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Lloyds No 1, Basingstoke

Now called the Angel , still the same though
usual wetherspoons wurzels at the bar, but well run and plenty of choice

14 May 2015 22:47

The Golden Lion, Dover

Visited on the 11th Jan , after a couple of liveners in the Eight Bells( local spoons)
we walked out feeling good about ourselves , and walking through the town noticed up a side street the Golden Lion a small one bar pub now run by Fiona
who welcomed us like old friends as we were not pissed and could string a sentence together ( unusual for Dover at any time as most of the locals told me ) A great little place with only the usual beer available but coathooks under the bar ( a rareity these days)
This place and the White Horse is all you will need to see in Dover belive me

14 Jan 2015 12:49

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Well done for the Minder reference QP,
my quote from 2008 !!

Let"s hope when it re-opens it"s a boozer Arthur & Terry can be proud of?
check out the end credits of the original Minder series!
Report this for removal
winchesterclub - 27 Feb 2008 12:34

11 Oct 2013 15:45

The Eight Kings, Portland

Glad to see the Eight Kings is still going , i wrote the last review on here ! i will be in the area soon so i come in for a few and see if Michael and his wife ever did get any of the alterations done on the place ? , (did you take over from them)
This pub was always our favorite when we stayed at Larkrise cottage and i hope it still has that old charm about it, and the tv still fades in and out !

17 May 2013 08:29

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Its a shame that some people actually end up finding this pub !, anyway never had a problem in here always drop by when in London and i did sign the petition a few years back to keep it open as did er indoors and if she likes the place it must be a winner !

22 Aug 2011 14:20

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

I was there on Saturday 11th December and it was well and truly open ! great little pub to be in ,if you can find it that is !!

15 Dec 2010 09:27

The Fox, Ellisfield

I was in the Fox on Saturday 28th August , only for a couple of pints of Alton Ale which was in good nick, i understand what other posters are saying about the "landlady" she was a bit unsteady on her pins but not rude or unhelpful in anyway , mind you she and the landlord drove off in their MG for 10 minutes leaving us ,the chef and one other to carry on without them !
Shame really not sure if they are just standing in or have brought the place but this is in a very affulent area and the pub is in a very popular walking area it should be doing well !
oh well nice MG though

2 Sep 2010 15:49

The Cromwell Inn, Lychpit

Has re-openend as the Kwai 2 Thai Bar and Restaurant !
So everything you need there for a great Pub night out

13 Nov 2009 13:46

The Castle, Basingstoke

Oh my good gawd "a trendy wine bar "
think i prefer the Tattoo option!!

8 Oct 2009 08:35

The Hare and Hounds, Basingstoke

Last time i saw Spider he was coming out of the New Inn heading towards the Hare & Hounds so i guess he still goes in there !

5 Oct 2009 15:19

The Falcon, Rotherwick

I visited the Saturday after you "maydave" and it was closed when i drove past mind you not sure if it does"nt open till 6.
i have been before and like you the place was empty it is a shame because it a great looking pub inside with plenty of room and nicely decorated. Something is not right here! shame really could be a nice little earner

5 Oct 2009 08:35

The Coach and Horses, Rotherwick

Drove out here for a couple of pints and was impressed old fashionend looking Pub two bars plenty of Wood panneling and Paisley carpet good sized open fire that was always being stoked up.
Lemony Cricket and Tanglefoot were on offer both good pints and served in the proper glasses.
A plus point if you needed to have a wash while you were there they sell Imperial Leather soap in cabinet opposite the bar !

5 Oct 2009 08:30

The Castle, Basingstoke

Another one bites the dust !
a sad day as it was what i would call a proper pub, at least it wont be knocked down as it is going to become a Tattoo Parlour !! so i heard, wonder i f you will get one the pubs Pickled Eggs with every Tatt

5 Oct 2009 08:23

The Black Heart, Camden

Look closed down to me
31 May 09 last time i visited

10 Jun 2009 16:31

The Plough, Little London

A real throw back to a bygone era flagstone floor, church pew seats, open fires small and dark.
well worth a visit if you are looking for a"how pubs used to be" place Ringwood fortyniner was fine as was the barmaid!
and you can still see the crack in the ceiling where my mates uncle & auntie"s bed fell through the ceiling into the bar when they used to run this place i kid you not!

18 May 2009 10:38

The Mole, Monk Sherborne

Now closed down for the foreseeable future.
A sad sight as another country pub closes,
how do i know it"s closed because i drove all the way there to find out !!

18 May 2009 10:30

The Masons and Mariners, Portland

Is it still open BillyBhoy ? drove past here last week looked all shut up to me

1 Apr 2009 16:06

Spruce Goose (Beefeater), Basingstoke

Just a quick update the pub has had a makeover total new decor throughout walls , carpets and furniture got the look of a Hotel bar now but it is an improvement i expect all Beefeater places will be going the same way soon
same Beer range mind but still worth a visit

17 Mar 2009 10:35

The Litten Tree, Basingstoke

ok chelseamrb at least you can come into town for a chinese now !

18 Feb 2009 16:56

Lloyds No 1, Basingstoke

Yes the plastic glass issue is a pain !
maybe on a Friday & Saturday night but not during the rest of the week
& don't try dodging the issue by having a bottled Beer that gets put into a plastic pint glass as well
must be LLoyds bar thing because the other Wetherspoons at the top of town is glass all the way,
mind you looking at some of the clientele in here it may be a good thing

17 Feb 2009 15:32

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Confusion about the my last comment this should be on the Dovetail pub page
my apologies

9 Feb 2009 12:49

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

I have to say this is not my story but a friend of mine and his drinking buddies!
They were in here on sat 31st jan enjoying the varied selection of beer when at 6pm they were asked to leave allegedly because one of them had smashed a glass! of course my friend says this just did not happen he reckons the "manageress"
just wanted them to leave as they were not eating and she wanted the space for diners!
Just wondered if anybody else had any trouble like that before as my mate has been quite a few times and never had any worries.

5 Feb 2009 16:31

The Pulpit Inn, Portland

Stopped off for a pint while walking the dog round the bill old fashioned looking place with a big function room on one side not very busy for a Saturday and they did close in the afternoon, usual Beer range on sale .Courteous landlord though later i found out that the locals very rarely use the place and is it up for sale 160k but with work and the trade it"s position must bring the proverbial gold mine me thinks!

3 Feb 2009 15:33

The Mermaid Inn, Portland

Currently closed and looking for a new owner!!
peering through the window looks like a good size place with lots of potential has rooms for B&B as well

3 Feb 2009 15:02

The Eight Kings, Portland

Stayed in a cottage that was 68 steps away from the front door of this pub so it was a bit of a trek!
but once inside it was worth the journey a surprisingly big two roomed pub one room currently being made over to a restaurant the other had a good size bar and seating area usual suspects behind the bar also Ringwood and a guest ale coming soon,the couple running the place have only been in for six months so are still getting the place together but i received a very warm welcome from them and the "locals" alike ,even enjoyed the karaoke evening on the 31st jan never thought i would ever say that!! ,and as it is on the route to Portland Bill definitely worth a visit to a proper local pub

3 Feb 2009 14:07

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Glad to hear the Beer and ambiance are still as good as the last time i reviewed the place Sept 07,Sorry to hear about the lack of "sausage action" you received , i have not eaten here so i can"t comment but the ale is always top darts
do yourself a favour and chip over the road to Gabby"s for a Salt Beef sandwich

28 Jan 2009 12:36

The Litten Tree, Basingstoke

Now going to be a chinese buffet restaurant
just across the road from the other chinese buffet restaurant!!

19 Jan 2009 12:54

Spruce Goose (Beefeater), Basingstoke

A big pub/restaurant on the leisure park as it"s a Beefeaterit has a big restaurant area,but the pub side of it is large has plenty of seating and a big wall mounted fire.Usual Beers on tap but has 6X and Tetleys to make a change.Not a classic place but if your going to the cinema or bowling it"s worth stopping off for a livener ,i remember when it first openend it had a scale model of the Spruce Goose suspended from the ceiling above the bar now thankfully it has been removed!
Mind you i can remember when the leisure park was all fields...

2 Jan 2009 13:14

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Definitely called "The Bakers"
the arms are no longer attached to the Baker!!

2 Jan 2009 08:53

The Great Western Hotel, Basingstoke

Sorry "wortman" could"nt resist it !
Had a pint in there a couple of nights ago (not the gay night!)
no problems while i was in there

8 Dec 2008 12:31

The Swan, Sherborne St John

Visited saturday 22nd novenber first time for a couple of years always been a good looking pub inside with a big open fireplace though a lot of the space has now been given over to food tables but there is still enough room around the bar to enjoy a drink without sitting on top of the diners.For some reason they had Witchfinder on special it was actually buy one get one free!!.
i did"nt ask why in case they stopped it tasted fine though & most of the tables were reserved for later on in the evening so the food must be good
well worth a visit just out of Basingstoke

24 Nov 2008 15:44

Platforms, Basingstoke

Now called Platforms
still not a good enough reason to go in though !

21 Nov 2008 16:39

The Great Western Hotel, Basingstoke

No i did"nt
but did you have a good night ? :O()

21 Nov 2008 16:34

Dexters Bar and Grill, Basingstoke

One good thing about this place all drinks half price 5 - 7 Monday to Friday
apart from that .....erm no that"s it

20 Nov 2008 15:36

The Beach Arms Hotel, Church Oakley

All my shellsuits are in a" neat little box" labled open to be openend when going to the Beach Arms

17 Nov 2008 11:30

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Spot on there bish80,the refit made the place look good again but all the old faces have taken up residence again and it is now back to how it was before.
At least they have all been herded into one place so you can go elsewhere for a quiet drink.Mind you if you are looking for cheap aftershave it"s worth dropping by!

17 Nov 2008 11:27

Lloyds No 1, Basingstoke

As you receive your cheap drinks at the bar you turn round to face the pub and it"s inhabitants and you think to yourself "you get what you pay for in this life"
Just too big and industrial looking for my liking for this old school pub drinker
if your like me "& your a wide-eyed loner standing at the gates of obilivion then hitch a ride with us because we are on the last freedom mo-ped out of nowhere city!"
(or go to the Wetherspoons at the top of town )

12 Nov 2008 16:05

The Harp, Covent Garden

In the show Avenue Q ,there is a song called
"Everyone"s a little bit racist sometimes"
Which sums this up really! , so lets get back to reviewing the pub please

6 Nov 2008 15:52

The Beach Arms Hotel, Church Oakley

I never said the food was"nt any good or the setting,!
Can you wear your shellsuit in a four star restaurant ?

5 Nov 2008 14:44

The Harp, Covent Garden

Tounge in cheek i think "kiwiphil"
maybe it"s a British thing

4 Nov 2008 15:51

The Bat and Ball Inn, Breamore

Visited on Halloween for a couple of early ones, first time i had been to the pub but the welcome was excellent even though they were busy setting up for a party that night .A large pub in three sections most of the pub is set up the diners but enough room in the bar area to enjoy a drink without sitting on top people trying to eat their meals. I stuck to the Guinness which was fine and well priced, a special mention goes to the Landlady who made a special effort to talk to us and get us involved in the party
Good stuff all round

3 Nov 2008 14:57

Horse and Groom, Woodgreen

Stayed in Woodgreen over Halloween so this was our local
Small pub with a real fire keeping the place warm nicely stocked bar with the Sussex Beer & The Stowford Cider going down a treat
The food is rightfully very popular with the mixed grill containing most of the New forest wildlife on a plate great stuff!
As with a lot of New Forest pubs it emptied out around 10ish so we had the place to ourselves but there was no pressure to leave
and the loudest noise came from our Dog who kept dropping her bone on the Wooden floor !
worth a visit

3 Nov 2008 13:07

The Millstone, Old Basing

They have brought the Wooden bowls with them
No they have"nt brought Georgie Palmer with them !

13 Oct 2008 08:49

The Millstone, Old Basing

I see the Landlord of the Wykeham arms in Winchester has taken over this pub so it will be intresting to see how he gets on here, Two things though
1 He does"nt put the crisps you buy into a wooden bowl for you!
2 He does bring Georgie Palmer the South Today weather girl with him as she does drink in the Wykeham from time to time !

3 Oct 2008 12:48

The Dice Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Yes sorry about the photo "topdog_andy" it was the only one i could find!
Glad to hear the place has still got the "vibe"
Definitely will be my first port of call when i go back to Dublin.

22 Jul 2008 12:49

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

What Beer was it "kot" the Liberty Bell was fine yesterday!


7 Jul 2008 12:21

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Closing down for three weeks to be refurbished and opening back up as the Bakers!
so it has lost it"s Arms! interesting to see how it copes without them when it re opens

2 Jun 2008 12:00

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

Started drinking out of a proper "Dimpled Jug" thanks to Kat behind the bar for letting me know they have them!
Only a little thing i know, but anything helps when your in a Wetherspoons!

14 May 2008 13:02

Platforms, Basingstoke

I know it has been sold on and the new owners did have a opening party a few months ago, but since then every time i walk past it"s closed
Mind you i walk past when it"s open!

17 Apr 2008 11:07

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

"Oh my good gawd Terry"
sounds like a right monz up!

2 Apr 2008 15:27

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Not to worry "Aleking" there is a good cross section of the food chain you have mentioned so everything should balance out ok
Good pub though,even if you would prefer to have a beer without the free animal show going on!

26 Mar 2008 12:54

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

I"m with chrisF as they have"nt got a "pub dog" surely the next best thing is the old pub mice
I"m sure a lot of pubs in London have unwanted guests frequenting their establishments!!(personally i"d rather deal with a mouse!)

25 Mar 2008 09:29

The Litten Tree, Basingstoke

Even the Guinness Red could"nt save it !
what happenend then fiftyfive?,
One bad thing all the chav scum will have to find other places to ruin now!!

28 Feb 2008 08:46

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Let"s hope when it re-opens it"s a boozer Arthur & Terry can be proud of?
check out the end credits of the original Minder series!

27 Feb 2008 12:34

The Hook and Hatchet, Hucking

Only joking with you "petanalfiedog" i think it"s a good thing that people care about their pubs and are prepared to fight their corner and air their views
whether they are right or wrong :O()

27 Feb 2008 12:20

The Hook and Hatchet, Hucking

Well if you are,throw the hand painted sign through them! :O()

26 Feb 2008 09:26

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Yes, wort and i got good odds on us both sending rubbish reviews for the forseeable future!

25 Feb 2008 11:11

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Nice and quiet on saturday afternoon had a couple of pints of "sussex" very good.Listening in to the barmaids conversation with the Italian gentleman! who seems to be a regular and is allowed to put his shopping basket in the cloakroom (ahh the perks of being a regular).
She was saying it was packed last night and they took over seven grand behind the bar, perhaps it"s not as well hidden as we thought!

25 Feb 2008 10:06

Rhu Bar, Basingstoke

Wether it"s a fiddle or not lets be honest, the place is a bleeding death trap! people always say why does"nt he do the place up,but it"s always packed at the weekends so why shoud he everyone seems to put up with it? mind you the screw that takes the place of the door handle on the gents keeps falling out so a minor alteration there please!
Anyway sorry to hear about the short changing incident never a nice thing to happen and especially when you don"t get a decent answer from manager.

22 Feb 2008 16:41

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

I thought they looked at me funny when i asked where the Ladbrokes had gone!

22 Feb 2008 14:54

The Dice Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Well as i suggested this place i better be the first to "big it up" (as the youngsters say)
so as we were staying in the Smithfield area it was on our doorstep
The whole place is painted black with a large bar running down one side usaul suspects behind the bar but also had some interesting micro brewey beers as well as my favourite Smithwicks.Think the main selling point is that it has a DJ every night who plays anything he can get his hands on,he played Johnny Cash,AC/DC,and Nancy Sinatra all in a row and the crowd loved it.
The Dice Bar is out of the centre of Dublin but the Luas (tram) stops right outside and it was packed every night we went, with locals so always a good sign
best bar we found in Dublin Johnny Cash,AC/DC whatever next....

21 Feb 2008 15:54

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

2.35 a pint!! so the Bass House is still open then?

20 Feb 2008 08:56

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Even i have to agree with you at last "wortman"!!
Can"t live on memories for ever i suppose.
i"m off down the Bass House for a pint :O()!!

18 Feb 2008 15:05

The Castle, Basingstoke

Pickled eggs & Biltong surely a winning combination!

15 Feb 2008 12:07

The Hook and Hatchet, Hucking

Can"t wait for the second chapter petenalfiedog!! :O()

13 Feb 2008 16:00

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

No wortman never headed a glass in the Nightjar but i was bitten by their Dobermann and thrown out at 9pm when they used to close !!
So that mean"t i got to Martines way to early!!
(happy days eh!)

12 Feb 2008 15:27

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

I see the money off vouchers are back out
GUINNESS 1.49.CARLING 1.39,ABBOTT ALE 1.29,a pint
Think even i will grin and bear the set of shameless!for a few hours at these prices!

12 Feb 2008 12:41

The Hammer and Tongs, Basingstoke

Let"s hope they start doing pickled eggs fiftyfive!

11 Feb 2008 09:42

The Castle, Basingstoke

If you are walking from the Queens to the Castle it"s on the right hand side!
Sorry to hear about the pickled egg situation,mind you they now do Coan"s Biltong not a bad substitute

10 Feb 2008 12:22

The Castle, Basingstoke

Unfortunatley the Castle does rely on the "suit brigade" as it does"nt attract a lot of passing trade and they do seem to hang on into the evening when the office juniors think they can handle their 4th pint of Fosters at 7pm.
It"s a shame because it is complete throw back to the 70"s Paisley pub carpet,Tankards hanging from the ceiling,and Pickled eggs behind the bar.There is a small alley that runs beside the Queens pub 200yrds on your right you will find it,Best to go after 7pm for best results!

8 Feb 2008 17:09

Platforms, Basingstoke

To every BITE user under 30 yrs old she was the lead singer of a group called Sleeper,and a dam fine looking woman as well if she worked in Sleepers i would use it myself but alas no! so i agree with Quinno walk the extra 100 yards to the Queens and enjoy a proper pub without having to walk into the wetherspoons/lloyds infested rest of the town

8 Feb 2008 16:50

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Come on "wortman" it"s a shocker of a place ! if i did"nt know better i thought you"d have been hit on the head by one of the pint glasses
But then again there plastic!
repent and turn back from the evil!
Mind you mother knows best :O()

7 Feb 2008 16:53

The Princess of Prussia, Tower Hill

No disrespect HULK to you and other posters ,but i love the way people "stumble across this pub"!!all over the country
(Well made me laugh anyway)

6 Feb 2008 17:07

The Stags Head, Dublin

Certainly one to visit if your in Dublin just how you would imagine an old Dublin pub to be,good beer and company seemed popular with tourists as well those that had managed to find it!
Well worth seeking out
Good pint of Smithwicks

4 Feb 2008 15:48

The Long Hall, Dublin

Packed on friday night 1st feb but no trouble getting to the bar or getting served why do you always feel your going to get a spank if you ask someone to move in England!
As it was packed not much chance to look at the the pub itself but hey find yourself a spot and enjoy!
Smithwicks was on good form!

4 Feb 2008 15:44

The Bank on College Green, Dublin

Dublin"s pub of the year as the banner outside proclaims!and it looks like they have kept all the ornate plaster work, fixtures and fittings from it"s days as a bank and just added a horseshoe bar in the middle,one to impress your mates if they have"nt been before.Usaul drinks behind the bar served in the proper glasses !!more of a Smithwicks man myself than the black stuff,and it was fine

4 Feb 2008 15:36

The Regent, Balham

Is this the the boozer used in Time Gentleman Please?

29 Jan 2008 15:47

The Wheatsheaf, Fitzrovia

I also felt let down with this pub, mind i visited before Christmas as well so sounds like it has improved.Promises a lot from the outside but as CambridgeBlue said drab inside! and hardly an all "singing and dancing" barmaid not that she has much room for dancing and her surroundings hardly made her want to burst into song.Mind you the day was"nt a complete loss as in the nearby Newman Passage is the Lamppost that can be seen in the end credits of Minder!(Well little things and all that )

15 Jan 2008 16:44

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

I expect it will be served on a plastic plate if they do "wortman" so it matches the glasses !

15 Jan 2008 15:07

The Exchange, Winchester

As i always seem to be on a trip down memory lane with Winchester pubs! is the "First in Last out" or the filo as it was known still a pub? Perhaps the poster who remembers Sharon K disco nights can help me out!!

14 Jan 2008 15:35

The Red Lion, Basingstoke

Visited on the 6th jan for a couple of pints of smooth much changed as "wortman" said in his last post,but all the better for the changes although it was quiet i found a really good bar to sit and have conversation in(unusual in town these days)even with sky sports news on!
Reckon it could catch on, if people are prepeared to walk the extra 20yrds past the Tonic Bar to get to it for a night of chav free freedom!

11 Jan 2008 12:09

The Beacon, South Ham

So still a chance of getting a spank then dawn184!
mind you i like the place and it does show all the football Sentanta as well!

10 Jan 2008 13:09

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Yeah i"m with anonymous what is a bloody H-file!,i thought he was just cruising the bars for skirt, but in one report he mentions his girlfriend (perhaps she does"nt read this site).Mind you always posts good reviews about the high"s and low"s of Guildford"s pubs.Even though he never seems to pull any skirt!!!
Talks a good H-file!

13 Dec 2007 15:18

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

Went here on sunday afternoon it did seem like it was"nt your usual Wetherspoon window licking crowd!but there was a Xmas market in the square so plenty of couples in after shopping ,the usual obligitary 10 mniute wait to get served but hey it"s a Wetherspoons so it"s not worth getting arsey about and at 4.60 for a pint of Smooth and a double Bailey"s worth the wait!
Classic line from the young barman when i asked for the Bailey"s and ice "anything else in that sir" oh well at least he called me sir!
PS-Wetherspoons please can you get just one barperson to make the coffee !!

10 Dec 2007 16:24

Edwards, Bournemouth

In here over the weekend good range of lagers,Pauliner,Budvar etc,have got a Mulled wine on at the moment which went down well, not so much on the Ale front but it caters for a mainly young crowd,so they probably would"nt appreciate the 70"s leather sofa corner units dotted around the place!All in all a comfortable place for a few liveners even for us older punters.

10 Dec 2007 16:09

The Exchange, Winchester

Thanks "anonymous" for remembering Sharon K I thought i was the only one of the old school left!!,never seen her since hopefully she kept hold of her record collection!.I can also remember her boyfriend a really tall bloke with grey hair?,also can you remember a guy called Nigel geeky looking bloke always in there on disco nights!

1 Dec 2007 10:10

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

HA HA we"ve both slated the place and it is"nt even open yet ,we may be proved wrong? and it may turn out to be a classic pub.(think we will be alright though)!

30 Nov 2007 16:07

The Beach Arms Hotel, Church Oakley


22 Nov 2007 15:38

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Well it"s going to become the Censobar! as from the 30th november Basingstoke"s new bar and lounge experience!.Looking at the logo and flyers don"t think they will be selling a lot of real ale though!
Well at least it"s another bar to moan about in the town!! too small, too expensive, too many chavs and no entry after eleven.
thr hopleaf is dead
long live the hopleaf!

22 Nov 2007 09:40

The Fighting Cocks, Godshill

Had my Novenber visit to the Fighting Cocks,to be honest the beer was fine and as this is a "beer site" i have no problems there,but the sunday roast was bland and the service was very rushed ,but the pub was packed, so it had it"s worked cut out still it was "a bit in and out get that table cleared for more punters".Anyway the beer was good so that"s all that matters really!!

20 Nov 2007 19:46

The Old London Apprentice, Newbury

Drove past here on saturday 10th few punters sitting on the benches outside drinking? is it open or have they been to the offy and decided to drink outside the pub?

13 Nov 2007 15:47

The Skewers, Basingstoke

You could say who you are !

8 Nov 2007 16:59

The Millstone, Old Basing

The smiley woman with Crystal Tipps hair has now left "the building" speaking to various punters from the pub they said the previous couple just could"nt handle running a busy pub!(mind you in the summer it does get crowded,)Let"s see how the new couple get on look more like porn actors from the 70"S than Crystal Tipps!
The beer is still of good quality always has four different ales to try,agree with the last poster though from the outside you think WOW once inside very small and chairs at a high premium,still now it"s winter the three quarter lenght trousers are packed away for six months!

29 Oct 2007 12:28

The Fighting Cocks, Godshill

Have played cricket at Godshill, a few years ago now as my waistline will suggest!
As this was the pub for the club always came here after the match and was always well looked after with good beer and food!.Will be staying in the area in november.Can anybody tell me if it"s still worth a visit?
Thanks in advance

17 Oct 2007 11:23

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Check out the new barmaid !
A barmaid in the real "carry on" tradition !!

5 Oct 2007 15:25

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Thanks for the news JohnBonser
Where there"s beer there"s hope !

2 Oct 2007 07:53

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Do any of you other posters know how the petition and the situation regarding the Nell is going?
thanks for replies in advance.

25 Sep 2007 11:56

The Beacon, South Ham

They have now put a fence all the way round the pub to keep you in!!

24 Sep 2007 16:48

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Always try and stop here for a beer when "up west" never too rammed to get a pint and you can stand outside only on the side next to the zoo bar though as was explained to me by the Polish/latvian/croation doorman!(still he was polite)
Nice pub worth a go while on the crawl

24 Sep 2007 16:39

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke


29 Aug 2007 16:17

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

The vouchers run out on the 30th of September
Efes Turkish Lager 1.49

15 Aug 2007 16:24

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

Wetherspoons vouchers run until the 30th sept 50P to a 1 off Carling,Stella,Pedigree,Abbot,and Koppaberg cider,that stuff could be the find of the year(anybody agree!)
Makes a change to have a bar without music "all sounds the bleeding same anyway!!"

7 Aug 2007 15:03

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Been totally renovated the old girl now looks ship shape and ready for action,to let sign in the window
any takers?

30 Jul 2007 11:31

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

Apart from Pedigree 1.09 a pint,Carling 1.39,Stella 1.99,Efes turkish lager 1.49,Strongbow 1.59 Abbot Ale 1.39!!
Get cutting those tokens out
offer ends september WHOOHOO

24 Jul 2007 16:28

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

Token tastic!
Offer ends september
Hurry up !

23 Jul 2007 15:36

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

As "WORTMAN" says get hold of the Wetherspoons tokens
EFES Turkish lager at 1.49 a bottle,Carling 1.39 a pint Strongbow 1.59 plus the staff don"t mind how many tokens you use in an evening!

20 Jul 2007 12:20

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Been totally renovated,looking through the window even looks like the old fireplace has gone!!
(i thought if that got knocked down the pub would come down with it!).Anyway someone has seen something worth saving in the old girl.looking forward to seeing how she does!

20 Jul 2007 12:14

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

(that is the nell)

11 Jul 2007 14:54

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Has been totally gutted will hopefully stay as a pub and not become a cardshop,poundshop,or as "wortman" said another bloody estate agents!!!

14 Jun 2007 16:59

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Looked through the window today the place is now totally gutted and hopefully ready for refurb as a pub! as wortman said another property agents PLEASE!

6 Jun 2007 12:44

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

The draught Westons Cider has finished but still available in bottles,So still worth visting apart when the guy in the hi-vis jacket comes in swears at everyone and leaves,mind you he does"nt buy a drink and is soon gone

31 May 2007 12:48

Platforms, Basingstoke

Even Dick Turpin wore a mask!

21 May 2007 16:17

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Yes agree with you anon
Hope someone buys it and calls it The Hopleaf again!!

21 May 2007 15:50

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

The Westons cider is still on!
(who"s the idiot in the high vis jacket comes in swears and leaves?)
Anyway still good beer

15 May 2007 15:54

The Royal Oak, Basingstoke

Mind your head when they have the large screen on
as you could walk into the open window behind it !!
could"nt you john!

15 May 2007 14:43

The Royal Oak, Basingstoke

They have a large projector screen to show the association football in here,but it gets to hot and they have to open the window behind it to keep it cool,so a word of warning dont walk out of the door next to the open window or you will smack straight into it!!

10 May 2007 11:04

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Got the other half to sign the petition re:13 FEB
if she can be moved to save a pub it must be worth saving!!
A pub is for life not just for christmas!

9 May 2007 09:59

The Crown, Old Basing

As the Millstone was chav infested saturday 5th (why does good weather bring them out obviously the quarter lenght trousers get an airing!)took a short walk to the Crown .Small decked area out the front and suprisingly large garden at the back.Inside the old wooden floor and beams combo was well suited to the building. Five real ales on tap the London Pride was very good,Agree with a few of the other posters the food is over priced for what you get but the food and the presentation was fine,All in all worth a walk into Basing to find but please "leave your three quarter lenght"s at home"!

8 May 2007 12:01

The Skewers, Basingstoke

Was in here on tuesday 24th for a darts match this pub has always had an up and down time of things but it has now been taken over by a new team and they do seem to be enjoying their job.Yes it is an "estate" pub but whole pub does not stop when you walk in the door!
And they now have a basin in the gents toilet so things are looking up!
keep up the good work

27 Apr 2007 12:55

The Millstone, Old Basing

Gone has sergeant major Charles!
to be replaced by a smiley woman with crystal tipps hair,The pub is expensive for what it is but you pay for the location they always have a good range of Ales on tap the 6X is always good as was the Empire pale ale!.The sun comes out and so do the three quarter lenght trouser brigade! but the garden is big enough to keep your distance
PS .if you have a dog bring him along as everyone else does!

27 Apr 2007 12:07

The Fox, Ellisfield

Visited over the Easter break refreshingly quiet,no families on their "Lets go to a pub with swings on easter monday"(mainly due to the lack of swings !)
Had a very good reasonably priced meal and a couple of pints of 6x in the well kept garden.A pub worth seeking out for nice meal with the other half,as for the "swingers" all that was brought to my table was a nice Gammon and Chips !!

23 Apr 2007 15:35

The Winton, Basingstoke

Well done the Winton (or the Wheatsheaf as us older punters remember!)for putting on live music every weekend.The music and the toilets won"t always be to everyone"s taste but you are served quickly even on a busy night by a young team behind the jump.Worth a visit if you like some live tunes with your beer

23 Apr 2007 15:24

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

Went and tried the Weston"s cider having only had it in bottles before.just as good on draught!
Good to see a chain pub give real ale and cider lots of coverage
Although the pub won"t be to everyone"s taste the selection of Beers more than makes up for this!

20 Apr 2007 11:59

The Castle, Basingstoke

Not as far as i know
good idea though !

18 Apr 2007 15:08

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Anonymous- Brookvale FC Mainly used this pub after matches on a sunday lunchtime,in the late 80"s to nineties.Although a few of the team drunk there all week.
Hope we both agree it"s still a shame to lose a pub like the Hop Leaf and all the good times that went with it!

17 Apr 2007 15:10

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Old fashioned looking pub at the "top of town" plenty of wood and flagstone floors,Good pint of Abbot and Pride available.Get"s noisy at weekends due to the disco(always looks out of place to me!)
If it"s get to loud for you escape to the first floor bar where the Rolf Harris looky likey greets you with a "oh bugger you found this bar " look! .Still you will have move back downstairs at 8pm due to the private party"s that never seem to happen!
Mind you not the worst pub at the "top of town" so worth a go!

20 Mar 2007 12:19

McCarthys Bar, Basingstoke

Blimey "anoymous" how far you going back in time!
You did get told off for swearing,and you would"nt get served if you were wearing a leather jacket i seem to remember!! ahh the Dave and Margaret years.
Shame it"s closed the last proper pub at the "top of town".Hopefully someone will take it on and Brookvale FC can come back to there spiritual home!

13 Mar 2007 16:03

The Way Inn, Basingstoke

Really good pub at the "other end of town" not far from the train station.This pub has had a good makeover from the old "Rising Sun" days with one large bar and a seperate dining area behind this.They had Hobgoblin,Deuchars IPA and Adanams Explorer on all in good nick.The food gets a good review and comes in good size portions. Well worth a try if you are fed up with the usual chain pubs in town and the Ming-Mongs that frequent them
PS. Any pub that has a framed photo of Margo and Jerry from "The Good Life" on the wall can"t be all bad can it !!!

23 Feb 2007 09:51

The Exchange, Winchester

Used this pub a lot in the mid to late 90"s.before the big make over! .still a good atmosphere the beer was well kept and a varied mix of punters.Can any of you pre-makeover punters tell me what happenend to Steve the white shirted landlord & while i"m at it the Sharon K friday night disco!
A classic night all on vinyl!!!

16 Feb 2007 12:54

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Went here on 9th feb always impressed with the place,i think JohnBonser is right you can"t fault the staff for their attitude and the amount of work they get through.Even the tourists always seem impressed with the place and the service.The Pride was fine as was the Guinness,only downside the other half lost her hat in there and as is was my fault!! i had to buy her a new one .nevermind still a good night.

15 Feb 2007 12:49

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

I always like coming to Tatty castle when up in London not going to win any awards for the beer Guinness and Smooth were fine though and it"s always varied mix of punters coming on board!
We sat under the real fire!!(well beneath the tv playing the video of a log fire burning)

13 Feb 2007 12:24

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Walking round holborn on a saturday afternoon can be a bit desolate luckily the eagle-eyed other half came up trumps again spotting this pub,whether it is ye olde authentic england pub is a bit debatable!but it does"nt distract from a stunning bar to have cheeky beer in.The Alpine lager and Sovereign ale were fine as were the mix of regulars and tourists.As for the triangle fire it"s gas me thinks!

13 Feb 2007 12:05

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Found by my eagle-eyed other half on a recent trip to london.Really good little pub with loads of character and charm .We were going to stay for a cheeky pint but ended staying half the night!.The Directors and Guinness were on top form and the other half was happy stay there always a good sign in my book!!
PS expect to see the stairs to the toilet on an episode of Fear Factor soon!

13 Feb 2007 08:11

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

Went here on the 10th feb before going to the "magic numbers" gig at the forum.Full of character and a good atmosphere me and the other half stuck to the Guinness a good drop of the black stuff although mine kept being served in a john smiths glass!.another good point they sell Tayto crisps .

12 Feb 2007 11:03

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