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The Princess Louise, Holborn


6 Jan 2010 21:28

The Wonder, Enfield

Step back in time it need to be experenced

6 Jan 2010 21:26

Moon Under Water, Enfield

A Shit hole enough said

6 Jan 2010 21:25

The Old Sergeant, Chase End

This pub is part of a dieing breed of pubs where a friendle style of staffing is seen. a good juke box, a pool table and darts board. With a meet raffle on a sunday . Regualr entertainment . But keep it a secret other wise the imbreds from the moon underwater may make there way in.

6 Jan 2010 21:24

The White Horse, Soho

This pub is utter pish . It seems very unclean. it does do real ale wghich is a plus. the toliets are over flowing, the tables are piled up with dirty plates and empty glasses. This was at 2pm on a monday afternoon it took 40minutes to get a pudding after badgering the staff for it a very poor expensive pub

6 Jan 2010 21:19

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