "avint gorrit" was her reply. A closer inspection of the pumps revealed that virtually all of them had a half-pint glass on the handle. I asked her what draught beers were available and was told John Smiths and Fosters. I had John Smiths. I then noticed that some of the drinks fridges were empty and others poorly stocked. It wasn't as if Tranmere Rovers had been at home earlier in the day and the place had been inundated with punters. It looks like a failing pub, one that perhaps cannot pay suppliers.
Most pub bands start playing at 9:30 but this one didn't start until 10:30 apparently after being told to do so by the bar staff. Those of us on public transport had to leave at 11:30. Not Impressed.
I don't envisage ever returning to this very poor pub.

10 Mar 2014 10:46

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Called in here last night and ended up staying until closing time. There was a good crowd of punters.
The ale choice was Hobgoblin and Banks's Bitter. I had several pints of well-kept Banks's. There was an 'open mic' session underway. Apparently it takes place each Thursday from 9pm. Some of the acts were very good. Well done to the manager for organising - Thursday evenings a few years ago would have been as dead as a Dodo.

28 Feb 2014 15:04

Pen and Wig, Liverpool

A grim, city centre pub with no real ale. An edgy place with some real 'characters'. In the toilets I encountered a middle aged bloke talking to himself whilst gently butting the wall. He was oblivious to my presence. There's a lap dancing bar in the basement.

17 Feb 2014 20:08

Arrowe Park Hotel, Woodchurch

Closed for a refurb.

14 Feb 2014 11:50

Wheatsheaf, Ness

Advert in local paper proclaims this pub has been refurbished, renamed the 'Inn at Ness' and now serves Italian food.

6 Feb 2014 16:16

Fishermans Rest, Birkdale

It has taken an age for this pub to appear on BITE.
Visited recently and found this pub to be warm and friendly. Plenty of people eating early in the afternoon. Three hand pumps but only two in use. I had Thwaites 'Wainwright' which was fine. Slightly more upmarket than the nearby Park Hotel. Worth a visit.

4 Feb 2014 14:51

The Glegg Arms, Heswall

Reopened. Adverts extolling the virtues of Beefeater 'meal deals' abound. Not tempted to go in.

3 Feb 2014 14:16

Old Hall Farm, Ellesmere Port

Closed and looks like a building site.

29 Jan 2014 21:09

The Inn Beer Shop, Southport

Very crowded and claustrophobic last Saturday afternoon. I eventually bought a pint of Southport Brewery 'Sandgrounder' which was very nice.
The 'shop' is basically a long, narrow passageway with floor to ceiling shelving full of bottled beers of the world along one side of the shop and chairs and tables on the other side making for an even narrower passageway. The bar, containing three pumps, is at the far end meaning that a long queue of customers formed and even when I had got served I had nowhere to go. So I weaved my way back out and stood outside under a canopy on the pavement. Just as well there is a canopy as it was a wet and windy day. If this visit was an indication of how popular this place is then the owners need to move to a bigger premises. Not sure I want to repeat the experience.

29 Jan 2014 15:35

Sir Henry Segrave, Southport

A decent Wetherspoons on the main road through Southport town centre. Crowded late last Saturday afternoon. Many diners and shoppers and a large group of loud girls some sporting hair curlers. A good number of ales available. Worth a visit.

29 Jan 2014 15:25

Park Hotel, Birkdale

Just a few yards from Birkdale railway station. Crowded with diners and footy fans last Saturday afternoon. FA Cup football being shown on 5 screens! Three ales available. I had Thwaites 'Wainwright' which was fine. I left after one pint and just like blue scrumpy went up the road to the Fishermans Rest which is a bit more upmarket but only had two ales available.

29 Jan 2014 15:21

The Wro, West Kirby

First time in here for more than a year. I ordered a pint of Kozel before discovering that they now have two cask ales and keg Bass.
I didn't try the ales as it was just a fleeting visit.
Seems to be just as popular as my last visit with customer age range of 20 - 70.

15 Jan 2014 15:37

The Chronicle, Bebington

This pub closed today for the same reason as the Ravenscroft in Heswall.

6 Jan 2014 14:43

Chambers, Heswall

My recent post suggesting that this pub was about to close because the Bramwell Pub Co. had gone into administration was removed.

However, today this pub closed!

Pity really as the Ravenscroft was very popular with young people at weekends.

6 Jan 2014 14:28

Seven Stiles, Upton

Now a children's nursery.

4 Jan 2014 12:17

The Lodestar, Neston

Still boarded up and for sale.

3 Jan 2014 17:30

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

Thanks for that item of pure fiction .yamato.
The new landlord is actually a landlady.

21 Dec 2013 15:42

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

The pub has just reopened after a months closure following the cannabis farm discovery. Apparently a new licensee has been installed. I haven't ventured in yet.

21 Dec 2013 11:29

The Harvest Mouse, Heswall

I hadn't been in this pub for several years but as I was passing at the weekend I decided to pop in. There has always been an outside childrens play area but now there is also an indoor one! Little more than crèche. Walked in and straight out again.

16 Dec 2013 15:17

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Thirty or forty customers in here last night which was a pleasant change from my last two visits. Five ales and Old Rosie cider on tap. I can't remember all the ales but one was from the local Brimstage Brewery and another from the Tatton Brewery at Knutsford. Well worth a visit.

15 Dec 2013 13:49

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Had a few pints of a lovely brew on Friday night - 'Oracle' from the Salopian Brewery.
The pub was crowded and I didn't experience any of the unpleasantness described below.

8 Dec 2013 13:46

The Brown Cow, Bebington

Closed and boarded up.

24 Nov 2013 20:42

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

The scene of an overnight Police raid which uncovered 500 cannabis plants being grown upstairs. No mention of the beer though!

19 Nov 2013 11:59

The Glegg Arms, Heswall

Closed for refurbishment. Not bothered if it never re-opens.

4 Nov 2013 14:40

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

This place was buzzing last night. Lots of people in Halloween fancy dress. The pub was also decorated with spooky stuff. This place has never had any real ale in my experience. Delighted to see three hand pumps last night with two ales available - even if I only noticed after buying a John Smiths! Mental note made for next time. Well done to the new regime.

1 Nov 2013 11:16

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

The Cain's décor is still evident but not one of the six ales available was from Cain's. Has Cain's Brewery closed entirely? Less than half full with office types having a swift post-work drink.
I had a nice pint of Pacifica Pale from the Tyne Bank Brewery.

1 Nov 2013 11:11

Head of Steam, Liverpool

Even allowing for my visit being a midweek evening this barn was dead. Only four customers dotted about the place. Lots of hand pumps but NONE in use. Walked in and walked out again.

1 Nov 2013 10:59

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Five ales and one cider on tap when I visited last night. Two of the ales were from local companies. I had a pint of Golden Ale from the Wapping Brewery which is based at the Baltic Fleet pub on Liverpool's dock road. It was very nice.
Only three other customers. As I've said before I really hope the Jug and Bottle is successful. They are clearly making an effort, they just need the public to do the same.

31 Oct 2013 11:14

The Chimneys, Ellesmere Port

Went here today for a family meal. Booked a table and glad I did as the pub was crowded with diners. However because there are various small 'rooms' you are not overwhelmed by other diners.
We all enjoyed our meals. Four ales were available - Purity 'Warlord', Thwaites 'Wainwright', Black Sheep Bitter and one I can't remember.
I had the Warlord, a 5% IPA which was very nice.

27 Oct 2013 21:27

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

Went here for the current Wetherspoons beer festival.
6 ales and 1 cider on offer. The staff were very helpful and advised re the ales.
A couple of annoying middle-aged drunks were near the entrance but it was a large enough building to get away from them. I tried 3 of the ales and took advantage of a 'meal deal'. A pleasant experience.

25 Oct 2013 22:02

Peacock, Chester

Not been in but I passed this pub today and noticed that part of the outside wall had been painted an horrific bright orange colour and orange balloons were hanging from the doorway.

25 Sep 2013 19:16

The White Horse Churton, Churton

I've nothing to add to Carlurmston's description.
Just myself and two other walkers in the front bar this afternoon.
Only two ales available - Brain's SA and Lancaster Bomber.
I had the Brain's and it was fine.

25 Sep 2013 19:11

The Hinderton arms, Neston

An old building with a decent sized carpark and outdoor beer garden with rather upmarket furniture. Lots of dark timber inside with a few alcoves to hide in. Had a family meal here recently.
Something of a corporate menu with a few twists but perfectly good food.
Attentive bar and waiting staff.
Less than half full on a midweek evening.
Bombardier and Doombar on tap. The Doombar was well kept.
Not somewhere I'd go for just a drink but fine for a meal.

19 Sep 2013 20:14

Seven Stiles, Upton

The local newspaper states that this pub is to be converted into a children's nursery.

13 Sep 2013 16:14

Moreton Arms, Moreton

Currently the scene of building work inside and out.
Don't know if it will re-open as a pub or if it is being converted for another purpose.

8 Sep 2013 19:36

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Recently held a mini-beer festival which included live bands. I didn't attend but locals tell me it was a great success.
Full marks to the latest manager for organising it.
This pub has been crying out for someone with vision and energy.

3 Sep 2013 10:25

The Railway, Meols

A huge pub in the same design as the Arrowe Park Hotel and Pensby Hotel.
I visited recently on a Sunday evening. Upon entering through the middle door there was a small serving area immediately in front of me. To the left was a large room which was busy with families eating meals. I turned right into an equally large room. This room however housed a group of around a dozen young, loud drunks who monopolised the bar area. Their antics were bordering on the outrageous. They effed and blinded and at one stage one of them picked up a member of staff and lifted him high into the air before the two of them collapsed onto the floor. The antics of this group dominated the room. During all this the barstaff took no action at all. I can only assume that this is normal behaviour at this establishment. I pity any locals who want a quiet pint as this is the only pub for a mile in any direction.
There was a large selection of lagers plus Guinness, John Smith’s and three handpulls, two of which (Ruddles and Abbot) were unavailable. I had a pint of Old Speckled Hen which was well kept.
I certainly won’t be returning.

3 Sep 2013 10:22

The Roundstone, East Preston

This pub was mentioned on 'Fake Britain' on BBC1 this evening - not for the beer but because 3 of the staff were involved in the production and sale of fake paintings!

12 Aug 2013 20:19

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Ventured in here on a recent Saturday night.
Less than half full but an improvement on the last couple of years. There were even some young customers!
Two ales available, albeit from breweries owned by Marston's.
Two very efficient barmaids. No sign of manager or his wife - locals say there often isn't.
Apparently a karaoke night is held one Saturday per month but is best avoided due to terrible noise.
Overall, a better experience than previous several years.

16 Jul 2013 14:45

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

The refurbishment has resulted in a much brighter, airier pub.
Another improvement is that there were 5 ales available last night.
However, there were very few customers.
I hope the owners efforts result in a successful pub.
Use it or lose it people!

7 Jul 2013 20:13

Stanley Hotel, Eastham

Because I was in Eastham recently and couldn't find it.

6 Jul 2013 16:29

Stanley Hotel, Eastham

Does this pub still exist?

4 Jul 2013 21:30

The Hanging Gate Inn, Weaverham

Now a 'gastro pub'.

4 Jul 2013 21:25

Horse and Jockey, Upton

I've never been in this pub but pass it every few weeks. In the past there were often dodgy characters smoking in the doorway and the building was a run-down 60's town boozer.
It has had a good external makeover and looks a lot better.
There is also a sign outside which proclaims cask ale.
I don't plan on going in though!

29 Jun 2013 14:34

Dee View Inn, Heswall

Unchanged since my visit last year. Well worth a look.

23 Jun 2013 22:58

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Evidently re-opened.
Apparently the manager has left but his partner/wife now runs the place.
London Pride, Sharps Doombar, Hobgoblin and Thwaites Wainwright were available on a recent visit.

23 Jun 2013 22:56

The Cottage Loaf, Thurstaston

Currently closed for a refurbishment. The outside has been looking shabby for a couple of years. Let's hope it's still as popular when it reopens.

19 Jun 2013 22:43

The Chimneys, Ellesmere Port

Holding another mini beer festival 19 - 21st July 2013.

15 Jun 2013 17:16

Terrace C, Heswall

Re-opened as 'Suede Cocktail Lounge'.

24 May 2013 16:21

O'Sheas, Wallasey

Still closed but was the scene of a bizarre siege overnight when two men on the roof held police at bay by hurling roof tiles at them!

21 May 2013 11:40

The Milners, Heswall

Still closed.
The windows now sport shiny metal sheets and the car park is fenced off to prevent shoppers using it whilst weeds grow unchecked and rubbish accumulates.
Please Enterprise Inns, demolish the place!

16 May 2013 15:07

The Dove Cote, Birmingham

A man was shot dead last night while drinking in this pub according to the BBC website.

11 May 2013 19:40

The Seven Stars, Thornton Hough

I visited this village pub for the first time recently and on the whole the experience was a positive one.
Two thirds of the building is given over to food with tables set in readiness for diners. I enjoyed my meal but the wife said hers was only 'so so'. There is a small beer garden which I will sit in when the weather warms up.
Three ales were available, Trappers Hat and Sandpiper from the local Brimstage Brewery and another ale which I couldn't see.
And this leads to the less positive aspect of my visit. The bar is rather small and over a period of around half an hour in the late afternoon a succession of builder types entered and completely lined the bar even though the rest of the pub was empty. They refused to move when I attempted to get served.
I had a pint of Sandpiper, a light, refreshing summer beer which I really enjoyed.
I'd visit again but not during the period 5pm - 7pm when the ignorant arseholes clearly congregate.

29 Apr 2013 16:06

The Caledonia, Liverpool

About to close according to a story on the Liverpool Echo website today.

25 Apr 2013 16:35

Stamps Too, Liverpool

Went in here at 5:30 last Saturday afternoon. The place was absolutely packed.
Couldn't get near the bar. No idea what ales were available. A mate eventually returned from the bar with a couple of pints of Cheshire Gold which was a nice, light ale and well kept. Good to see a bar which is clearly thriving just a pity I couldn't enjoy it due to the crush.
I should have stayed in the nearby Wetherspoons (the Queens Picture House) which was spacious and holding a beer festival.

24 Apr 2013 14:50

Terrace C, Heswall


14 Apr 2013 13:15

Pollards Inn, Willaston

Currently advertising a beer festival to be held 24th - 26th May 2013.

8 Apr 2013 21:28

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Visited this pub last night for the first time this year.
Less than half full of customers. A new manager introduced himself. After a few moments I realised that the inside was brighter and barer than in the past. The manager explained that a refurbishment was underway.
Two ales were available - the usual 'Trappers Hat' from the local Brimstage Brewery and 'Golden XPA' from the Caledonian Brewery. I had a pint of the XPA which was a really nice, well kept IPA.
I look forward to future developments at this pub.

31 Mar 2013 17:24

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Another new manager has been installed!

Good luck.

31 Mar 2013 16:28

The Moby Dick, West Kirby

Has recently re-opened as 'Hickory's Smokehouse', an American diner.
My daughter went today. I asked her what it was like and she replied that she had a nice meal. But when I asked her what drinks were on offer she said she didn't notice because she had water!
No rating given.

30 Mar 2013 18:44

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Just concentrate on your own reviews and testing your incontinence pants Burgess.

22 Mar 2013 22:30

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Happytyskie - try 'copy & paste' instead of introducing your own dreadful spelling mistakes into my reviews. You semi-literate prick.

22 Mar 2013 20:24

The Cheshire Cheese, Wallasey

Currently advertising a beer festival 28th-31st March 2013.

20 Mar 2013 21:16

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Don't know when/if it will re-open.

20 Mar 2013 09:55

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Justsaying – I take it you are the latest manager. I hope you aren’t another transient one.
Let’s be clear about my views, my main gripe is with Marstons. They obviously knew about the behaviour of the long-standing manager and the corresponding drop in takings but failed to act. I have absolutely no complaints about the building. I stated a few years ago that it is a spacious, clean and comfortable pub so I don’t understand why you think I hold a grudge against the pub. I don’t.
Marstons managerial appointments over the last year don’t inspire confidence – a succession of unsuitable or stand-in managers. You call it ‘teething problems’ - how could anyone appoint those obese, thuggish Evertonians? Five minutes spent with them and any sane person would realise they shouldn’t deal with the public – ever!
One other thing, I think you mean tittle tattle – ‘tickle tackle’ is something rude.
I honestly hope you turn things around but there is a lot to do due to Miserable Mick and the recession.
Many years ago the Pye was a thriving pub with a large age range of customers.
Gradually Mick became more and more of a tyrant, barring, insulting and frightening away customers, especially young people.
I’m not suggesting that the Pye turns into another Ravenscroft but visit Franklyn’s on a Saturday night and you will see what can be achieved.
I’ll continue to look through the windows when I pass most weekends to see how many people are inside and if I know anyone. Who wants to walk into an empty pub on a Saturday night?
Good luck.

13 Mar 2013 13:52

The Grand Trunk, Birkenhead

Has been converted into flats.

2 Mar 2013 13:57

Davenport Arms, Tarporley

Appeared to have re-opened when I passed recently.

22 Feb 2013 11:37

The Halfway House, Birkenhead

Went in here for the first time in a couple of years recently prior to a Tranmere Rovers game. Pretty much as I remember it except for two changes - it is no longer a live music venue and there were three handpumps. However two were out of action and the other was dispensing Bombardier. I swerved the ale and had a Carlsberg instead. The place was crowded with lager swilling footy fans and I didn't see anyone buy a Bombardier.

20 Feb 2013 22:47

Prenton Hotel, Birkenhead

An advert in the local paper states that new management will be running the Prenton Park from 01/03/13 and that real ale will be available.

20 Feb 2013 22:40

Hilbre Court, West Kirby

This pub has an advert in the local paper stating that it is now open and has new management. The advert mentions food is available but interestingly does not mention beer at all!

20 Feb 2013 22:37

George and Dragon, Birkenhead

It must be 30 years since I was last in this classic town centre pub but even so I was dismayed to see that it was closed and boarded up when I passed yesterday.

13 Feb 2013 22:30

The Moby Dick, West Kirby

Closed for what appears to be a major rebuild both inside and out.

29 Jan 2013 15:56

The Three Stags, Bebington

Went past at the weekend and noticed that as part of the recent refurbishment Ember Inns has painted the outside of the pub a peculiar light green.
The colour resembles that of a dried cow pat. Not an attractive look.

29 Jan 2013 15:42

Leasowe Castle, Wallasey

Many years ago a bloke I worked with took several of us for a 'late bevvy' to the Leasowe Castle. The pub was closed and curtains drawn but a code knocked on the window resulted in the door opening and us gaining entry.
I seem to remember it wasn't really worth the effort for the small selection of keg and lager on offer.
The pub has been closed for a few years now.

25 Jan 2013 14:35

Terrace C, Heswall


20 Jan 2013 17:19

The Stables Bar, Heswall


17 Jan 2013 18:15

Stamps Bistro, Crosby

A trendy bar with a winding wooden staircase leading to a small, cosy, upstairs room. Walls covered in posters.
However, upon entering the building the nostrils were assualted by an overwhelming stench of bleach!
5 ales available. I can't remember what I had but it was well kept.

14 Jan 2013 11:49

The Crows Nest, Crosby

A really nice old-fashioned pub with friendly efficient service.
5 ales available. I had a pint of Caledonian which was well kept.

14 Jan 2013 11:43

Irby Mill, Greasby

8 ales available today, tremendous!
I had Hopback 'Crop Circle' which was well kept.
Keep up the good work.

6 Jan 2013 16:45

Terrace C, Heswall


6 Jan 2013 16:42

Chambers, Heswall

The scene of a 'serious incident' on New Year's Eve according to Merseyside Police.

4 Jan 2013 21:12

Eastham Ferry Hotel, Eastham

Reopening following a refurb according to advert in local paper.

12 Dec 2012 20:29

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Very quiet last night but then it was a Monday.
Pleasant barmaid.
4 ales available, 2 from the local Brimstage Brewery, 1 from Salopian ans 1 from Roosters.
I had Brimstage 'Trappers Hat' which was well kept.
Two large screens showing Newcastle vs Fulham game but without sound.
Decent background music was playing at a reasonable volume.
Not often I get in here now that the nearby Pacific Road Arts Centre has closed (shame on Wirral Borough Council) but definitely a pub to pop into if nearby.
I noticed a sign advertising a room upstairs - the Spectacle - which was available for hire and that also hosts live music. I hope it is a success.

11 Dec 2012 12:05

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

The meeting place for me and my pals yesterday. A pleasant atmosphere and an enjoyable visit. Various ales available. I had something from the Harviestoun brewery. Can't remember what it was called but it was a tasty IPA.

8 Dec 2012 15:43

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Plenty of room in here last night, unlike other nearby pubs. A good selection of ales.
I had an ale I previously hadn't come across - Healey Silverstone - and very nice it was too.

8 Dec 2012 15:35

The Grapes, Liverpool

Another very crowded pub last night. Pity it is so narrow, I found myself continually moving against the bar in order to let people pass.
However, some decent ales available. I had Castle Rock "Harvest Pale", one of my favourites.

8 Dec 2012 15:25

The Dispensary, Liverpool

The final pub of our mini-crawl. The place was very crowded.
I had a nice pint of White Rat from the Rat Brewery.

8 Dec 2012 15:17

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Crowded last night. Had a lovely pint from a brewery I'd not heard of - the Big Bog Brewing Company. This pub is well worth a visit especially if you can get in the snug.

8 Dec 2012 15:13

The Three Stags, Bebington

Closed for a major refurb.

22 Nov 2012 16:06

Hilbre Court, West Kirby

This pub looked closed when I passed recently.

16 Nov 2012 11:40

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Called in last Saturday night at around 9:45pm.
Only about ten customers.
Trappers Hat was the only ale available and it was well kept.
A shame that the Jug along with the Johnny Pye and Stables seem to have dramatically declined in popularity. In fact the whole of Heswall seems to be declining as an evening destination.

10 Nov 2012 14:28

The Stables Bar, Heswall

Called in last Saturday night.
A doorman opened the door for me and welcomed me inside where I discovered a singer/guitarist and 3 customers!

10 Nov 2012 14:23

The Punch Bowl Hotel, Hoylake

Looked closed when I passed last night.

9 Nov 2012 18:18

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Wetherspoons pubs nationwide are currently holding a two week beer festival which ends on Sunday. I was a bit slow off the mark to realise this but went to the Dee Hotel last night with a mate.
Not many customers in the pub which suited me. No serving issues on this visit and one barman was most helpful when I asked about the ales.
Seven ales and one cider were available and a pleasant four pint session ensued.

9 Nov 2012 11:53

Sutton Way Hotel, Great Sutton

This scummy pub on a dreadful estate has been boarded up for several years, thankfully.

24 Oct 2012 16:50

The White Star, Liverpool

Uncomfortably crowded on Saturday night.
Deuchars, Higsons Bitter, a couple of Bowland ales and one other that I can't remember were available. I had one pint of Bowlands 'Sky Dancer', a light tangy summer ale. However, it had run out when I asked for a second pint.
The bar was awash with spilt ale, something that the bar staff should have dealt with but didn't.
No young customers. The clientele ranged from middle aged couples and groups of noisy blokes to lone seasoned boozers.
I prefer this pub mid-week.

14 Oct 2012 12:07

Hand Hotel, Llangollen

Re previous post - possibly it was Plassey Bitter from the Plassey Brewery, Wrexham.

7 Oct 2012 20:58

The Old Quay, Parkgate

Went for a carvery meal last night. Can't really go wrong for 3:99 !
The downside is that it is full of families some of whom shouldn't be allowed out in public.
The drinks selection is for the uneducated, mostly fizz plus four pumps all dispensing the bland Greene King IPA..
Be aware that the car park is now 'pay and display' 2 for two hours but you can reclaim the 2 as soon as you spend 5 in the pub by tendering your ticket stub.

2 Oct 2012 10:46

The Ridger, Wirral

Todays Liverpool Daily Post reports that this pub was the scene of a 'huge brawl' on Saturday night in which, amongst other things, a man had part of his ear bitten off. Still not tempted to go in...........

2 Oct 2012 10:35

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Like a morgue again the other night.
Apparently this place is on its' fourth manager this year.
The last one was sacked following alleged theft.
Marstons have got real problems with this pub.

1 Oct 2012 11:28

The Wro, West Kirby

A small, trendy, modern bar with a raised seating area outside. Crowded at 10:30 on Saturday night. A different crowd from the nearby Wetherspoons, more mature and well-heeled.
No ales available, in fact not even a keg bitter just Eurofizz, one cider and bottled beer and wine. Apparently there is a small bar upstairs where live entertainment takes place once a week.
I was surprised to discover that last orders was 11pm. Barman said that a local resident had led a campaign against the bar which resulted in the Licensing Committee imposing an 11pm last orders and an 11:30 closing time.
Overall, a pleasant experience though and somewhere I'd go again.

24 Sep 2012 10:08

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Crowded at 10pm on Saturday night. Hoodies and baseball caps abound in here. A noisy place but not a bad thing as most pubs are struggling. Four ales appeared to be available. Waited an eternity to be served as there was only one bloke serving. Later a girl appeared and things improved. When I finaly got served the ale I asked for was not on! Had a pint of Abbot which was ok. Barman still didn't turn the pump clip round on the ale which was not available. The place emptied rapidly around 10:30. I assume a lot of the young punters caught the train opposite to Liverpool.

24 Sep 2012 09:55

The White Lion Inn, West Kirby

Went in here at 9pm last Saturday night. Less than half full but a quiet, pleasant atmosphere. Four ales available - Courage Directors, Black Sheep Bitter, Brimstage Scarecrow and Clarkes Traditional. Tried the Scarecrow and it was a nice well kept pint.

24 Sep 2012 09:45

Shippons, Irby

Visited last Saturday night. It is a small, one-roomed pub but it was crowded just as it was on my last visit a couple of years ago. Four ales available plus three Thwaites regulars. Ale was well kept. A reasonable age range amongst the customers. The owners seem to have got things right. Keep up the good work!
There was a musical duo called Alternative Radio entertaining the punters.
I seem to remember they were playing exactly the same songs twenty five years ago!

19 Sep 2012 12:07

Lord Napier, Rockferry

There is also an entry for this pub under 'N. J. Lewis'.

11 Sep 2012 19:46

La Bodega, Hoylake

Went past today and noticed that it is now open and called Coda Maine.
Looks like a restaurant or a cafe bar.

11 Sep 2012 19:33

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Approached this pub at 11:30 last night (Saturday) but as I looked through the windows I noticed that there were only around 6 patrons scattered about the place. Didn't go in.

9 Sep 2012 20:56

Chambers, Heswall

Less than half full last night (Saturday) but music as loud as ever - WHY?

Had an acceptable pint of Jennings 'Cocky Blonde' in a Bombardier glass.

9 Sep 2012 20:51

Dee View Inn, Heswall

Went in here on Saturday night - first visit for a couple of years.
There were far less customers than I remember on past visits.
There didn't seem to be as big a choice of real ale either.
I saw Black Sheep Bitter and two ales from the local Brinstage Brewery - Trappers Hat and Sandpiper.
I tried the Sandpiper as I rarely see it in local pubs.
It was a light coloured, refreshing ale.

9 Sep 2012 20:47

Irby Mill, Greasby

Called in tonight whilst taking the dog for a long walk. Just realised that I had a pint of the same ale as my last post a year ago! Four or five other ales available. Pleasant staff. Not many customers this evening but that suited me. Sat outside in the beer garden and enjoyed the sunshine and the ale. Only downside was that the Sunchaser was 3 a pint.

14 Aug 2012 21:44

Moreton Arms, Moreton

It's five years since the only other review and that seemed to be an advert!

Passed today and the pub was boarded up.

12 Aug 2012 17:55

Peggy Gadflys, Wallasey

Pub mentioned in the Liverpool Echo yesterday after cannabis factory discovered upstairs.

11 Aug 2012 11:40

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

I had two pints of Bays Brewery 'Winning Gold' last night. A lovely, light citrus, summer ale brewed to coincide with the 2012 Olympics.
I sat outside on a warm evening and enjoyed the ale and conversation with the locals.

9 Aug 2012 17:01

The Cheshire Cheese, Wallasey

Currently advertising a beer festival 6th-9th September 2012.

8 Aug 2012 14:03

The Lodestar, Neston

Apparently Wetherspoons retained ownership of the Lodestar lease despite not running the place themselves. That lease is now for sale.

1 Aug 2012 14:13

The Punch Bowl Hotel, Hoylake

Mentioned in this weeks Wirral News as one of three Wirral pubs that are under police investigation following theft of gas. In the case of the Punch Bowl an estimated 35k - 40k worth of gas had been stolen.

26 Jul 2012 21:44

The Cock and Donkey, Rock Ferry

Mentioned in this weeks Wirral News as one of three Wirral pubs that are under police investigation following theft of gas. In the case of the Fairfield an estimated 15k worth of gas had been stolen.

26 Jul 2012 21:40

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Our last port of call on last nights mini-pub crawl of the city centre.
Arrived at around 10:45pm and were surprised to find the place almost empty.
I'm not a great fan of Cain's beers but there was a good slection last night so everyone found something to their liking.
I had Cains IPA which was nice but upon asking for a second pint I was told that it had 'gone'. Not impressed. I then had a passable pint of Cain's Bitter.
Worth a visit if in the city centre.

8 Jul 2012 20:56

The Beehive, Liverpool

Went in this place last night at the insistance of a mate. It was packed to the rafters with male and female customers aged from 40 to 70.
A singer who must have been 60 was belting out classic songs.
No ale available, just Tetley Smoothflow, Guinness and Eurofizz.
The temperature was stifling but when we attempted to stand outside we were forced back in by aggressive bouncers.
Never again!

8 Jul 2012 20:49

The Dispensary, Liverpool

I had a super pint of Atomic 'First Lightning' followed by Rat Brewery 'White Rat' which although very bitter was pleasant. A mate had Titanic 'Plum Porter' which he said was different. A couple of other ales were available.
We stood outside on a warm evening and watched various Saturday night characters pass by.
Well worth a visit.

8 Jul 2012 20:43

Old Ropewalk, Liverpool

Last night was my first visit to Bier. I met 6 mates in there.
I had a pint of Roosters 'Yankee' which was really nice. A couple of the others had a pint of Ringwood 'Boondoggle which they said was fine. Another tried Moorhouses 'Pride of Pendle'.
The rest were lager swillers.
Everyone agreed that it was a good bar except for the heat. It was sweltering.

8 Jul 2012 20:33

The Milners, Heswall

The last 4 or 5 tenants have all failed despite trying various things to get the punters in.
Time for Enterprise Inns to accept that Heswall doesn't want or need this pub.
It has a large carpark at the side and rear. I would suggest that the pub be demolished and retirement flats be built on the site.

5 Jul 2012 22:03

The Chimneys, Ellesmere Port

The Chimneys is holding a mini beer festival Friday 20th - Monday 23rd July.
Twenty brews will be on offer over the four days, Morris Dancers, shire horses, firework display etc etc. See website.

5 Jul 2012 15:37

The Milners, Heswall

The girl in charge told me. "We are moving to the George in Bebington".
Don't know who 'we' are but the best of luck. Lets hope you learned from your mistakes and can run the George at a profit.

2 Jul 2012 18:58

The George, Bebington

The team that ran the Sandon Arms, Heswall (unsuccessfuly) for the last year has now moved to the George.

2 Jul 2012 18:55

The Bhurtpore Inn, Aston

Beer festival begins tomorrow, ends Sunday 8th July.

2 Jul 2012 12:05

The Face Bar, Reading

The scene of a murder at the weekend according to BBC News website.

2 Jul 2012 11:24

The Milners, Heswall

Despite an advert in the local paper highlighting forthcoming entertainment and a carvery, there are strong rumours that the Sandon Arms is to close tonight.
Doesn't surprise me, see my previous posts.

29 Jun 2012 13:38

The Glegg Arms, Heswall

My first visit to this pub for many years. More of a restaurant than a pub these days. I think it is a Beefeater. Very few customers late afternoon/early evening and all of them were eating. One ale available - Cumberland which was passable. Bought a bottle of Kopparberg cider for a friend and nearly fell over when charged 3:95.
Think it will be many more years before I venture in here again.

4 Jun 2012 20:38

The Cotton Tree, Droylsden

Mentioned on BBC national news today following a murder in the pub last night. Four people shot, one died.
BBC didn't mention the beer!

26 May 2012 12:07

The Cross House, Laugharne

I can't offer an insight as to the pub but it made the BBC News today. Apparently a smoker was seriously hurt in the outside smoking shelter last night when a car crashed into it.

12 May 2012 17:36

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

The planning application was withdrawn...........unfortunately.

4 May 2012 11:29

Caernarvon Castle, Birkenhead

I have not been in this pub for more than ten years and am unlikely to return any time soon. However, an advert in the local paper informs readers that from 5th to 12th May the pub will be holding a beer festival.
I attempted to view the pubs website mentioned in the newspaper advert but it doesn't seem to exist.

3 May 2012 14:04

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

No real ale available on the last two Saturday nights - poor.

22 Apr 2012 17:43

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

The usual wide selection of beers available last night.
My mate had a very dark German beer (name escapes me) and I had a beautiful pint of Salopian 'Lemon Dream' - cost 6:85.
Pity it is such an expensive pub.

19 Apr 2012 11:00

Bar Hannah, Liverpool

No sign of any Cains last night, in fact no bitter available at all.
Had a pint of Peroni at 3:80.
Blue Moon now 4:20 a pint so didn't try it!

19 Apr 2012 10:55

Greave Dunning, Greasby

The above photo is not of the Greave Dunning but quite clearly 'Ellies Bar' which is a nearby but different bar.

17 Apr 2012 13:52

Bunbury Arms, Chester

Had lunch here today. Meal fine. I drank a pint of Sharps Doombar which was well kept. Black Sheep Bitter, Holts Bitter and Flowers IPA and Thatchers Gold cider also available as well as Guinness and Eurofizz.
A bit pricey but a nice, country pub.

Has anyone else noticed that the northwest of England has been flooded with Sharps Doombar since Coors bought Sharps? Is Doombar still brewed in Cornwall or is it now mass produced in Burton on Trent?

11 Apr 2012 16:36

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

I learned last night that the new manager has been removed following some alleged unpleasantness. This is the most exciting thing to happen at this pub for years!

8 Apr 2012 12:24

The Milners, Heswall

Enterprise Inns has applied to have the restrictions, imposed by the Police and licensing committee due to the behaviour of a previous manager, lifted.
Will await developments.

7 Apr 2012 12:00

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

New manager installed about a month ago after last one left due to ill health (and died last week) but it is going to take a long time and a lot of enthusiasm to make this pub a destination of choice.

7 Apr 2012 11:57

The White Swan, Twickenham

Flap....this site hasn't been administered for quite some time.
There would appear to be some sort of programming 'loop' affecting the 'random' pub.
No new pubs have been added for months, in fact you no longer even get an email acknowledgement when submitting one.
Any explanation 'admin'?

3 Apr 2012 16:43

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Visited last night for the first time in six months.
Less than half full but better than the Sandon Arms which was empty.
Only one ale available - Brimstage Brewery 'Sandpiper' which was well kept and a lovely, light, flavoursome pint. However, when I asked for a second pint I discovered that it had all gone! Not impressed considering it was a Saturday night.

25 Mar 2012 20:57

The Ridger, Wirral

The faded pub signs have finally been replaced!
Still not tempted to go in though.

9 Mar 2012 22:33

Davenport Arms, Tarporley

Definitely closed this evening.

7 Mar 2012 22:52

Olde Barbridge Inn, Barbridge

Lights were on this evening but appeared to be closed. Having a refurb?

7 Mar 2012 22:51

The Milners, Heswall

An update - the 'mature' manager lasted about 6 weeks! Now run by an attractive and pleasant young lady.
Real ale rather hit and miss - sometimes none available, sometimes one, sometimes two. When it is available it is still 2 a pint which is most welcome.
Still closes at 11pm unless a band is on (perhaps twice a month) when it is open until midnight.
Virtually empty unless there is entertainment.
Still can't understand how it can run under the above circumstances.
Will it still be open at the end of 2012?

7 Mar 2012 11:34

The Nags Head, Haughton Moss

The wife and I had lunch here today from the hot buffet menu. The food was excellent. I washed it down with a pint of Flowers IPA which was well kept. I noticed Sharps Doombar was also available. Lunch was served in what was obviously a modern barn-like extension at the rear of the much older pub. Lots of oak beams, a high ceiling and lots of windows made for an attractive airy environment.
Obviously leans heavily towards food but there is a bar area immediately upon entry to the pub.
Decent sized carpark and nice garden and seating area outside. Also a bowling green beyond the garden.
Well worth visiting.

10 Feb 2012 19:19

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Walked past at 7:15pm on Friday night - only one customer in the place!

6 Feb 2012 15:07

The Swinging Arm, Birkenhead

Went in here late on Friday night after a trip to Pacific Road Arts Centre.
The place was heaving due to a band playing. There was a good atmosphere but a few of the punters were scary.
I had a pint of Timothy Taylors 'Landlord' which was fine.

5 Feb 2012 21:39

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Friday night was my first visit since it became Gallaghers.
I was impressed. Four ales available. I had a quick pint of Brimstage Brewery 'Trappers Hat' before going to a gig at Pacific Road Arts Centre.
Good number of customers. Nice to see it well supported.
I'll certainly be trying here again.

5 Feb 2012 21:35

Barcode, Heswall

Surprised this place is still open but I suspect most of its business is conducted during the day when it is a nice little cafe.
Went in here on Saturday night with a mate who enquired if it was a gay bar?!
Only a dozen or so blokes in there and some of them were clearly the worse for wear.
We each had a pint of keg Tetleys. I think three lagers and a few bottled beers were available.
Left quickly as the noise of braying idiots in such a small room was making my head hurt.

17 Jan 2012 11:43

The Rose and Crown Hotel, Wallasey

Never been here but just read in local paper that the landlord was found unconscious in the pub early on New Years Day after having been apparently assaulted several hours earlier. I do hope this doesn't indicate the sort of customer who frequents this establishment.
Anyone care to post a proper review?

6 Jan 2012 14:00

La Bodega, Hoylake

Despite recent rumours that it was about to reopen, I passed today and it was still closed and the windows were still in the same whitewashed state that they have been in for months.

23 Dec 2011 20:07

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

A planning notice in the local paper indicates that someone would like to demolish the pub and build a care home on the site. Hoorah!

8 Dec 2011 20:34

Yates's, Liverpool

Closed for refurbishment........unfortunately due to re-open.

28 Nov 2011 22:37

The Park View, Birkenhead

Haven't been in this pub but brightly lit last night and a fair number of customers inside.

27 Nov 2011 21:19

The River View, Birkenhead

London Pride was the only ale available last night and it was too warm in my opinion.
Lively pub though.

27 Nov 2011 21:04

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

Five ales available last night but they were all 'dark' beers, not to my liking.
Less than half full but a good range of ages drinking and eating. Certainly better than the other Wetherspoons, the John Laird, not far away.

27 Nov 2011 21:02

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Walked past at 7pm last night. Five scallies stood outside smoking skunk.
Can't think of any reason to enter this place.

27 Nov 2011 20:56

The Dispensary, Liverpool

A bit crowded last night especially after our party of 14 arrived!
Good selection of ales available. Everyone commented that they were well kept.

26 Nov 2011 16:45

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Five ales available yesterday afternoon and added bonus of very few customers. This allowed me to wander around and have a good look at the marvellous interior.
I had a couple of pints of Brains SA Gold which was well kept.

26 Nov 2011 16:41

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Usual good selection of ales last night. I had a pale ale (name escapes me) and it was well kept. Still expensive though.

26 Nov 2011 16:38

The Pool Inn, Wallasey


26 Nov 2011 16:36

The Stables Bar, Heswall

Thought I'd try this place last night because the nearby Barcode was closed for a private party.
Walked in the find just a handful of young lads. As I approached the bar one of them appeared to deliberately smash a bottle on the floor. Turned round and walked out.
Can't see the place lasting long.

13 Nov 2011 18:12

Jacaranda, Liverpool

The Liverpool Echo website today reports that this historic bar has closed.

4 Nov 2011 09:41

Pollards Inn, Willaston

I was pleasantly surprised at the choice of ales available this evening.
Theakston Bitter, Theakstons Old Peculier, Sharps Doombar and Caledonian Autumn Red.
I had the Autumn Red and it was well kept.
A modern pub in an old building.
Very quiet with just a few middle-aged diners and drinkers early evening.

27 Oct 2011 20:53

The Rocking Horse, Aintree

One of those modern red brick pubs that could be anywhere in the country.
I went here for a meal with relatives some of whom have children. There is a childrens play room.
The experience is not one I would wish to repeat.
Swearing patrons and kids running wild made the experience not one I would wish to repeat.
Eurofizz, keg bitter and various brightly coloured drinks avaiable.

21 Oct 2011 16:26

The River View, Birkenhead

Only ale available on Friday night was London Pride but it was well kept.
The pub was more than half full but most punters were on their way to Pacific Road Theatre.
There are rumours that the theatre is to close soon. I hope not as I enjoy my visits and the River View will certainly suffer if it does.

16 Oct 2011 22:16

The Milners, Heswall

No real ale this weekend - so that didn't last long!

16 Oct 2011 22:09

The Milners, Heswall

This pub has reopened as The Sandon Arms, a name it held for many years.
It seems to have changed little inside or out. However the landlord is a much more mature and experienced person than the previous one.
All the usual Eurofiz and keg is available but also two real ales. The ales are currently only 2 a pint! Last night 'Trappers Hat' from the local Brimstage Brewery and 'Hereford Pale Ale' from the Wye Valley Brewery were available and both were well kept. This is a pleasant and welcome development. It remains to be seen how long this situation will continue.
Food is also now available, including Sunday roast.
On the downside several local idiots, previously barred, were back in.
Also the the restrictions imposed by the Police and licensing committee due to the behaviour of the previous manager are still in place - notably 11pm closing and two doormen at weekends.
A very loud covers band was playing on Saturday night and more live acts are booked for weekends.
The place was around half full on Saturday night.
The very best of luck to the new manager but the cost of doormen, bands and ale at 2 a pint with a half full pub just doesn't add up.
I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

2 Oct 2011 20:58

The Headless Woman, Duddon

Boarded up.

25 Sep 2011 21:59

Wellington, Salford

The scene of an alleged murder last night according to BBC Northwest News.

10 Sep 2011 17:32

The Abbotsford, Rockferry

Application lodged with Wirral Borough Council to demolish the Abbotsford and build houses on the site.

8 Sep 2011 19:46

Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

Wife and I had lunch here today.
Ham, egg & chips, ham and cheese sandwich, pint of Cumberland Ale, pepsi came to just under 18.
Food was fine. Ham was hand carved not supermarket slices.
Pub was half full. Mainly tourists. Some Americans.
The other ale available was Hobgoblin.

17 Aug 2011 18:23

The Milners, Heswall

The outside was being painted last week.
I was told it was to re-open but date unknown.

10 Aug 2011 15:14

Irby Mill, Greasby

I called in here this evening while taking the dog for a long walk. The pub was busy inside and out which was nice to see. Five ales were available. I had Everards 'Sunchaser', a blonde 4% summer beer which was very nice.
It would seem that the Spanish fiasco of a couple of years ago is long forgotten and this is a real pub again.

2 Aug 2011 21:15

The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool

Went in here on Saturday night. It was a lovely warm evening and dozens of punters were drinking outside on the pavement. Not so many inside.
Drinks selection was very disappointing. just Eurofizz, Guinness and Tetley keg.
The place does have character though.

1 Aug 2011 10:33

The Royal Oak, Bromborough

Now advertising itself as a Greene King 'Hungry Horse'.

29 Jul 2011 21:01

Andersons Bar, Liverpool

Now only seems to serve Eurofizz and John Lees keg bitter. No real ale available.

25 Jun 2011 16:08

The Rose and Shamrock, Birkenhead

Boarded up.

25 Jun 2011 13:43

The Stables Bar, Heswall

I was told that the Stables re-opened a few weeks ago with new owners and staff so I went there on Saturday night.
I got as far as the door and noticed that there were no customers so I didn't go in.
Doesn't bode well.

24 Jun 2011 12:39

Old Hall Farm, Ellesmere Port

A Marstons 'family' pub at Little Stanney near the Cheshire Oaks shopping complex.
Not been in, not my sort of place.

22 Jun 2011 11:33

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Mmmmmmmm wonder how many pubs are waiting to be added? Dozens? Hundreds?
One of my suggestions from last year was added a couple of months ago. I'd forgotten about it and in the meantime the pub has closed!
I'm still awaiting several other suggestions from over a year ago.

7 Jun 2011 11:51

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

No guest ales available last night but the full range of Cains beers was.
I opted for Cains Pilsner Lager which I hadn't had before. It was fine.
Quite busy but then John Cleese's show at the nearby Empire Theatre did finish very early and so that helped.

1 Jun 2011 11:36

Chambers, Heswall

I hadn't been in this pub for a while but last night a mate called to tell me that a 'Real Ale & Cider Festival' was being held. So three of us got there promptly.
I wasn't expecting anything special but was pleasantly surprised to discover three hand pumps serving Charles Wells 'Bombardier', Thornbridge 'Jaipur' and Castle Rock 'Harvest Pale'. The latter two were excellent and well kept and around 2:60 a pint.
Well done to Smith & Jones for staging the event. Judging by all the promotional litrature other Smith & Jones pubs must have been also staging the same event.
However, during the 90 minutes we were there we were the ONLY people partaking of the ale. The rest of the punters stuck to their usual cooking lager and shots. Such a shame. Apparently there were 10 ales available over three days and several barrels were at the end of the bar clad in insulating jackets awaiting their turn. I didn't see any ciders but 4 were supposed to be available.
Lets hope the lack of support at this particular pub doesn't stop Smith & Jones from holding future similar events.

22 May 2011 21:55

The Plough, Prestwich

See previous post.
Today David Watson was sentenced to 20 years. The judge described him as the 'managing director' of a cocaine smuggling gang.

4 May 2011 15:06

The Observatory, Birkenhead

Closed and boarded up.

1 May 2011 10:56

The Vale, Birkenhead

Definitely closed.

1 May 2011 10:56

Walkabout, Shepherds Bush

BBC today reported that on 18/04/11 this pub was the scene of a brawl involving Wasp's rugby players and football fans.

21 Apr 2011 16:32

The Ridger, Wirral

Apparently closed for a long overdue refurb.

15 Apr 2011 12:00

The Plough, Prestwich

This pub got a mention on the BBC North West news tonight. The owner, a David Watson, was found guilty of smuggling 14kg of cocaine into the UK.
The pub may go on the market soon!

14 Apr 2011 22:51

The Cottage Loaf, Thurstaston

I went for a walk on the adjacent Thurstaston Hill yesterday in blazing sunshine.
Fully intended to have a pint at the Cottage Loaf but discovered it was packed.
Every one of the outside tables (shown in above photo) was taken and inside was also crowded so I didn't bother. Sunny Sundays must be a godsend for this place!
Still at least it's doing well......lots of pubs aren't.

11 Apr 2011 11:06

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Doesn't seem as popular these days despite the tapas restaurant reopening last year.
Only one real ale available recently - Brimstage Brewery 'Trappers Hat'.

5 Apr 2011 17:00

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Four ales available at the moment - Samuel Websters Bitter, Timothy Taylors Landlord, Brimstage Trappers Hat and Frodsham Aonach.
I had a couple of pints of Trappers Hat which was well kept and at 2:65 in keeping with other local pubs.
The Aonach was 3:05 which is well over the top.

4 Apr 2011 16:20

The Dusty Miller, Wrenbury

I was going to visit the Dusty Miller next weekend - glad I viewed its' website - it is currently closed for refurbishment. No mention when it will re-open.

22 Mar 2011 10:46

Terrace C, Heswall

Last night I learned that Terrace C and Heswall's other late bar, Los Cabos, are now charging an entry fee............outrageous!
The owners should be ashamed of themselves.

13 Mar 2011 11:28

Seacombe Ferry Hotel, Wallasey

Currently boarded up following loss of licence.

9 Mar 2011 21:11

George and Dragon, Tyldesley

This pub appeared on tonights BBC TV news. Apparently the pub was robbed and set on fire last night. Three people have been arrested.

4 Mar 2011 23:06

The Chimneys, Ellesmere Port

A Vintage Inns food-led pub. A large old, multi-roomed building with an open log fire. Probably a family home originally.
I went to The Chimneys last night for a family meal. Two mixed grills, a hunters chicken, a burger, a pint of London Pride, two cokes and a J2O came to just under 55. Everyone enjoyed their food and drink. A bit pricey, especially the Pride at 3:15 but it is a pleasant place which we use very occasionaly.

1 Mar 2011 11:21

Chambers, Heswall

The good - Thwaites Original, Bombardier and Brains FA all available on Saturday night.
The bad - service absolutely appalling. Barkids have no idea who is next and don't care.
The ugly - Police arrived to remove young idiots once again.

21 Feb 2011 12:36

Seacombe Ferry Hotel, Wallasey

The scene of a mass brawl last Saturday night according to the local paper.

3 Feb 2011 19:48

Rat and Parrot, Liverpool

Thankfully closed on Monday night.

2 Feb 2011 12:19

Yates's, Liverpool

Went in here late last night as I had time to kill before my bus home.
Two scallies were smoking skunk in the doorway this should have warned me off the place!
Only around 20 customers but they were mostly loud kids.
All the usual fizzy drinks you would associate with a city centre chain pub were available but I was surprised to discover Cains Bitter, Yates Ale and Bombadier.
I had an ok pint of Bombardier for a very reasonable 1.85.
The building is a modern, large, souless barn with a high ceiling. Wood dominates all the surfaces.
Upstairs was closed apart from access to the only toilets.
It's a couple of years since I went was here and I don't anticipate a return any time soon.

1 Feb 2011 11:26

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

I met some friends in here early evening yesterday prior to going to a concert.
The full range of Cains beers was available. However, I opted for the guest ale, the name of which escapes me but it was from Caerphilly. It was a light refreshing pint. Not impressed with the price though - over 3.
Very few customers but then it was a cold Monday evening in January.

1 Feb 2011 11:09

The Milners, Heswall

Closed, boarded up and notice on door to the effect that no items of any value are within the premises.

31 Jan 2011 15:26

Jolly Tar, Wardle

A strange shaped building, stood on its' own at the side of a busy A road and opposite a canal junction in a semi-rural setting. Look at the photo on its' website. (Anyone know the history of this building?)
I've been here a few times for lunch but the last time, a few months ago, the basic pub grub was poor.
Usually a couple of ales available including a local one. Large childrens play area outside. Large carpark. Apparently the pub is a well-known live music venue.

17 Jan 2011 15:50

The Stables Bar, Heswall

Closed again.

9 Jan 2011 11:20

Recession Bar, Birkenhead

I observed this bar for 30 seconds today from the safety of my car whilst stuck in a queue at the traffic lights.
A couple of middle aged smokers with grey sunken faces were blocking the doorway. An advert for very cheap draught beer was posted on a window. Inside was sparsely furnished with just a few tables and chairs. Around half a dozen patrons were enjoying the refreshments. Seems to be frequented by older drunks than other local bars.
This place just about sums up the bars of central Birken Vegas - grubby, tatty and edgy.

3 Jan 2011 15:30

Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake

Went here on Thursday night to see eighties band The Christians.
The place was uncomfortably crowded.
The band were very good but I was less than impressed with the drinks prices.
Standard lagers and just keg John Smiths available. The John Smiths was 3 a pint!
A complete rip off. More of a club than a pub.

18 Dec 2010 15:00

Chambers, Heswall

This is almost two different pubs depending upon when you visit.
I recently went in during a mid-week afternoon and the few customers were mainly old men taking advantage of cheap ale deals.
I've been in for a couple of pints on the last two Saturday nights and it is the usual bedlam - loud, young people some of whom are utterly obnoxious.
There has also been a duo or singer/guitarist playing or I should say backing tapes have been playing. Both acts were piss-poor.
On the plus side, there have been three ales available on each visit and they are much improved. The Thwaites 'Wainwright' was spot on.

13 Dec 2010 11:57

Oxton Bar and Terrace, Oxton Village

I had a look at this place last night and decided it was not for me. A pretentious cocktail bar in my opinion. Its' website pretty much tells you all you need to know.
I last went in here in the 1980's when it was the Talbot Inn.

11 Dec 2010 15:35

The Stables Bar, Heswall

Reopened after 1 month closure, same owners and staff. It is now for sale. Apparently no takers yet so has reopened to try to capture some business leading up to Christmas.

11 Dec 2010 14:54

Hogshead, Liverpool

Now called The William Gladstone.
Looks exactly the same inside though.

11 Dec 2010 14:48

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Had a pork pie and a pint of Copper Dragon 'Golden Pippin' here today. Both excellent.
7 other ales and two ciders available.
Pretty empty apart from a few Everton supporters who apparently meet here before each home game.
The only disappointment was that they don't serve the cheese selection on a Saturday.

11 Dec 2010 14:46

Bar Hannah, Liverpool

I met some friends in here last night prior to going to the Philharmonic Hall.
Cains bitter was available and one pal confirmed it was ok. I noticed that there was a pump that I didn't recognise. Upon enquiring I was told that it was Blue Moon, an American Wheat Beer. However as it was 4 a pint I declined.
I had a pint of Peroni.
The pub was less than half full at 7:30 but when we walked past at 10:15 it was crowded.
As stated on a previous visit, a decent place to meet but not somewhere to stay all evening.

8 Dec 2010 09:58

Bar Vin, Horsham

Shame they no longer have a local ale.
This was a meeting place after work when I occasionaly visited a large insurance company in the town.

6 Dec 2010 15:16

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge

This pub featured in the national press today. Apparently a couple and five staff were trapped in the pub for eight days due to the recent deep snow. The pub is 1,325ft (404m) above sea level.

5 Dec 2010 16:22

The Carlton Hotel, Birkenhead

Closed and boarded up.

5 Dec 2010 15:48

The Dock Hotel, Birkenhead

Closed and 'for sale'.

5 Dec 2010 15:47

Olde Barbridge Inn, Barbridge

A favourite of mine for lunch on a sunny summers day.
A table overlooking the canal (either inside or out) provides good entertainment.
Unfortunately I've given up on the ales of a lunch time as I kept getting a warm pint.
I don't think they shift a great deal during the day.

1 Dec 2010 11:20

Bickerton Poacher, Bulkeley

I have only been out of season after walking in the nearby hills and so have not experienced the chaos decribed below.
I found the ale and food good.

1 Dec 2010 11:16

The Riverside Inn, Cressage

A large striking, white building on a wonderful position high above a bend on the River Severn.
Mainly geared up for food and accomodation but usually has an ale available.
I have visited this pub many times over the years and enjoyed a pint in the rear beer garden after a days fishing. However, the management now charge far more than other local landowners for a days fishing and the river banks have been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that they are now dangerous.
Come on management spend some money on the facilities and I and my friends will return.

1 Dec 2010 11:12

La Bodega, Hoylake

It would seem that wherever I have mentioned a pubs own website in a review, that review has been deleted.
How petty.
What a shame BITE admin cannot bring to bear such diligence to deal with the obscene, libellous and inane comments which litter this site.

1 Dec 2010 11:01

The Anchor Inn, Irby

The Anchor Inn has changed from a Mitchells & Butlers 'Ember Inn' to a Mitchells & Butlers 'Village Pub & Kitchen'.
Have a look at the to see their long list of 'brands and formats'.
In effect it is now a restaurant that also sells ale. Much more expensive than it was.
I walked in recently and straight out again. Every table was set for meals and nobody was drinking at the bar.
I may try it again next summer when I can take a pint outside to the beer garden.

23 Nov 2010 16:36

The Stables Bar, Heswall


7 Nov 2010 17:31

Tides, Hoylake

My comments from last year stating that this bar was fined for allowing underage drinking have been deleted - wonder why?

1 Nov 2010 09:46

Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake

My comments from last year have been deleted.
Can't think what the management were upset about so I'll repeat them.

Formerly a fire station, then a bar (The Firehouse), now a bar and music venue (Jack Rabbit Slims).
Sells Euro-fiz, one keg bitter, bottled lager, shots and wine.
Customers are mainly aged 30-50 perhaps due to nature of the live acts which perform here each weekend.
There is an entry charge on weekend nights.

1 Nov 2010 09:41

Rubber Soul, Liverpool

Was open when I passed today.

25 Oct 2010 18:29

Edward's Bar, Liverpool

Now 'Smokie Mo's' - still crap.

25 Oct 2010 18:22

Shippons, Irby

Went here last night to see a musical duo. The place was crowded.
This is a Thwaites pub so I had a pint of Wainwright which was nice. However, upon asking for a second I was told they'd run out. This was poor considering it was 9:30 on a Saturday night.
I then had a pint of Original followed by a pint of seasonal ale called Autumn or something similar. Both were fine.

24 Oct 2010 16:40

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

I met a mate in here at 7:30 last night prior to going to the Birkenhead Beer Festival at Pacific Road Arts Centre.
The pub was crowded with punters of all ages and was lively and noisy.
There appeared to be a small Wetherspoons beer festival taking place, however most of the brews were 'sold out' or 'coming soon'.
I was forced to have a pint of Greene King Abbot Ale. I was pleasantly surprised, it was a well presented, nice pint.
Nice to see that this pub is thriving.

23 Oct 2010 16:45

The Melville, Stretford

This pub was on tonights BBC TV news following a bomb made of fireworks strapped together being thrown into the building. The resulting explosions lasted for several minutes apparently.
No mention of the beer though!

21 Oct 2010 22:36

Rake, Little Stanney

I had a look at this place recently with a view to having lunch but decided against going in due to it being a 'Hungry Horse'.

18 Oct 2010 11:39

Firemans Arms, Birkenhead

Seemed to be open when I passed last night.

14 Oct 2010 22:29

Jolly Tar, Wardle

MrsBun, I can only assume you tried this pub on a weekday.
The website now states that new opening hours are in force:-
Monday-Thursday 5pm to midnight
Friday, Saturday, Sunday noon to 1am.

13 Oct 2010 14:55

The Headless Woman, Duddon

I've passed this pub dozens of times over the years as I travel from Wirral out into Cheshire but never been in it. The pub sign is always a talking point and I recently noticed that there is now a life-size wooden figure of a headless woman, with head under arm, outside the pub! A nice touch.
The figure looks like it has been carved with a chainsaw.
Perhaps someone who has actually stopped here can write a review.

13 Oct 2010 12:12

Farmers Arms, Nantwich

I visited this pub last Saturday afternoon for the first time in 18 months.
As mentioned previously it is much more of a restaurant than a pub.
Every table was set for diners. Formal, leather bound menus were stacked near the door. Despite around 20 other people being in the pub I was the only one who actually went to the bar and bought a drink. All the others were diners who ordered the occasional drink via the waiters.
I'd be interested to learn if this place actually becomes more of a pub at night.
I decided to join the diners, sat down with my pint of Woodland 'Oak Beauty' and ordered a hot beef and onion baguette and chips. Both the ale and the food was very nice, especially the homemade chips.
The service was fine and although the prices were a bit high it is to be expected in this area.

13 Oct 2010 12:06

John Laird, Birkenhead

I recently had a pint of a summer ale from the George Wright Brewery (can't remember the name of the brew) and it was perfectly acceptable and well priced.
The barmaid was friendly. However, it was late on a Saturday night and there were just a handful of old boozers in there. I popped in as I had time to kill before my last bus home. Not a place I would go out of my way to visit.

13 Oct 2010 11:51

The River View, Birkenhead

I had a quick pint of Jennings Cumberland Ale in here a couple of weeks ago prior to going to a concert at Pacific Road Arts Centre. The pint was fine and one other ale was available.
What a change in this pub. When it was the Worsley Arms I used to avaoid it due to the loud music blaring out and shell-suited scallies inside.
Now the varied clientelle seem much more relaxed and the music is unobtrusive. I was greeted with a cheery smile from the barmaid and a 'hello' from the manager. It didn't seem like a Birkenhead pub at all!
I'm told they even have a poetry evening here once a month.
Well worth a visit if you are passing.

13 Oct 2010 11:44

The Harvest Mouse, Heswall

Closed for a refurbishment.

16 Sep 2010 17:27

The Milners, Heswall

I've just read in the local paper that the landlord of the Milners, 24 year old David Earnshaw, has been banned from running the pub by Wirral Borough Council following a catalogue of public nuisance and anti-social behaviour incidents. Nice one David, you've only been there six months!
Police said that the Milners caused them more problems than the rest of the town put together.
However, the pub is still owned by David's mother.
Under the new licence the new manager must be a level two national certificate holder, the pub must stop serving at 11pm and be closed by 11:30pm, no 18th birthday parties are allowed and two doormen must be on the doors on Friday and Saturday nights.

16 Sep 2010 10:30

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Went in here this afternoon. The first time for months. Quite a group of customers inside which surprised me. However I then realised that they were all waiting for the Birmingham vs Liverpool game to start! The landlord had provided sandwiches for the punters - a nice touch. I had a very acceptable pint of Black Sheep Bitter and sat outside in lovely sunshine. I noticed that one of the punters was Dietmar Hamann.

12 Sep 2010 18:52

The Devon Doorway, Heswall

Went past today and noticed that the roof was being re-thatched. Nice to see.

12 Sep 2010 18:44

The Ridger, Wirral

pompoustyskie - my instincts regarding the Ridger were correct then!

11 Sep 2010 18:50

The Anchor Inn, Irby

Closed for refurbishment.

7 Sep 2010 18:12

Terrace C, Heswall

Tried this place for the first time in a year. Only one draught available - Peroni - so I had a pint. The barman said, "That's 3:45 sir."
You've got to be joking, this is Heswall not London!

6 Sep 2010 20:23

The Milners, Heswall

Having been turned away from Barcode on Saturday night due to a 'private party', I thought I'd try the Milners as I haven't been since it was refrurbished and renamed six months ago. However I was turned away due to a 'private party'.
I think it will be some time before I bother again.

6 Sep 2010 12:19

Barcode, Heswall

Went here on Saturday night but was turned away due to a 'private party'.

6 Sep 2010 12:15

Sophie's Bar, Birkenhead

Closed and boarded up.

13 Aug 2010 20:23

The Old Forge, Inverie

This pub appears in the national press today due to it being the remotest pub in mainland Britain and because it is for sale. Offers above 790k are invited.

12 Aug 2010 10:27

Welkin, Liverpool

The wife and I had lunch here today. It was very busy but that is hardly an excuse for failing to provide the cheddar cheese on my wife's Ploughmans Lunch! This was rectified after a five minute wait. I had ham, egg and chips which was ok as was the accompanying pint of Phoenix 'Double Gold'.
This is a great place to people watch. Noisy families, shoppers, red-faced old men and the odd baddie.
One unkempt bloke walked through the pub twice whilst looking sideways at handbags and shopping. A young family left and a down and out immediately pounced on the un-eaten food and scurried out of the pub!
A great place for entertainment!

2 Aug 2010 15:45

The Freshfield Hotel, Formby

Todays Liverpool Echo reports that a man died following a 'disturbance' at this pub last weekend.

29 Jul 2010 16:08

The Blue Anchor Inn, Aintree

Just read in the local paper that this pub was fire-bombed again on Friday night.

18 Jul 2010 20:18

The Tardy Gate, Lostock Hall

BBC news reported that the cellar flooded last night when Lostock Hall suffered heavy rain.

15 Jul 2010 18:39

Hooton Hotel, Hooton

I've never been here. An advert in this weeks local paper says that The Hooton has new management and will be re-opening soon.
Anyone care to post a review.

7 Jul 2010 15:39

The White Lion Inn, West Kirby

I met a mate here this afternoon and this time we sat inside this small pub. There were a few mainly elderly customers. A pleasant place for a chat. The quiet background music wasn't intrusive.
I enjoyed four pints of Brimstage 'Trappers Hat' and my mate had four pints of St Austell 'Tribute'. I will return.

6 Jul 2010 22:30

Cabbage Hall, Anfield

Reported to have suffered an arson attack last night. Badly damaged apparently.

5 Jul 2010 12:45

The Sandbrook, Moreton

A dreadful 1960's estate pub.

27 Jun 2010 13:47

Fall Well, Liverpool

I've only ever used this bar as a meeting place.
It always seems to have dirty tables covered in glasses.
Can't imagine spending a whole evening in here.

27 Jun 2010 12:31

The White Lion Inn, West Kirby

I had a very acceptable pint of Young's Bitter here this afternoon. The other ale available was Black Sheep.
I sat in the rear beer garden (which is about five times the size of the pub) in lovely sunshine and enjoyed my drink.

19 Jun 2010 19:51

The Laburnum Inn, Hackney

This pub was in the national press today. It was evacuated due to a cement lorry perched precariously on a crumbling road above the pub.

18 Jun 2010 12:47

The Plough Inn, Morton

Just read in the local paper that Tesco have submitted plans to demolish the Plough and build a Tesco Express.

17 Jun 2010 22:04

The Hawk and Buckle, Etwall

This pub is in the national press today after an abandoned new born baby was found outside.
No proper review of this pub for six years......anyone care to provide one?

10 Jun 2010 10:14

Chambers, Heswall

Tried the Youngs Bitter instead of the Bombardier this weekend (see previous comments). However, the Youngs was warm!
Time to try the Jug and Dee View, especially with the World Cup looming and the sort of drinkers that will attract to the Ravenscroft.

31 May 2010 15:11

The Magazine Hotel, Wallasey

Just read in local paper that this pub is closed following a fire last month.

20 May 2010 22:37

Chambers, Heswall

The Bombardier has been warm on my last three weekend visits.
As this is often the only ale available I and my friends may have to give the place a miss in future.
Sort it out management.

17 May 2010 09:35

Ned Kellys, Liverpool

The only occasions I visit this street corner, city centre pub is at the end of a night out in Liverpool when I have some time to kill before catching my bus home. It is handily placed for numerous buses.
No real ale in here just keg and Eurofiz. It reflects the clientelle - rough and ready. Karaoke on a Saturday night. Best avoided.

14 May 2010 14:31

Hamiltons, Birkenhead


5 May 2010 11:51

The Yacht Inn, Woodbank

Now a Hungry Horse 'family pub'.

2 May 2010 20:21

The Cherry Orchard, Arrowe Park

A notice on the wall of this pub says that it is a freehouse. If so the beer selection was uninspiring. I can remember the row in the 1990's about this pub being built on the edge of a large public park. It was built to look like a country style pub but not many country pubs have a kids 'play room'! It caters for families with children, golfers and funeral parties (due to Landican Cemetary being opposite). Large car park and also a beer garden.
Not a place for drinkers.

26 Apr 2010 16:11

The Slak, Heswall

The Heswall Bar & Courtyard closed and then was reopened and renamed The Milners. See entry for The Milners.

25 Apr 2010 21:36

Brewery Inn, Telford

Another pub I occasionaly visit for the fishing. The Brewery Inn is at Coalport, downstream of Ironbridge and on the opposite side and slightly upstream of the Woodbridge Inn. Decent car park, lovely beer garden overlooking the river. Cask ales and food available.
I sometimes wish I lived in Shropshire........

20 Apr 2010 11:29

The Woodbridge Inn, Telford

A striking black and white building overlooking the River Severn at Coalport.
Reached from the Ironbridge side of the river via a single lane, converted railway bridge. Large car park. Cask ales and food available. Lovely terraced gardens leading down to the river.
A favourite of mine for the fishing.

20 Apr 2010 11:20

The Old Swan, Montford Bridge

Another riverside, Shropshire pub that I travel to for the fishing. Camping, caravanning and fishing available onsite.
Cask ales and food served in a small, old country pub.

19 Apr 2010 11:43

The Milners, Heswall

Re-opened and re-named 'The Milners' presumably because it is in Milner Road. Haven't been in yet.

15 Apr 2010 12:02

The Blue Anchor Inn, Aintree

I was unable to use this pub, as planned, prior to Saturdays Grand National due to somebody fire-bombing it a couple of days earlier.
What a sad reflection on the city of Liverpool.
I hope it reopens soon.

12 Apr 2010 11:14

Gusto Restaurant and Bar, Heswall

I went in here just once, in 2009.
I havent eaten here but dont make the same mistake as me and go in just for a drink.
There was no draught beer available so I asked for 2 bottles of Heineken. The cost 6:20 !!
Must be the most expensive bar in Wirral.

9 Apr 2010 23:00

The Railway, Meols

Like its' sister pub, the Arrowe Park Hotel, the Railway is now a 'Hungry Horse'.

8 Apr 2010 14:33

All Bar One, Liverpool

A good meeting place as it is very near James Street Station. However not a place to linger. Always busy at night. Eurofizz and keg beer for the masses.

8 Apr 2010 13:04

Lord Raglan Hotel, Birkenhead

I haven't been in this pub but it looks to be an old-fashioned street corner town pub. Just a handful of customers in there when I looked in at the weekend. I imagine that the heyday of this boozer was when Cammel Lairds shipyard, opposite, was open.
It has an impressive original feature on the outside wall, a Birkenhead Brewery sign.

7 Apr 2010 14:59

The Ridger, Wirral

I haven't been to this pub since it opened in the 1970's. The only thing I remember about it is that it had raised seating areas.
I passed it this week and noticed that paint was peeling from the exterior and the pub sign was so bleached and weather-beaten that I could no longer make out the ploughing scene which used to be depicted. (a ridger is a type of plough)
As this pub is at least a mile from any other it will never be on one of my pub crawls and even if it were, it would need smartening up before I might be tempted in.

3 Apr 2010 13:46

Calveley Arms, Handley

A lovely 17th century coaching house on what was the Birkenhead to London road. However the A41 now bypasses the village of Handley leaving it a quiet backwater. This pub is several miles from any other but is well worth seeking out. Heavily leans towards food but usually provides a couple of ales.

1 Apr 2010 13:05

Durham Heifer, Broxton

Since I nominated this pub for inclusion on BITE it has closed and reopened as 'The Olive Grove'. I think it is possibly now just a restaurant.
Can anyone confirm?

30 Mar 2010 15:20

The Egerton Arms, Broxton

A striking black and white pub on a major crossroads. It does lots of passing trade due to position at junction of two main roads.
Seems to make most of its money from meals. I've only had lunch here once and it was ok. Standard drinks selection with one real ale.

30 Mar 2010 14:59

The Acorn Hotel, Bebington

A Sizzling Pub Co. pub. That means cheap food and a few drinks offers.
Nothing much to recommend it.

30 Mar 2010 14:53

The Milners, Heswall


28 Mar 2010 11:27

The Dell, Prenton

A 1960's or 70's estate pub.
Nothing to recommend it.
Landlord fined 1,400 back in September 2009 for showing Sky without subscribing.

27 Mar 2010 15:59

The Thatch, Faddiley

Just discovered that this is a duplicate entry.
See Thatch Inn, Faddiley where you will find reviews.

24 Mar 2010 21:44

The Rising Sun, Tarporley

Visited Tarporley and this pub for the first time on 07/11/09 with wife and daughter. We had lunch. I had 'brunch', wife had cheese platter can't remember what daughter had. They had soft drinks, I had Robinsons 'Dizzy Blonde'. We all agreed the food and drink were fine. This is an old, village pub. Seemed to be food oriented but there were small areas where drinkers could sit.
The clientelle seemed to be well-heeled middle aged and pensioners some of whom spoke loudly of their planned winter holidays. The customers probably simply reflected the local residents. Dig out your cravat and visit!

24 Mar 2010 16:36

Jug and Bottle, Heswall

This seems to be a recent duplicate entry.

See Jug & Bottle, Heswell.

22 Mar 2010 22:16

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

The third and final pub on my brief visit to Liverpool.
The layout of this pub has been perfectly described by previous reviewers.
The two bar ladies were efficient, chatty and pleasant. Two guest beers available. I had Cumberland which was very good.
An older clientelle at this pub compared to other nearby bars.

21 Mar 2010 16:58

Bar Hannah, Liverpool

A lively, spacious, modern bar. Plenty of tables and seats. A good customer age range. Two large screens showing France vs England rugby match when I was there last night. Mostly Eurofiz for sale and Cain's was the only bitter available.
Not a place I would go out of my way to visit but a good venue to meet at prior to moving on.

21 Mar 2010 16:54

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

I like everything about this pub except the prices.
2 pints of Erdinger, 1 pint of Okell's Bitter and 1 pint of guest beer - 12:60.
I noticed one of my favourite beers was on draught, Sierra Nevada, I've previously only had it in bottles from Tesco. I thought I'd better ask how much it was. 5 a pint was the answer! They are taking the piss!

21 Mar 2010 16:50

Barcode, Heswall

A small bar with an even smaller bar downstairs.
Keg Tetleys, San Miguel and another lager (name escapes me). Small selection of wines and spirits. Does food during the day.
Sometimes has a singer downstairs on a Saturday night.
Barcode has only recently opened. Over the last few years this place has been a bar (Winespeak Too), a bar (Corner House) and a delicatessence.
I think the problem with this place is its' small size. I imagine that to make money it would need to be crowded every night and of course it isn't.
Good luck to the latest owners.

19 Mar 2010 15:25

Hogshead, Liverpool

A lively bog standard city centre bar. Don't expect anything special in the way of beer. I tend to use this as a meeting place before moving on.
A word of warning, a friend of mine had his coat stolen from here after he left it on the back of a chair. This in no way reflects on the bar but more on the type of person you get trawling large city pubs.

19 Mar 2010 15:13

The Stanney Oaks, Little Stanney

A modern 'Harvester' complete with shiny plastic sign and special offer banners. Receives a lot of business from families visiting the nearby Cheshire Oaks shopping complex. You have been warned!

17 Mar 2010 16:28

The Village Inn, Stockbridge Village

I've never been to this pub but it appeared in the Liverpool Daily Post today as a result of Police recently closing the pub and arresting the manager, her partner and son. It would appear that the removal of the manager and installation of CCTV is a condition of it reopening.

16 Mar 2010 16:26

Tower Hotel, Liscard

An awful looking 1960s or possibly 1970's building at the edge of an equally bad shopping centre. Paint peeling off and a generally drab appearance.
Not worth pushing your way in past the group of smokers who continually block the entrance. They only sell fizzy beer and the clientelle leave much to be desired.

15 Mar 2010 11:15

Shippons, Irby

Finally got to try this pub and it was a pleasant experience. A comfortable environment where I had a very acceptable pint of Wainwright ale, a light coloured 4.1 ABV drink. Service from the lady behind the bar was prompt and with a smile and my pint was topped up without me asking. Not many customers but then it was a mid-week afternoon. The ten or so elderly patrons were all there for the food.

11 Mar 2010 17:52

The Kings Arms, Bebington

Reopens this week as a Hungry Horse.

5 Mar 2010 19:35

Pollards Inn, Willaston

A pleasant pub in a small mid-Wirral village. Created from farm buildings around 30 years ago. Food orientated but a couple of decent ales available.
Shows obscure foreign footy channels at weekends.

2 Mar 2010 12:12

Recession Bar, Birkenhead

This bar is in the centre of Birkenhead and has had many names over the years.
A shabby establishment with even shabbier clientelle.
It sells Eurofizz and keg beer to the great unwashed.

26 Feb 2010 18:30

Shenanigans, Liverpool

An 'Oirish' pub which I used to frequent years ago when I worked in the city centre. I recently went in there again. It hadn't changed much. All sorts of implements hanging from the ceiling and old adverts on the walls. Clientelle were a bit rough and ready.
No real ale but decent Guinness.

22 Feb 2010 17:23

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

This pub appeared on BBC TV this evening due to the long-standing owner selling up.

15 Feb 2010 18:57

Arrowe Park Hotel, Woodchurch

A sign outside says that it is to re-open on 11th March 2010 as a 'Hungry Horse'.

6 Feb 2010 14:57

The Four In Hand, Didsbury

This pub was featured in the national press today due to someone abandoning a military tank in the car park!

5 Feb 2010 15:01

Arrowe Park Hotel, Woodchurch

As I passed today I noticed that it was closed and security fencing had been erected around the perimeter.

31 Jan 2010 15:37

Seven Stiles, Upton

Closed again.

23 Jan 2010 17:20

The Lobster, Croxteth

infinityxtx & Jacobs - I have been in this pub.....once.
I was taken here by a colleague who wanted to show me what a dreadful place Croxteth is. Fortunately he has moved to a much better area and so no longer has to visit this place.
The pub itself served eurofiz and keg beer and the locals were far from welcoming.
As for the shooting outside, this was reported by the Liverpool Daily Post and Liverpool Echo.
And as for 'all he does is leave negative reviews', I have reviewed over 100 pubs and made few negative comments. Read them.
Strange that you should only review this pub!

26 Dec 2009 14:08

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Spent most of last Friday afternoon in the back room here with a bunch of mates where we enjoyed a three course Christmas meal which I washed down with 6 pints of Okell's Bitter. The whole visit was excellent.

14 Dec 2009 13:27

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

heswallnewbie if you mean the large, bald bloke then you are correct that is Mick the manager. Hes an arsehole with customer service skills from the 1970s. The sad thing is that he thinks hes funny and popular.
Hes alienated dozens of people over the years with the result that the Pye is now a quiet, old mans pub. As Ive said before, the pub could be so much better. Ive been hoping for years that the brewery would get rid of him. If only they would send in a mystery shopper one night when Mick has been on the sangria and then act on their findings.
Oh well.maybe one day.

14 Dec 2009 11:34

The Captain Cook, Barking

Now called the Victoria and in the national press today as a result of a murder trial.

'Mr Leahy was stabbed through the heart on 13 April in the Victoria pub on Axe Street, Barking, and died at the scene.
He was attacked with such force that the knife was still embedded in his body when an ambulance crew arrived.
Mr Leahy also suffered three stab wounds to his back, caused by what was believed to be a bayonet.'

Sounds a nice place!

27 Nov 2009 15:50

The Milners, Heswall

Unfortunately this pub is in a downward spiral. The original idea of an upmarket pub/eaterie I felt was a good one for the area. However, the high prices seem to have scared customers away plus its' out of the way location means that it is not visible to the huge number of motorists who pass through Heswall.
They reduced the John Smiths and one lager to 2 a pint a few months ago but invariably they are not available!
Perhaps the owners should simply have opened a restaurant instead of a pub as restaurants seem to thrive in Heswall.
Can't see it staying open much longer.

20 Nov 2009 14:59

Shippons, Irby

I've never been to this pub until last night when I found it closed!
Apparently somebody new has taken it on and is refurbishing it.

8 Nov 2009 21:15

Irby Mill, Greasby

Currently closed for a refurbishment. Apparently there is a new lease holder.

8 Nov 2009 21:13

Windmill Inn, Weald

Appears in todays national press for refusing to allow a tray of Remembrance Day poppies to be left on the bar.

30 Oct 2009 12:49

The Bridgewater, Darwen

PollyP - strange that you should only review 4 pubs, all on 20th October and that they should be all Smith & Jones pubs in diverse parts of North West England.
I have no problem with brewer/pub employees reviewing pubs so long as they identify themselves as such.
We are not all as stupid as you.......

27 Oct 2009 11:48

The Quayside, Northwich

PollyP - strange that you should only review 4 pubs, all on 20th October and that they should be all Smith & Jones pubs in diverse parts of North West England.
I have no problem with brewer/pub employees reviewing pubs so long as they identify themselves as such.
We are not all as stupid as you.......

27 Oct 2009 11:48

Chambers, Heswall

PollyP - strange that you should only review 4 pubs, all on 20th October and that they should be all Smith & Jones pubs in diverse parts of North West England.
I have no problem with brewer/pub employees reviewing pubs so long as they identify themselves as such.
We are not all as stupid as you.......

27 Oct 2009 11:46

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

'forgone'? I hope you mean undergone!

21 Oct 2009 09:34

Nags Head, Farndon


16 Oct 2009 10:48

Hotel California, Birkenhead

Now called Revolver.
Still a music venue.
Never been though.

14 Oct 2009 22:13

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

5 cask ales available this afternoon. Another enjoyable visit.

5 Oct 2009 15:42

The Queens Head, Birkenhead

Never been in here but noticed a report in the local paper this week stating that the manager was fined 1,015 for showing Sky tv without being licenced.

2 Oct 2009 09:39

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

Fined 2008, this week, for showing Sky TV without paying the fee.

1 Oct 2009 22:00

Terrace C, Heswall

Went in for the first time in months and there seems to have been a few changes.
The surly doormen have gone, the staff have changed and two draught beers have appeared - Peroni and Grolsh.
Still expensive though!

28 Sep 2009 11:56

Chambers, Heswall

If you are prepared to put up with the problems with this pub then they are currently selling guest ales for 1:75 a pint. Last night I had Jennings Cumberland Ale and it was pretty good.

13 Sep 2009 18:44

The Worlds End, Bristol

A fatal stabbing occurred here last night according to BBC report.

12 Sep 2009 19:30

The Cottage Loaf, Thurstaston

Sat outside this afternoon after a long walk. Had a very acceptable pint of St. Edmunds golden ale.

4 Sep 2009 16:29

Black Lion, Little Sutton

Demolished and replaced by retirement flats.

2 Sep 2009 22:18

The Swan Inn, Bignall End

Don't know anything about this pub but picked up a flyer today advertising The Swan Inn 4th Annual Beer Festival 27th - 31st August 2009.

'At least 20 beers on at all times plus ciders and perry's.'

7 Aug 2009 16:50

The Bhurtpore Inn, Aston

After reading reports on BITE I visited here today instead of the Dusty Miller.
I was very impressed! The barman was friendly and knowledgeable and when I asked for a light ale he recommended Coastal 'Second Fiddle' which was excellent. I also had a Hereford 21-day-aged beef, beefburger with chips, salad and coleslaw.
There must have been 7 or 8 ales on the chalkboard.
All in all a wonderful pub.

7 Aug 2009 15:34

The Old Trooper, Christleton

It's been a while since I went for a meal and a pint here but it obviously wasn't anything spectacular or awful because I can remember little about it!

6 Aug 2009 11:37

Burleydam, Childer Thornton

Something of a creche that also sells beer.

6 Aug 2009 11:31

The Milners, Heswall

Founddrunkinyourgarden, the management must be listening to you!
John Smiths and Carling now 2 a pint and bouncers no longer employed.

3 Aug 2009 10:40

Red Cat, Greasby

15 years ago this was an 'in' place but no longer.
A standard Greene King pub with all that that entails.

30 Jul 2009 20:42

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

I went in here last night with a bunch of mates. A lively pub but being just outside of the touristy city centre there were no young drinkers.
5 real ales available. I had a couple of pints of Wirral's Betwixt Brewing Co. 'Sunlight', a light summer ale. It was very nice.
I'll visit again.

26 Jul 2009 12:39

Irby Mill, Greasby

'Lease For Sale' sign now nailed to outside.

21 Jul 2009 12:05

Chambers, Heswall

Visited at 10:30 last night. Packed with kids.
Of the three hand pumps, two had the clips turned round so I asked for a pint of the only available one, Marstons Pedigree, only to be told by the serving boy that "We've run out of that."
I asked why the clip wasn't therefore turned round and received a blank stare.
I suppose that while it is full of kids drinking lager, pitchers, cider and shots the manager doesn't care about the ale. However, he should at least train the staff in the basics.

19 Jul 2009 15:38

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

Visited last night. Only half full but still noisy due to shrieking hooray henriettas.
Only one ale available but it was a good one - 'Trappers Hat' from the local Brimstage Brewery.

19 Jul 2009 15:32

The Prince Arthur, Walton

From the Liverpool Echo 06/07/09:-

FIREFIGHTERS tackling a blaze at a city pub stumbled across a suspected cannabis factory.

Arsonists are thought to have poured petrol on the stairs at the Prince Arthur, in Rice Lane, Walton, before setting it alight.

Three crews from Longmoor Lane Fire Station tackled the blaze which broke out at around 4.20am on Sunday.

It is the third arson attack on the pub since September and the thirteenth pub belonging to businessman Ian Caine and his family to be targeted by arsonists since the start of June.

A feeding system, used to cultivate cannabis, and a number of plants were found by firefighters on the second floor.

The fire was contained to the ground floor after a steel door at the top of the stairs stopped it from spreading.

Most of the Grade II-listed buildings Victorian features are believed to have been saved.

6 Jul 2009 16:30

The Punch Bowl Hotel, Hoylake

I've never been in this pub but have just read this in the local paper. Apparently a gangland feud has been taking place in Liverpool and seems to have spilled over onto the Wirral. The homes of 'businessmen' Terry Riley and John Ball have been shot at, their pubs and businesses fire bombed:-

From the Wirral News

Jun 30 2009 By Lorna Hughes
A 17-year-old from Huyton has been released on bail after being arrested this morning (Tuesday) on suspicion of arson.
His arrest followed a fire at the Punch Bowl pub in Market Street, Hoylake, on Sunday and a series of arson incidents at pubs across Merseyside in recent weeks.
Fires were also started at The Shippperies pub and Durning Arms in Edge Hill, Merseypride in Anfield, The West Derby in West Derby, The Richmond in Liverpool city centre, The Oak Tree and The Swan in Huyton, Roughwood Hotel in Kirkby and Green Pepper Club, Broadway.
Firefighters were called to the Punch Bowl at around 1.15am on Sunday following reports of a fire inside.
The Market Street pub was closed at the time and no-one was hurt during the incident. It is believed that the fire was started by accelerant being poured through a broken window and set alight.

If it re-opens perhaps someone can put up a review.

3 Jul 2009 13:35

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

A dreadful place. I went in here at 10:40pm on a Friday night recently and there were 3 customers. Two were playing pool and one drunk was balancing on a bar stool. A keg bitter and a couple of lagers were on offer. Don't think I'll bother again especially as the Stork is just a few hundred yards away.

2 Jul 2009 16:00

Ship Inn, Hoylake

The best (only?) real ale pub in Hoylake.
Can get very crowded at weekends.
Nice beer garden.
Well worth a visit.

2 Jul 2009 11:03

The Twelfth Man, Greasby

A large Spirit Group 'Two for One' pub. Has a Premier Inn next door with meal deals for its' customers.
Food orientated.
Standard drinks plus Courage 'Directors' and Morland 'Old Speckled Hen'.
Outdoor seating and large car park.
I don't know how this pub came by its' name but it is near Upton Cricket Club.

1 Jul 2009 19:38

Arrowe Park Hotel, Woodchurch

A large pub, one of the 'three sisters' on Wirral. The others being The Pensby Hotel and The Railway.

The Arrowe Park is a Greene King pub on a busy road junction. Serves GK standard food and drinks.
Large car park. Four TV's, fruit machine, outside seating and outside smoking shelter. Upstairs function room.
This pub has had a chequered history but seems to be quiet lately.

1 Jul 2009 19:28

The Stirrup, Birkenhead

This is a Sizzling Pub Co. pub.
It looks like a 1960's building. Various tables and benches outside.
No real ale just standard drinks and reasonably priced corporate food.
I went in here for the first time recently. Tracksuited youths were outside smoking and swilling Stella. When I walked inside the few customers all stared at me. "You aint from around these parts are you stranger?" came to mind!
Not somewhere I'll be going again.

1 Jul 2009 16:54

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Went in here last Saturday afternoon. I was quite surprised to find 20 approx customers. Most seemed to be watching the Lions vs South Africa.
I had a pint of Fuller's 'London Pride' which was fine.
One other handpull available.

29 Jun 2009 18:07

Dee View Inn, Heswall

I went in here last Saturday afternoon. Only a handful of customers.
I had a pint of Copper Dragon 'Golden Pippin' and a pint of Brimstage 'Trapper's Hat'. Both of which were excellent.
There were 4 other handpull ales available.

29 Jun 2009 18:04

The Stables Bar, Heswall

A small, modern wine/bottle bar which opened in 2008. No draught beer.
Usual bottled beers and occasionally an unusual one like Viru and Desperados.
Wine and shots also available. Pricey.
Friendly manager and staff.
No food, TVs, dart board, fruit or cigarette machines or car park.
Sometimes has a duo, singer or karaoke.

Only open in the evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Closes 11pm Thursday and 1am Friday and Saturday night.
Occasionally closed to the public due to a private party.
Because of the late licence it often only fills up after all the usual Heswall pubs have closed.

This bar cant quite decide what it wants to be. First it was over 25s now it seems to let anyone in which occasionally leads to trouble from drunken chavs.
Has a doorman but he simply seems to make friends with the idiots.

26 Jun 2009 15:16

The Cottage Loaf, Thurstaston

A 1920's country pub at the side of one of Wirral's major roads and adjacent to a very popular beauty spot. Gets lots of passing trade.
Now run by Greene King.
Has lots of tables outside and a sizeable car park.
More of an eating place rather than a drinking pub.

25 Jun 2009 16:44

Rat and Parrot, Liverpool

Awful, noisy, scallies bar.

23 Jun 2009 14:06

Queens, Liverpool

Nothing much to recommend this city centre pub when Dr Duncans is close by.

23 Jun 2009 14:05

The Poste House, Liverpool

Worth a visit as it a good example of what many back street pubs must have been like years ago.
Only been in here a few times over the years.
I remember once finding myself sat next to Alan Bleasdale and some of his arty friends.

23 Jun 2009 14:03

New Penny Farthing, Liverpool

A dreadful 1960's pub built into the side of a shopping precinct and multi-story carpark. Next to the Royal Court Theatre.
Standard drinks selection.
Drunks lying on the pavement outside last time I walked by a few weeks ago.
Give it a miss.

23 Jun 2009 13:59

Cross Keys, Liverpool

Used to be a complete dive up until a few years ago.
Since being refurbished it is a comfortable, upmarket pub.
Good selection of drinks including a couple of ales.
Beware the steep steps when going to the gents!

23 Jun 2009 13:50

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

Too far out of the city centre for me.
I've only been here twice whilst on the 'brewery tour' as it is the start and finish point for the tour.
A small pub which simply acts as a showcase for Cains products.
Worth going on the tour though.

23 Jun 2009 13:46

The Liverpool, Liverpool

This place is rough and ready!
I've only ever been in here of an evening before I caught a train at the station next door.
Often has a singer or karaoke at weekends.
Mainly older clientelle, some of whom like to sing!
Standard drinks selection. Don't remember any real ale.

23 Jun 2009 13:41

The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool

Thrives on office staff during the day.
Been in a few times on a Friday night when there was live music.
From what I can remember the drinks selection was pretty uninspiring.

23 Jun 2009 13:36

The Cornmarket, Liverpool

I've been to this pub many times over the years when I worked in Liverpool city centre. Also been here for a group meal one evening.
As Carlurmston says, it has character.
Used mostly by local office staff.
Because the entrance is down a side alley it is easy to overlook.
Standard drinks selection. Glad to hear it has a couple of real ales, I'm sure it never used to.
Probably only worth a visit if you have some local business to take care of.

23 Jun 2009 13:33

The Durning Arms Hotel, Liverpool

Fire bombed last week along with three other Liverpool pubs.
Local press says it is some sort of gangland dispute.

21 Jun 2009 22:25

The Travellers Rest, Bebington

Went in here at lunchtime today. Only about a dozen customers but all were having sandwiches or meals. I had roast chicken sandwich and a pint of Flowers IPA at a reasonable price. I thought the ale was a bit warm but apart from that the visit was a pleasant experience. 5 ales were available.
I've never been in this pub before but was aware of its' reputation for good ale. If I'm ever passing again I'll make the effort to go in.

13 Jun 2009 15:17

The Audley, Mayfair

Reported in the national press that Michelle Obama and daughters dined here yesterday. Not that that is a recommendation!

10 Jun 2009 16:37

The Harvest Mouse, Heswall

Many people comment on what a lovely, quaint, old pub this is because it has a windmill on the front of it. In fact this is a modern, purpose built pub and the windmill is entirely fake. Years ago the whole site was a dirty, oily, muddy haulage yard!
This is a Spirit Group, Two for One pub.
More of an eating place than a pub. Reasonably priced corporate meals. Standard drinks selection. Large car park. Outdoor childrens play area.

9 Jun 2009 21:25

Head of Steam, Liverpool

Went in here on 05/06/09. Only one hand pull on. I can't remember what it was called but it was a dark ale which I didn't like the look of. I was forced to have a pint of lager. Not impressed considering it was a Friday night.
Not many customers and a couple of them looked like beggars. The toilets were accessible ie no lock code required. However a gas mask was required!

8 Jun 2009 15:44

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Had a couple of pints of Sundowner in here on 05/06/09 prior to going to a concert. Ale was well kept. Surprisingly for a Friday night the pub was only half full.
Still well worth visiting.

8 Jun 2009 15:36

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

An attractive black and white pub in a small village. Parking can be difficult.
One of the few pubs to still have a 'bar' and a 'lounge'.
A couple of tables outside virtually on the road.
Friendly atmosphere but very quiet even at weekends.
Good selection of rotating real ales plus Tetleys and all the usual eurofizz.
Doesn't seem to do food.

7 Jun 2009 17:57

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

A large pub which has seen better days. Used to have function rooms upstairs for meetings, weddings etc.
The Pensby Hotel, Arrowe Park Hotel and Railway Inn were all built to the same design in (I think) the 1920's.
The Pensby has a large car park with a few tables outside.
No real ale. Limited drinks selection. Limited food available. Occasional bands at weekend. Pool table and fruit machine. A pub for locals.
This pub has a poor reputation going back decades. Even though new management have taken over a few years ago it is going to take a long time and probably a new generation of drinkers to shake off its' image for thuggery.

4 Jun 2009 16:07

Dee View Inn, Heswall

Heswall's premier real ale pub.
On a hairpin bend. A small, old, black and white pub.
Not too busy but a good customer age range.
Often 6 real ales available plus another 2 keg bitters, also all the usual eurofizz.
A tv and a dart board. Occasional entertainment or karaoke.
Food available.
Small car park with a couple of benches at the edge.
Ive always thought that the ales are kept a tad warm but CAMRA seem to like them.
Well worth a visit.

4 Jun 2009 16:01

The Devon Doorway, Heswall

One of a chain of 40 pubs but I've been unable to discover what the company is called.
At the side of a main road, opposite the Glegg Arms.
Attracts lots of passing trade.
Car park at rear. Beer garden at the front.
Mostly an eating place.
Expensive. Pretty unimaginative drinks selection.
I wouldn't bother if you are just a drinker.

3 Jun 2009 10:51

Chambers, Heswall

This pubs address is 3-5 The Mount not the Mouth!

The Ravenscroft is a Baracuda Group 'Smith & Jones' pub.
It is named after John Peel who's real name was John Robert Parker Ravenscroft and who was born in Heswall. Why didnt they just call it the John Peel? Although I'm sure John Peel would turn in his grave at the sort of music played in here.
Quite a large pub. Previously the building was a telephone exchange then a fitness centre. Has a small car park at one side of the building.
It serves reasonably priced corporate meals.
Although customers of all ages frequent this pub it mainly attracts under 30's and therefore shifts a lot of Eurofizz, cider and shots. It also sells John Smiths and although there are 3 hand pumps usually only one or two is in use. Greene King and Bombardier were on recently. These were ok but I've had the odd poor pint of other ales as I don't think they sell a great deal.
Very occasionally hosts live music. Lively and loud at weekends. Definitely the busiest pub in Heswall. Has a couple of tv screens, a quiz machine and a fruit machine. There is a doorman but he simply seems to be friends with the young people.
Service can be awful when it is busy. Staffed mainly by useless kids. Dont ask them any technical questions about the ale. Often have to ask for pint to be topped up.
Late in 2008 all the staff, including the manager, were dismissed. I dont know why. The kids who replaced them are poor in comparison.

3 Jun 2009 10:41

The Basset Hound, Thingwall

A Greene King pub so you know the ale choice will be limited. Large car park. Outside seating area.
I've never understood the popularity of this place but the locals seem to like it! Typical pub food. Reasonably priced food and beer. Nothing special. Often caters for funeral parties during the day!

2 Jun 2009 12:33

The Richmond, Liverpool

Walked past this pub today and noticed a sign in the window which proclaimed 'Bitter 1:60'.

I didn't go in but was intrigued as to what bitter it was.

26 May 2009 21:21

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Despite my reservations my mate insisted we visit this pub on a recent Saturday night pub crawl in Heswall. He goes in here much more often than me. I had a pint of Bankss Bitter and he had Marstons Smooth both of which were fine. In fact the beer is always very good, its just that the place has so few customers to sample them! There was also another ale available (cant remember it) plus all the usual Eurofizz.
It still does the meals that you would expect from a pub chain.
This is a spacious town centre pub with a small car park on one side and a larger pay and display car park on the other. It is clean and comfortable and the background music is quiet but whenever Ive been in it is dead.
This Saturday night was no exception eleven customers at 9:45pm. One elderly gentleman was asleep in a tiny alcove, I kid you not!
I was told that unless there is a Liverpool or Everton game being shown on the two screens the place is pretty empty.
Years ago this was a popular pub with customers of all ages. There was also a weekly quiz . I realise all Heswall pubs are quiet during the week but this one is quiet every night!
Despite this, apparently the manager doesnt like people arriving at the pub after 11pm even though it is open until midnight at weekends. I was told he saunters down from his accommodation upstairs and has a habit of telling people it is closed and turning them away! The recession obviously hasnt hit him yet. I wonder what the brewery would make of this. The manager concerned has been in place since the pub opened 15 years ago. I suspect he is on a salary and therefore doesnt give a toss. What a waste. I speak from frustration. I would use this pub much more often if it was only run properly.
A couple of years ago the Ravenscroft opened and very recently the Heswall Bar and Courtyard. Both are doing well at weekends, at the Johnny Pyes expense. The brewery must be able to tell from the till receipts that this place is dying in the evening. Come on Marstons get a grip! Put somebody in charge here who WANTS to run a pubbefore its too late.

30 Apr 2009 20:19

The Anchor Inn, Irby

When I were a lad this old pub had several small, dark, dingy rooms......thankfully nowadays it is one large room and is much more welcoming.
An old pub with a modern interior. Popular. Reasonably priced pub-chain (Ember Inns) food. Good selection of beers including a real ale. Nice area on the 'roadside of the pub where drinkers can get away from those eating meals. Large beer garden which is nice to sit in on a summers evening. Well worth a visit.

15 Apr 2009 13:47

The Swan, Prenton

Popular meeting place before gangs head for Birkenhead or Liverpool. Also busy for televised footy. Standard beer selection. No real ale. Occasionaly has a band on. Nothing much to recommend it.

7 Apr 2009 17:02

Terrace C, Heswall

An upmarket, expensive cocktail bar above a hardware shop in the centre of town.
No draught beers available just bottled beers and canned Guinness.
Wine and cocktails seem most popular amongst its mainly young customers.
Meals served until early evening.

7 Apr 2009 16:59

The Slak, Heswall

See entry for 'Heswall Bar and Courtyard'.

7 Apr 2009 16:56

The Milners, Heswall

This pub was formerly 'The Slak and before that 'The Sandon Arms.
It has been completely re-furbished and opened at the end of January 2009 as 'Heswall Bar and Courtyard
It has always been the most downmarket pub in Heswall but is now arguably the most plush.
Nicely decorated, candles on tables, smart bar area and waitress service. Obviously designed to attract a better class of drinker than in previous years.
I went in there on the opening Saturday night and it was quite crowded with a good age range.
I noticed a cocktail menu on the bar. Draught beers available were Amstel, Heineken, Budweiser, John Smiths and Guinness. (no real ale)

I went in the following Saturday night and it was nowhere near as full and some of the riff-raff from previous years were surveying the place. But worst of all the only draught beers available were Heineken and Guinness! The Heineken is 3:10 a pint!
Later that night I'm told it had its' first fight.
Went in there again for the third Saturday. Still no John Smiths. How difficult can it be to obtain?
All the usual eurofizz was available and I noticed that there was a draught cider. Only half full but none of the riff-raff from last week.

Went in on Sat 28/03/09 was pretty busy, mostly with couples. A guitarist/singer was entertainment.
The doorstaff seem to have cured the riff-raff problem.
John Smiths finaly available.
I noticed the draught cider was Addlestones.
Now advertising food.
Although expensive, the pub is a welcome addition to Heswalls pub scene.

7 Apr 2009 16:55

Tudor Rose, Ledsham

Years ago this was a pub now it is more of a restaurant with a Travel Inn attached. You have been warned.

6 Apr 2009 21:44

The Sussex Cricketer, Hove

This pub is in the national press today after the assistant manager ejected a pregnant lady customer because she felt the customer should not be drinking alcohol.

1 Apr 2009 11:54

Peacock Inn, Kettering

That's a hell of a sentence ebbies!

So when are yer goin back?!

29 Mar 2009 19:46

Pioneer Bar and Brasserie, Crosby

I wouldn't worry about the comments of eddygilroy. If you click on his id and view all his comments you will notice that he seems to have succumbed to some sort of mental illness.
The administrators of the site really ought to delete his id and comments.

18 Mar 2009 20:27

The Chimneys, Ellesmere Port

This large pub is just off the A41 and close to the M53. Also Hooton station is a 10min walk away. Large car park.
The Chimneys has a reputation for good food and I can confirm that there was a good selection on my recent visit.
Reasonable choice of beers including one real ale.
Open fire and various rooms give this pub a nice feeling. There is an outside seating area for the summer.
Only downside is that it can get very busy.
I rarely go to this pub as it is outside my patch but when I do I always enjoy the experience.

23 Feb 2009 10:03

The Grapes, Mathew St, Liverpool

A tacky old pub that would have few customers if it wasn't in Matthew Street. Why do they have to play music so loud?

14 Feb 2009 13:44

Yates's, Liverpool

Everything that is bad about modern day society can be observed in this place on a Saturday night!

14 Feb 2009 13:37

The White Star, Liverpool

One of my favourite city centre pubs. Good selection of ales.
You get the odd scally and battery seller in here but they don't hassle you.
Well worth a visit.

14 Feb 2009 13:04

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool


14 Feb 2009 13:02

Welkin, Liverpool

A very busy pub.
Lots of noisy scallies at the weekend.
I've had more bad experiences than good in here, including vinegar beer.

14 Feb 2009 13:00

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

A 'must do' when in the city.
The large selection of beers means most punters will be satisfied.

14 Feb 2009 12:55

The Railway, Liverpool

Has had a chequered history but seems to be back on track. Two ales on when I visited recently. I've had a lunchtime meal in here on many occasions and it has always been fine.
Worth a visit before going to the Lion Tavern a couple of doors away.

14 Feb 2009 12:51

The Pumphouse, Liverpool

A tourist pub. Much better pubs/bars within 500yds.

14 Feb 2009 12:48

The Pig and Whistle, Liverpool

I agree with oldboots, this pub has declined in recent years. Perhaps because so many of the local offices have shut and so the pub is no longer as busy.

14 Feb 2009 12:45

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

A victim of its' own success. I couldn't get in recently due to it being so crowded!

14 Feb 2009 12:43

O'Neill's, Liverpool

Nothing much to recommend this place.
A noisy pub selling standard beers. Frequented by scallies at weekends.

14 Feb 2009 12:41

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

A traditional old city pub. I've only been here prior to going to see a show or band. Standard selection of beers. Clientele are all over 30.
Apart from the theatre memorabilia on the walls there is not a lot to recommend it.

14 Feb 2009 12:39

The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar, Liverpool

A traditional city centre bar tucked away in a side street and down a staircase. Known for its' food as well as cask beers.
Full of businessmen during lunchtime. Well worth visiting.

14 Feb 2009 12:35

Head of Steam, Liverpool

A bit of a dive but a handy meeting place prior to going to the Empire Theatre or the Carling Academy.
Three real ales were on when I last visited.
Due to it being next to the station ticket office the clientele are very mixed.
I doubt there are any 'regulars'.

14 Feb 2009 12:31

The Exchange Bar, Liverpool

I used to work near this bar and have had many a meal.
Standard pub grub and beer selection. Can get crowded.

14 Feb 2009 12:24

Edward's Bar, Liverpool

A dreadful scallies bar. The only time I enjoyed going in here was a weekday lunchtime when I had a pint of fizzy lager and a burger and the place was empty.
At night it is to be avoided.

14 Feb 2009 12:22

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Another 'must do' city-centre pub. Famous for its' selection of ales.
Gets very crowded.

14 Feb 2009 12:18

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Well worth a visit. Good selection of beers. Gets crowded at weekends.
Not far from the Fly in the Loaf and the Philharmonic.

14 Feb 2009 12:17

The Blue Bar and Grill, Liverpool

Manic at weekends but ok during the week.
Upmarket bar. Not cheap.
OK for a drink prior to going to the Echo Arena.

14 Feb 2009 11:59

The Blob Shop, Liverpool

A dreadful place frequented by tramps and miscreants selling batteries, razors and cd's.
Avoid at all costs.

14 Feb 2009 11:57

The Beehive, Liverpool

Small city-centre pub with a nice feel to it. Good selection of ales. Food available. A pleasant sanctuary from the shopping madness outside.

14 Feb 2009 11:54

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

A 'must do' if you are anywhere near Albert Dock.
An unpretentious pub with a fine selection of ales.

14 Feb 2009 11:51

Babycream, Liverpool

A trendy upmarket bar. Standard beer selection. Food available. Not cheap.
I've only been in here prior to going to see a band at the Echo Arena.

14 Feb 2009 11:49

Atrium, Liverpool

Another office workers bar. Food served. Often closed in the evening.
Little to recommend it when the Lion Tavern is just across the road!

14 Feb 2009 11:46

Andersons Bar, Liverpool

An office workers pub. Very popular. Often a cask ale on.
Food served.

14 Feb 2009 11:45

The Wayfarer, Brentry

The following appeared on the BBC website on 13/02/09:-

Three people have been charged with assault after a female police officer was hit by a pint glass in a pub.

Pc Hen Staveley-Brown suffered a serious eye injury and facial fractures during an incident at the Wayfarer in Penpark Road in Southmead, Bristol.

A number of other police officers were also hurt in the attack, which happened on Saturday 7 February.

Three people were charged with assault and two remain on police bail while investigations continue.

Nuff said!

13 Feb 2009 13:13

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

I worked near this pub for 30 years and used to go in there frequently.
I went in again recently on a Friday lunchtime to re-acquaint myself with the cheeses and great ale. I was not disappointed.
This pub must go through a huge number of different ales on an annual basis.
Go there if you are visiting Liverpool city centre but it can get busy at lunchtime.

10 Feb 2009 22:18

The Swinging Arm, Birkenhead

Visited this pub recently prior to going to Pacific Rd.
The bare floorboards and motorbike memorabilia on the walls make it an interesting place.
The bar is far too high. I felt like a child.
A couple of real ales.
I went back after the concert at Pacific Rd and was disappointed to discover that the place closed at 11pm !

10 Feb 2009 22:08

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Yes I would agree with the views below, an excellent traditional town pub.
Good selection of real ales.
A 'must do' if in Birkenhead.

10 Feb 2009 22:00

The Mockbeggar Hall, Moreton

A standard Wetherspoons. Usual reasonable beer and food selection.
Just a pity about the clientele!

9 Feb 2009 22:28

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Not been in this pub for a couple of years until last week when I popped in prior to catching a bus home. (very handy for both bus and train)
Standard Wetherspoons ale selection, which was fine. Had a very acceptable pint of IPA.
Not very busy but then it was late afternoon.
Not worth going out of your way to visit but go in if you are in West Kirby.

9 Feb 2009 22:04

Prenton Hotel, Birkenhead

Standard town pub. Just a few yards from Tranmere Rovers ground. Crowded on match days.
Standard beers. Frequented by lager swillers.
Nothing much to recommend it.

5 Feb 2009 12:25

The Birch Tree, Birkenhead

50 yards from Tranmere Rovers main stand. Crowded on match days. Standard selection of beers. Reasonable pub grub.
Well known for featuring local bands at the weekend.
Good car park.

5 Feb 2009 12:22

The Halfway House, Birkenhead

A rough and ready pub on a major crossroads.
Definitely nothing special about the beer.
Frequented by lager swillers.
I only occasionaly go in here if there is a good band playing on a Friday or Saturday night.

5 Feb 2009 12:09

The Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton

A rather small but lovely old pub in Oxton. Has a reputation for good real ale. Has a beer garden which I often sit in on summer evenings. Can get crowded but well worth visiting.

4 Feb 2009 15:48

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

I can only assume that 'founddrunkinyourgarden' is in fact the manager!

4 Feb 2009 15:34

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Just like Liverpools other Okells pub, the Fly in the Loaf, Rigby's offers a wonderful range of draught and bottled beers.
Before Okells took over, this pub was a dump now it is one of the most popular pubs in the city centre. Nice wooden panels on the walls and a courtyard at the back of the pub. Can get very busy at night.
I have only eaten here once and although the food was very good it was expensive,
Well worth a visit.

2 Feb 2009 13:58

Farmers Arms, Nantwich

Nice country pub in small village.
Large car park, outside terrace.
Reasonably priced food and beer. One real ale.

30 Jan 2009 13:05

The Dusty Miller, Wrenbury

One of my favourite pubs for meals.
Lovely setting on the Llangollen Canal. If you manage to get a window seat you can watch the boats and the lift bridge in operation.
Beer garden also next to canal.
More of a pub for meals than beer. The food is very good and prepared in-house. Bar area rather small.
Small selection of beers but usually one real ale.

30 Jan 2009 10:50

Greave Dunning, Greasby

A lively pub with a modern interior but old-looking exterior. (even though it isn't!)
Good selection of beers including a real ale.
Can get crowded at weekends.

29 Jan 2009 22:40

Irby Mill, Greasby

Nice country pub, low ceilings, beams etc.
Good selection of beer including real ales.
Small beer garden.
Well worth a visit.

29 Jan 2009 22:33

The Boathouse, Parkgate

Known more for its' food rather than beer but a good beer selection including real ales.
Nice views over the Dee estuary.
Pleasant to sit outside on a summers evening.

29 Jan 2009 20:11

The Old Quay, Parkgate

Mostly an eating pub rather than a drinking pub.
Standard selection of beers.
Views over the Dee estuary.
Often crowded with families due to outrageously cheap carvery.
Avoid if you are simply a drinker.

29 Jan 2009 20:05

Harp Inn, Little Neston

I only visit this little pub in the summer when I can sit outside and gaze across the Dee estuary.
Good selection of beer including real ales.
A locals pub.

29 Jan 2009 19:59

The Malt Shovel, Neston

Empty when I went in on a Saturday evening.
Standard selection of beers
A dull pub frequented by a few locals.

29 Jan 2009 19:50

The Lodestar, Neston

Used to be a Wetherspoons a few years ago.
Don't know who owns it now but there is little in the way of beer selection and real ales are no more.
Serves food but I've never had any.
Badly in need of redecoration.
Very few customers in there on my last two weekend visits.

29 Jan 2009 19:44

Greenland Fishery Inn, Neston

An old pub and a bit of a dump!
Lots of shell-suited riff-raff due to there being a pool table.
Not much of a beer selection.
Medieval toilets.

29 Jan 2009 19:37

The Brown Horse, Neston

Definitely changed for the better. (a few years ago was a real dive)
Nicely decorated. Selection of beers including real ale.
Pleasant staff.
Often a singer at weekend.
One of the better Neston pubs.

29 Jan 2009 19:33

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

Only been on weekend nights when it is packed with young people some of whom are obnoxious.
Usual Wetherspoons beer selection. Occasionaly a good real ale.
Definitely the downmarket drinking place of Hoylake.

29 Jan 2009 16:14

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

This pub is probably the only one in Heswall not in a residential area and therefore could offer music/bands etc however it never has.
Does most of its business during the day. Located in the town centre it attracts shoppers and pensioners for meals. Meals very reasonable but coporate.
Dead at night.
Reasonable selection of beers including one real ale although I wouldn't rave about it like 'drunkinyourgarden'. The manager once told me there was no call for real ale and 'anyway it's too much trouble'. If you want good real ales get to the Dee View or Jug.
In conclusion, a tired pub run by a tired manager.
Desperately needs new management.

29 Jan 2009 14:54

The Glegg Arms, Heswall

Although an old building it has a corporate interior.
Not a drinkers pub.
Most customers go there for a meal.
Don't go out of your way to visit this place.

29 Jan 2009 14:45

The Slak, Heswall

About to re-open with a new name.
I do hope it also attracts new, better clientele!
The Slak was always known for lager swilling riff-raff.

29 Jan 2009 14:41

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Lovely country pub.
Good selection of beers including a couple of real ales.
A favourite for meals.
Beer garden at rear.
Well worth a visit.

29 Jan 2009 14:36

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Great selection of beers but a bit pricey.
Lovely old wood panels on walls.
Interesting trek to the toilets!

29 Jan 2009 14:33

The Jug and Bottle, Heswell

A small lively pub mostly frequented by under 30's.
A separate restaurant is in the rear of the building.
Usually two real ales one of which is generally from a local brewer.
Pleasant bar staff.
Often has a singer or band playing on Wednesdays.
Gets a bit crowded at weekends.
Well worth a visit.

29 Jan 2009 14:28

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