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The Old Orchard, Harefield

Expensive. Frozen food served as "fresh". Normal Brake Brothers offerings.

Attracts the wealth ponces since they (ignorantly) buy by price, not quality OR taste. Accordingly, they “love it”.

No, wouldn’t go again. Pretty awful experience, frankly.

19 Sep 2014 22:53

The Kings Arms, Harefield

Full of football hooligans and a landlord who has no control over them.

Not my scene and, based on a visit 17/9, would never return.

What is with grown men and football? FFS I grew out of it @ 14. Sad, so terribly sad...

19 Sep 2014 22:46

The Globe, Brentford

It's Brentford...Now who on earth would wish to live, die or drink there?

ScummyTown personified, only beaten by it's sh**t'sville neighbour - Hounslow.

Get over it and MOVE. I did...

19 Sep 2014 22:35

The Bricklayers Arms, Brentford

Much better now for not being a pub.

OIKS have long gone, thank f**k.

19 Sep 2014 22:29

The Beehive, Brentford

Smells of piss and weed. Patrons are terribly awful. Punters are worse.

Beer? Don’t ask..

Fullers…Sort it..

19 Sep 2014 22:26

Prince Of Wales, Uxbridge

Nothing like a landlord leaving a review, eh?

This place has not been the same since the early 90's. Then a pleasant decent place fulfilling the wishes of local GROWN UP people.

It is now a kids/teens palace, having driven any one decent left away.

Don't kid yourself Craig. You won't be around long enough to have ever been remembered being there.

RIP The POW. Once nice, now a ce**pit.

Incidentally, beer in the Red Lion could be 20x more expensive BUT it IS always better kept.

Review based on our visit Friday, 8th August 2014 and the preceding Tuesday lunchtime.

9 Aug 2014 19:00

The Ostler, Uxbridge

Up for sale - stinking piss bowls too. Good riddance. Free's Ux from another violent nasty pub

30 Apr 2011 00:17

The Load Of Hay, Uxbridge

MLC need their necks wringing.

30 Apr 2011 00:15

Auberge, Uxbridge

Frozen Break Brothers food sold as "fresh". YUK

30 Apr 2011 00:13

The Abrook Arms, Uxbridge


30 Apr 2011 00:12

The Hut, Uxbridge

Not sure where to start.

Owners are established West London villains. Drugs are part of the pub business.

Speak out of turn and you WILL be clouted.

No real ale just fizz at silly prices.

Frequented by lamps.

NOT nice. You have been warned.

30 Apr 2011 00:10

The White Horse, Harefield

NO LONGER A PUB. Needs to be removed. Illegal (maybe) immigrants living head to toe in a building running a cars sales venue

22 Sep 2010 23:37

The Swan, Harefield

Now closed and boarded up due to drug problems and the lack of a renewal of licence.

22 Sep 2010 23:33

The Crown Colham Green, Hillingdon

"Agree with stevemj. The problem with this place is the surly tenant (old git) and his much younger (forever changing her hair colour) lover or wife. They have ABSOLUTYLY NO people skills, or any finesse.

Its a place that lacks character MAINLY due to their inefficiencies.

A new tenant really could turn this place around, doubtless."

Agree entirely. Well said.

25 Nov 2009 23:34

The White Bear, Hounslow

Grow up wiingz .."Everyone in the pub is like family and you're never without in terms of a drink or conversation."

It's a business. Simply there to make money. Not, I have to say, a good one at that. Although you do score points for NOT having that awful SKY stuff.

25 Nov 2009 23:26

The Load Of Hay, Uxbridge

Pub is not going slowly downhill. It died a huge death less than 2 months ago. Grant is an arrogant individual who knows best. Fact is, he doesnt and his ignorance WILL be his downfall. The way in which the staff are treated here is unforgivable.

Getting rid of the Carpenter thieves should have been a re-birth. It wasnt, and he failed miserably here.

Personally, Id love to see this place go to the wall. It (and all that have ever run it) deserve it.

Incidentally, this is a pub. Pubs do not employ chefs...They are simply microwave and boil in the bag bods.

28 Jul 2009 23:29

The Harefield, Harefield


21 Jul 2009 22:08

The Swan, Harefield

S**t hole, believe me. Death is nicer than a visit here.

21 Jul 2009 22:06

The General Eliott, Uxbridge

Never mind the pub, those poor children....Physical and verbal abuse. God, that bitch running this place needs a severe whipping.

21 Jul 2009 22:02

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