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The Bartons Arms, Aston

I heard that there was some damage in the riots. I hope it gets up and running again soon. A crying shame if those scumbags down such a great public establishment.

17 Sep 2011 01:58

The Green Man, Putney Heath

Went to The Green Man in June, and have to say the food and the beer was excellent. It was on a saturday afternoon, and it was avery peaceful place to come and chat with friends. Youngs was good nick, and the staff were nice.

17 Sep 2011 01:54

Harry's Bar, Edgbaston

This place was a bit rough. Not for the tourists.

17 Sep 2011 00:04

The Sportsman, Birmingham

@Odin - I have been here on a friday evening!

I did see the programme and some of the locals were legendary. They serve a cider that was said to be so strong, some clientele would soil themselves, and one had a leg amputated after a railway line fall following a session. Another of the locals used to place his glass eye in his pint glass. I think you can see it all on You Tube!

When I went in around Feb 2005, a local asked if he could borrow my mates' glasses. Another local fell asleep upright at the bar. He'd been drinking the aforementioned Cider. We were only there for 40 minutes, but I doubt I'll forget it. Couldn't believe it when I saw it on the programme later on.

16 Sep 2011 23:45

The Harrison, St Pancras / Kings Cross

Was in here early September. Decent ale on tap, and some good music on the jukebox (or was it a staff selection?). Not sure about the decor - not into poncy 'minimialist' interiors. Good pub though, have been back a few times over the last couple of years.

16 Sep 2011 23:39

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

Was a decent enough pint of IPA when I went in, and the pub obviously thinks it is an extension of the RSC, or the theatre bar, up the lane. This spoils it somewhat.

Lots of pictures of thespians on the walls. Decent pub though, having said what I have, and the food selection was good.

16 Sep 2011 23:34

The Encore, Stratford upon Avon

Timmy Taylor Landlord was average on my last visit (Aug 2011)- and I usually guzzle it like there's no tomorrow. Trendy pub, and this shows with interior and exterior. Staff are fairly friendly, but it seems to be aiming for the food end of the market. Still, it is pleasant enough , but you pay too much for the privelage.

16 Sep 2011 23:32

The Black Eagle, Hockley

I can't rate this place highly enough. Been a few times this year, and when we got there , although food wasn't being served Tony provided us with a free plate of chips. Tp man. A few eeeks later we took some German friends, and they couldn't speak highly enough of the food, ale and service. Top marks for Tony!

16 Sep 2011 23:26

The Jenny Lind, Wimbledon Common

@pubsnstuff - I think you are right. I knew the place from 95-96 ish, and lived in Bathgate Road back then.

I went in alone for an afternoon coke once - yes, the wet commercial sort without anyone else around before a lecture!

The flats opposite were a bit rough though, and it was said that some of Wandsorth's scary residents (ie those who had been deatined at Her Majesty's Pleasure) made it theie home and no doubt 'the Lind' was their local.

16 Sep 2011 23:18

The Dog Pool Hotel, Stirchley

Have been here twice in the past 12 months, both times on a Saturday night (the second occasion only for about 30 minutes). And it was the sort of place Son of Odin is wise to avoid. There was loud crap reggae, loads of tarty daughters out with their tarty mothers and blokes playing pool or the boxing machine (a sort of electronic punch bag). They were prabably getting ready for the 3am free-for-all. I think you get the picture.

16 Sep 2011 23:13

The Selly Park Tavern, Selly Oak

Ember Inn with decent food. However, it is an Ember Inn, a bland chain, like the nearby Country Girl.

16 Sep 2011 23:09

The Fiddlers Arms, Lower Gornal

Have been here many times, and again early September 2011. A real local feel to it, like most Black Country pubs which keeps it open, I guess. It keeps a loyal clientele. Fairly avergae place with a large lounge bar, complete with local 'talent' in the shape of vocalists. Beer decidely average to crap though.

16 Sep 2011 23:04

The Warrant Officer, Walthamstow

Have walked past this pub a few times. Seems fairly empty whether at 3pm in the afternoon , or 9pm in the evening. There were a few startes from the locals as I put my head in to have a look, just par for the course with most pubs in inner city areas. A local friend advised me never to go in, and also mentioned the Sky Programme. I guess like most Londoners, the pub has a bark worse than its bite. A few shouty cockneys doesn't make a pub rough , does it?

16 Sep 2011 23:00

The Crooked House, Gornal Wood

Interesting building on the edge of the West Midlands conurbation. The guiness was ok, but fairly average. Seems a pleasant pub.

16 Sep 2011 22:57

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

I have been in this pub, not a bad hostelry when I went, oh, back in 2005, prior to a New Order gig at Hyde Park.

Oh, and I love the term 'crumpet'- LOL! Back to the old school!

22 Dec 2009 10:34

The Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield

Went in this pub around 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday night. It had a decent crowd in there, mainly 30 smethings quietly chatting. It is 'SIzzler' chain pb, so I guess it is fairly typical of most chain pubs these days (Embers, harvester's , Sizzler's etc). The beer range was unspectacular, and anoyingly the place is full of screens (Champions League football was on during this night), and you find yourself looking at the screens instead of your companion.

I hope indepedent pubs eventually beat off these chain pubs. It is up to the Breweeries to keep a bit of character and get behind the local boozers, instaed of selling them off to these chains. Every pub is the same.

22 Dec 2009 10:16

The Bishop Vesey, Boldmere

Typical 'spoons, the last time I went. Beer not special, not bad either.

22 Dec 2009 10:12

The Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath

I have to disagree with the other reviewers here. I went in the pub on Sunday 20/12/09, and thought the atmosphere and the beer was good. More than 'mediocre'. I have friends who occasionally DJ here, and the standard of music acts/bands here is now also very good.

My Abbot Ale was in good nick, and I now know what it is like to be excommunicated by the Abbot!

22 Dec 2009 10:09

Ye Olde Talbot, Worcester

I went in this pub yesterday (21/12/09. Overall it was quite good. It is a corner pub, with the bar in the middle, and the floor of the pub arranged around it in a kind of square 'U'.

I agree with the previous reviewer re the staff organisation. It was 1pm and there was one barstaff, a friendly lady, doing the work of 2/3 staff. Then 30 mins later the other staff appeared to surface.

Food ok, and my mate's pint of 'Rockin' Rudolph' was good.

22 Dec 2009 10:05

The Whittington Inn, Whittington

Visited on 7/11/09. A 14th Century Inn on the A449. The building is historic and very atmospheric as one expects from somewhere with much history. The building is picturesque and the manor was owned by Dick Whittington's grandfather in the early 14th century.

Had a meal here. The fayre was fair to good, but nothing special considering it was 6.95 for a veggie burger. It was quite busy on the saturday night I was there, but it suffers from being a chain establishment in my opinion. I didn't sample the beer, but my house red was a pleasant merlot.

Considering what the plac is, it has th potential to be much better.

6 Dec 2009 18:53

The Country Girl, Selly Oak

I went in here last night. An Ember Inns chain - I'm not a fan of chain pubs, but The Country girl is a decent pub - probably a better choice than the Dogpool Inn which we were considering. I had never been in this pub before , but I have been in an Ember Inns pub before (The Bell in Walsall on B'ham Road A34) so I knew what to expect decor -wise. Food-wise, I have found Ember Inns (The Bell) to be quite good, but I didn't sample the food here.

Beer wise there was a decent if not varied range of cask on tap - I went for the Abbots ale and it was a nice pint. Guiness was also good according to my friend.

A good clientele mix - locals, Birmingham University students and others.....there was also a wide range across the ages. It was a lively and friendly atmosphere., exactly what a saturday night should be.

6 Dec 2009 18:39

The Spotted Horse, Putney

Expensive, but well kept beers. Food was also quite good, and there was always a good atmosphere here when I used it.

2 Dec 2009 21:48

Halfway House, Powick

Visited this pub , yesterday, on 1/12/09. It was my first ever visit and I got a wonderful surprise. I had a great local ale (can't remember which), it was a light, fruity drink. Had sausage and mash with fresh peas and onion gravy - just what was needed on a cold day. Bar staff and owner where friendly too. I will be returning.

2 Dec 2009 21:35

The Jug Of Ale, Moseley

Closed down. On one hand it was a shame, and maybe it was coming. Was in one evening for onenight before the closure and the atmosphere afterwards was 'cagey'. There was a chavalanche descending on it, most Fridays, and a northern soul DJ told me some records he had were nicked and damaged by punters.

It was a better feel , more 'studenty' on the quiz night I came to, 2 weeks before it went. Still, it wasn't packed at all. And there are better pubs nearby (PoW and PK's).

Still , back in the day it was a great music venue (80s and 90s), possibly grabbing the mantle from the Goose. RIP 'The JUg'.

28 Nov 2009 09:35

The Dark Horse, Moseley

I know someone who occasionally works in the kitchens here. I have also had the food (not sure he cooked it!), but it was a decent veggie burger as I recall. Otherwise the place is full of Sandal wearing Hoxton wannabees drinking the expensive bottled continental lager on offer. Not a place I will regularly visit.

28 Nov 2009 09:30

Goose At The Fighting Cocks, Moseley

Haven't been in this pub for a while, but I used to come in the 90s and early 'naughties' on regular occasions. It used to be a big music pub too in the 70s and early 80s, The Smiths played here, I think as well as others.

Given it's history the Goose has gone downhill for me following the refit and takeover in 2006. When I have been in it since, it has been too packed, you cannot get a good priced beer, and itthe atmosphere seesm a bit flat and plastic. The old regulars have gone (yes, some where undesirables, but that is what makes up the world we live in), and that is a shame. I guess this is the same thing that happens in the countryside when 'rich townies' get out there. The old locals are pushed aside without any thought or care. So much for community.

I think the 'pretentious' comments. although seem harsh ,are spot on. Moseley is becoming a 'Hoxton wannabee' village, that thinks it is something it is probably not.

28 Nov 2009 09:25

Bournville Social Club, Birmingham

Used to visit this place for the Northern Soul nights a few years ago. After the refurb (2006?) the place lost it's atmosphere, I thought. Beer was fairly standard fayre.

28 Nov 2009 09:18

The Dog Pool Hotel, Stirchley

I know someone who has moved into the area, and we hope to go and see a few bands at this place in the next few weeks. I hope it isn't as bad as the previous posters have made out...................

28 Nov 2009 09:14

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

Typical Goose pub. Cheap ale, well kept and slightly grubby interior. Cheapest pub in Selly Oak though, as other contibutors have said. Very busy on Saturday nights.

28 Nov 2009 09:03

The S'oak, Selly Oak

Unimpressive and fairly quiet, even on a recent Saturday night.

28 Nov 2009 08:58

The Gun Barrels, Selly Oak

An awful Scream pub. Me and a few 30 and 40 something mates went in here on a crawl of Selly Oak. We could have been the fathers to any of the other clientele. Guiness was ok, from memory.

28 Nov 2009 08:55

Bristol Pear, Selly Oak

Refurbished Pub near the station. Decent beer from memory (was here in October), but I have to say the decor has a 'rustic' feel. They seem to be refitting many of the student pubs up like this these days.......wooden floors etc . Are they trying too much to be 'authentic'?

Other than that it was busy on a saturday, wih students, as you would imagine, and the atmosphere was quite friendly. Bottled beer was a bit poncy and overpriced. Didn't try the cask Guiness , but was told it tasted ok.

28 Nov 2009 08:54

The Beacon, Madeley

Ha ha! That's Telford for you!

28 Nov 2009 08:49

Scarlet Pimpernel, Harbourne

Excellent pub with friendly new management. He was Irish, and as you would expect the Guiness was in splendid nick.

27 Nov 2009 22:17

The Bear Tavern, Smethwick

Typical large 'Spoons pub, and many may say it is rough and ready. Bearwood is aspiring to be Harborne or Selly Oak rather than Smethwick, but just under its middle class veneer lurks the Bear Tavern. And in a way, it is a good thing too.

The flip side is the clientele on most weekend evenings, although the 'PLace 2 B' across the Three Shires Oak road is much worse if you are wary of a ruck in my humble opinion.

27 Nov 2009 22:12

Thimblemill, Smethwick


27 Nov 2009 22:08

The Dog, Smethwick

A chain pub with a decent weekend atmosphere. Fairly ordinary place, not uch to write home about, but better than the nearby Old House at Home which is awful.

27 Nov 2009 22:06

The Britannia, West Bromwich

Went in on a Saturday evening, about a year ago. It was very empty, and a shame because the people running it where friendly.

27 Nov 2009 22:02

The Odd Fellows Arms, West Bromwich

Closed down I think. When I went past on Wednesday it was boarded up.

27 Nov 2009 22:00

The Black Eagle, Hockley

Went in Saturday 21st November before West Brom v Bristol City. Packed with Albion and Bristol fans alike enjoying the excellent beer and food.

27 Nov 2009 21:55

The Soho Tavern, Hockley

I'll answer myself, as it is not surprising that anybody else has bothered to comment on it. This pub is now CLOSED. Although I maybe wasting my time announcing it, for the obvious reasons. For the record I think it closed around June of this year.

27 Nov 2009 21:53

The Shaven Crown Hotel, Shipton under Wychwood

14th Century Inn that was connected to a nearby Priory, hence the name. Beer and food is well priced and fantastic. Monks Bar or lounge are very warm and cosy.

Setting is nice, a typical Cotswold vilage. Staff are very friendly too, they are very helpful. 9/10 for this place.

26 Nov 2009 13:59

The Tennis Court, Perry Barr

Lively pub on A34, but beer range is very bland.

26 Nov 2009 13:49

The Endwood, Handsworth

Empty and neglected a few years ago, and the beer wasn't much to shout about. Has it improved?

26 Nov 2009 13:47

The Cross Guns, Birmingham

Not a bad pub, but very typical of most Birmingham boozers.

There was a party in there the night I was in, so that 'upped' the atmosphere, but apart from that the beer on tap and the surroundings where unspectacular.

26 Nov 2009 13:42

The Bromford Inn, Birmingham

Local Birmingham suburban boozer. Very quiet when I last went in there, around June this year. Guiness was fizzy!

26 Nov 2009 13:41

The Fox and Goose Hotel, Birmingham

LOL at anonymous. Saw a wonderful duo called 'BLISS' here on a saturday night in June '09.

26 Nov 2009 13:40

The Brookhill, Alum Rock

Is this pub still open? Typical traditional inner city boozer, complete with the
M & B optics woodwork behind the bar.

Went in on a Saturday night in June this year; just 6 locals in there when another 6 of us turned up.At the time I couldn't see it lasting long.

26 Nov 2009 13:39

La Reserve, Boldmere Gate

Been in tweice including last night, and around June this year. Very poncey and the beer is not much to shout about. Ok for a quiet night out, but so is everywhere else these days in the week.

All you can say is that it is a decent setting near to Sutton Park.

26 Nov 2009 13:34

The Yenton, Birmingham

A large pub on Erdington/Wylde Green border. Apparently used to be quite a 'rough' pub, but it appears to have cleaned up its act nowadays, although it is very bland inside.

Last night there was a decent number of people in for a midweek.

They did have Banks and M &B Mild on tap though.

26 Nov 2009 13:28

The Lad In The Lane, Erdington

A wonderful building, with parts dating back to Medieval times (1400?). However, apart from that, it is a very 'local boozer', and was quiet on the Thursday night I went in (6 in total, including me and a mate).

I reckon it can get 'tasty' in there too, on big nights. Beer unspectaular.

26 Nov 2009 13:15

The Green Man, Harborne

I went in here last night with some friends who have known it for some time. My mate mentioned the really good pub quiz they used to have, so I thought it should be a decent pub.

The interior seems to suggest gastro/chain pub and is a little bit bland. Why do they ruin decent ordinary pub interiors?

Anyway to the beer. Timmy taylors Landlord was fine, a decent pint. However, at 11.10 they started flashing the lights as a sign that they wantd us out. I felt there was a little haste in booting out the people who keep the place going.

I doubt I'll go back.

12 Feb 2008 12:54

The Masons Arms, Solihull

Not that bad a pub, with good beer from what I remember of it. And it has a attractive exterior.

3 Feb 2008 22:53

The Heathway, Buckland End

Went in this place in Sept 2007. We got accosted for the charity box - very dubious. No guiness on tap - "the locals don'tlike it" explained the tattooed barmaid.

3 Feb 2008 22:39

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

Another nice visit here last night. It was a bit cramped but the Churchdown Ale was in great form.

3 Feb 2008 11:15

The Victoria, Walsall

Visited this place on 1st Feb 2008. Excellent Ales (Enville Gold)and a relaxing atmosphere in an old historic building. It also has a starnge side street entrance which isn't really apparent when on Lichfield Street and can be easily missed if you do not know where you are going.

An excellent pub all round, the best in Walsall.

3 Feb 2008 11:07

Watering Trough, Walsall

Went in here Friday evening 1st Feb. Beer was in good nick, and it seemed a lively crowd in there. Mainly a rock crowd, but it was a fairly friendly atmosphere, unlike one or two other places in Walsall.

3 Feb 2008 11:04

The Golden Bee, Stratford Upon Avon

Went in here yesterday after seeing the Courtyard Matinee (Henry IV Pt II). I must admit I groaned when it was decided we should head to a Wetherspoon, but I was pleasantly surprised. Although there were a couple of 'undesirables' around, and a couple of drunken idiots on the door, the beer was in top nick.

The Abbott was excellent and I noticed they had a good range of beers across the board. Good stuff.

3 Feb 2008 11:01

, Digbeth

I hadn't been in for about a year but it never disappoints you when you go back....great range of ales (about 30 on?), great interior and traditional lounge/bar set up, and a good juke box which had been upgraded. You really know what the fuss is about here.

23 Jan 2008 19:55

The Sun on the Hill, Birmingham

I went in here last Saturday (19/1/08). I never come in here, but we popped in to watch a bit of football on th saturday evening.

The place itself isn't bad - but it could be much better. I've had poor beer here in the past, so i stuck to bottled Corona.

I've had food here in the past, but it wasn't special, although that was about 2 years ago. One thing that hasn't changed is the poor service - whenever you go to the bar in a lull, the barstaff seem to disappear around the back - I waited a good 3 mins to see anyone. I won't be back here often.

23 Jan 2008 19:52

Royal Oak Inn, Hallow

I came back here on Sunday 13 jan 2008, and brought my folks to enjoy this splendid place. Great food and service, and the ales had changed - they had Woods Ale on.

My old man said to the barman he couldn't understand why it wasn't packed with the quality food they were serving up. It was a fair point.

14 Jan 2008 15:04

The New Hop Pole, West Bromwich

I take back the 'passable' comment though. I was here on Saturday, and the Timmy Taylor was excellent.

Still Jerry the older landlord has definately gone now, and the atmosphere has changed for the worse, ans lairy drinkers seem to be the norm now, which was never usually the case before.

14 Jan 2008 15:01

Royal Oak Inn, Hallow

I went here on 9 January 2008. It is a traditional pub, but one that serves lovely food in a peaceful setting. However, as well as having a few ales on, it is also a 'proper' local pub, where the locals are regulars in the bar area. The lounge/dining area is very nicely decorated - not too flash - with old photographs of the area and local people from the past. This says the landlords/lady care about the pub's standing in the local community which is good to see.

The host was friendly and helpful.I had a marvellous fish pie, tasty garlic bread that was just right, and I tried the Hallow Ale from Wye Valley Brewery - a well kept and fruity beer. All in a peaceful; rural atmosphere. The toilets are spotless too.It is what a good pub is all about.

10 Jan 2008 13:00

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

One of the best Midlands pubs with beer brewed on site.

As John Bonser says be aware of the "potency of Ruby Mild". My first visit here was as an 18 year old, and it was the second pub of our crawl. I had 3 pints of this gorgeous tasting ale (an elderly drinker - experienced no doubt had told me to be aware of its strength)and ended up legless. I have visited the place many times since, and on top of the ale the interior is very traditional split into several smaller roooms. For summer drinkers there is a smallish garden out of the back.

9 Jan 2008 16:51

The Billiard Hall, West Bromwich

On top of what I have said, there is well kept ale and good selection here.

9 Jan 2008 16:41

The Billiard Hall, West Bromwich

Although on the surface a typical 'spoons, this pub is usually a decent place to drink. On match days it gets busy and policed by WM Constabulary, but overall not bad. Food isn't so bad either, for a Wetherspoon.

9 Jan 2008 16:40

The Wheatsheaf, West Bromwich

Good tradiotional hostelry with Bar and lounge split in traditional fashion. Holdens pub, and the Ale is usually good here. the food is also quite decent.

9 Jan 2008 16:38

The New Hop Pole, West Bromwich

Traditional local(ish) working class boozer. The Miller in here is usually a nice pint. Get's busy on Saturdays when West Brtom are at home, but it is never packed. Bitter in here is passable.

I hear Jerry the Irish landlord has gone now though.

9 Jan 2008 16:37

The Square Peg, Birmingham

Very large pub in City Centre. Was the longest bar in Europe, but as someone else reports that is no longer the case. Typical 'Spoons pub, but with even more of the human flotsem and jetsam that frequents these places.

Takes ages to get served on account of insufficient staffing levels for a pub of this size. But that's corporate pub running for you. Had food once, it was the usual fayre.

I have been in here around 15 times since it has opened and at least half ogf the opccasions has seen a fight.something kick off in here. Albion and Villa fans/hoolies had an 'off' in here once or twice, Blues fans use it before home games, so AVOID on a Saturday - well just AVOID fullstop really.

9 Jan 2008 16:33

The Masons Arms, Marylebone

Excellent hostelry, and well out of place in the West End, but long may it continue.

8 Jan 2008 00:02

The Crabtree, Hammersmith

Have used this place in the past (first time 1999) before Fulham v West Bromwich Albion fixtures. Always took an age to get served, from my recollection. Never stood out as a special pub, but seemed convenient for the match more than anything else.

7 Jan 2008 23:45

The Crabtree, Hammersmith

Have used this place in the past (first time 19999 before Fulham v West Bromwich Albion fixtures. Always took an age to get served, from my recollection. Never stood out as a special pub, but seemed convenient for the match more than anything else.

7 Jan 2008 23:44

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

Ultimate top pub. The service and welcome is superb, very intimate as others have noted and Eddie is a fine host. A really cosy place, a great place to have a session.

ChurchEnd Gravedigger is usually great and a mention for the always palate friendly Tiger bitter must be made. A session must be had by discerning ale drinkers here.

7 Jan 2008 23:39

The Stinging Nettle, Shepherds Bush

Went to this pub in March 2007 before QPR V WBA. Poncy interior, or should I say 'minmilist'. Seemed like a place with an identity crisis. Beer overpriced and not too special.

7 Jan 2008 23:30

The Crown, Catshill

Is this the Toby Inn?

7 Jan 2008 22:56

The Forest Inn, Lickey End

This is a large Harvester pub off the M42. I went there this early evening, as I couldn't be bothered to cook. I have to say I don't mind them, and I was in time for the 'early bird' offer which was ok. Staff (hello Eve who served me) were friendly, but my main course arrived as I was finishing my starter - gave the wrong impression and it was almost as if they wanted my cash and me out of the door and get the next in. Customer service skills needed! As for the fayre - typical Harvester - clean cut interior you know what they're like.

7 Jan 2008 22:54

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

Used to use this pub around 95-2000. Great Youngs boozer, and not the trendy Gastro-type of place that has afflicted (and had by the late 90s) Wimbledon Village and it's environs. Neither was it pricy (comparitively speaking)back then.

Great comedy nights and it used to get rammed in the busiest nights with a good atmosphere.

Reading down the page I sense things have changed. For the worse. A shame.

5 Jan 2008 22:39

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

A fantastic little pub backing onto Wimbledon Common. Lovely and cosy atmosphere - fire roaring in winter - and nice to sit outside in the summer. Food very good indeed, and diners get seperate tables, but it remains a pub at heart. Beer always well kept when I have been there. Always gave the impression that it was a country pub too.

5 Jan 2008 22:25

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Good range of beers in here when I have visited. A traditional City pub with a cosy interior. No suited apes to spoil it, either. Keep it up!

5 Jan 2008 12:19

The Lost and Found, Birmingham

I'm not a regular here, but when I have been in there has been a good atmosphere and the beer is usually well kept. The interior is also impressive. A decent city centre boozer.

5 Jan 2008 12:09

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

A great and not so great pub. Reminds me of Bennetts inside with its cavernous ceiling (like Bennetts it used to be a bank). The exterior, interior and the theatre are the best things about it. Sadly, the beer is usually poor, and I have felt ill on occasions after drinking here. This goes for the lager and the bitter.

However, that hasn't been on every visit I must add, and overall it is a decent enough City Centre pub.

5 Jan 2008 12:07

The Church Inn, Hockley

A good pub situated near the Jewerelly Quarter. I was there for a disco , 'out the back', but the interior is always heart warming on a cold evening (went in Dec 2007). Decent beer too. I didn't have food, but I saw the menu and it looked a good selection. I will be back to try it soon.

5 Jan 2008 12:02

The George, Balsall Heath

Visited on 4th Jan 2008. Indian run hostelry. It is a corner pub with a red and white exterior. Interior is very roomy with a pool table and 'big screen'.

No real ales or guest beers, but the Guinness was in perfect nick. And there is much to be said for the food served here - Indian snack cuisine. My Mogo (Cassava) chips were superb. Good service too.

5 Jan 2008 11:53

Pennyblacks, Birmingham

A really good bar this one. And it gets an excellent when you consider what is near to it. Like the other reviewers should you feel the need for a beer in the mailbox make it here. It isn't overpriced and there is a good range of beers to be had and they are well kept. The only drawback is that it can take ages to get served when busy, but that's in part due to its popularity.

4 Jan 2008 13:45

Jee Jees, Smethwick

A local Smethwick boozer. Beer ok, and it has a pool table which in my book, is always good to see. And they serve curries in the evenings too, and they were reportedly good ones. It is Sikh owned after all.

4 Jan 2008 13:39

The Robin, Smethwick

A fairly decent local boozer. Decent beer when I went, good bitter, I think it was Bass. Decent place all said and done.

4 Jan 2008 13:37

The Old House At Home, Harborne

This place is a chain (can't remember which), and it has that feel to it. Only used it as I was working in the area and it was convenient. Not the sort of place I would normally choose. Beer not very well kept and it is overpriced too. Oh, and why did they get rid of the pool table?

Avoid this place.

4 Jan 2008 13:36

Poppy Red, Birmingham

Good music at times (Friday nights especially), but it has a bit of a trendy 'in-crowd' feel about it which lets it down. Prices are also reidiculously high, but I suppose that is the norm for this end of town.

4 Jan 2008 13:29

Shots Wine Bar and Bistro, Long Eaton

Oh boy, oh boy. I went here in September 2006 (a Friday night), and was lucky to get out alive. The regulars all seemed stoned or coked out of their heads. And then a fight took place. Still it seemed the norm for Long Eaton on a Friday night. The whole town seemed like an asylum.

I shall not be returning, and will also be secretly hoping an atom bomb gets the place (but one which doesn't affect anywhere else - I might have to wait a while for technology to come up to speed on that score!

4 Jan 2008 13:20

The White Swan, Twickenham

I went to this pub in early 2006 with some friends. They ran out of bitter unfortunately, and I was amazed at the total my round came to (12.00 odd for a small coke, a fosters, a fosters shandy and a white wine spritzer).

Beer and service was ok, but the best thing about the pub was the location and the structure of the place itself. A lovely setting.

3 Jan 2008 18:29

The Jenny Lind, Wimbledon Common

Oh, I also remember the time when the phone box outside of the pub was set on fire.....

2 Jan 2008 23:41

The Jenny Lind, Wimbledon Common

Oh, I also remember the time when the phone box outside of the pub was set on fire.....

2 Jan 2008 23:41

The Jenny Lind, Wimbledon Common

Ha ha at anonymous of 16 March '07. You have it spot on. I used to be a Roehampton Student at the old Southlands site (1995-97), and boy oh boy the Jenny Lind was one of the roughest pubs I have ever been in (and I am from Tipton in the West Midlands!). The locals hated the students, I was in there once and my mate was threatened. Another time a quite 'off-the-wall', drunken sort of chap asked us all if we had "rung the police?"

Having said this it is good that the 'Jenny' is still there. Long may it continue.
PS- Who was the old Black bloke who was a seasoned drinker? I worked at the Grid and he used to come down there too.(?)I have forgotten his name.

2 Jan 2008 23:40

The Black Eagle, Hockley

Was here on Boxing Day before WBA V Bristol City. Again Timmy Taylor was on form (just like the Baggies!).

2 Jan 2008 23:15

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

One of the better pubs in Kingston from my memories of the place. Was last there in Sept 2007, and I had a decent evening. Beer was quite good.

2 Jan 2008 23:12

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

I used to go here 7-8 years ago and more. It doesn't see to have changed much reading the reviews, and I can't really add much more. Rubbish.

2 Jan 2008 23:11

Zinc Bar and Grill, Birmingham

Absolute gash.

2 Jan 2008 22:56

The Spotted Horse, Putney

I 've just logged in and have seen the latest sorry entries for the Spotted Horse. I'm sorry to see that Putney is now devoid of decent pubs for decent people.

5,6,7 years ago I used this place regularly. It was a decent boozer then, with 'proper' drinkers and normal folk (i.e non-chav/trendy hoo-rays) enjoying a drink on a Friday evening.

Am I right in thinking the Fox & Dogs and the Railway are the only 'normal' pubs in the area? (pity about the clientele and possibly the management). Other than that then you get soulless, horrible and expensive bars.

A sorry state of affairs.

2 Jan 2008 22:43

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

Coincidentally, I read last night that Micheal Palin mentions this pub in his diary (he visited on November 24th 1977).

2 Jan 2008 11:00

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

Decent beer at this pub (all Wadsworth's ales are). The main thing about it is the setting and the structure of the building itself. Great Tew is a 'chocolate box' type of village and it seems a little 'too perfect'. It is undeniably a wealthy village in terms of it's inhabitants. The pub is semi-thatched.

A great place to sit outside. The bar staff were ok on my visit.

1 Jan 2008 15:24

The Farthings, Castle Bromwich

Fairly dull pub. Drank outside as it was a summer's evening. Beer wasnt special. Quite busy on the Friday I went.

24 Dec 2007 00:30

The Orange Tree, Chadwick End

Pretentious to a point, but it is a very nice place to go for food. Almost a resturant rather than a pub/bar. Beer was well kept (forget what I had now - it was June 2006 when I last went there), and the food has always been good.

24 Dec 2007 00:27

The Port n' Ale, Tipton

This has to be the best pub in Tipton. Great range of beers and ales, always something new to try here. It is also a purveyer of very fine foods, and the atmosphere is also good in this pub too. Much better than a few of the places down the road in Great Bridge, where the atmosphere is either unfriendly or rowdy.

23 Dec 2007 10:52

Post Of Stone, Stone

Visited this pub on 22 December 07. Cheap and well kept ale. Was there for one pint, so can't comment on it as a rgular/long visit, but for a 'Spoons' it seemed a decent hostelry.

23 Dec 2007 10:48

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Jorrocks I beg pardon , Sir. I think some of the interior may be Tudor, and the outer skin, Georgian.

21 Dec 2007 19:42

The Maltese Cat, Roehampton

This was another local of mine when I worked and played across the road at the Roehampton University. Happy memories.

However, the building has gone altogether now, flattened last time I was in the area(around Aug 2006).

Was very rough and ready, and the barstaff 'wante it' more than the locals. Very working class in a London kind of way. I remember having a rough time with my Black Country accent in there a few times....

RIP - but I wonder where the locals go now (Kings Head i presume, I can't see them tracking down the hill to be by the river in Barnes!!!

21 Dec 2007 19:23

The Green Man, Putney Heath

I used to use this pub when in the area. A great local to visit after work. Beer always good, and the food was ok too.

It is also the pub noted in 'War of the Worlds', and Patrick Kieller's film, "London". So there you go.

21 Dec 2007 19:18

The Fountain, Lower Gornal

Good beer and a good atmosphere. I use it fairly regularly (especially about 3-5 years ago).

Great pint of Enville Ale here as well as the continental lagers. Nice food too, and no riff-raff to spoil it.

21 Dec 2007 19:01

The Railway, Putney

A typical 'Spoons pub - it could be replicated 100x over across this Green and Pleasant Land.

I went in around 18 months ago, when I was in that part of London. I thought it had a slightly threatening atmosphere - there were cantankerous old boys in there who had been in there since 11am (I was there around 8pm). The place had changed since I used it on a regaular basis (1995-2003).

I used to study and work at Roehampton University (then Institute) and most of workers there were students and staff (as Jim says below) . A lot of the regulars were also 'faces' at the Grid in Southfields so there was also a friednly atmosphere due to that. One or two used to get drunk out of their heads (especially and old Black geezer whose name I have forgotten),but they were not threatening.

Things have obviosuly changed since then judging by my experience and the latest revies. A shame. RIP THe Railway.

21 Dec 2007 18:56

The Dukes Head, Putney

I used to use this pub when I worked in Roehampton. A quick dash on the 265 would get me there by 5.30 on a Friday evening.

To be fair, I thought back in the days I went (1999-2003 ish) it was overpriced and I could never understand the fuss. Now it seems worse!

There were also a few too many "hooray Yar-boy Henrys" (my coyright) there for my liking. Wannabee Price William types.

21 Dec 2007 18:45

The Grid Inn, Southfields

Ha! I was a member of te barstaff here - from Feb 1996-June 1996.

It was a typical Wetherspoon when I worked there.

21 Dec 2007 18:37

The Prince of Wales, Moseley

This is the best pub in Moseley. It still has a 'proper pub feel to it. No chavs, young pissheads or pretend Hoxton Londoners unlike the places in Moseley.

When I went there must have been 8-9 ales on, and the beer is superbly kept. It has a vibrant, friendly atmosphere and is great fro a good old social night out.

19 Dec 2007 09:04

The Hare of the Dog, Perry Barr

I don't care how many 'zany' monickers the bar staff have (yes they are friendly - or at least were on my last visit in Sept 07), this is a God awful chain place with no soul. Beer is ok, but very average fayre.

I used to use it when I worked at UCE as it was on Campus,'s about it. And it takes ages to get served food - even when the place is empty and just open - at 12pm!

19 Dec 2007 08:51

The Bartons Arms, Aston

Along with the Black Eagle, this is my favourite Birmingham pub. The Thai food is fantastic, and the range of Ales is always well kept and goes down a treat. The decor is well documented - tiled Victorian Interior - fabulous. Lovely place to come for a decent evening with good food and ale.

18 Dec 2007 23:50

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

Havnt been for years as I have left the area. I lived in New Malden (1998-2001). But I rememeber the strippers at the Robert Peel! I went in the small room with my (then) girlfreind and we walked into the middle of a show (the girl was lovely!).

However, I was there to see The Selector (complete with Pauline Black) and it was a top music venue then (probably still is now).

So I have come to praise it! Cheers!

18 Dec 2007 23:24

The Horseley Tavern, Tipton

This pub is not as good as the nearby Port N Ale or The Courthouse. Just a honest Black Country pub with decent ale (Mild!).

However it is a West Brom pub, so it has to have something!

18 Dec 2007 23:11

The Soho Tavern, Hockley

I have been here once, around December 2003 on a crawl mates stag 'do'. It was rough and ready, and the beer awful. It hasn't changed all that much - a real contrast from the Black Eagle across the way.

However, it has a good (very) old fashioned and battered juke box and awful tatty interior 9maybe it has been improved since then?)

18 Dec 2007 23:08

The Black Eagle, Hockley

This is, with the Barton's Arms, possibly the best pub in Birmingham. The food is usually spot on (and a very good choice), and the Ale (esp Landlord - Timmy Taylor) top notch. A great place to come before WBA home games, and even better in the week. Barstaff are usually friendly as is the Landlord (Tony?).

Rightly called a gem in an industrial backwater on Soho/Hockley near Benson Road tram stop.

18 Dec 2007 23:05

The Island Inn, West Bromwich

I went here once, around August 2006. It was a bizarre place - friendly enoug, but it had a plastic palm trees in the place....In West Brom??!!!??

I now hear disturbing stories about it being a BNP joint - very wierd has it used to be run by Sikhs...

18 Dec 2007 22:57

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I love this place. The beer is always good and the atmospheric history of the place (Queen Elizabeth dancing with Hatton plus its 1546 structure)is enough to pull any but the least tastefulof visitors.

I haven't been for a few years as I no longer reside in London, and the last time I went it was closed (a Saturday evening). However, I wish to visit on a Christmas day out in the smoke.

18 Dec 2007 22:45

The Fox and Dogs, West Bromwich

A cdecent Jamacian owned boozer. Usualy decent music here on Saturday nights - good reggae and soul stuff. Beer ok. Atmosphere is good.

18 Dec 2007 15:47

The Vine, West Bromwich

What a gem! From the outside it looks like a typical old Black Country boozer, but........

The food is second to none in the area -great curries, good food selections and the barbeque out the back is the icing on the cake. Get yourselves over there people!And they serve a decent pint as well. Excellent bitters on tap.

In the week there is a good mix of people - from all backgrounds and ages so there is no attitude at all. On match day the best sorts of people are here =- Baggies fans!

18 Dec 2007 15:45

The Crown, Worcester

Typical dull Lloyds (posh Wetherspoon) fayre. Beer ok. No music when I was there. Dull.

17 Dec 2007 23:07

The Albion Vaults, Birmingham

This is a cracking good Irish pub. I went in around Feb 2005 and there was a Friday night lock-in. Guiness went down a treat too.Can't say fairer than that.

17 Dec 2007 23:05

The Village Tavern, Birmingham

This is a pub right in the 'thick of it' Nechells frontline. Jamacian owned, and when I used to go in the landlord was a bit grumpy , possibly on account of the AFrican discos that used to take place until 3am!!!

Beer awful - stick to bottles however!

17 Dec 2007 23:04

The Foaming Tankard, Birmingham

I concur with the previous reviewer - unbelievable!!!

17 Dec 2007 23:02

The Old Courthouse, Tipton

This is a fantastic pub - or at least used to be. I used it and the Marstons used to be a cracking pint. Haven't been in for a while, might have to give it a go again.

17 Dec 2007 23:01

The Patrick Kavanagh, Moseley

Vibrant, footy, plenty of 'easy on the eye' females (if you are that way inclined)and a good jukebox. Beer a bit pricey, but you can't have it all. Oh and usually a good funk/northern/reggae night every now and again. A good place to be.

17 Dec 2007 22:58

The Monica Inn, Small Heath

March 2005. A damp, dark Friday evening. A crawl ensued with around 6 of us at the Monica Inn. We had a few stares, and bizarrely Northern Soul tunes where playing. Can't remember much about the pub except that it was in a rough area between Small Heath and Hay Mills - inside it was grubby I recall and the beer wasn; t memorable. I doubt Il ever go in again.

17 Dec 2007 22:49

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

I have to agree, one of the best in the smoke. I used it from time to time when I lived in South West London - maybe Ill be back one day, but this place was atmospheric, had good beer and was very lively. Rightly called a gem.

17 Dec 2007 22:46

The Litten Tree, Sutton Coldfield

Typicasl Litten Tree chain - mainly rubbish. And my mate got stopped for wearing trainers!!!!

17 Dec 2007 21:50

The Cup Inn, Sutton Coldfield

I went in on a Friday evening in December 2006. There seemed to be many , ahem, 'younger' clientele in that night. The old bill noticed it to (and their sniffer dogs noticed something) and the place was raided 5 minutes before we left. We had to stay an extra 30 minutes!

A rough pub, but at least it wasn't boring!

17 Dec 2007 21:47

The Rainbow, Birmingham

Not a bad evening to be had here. Good music (especially the 'Silver Dollar' nights), good looking women and a good atmosphere.

Unfortunately not as well run as once was. Food no more. Soundsystem can be poor - 0n Nov 11 2006 sound cut out altogether - technicians couldn't put it right and vibe/patrons/credibility was lost despite the hard work of the DJ's to restore parity.

8 Dec 2006 01:15

Old Crown & Cushion, Birmingham

Great pub, good atmosphere. Good music and dj's until 3 on Friday and Saturday and a good overall mix of people.

Can get 'moody' due to geographic placement on the A34 - frontline between two gangs, but if you have nothing to do with that then enjoy.

8 Dec 2006 00:57

The Redhill Tavern, Hay Mills

A bit lively on a Friday night when I went. Full of Small heath/Hay Mills under 30 locals getting beered up on a karaoke before an inevitable trip to Broad St.My mate got his arse pinched by some woman!

Otherwise full of over 30s singing aqnd getting very drunk.

Beer unspectacular, few stares off locals.

8 Dec 2006 00:49

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