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The Lamb and Packet, Preston

Now closed. Thwaites sold the pub to the University of Central Lancashire.

28 Sep 2018 03:27

The Guild, Preston

I think the most recent review is intended for the micropub Guild Ale House in the City centre.

As for the Guild on Fylde Road. A recent midweek visit had me walk in on two dogs having a fight while the owners and barstaff watched. As the two good pubs nearby were closed, I got a pint and ordered a taxi. The pint was nothing special from the Greene King stable.
The atmosphere was hostile. The barstaff uninterested. Such a shame as it could be a wonderful, vibrant venue.

28 Sep 2018 03:25

The Assembly, Preston

Closed, with the rumour of it being turned into a nightclub doing the rounds.

7 Nov 2016 14:16

The Fox and Grapes, Preston

Now a cocktail bar called, I think, Beachcomber.

7 Nov 2016 14:15

The Angel Hotel, Preston

Closed at the moment, looking unlikely to continue as a pub but hopefully it'll trade again.

7 Nov 2016 14:14

The Exchange, Preston

Now a cocktail bar called Cuckoo

7 Nov 2016 14:13

The Castle, Preston

Been closed a long time

7 Nov 2016 14:12

Lea Gate, Lea

Much improved in recent times. We have enjoyed a few family meals over the past few months.

It is the busiest I have ever known it and could perhaps do with a few more staff.

One fantastic moment at the bar is worth mentioning. Our little girl collects the novelty 50p pieces, and I had noticed one in the staff tips jar which she didn't have. At my next visit to the bar, the 50p was still visible so I asked if I could be cheeky enough to swap the 50p from the tip jar for a pound coin. The chap enthusiastically handed over the 50p but was reluctant to take the £1 coin, but eventually accepted. He then asked if our little girl had the newly issued Beatrix Potter 50p. She didn't, so he went through the till to find one he had seen.
It is service like this which our ailing pubs need.

Beers tend to be 2 or 3 from the Greene King portfolio.

7 Nov 2016 02:00

The Steamer Inn, Shanklin

Stopped off for a family meal. Received a very friendly welcome from the staff.

The food was fantastic value, my gammon was perfect but a bit too much even for my tum.

Clean toilets, great views.

Four real ales on, two from Ringwood, two from Wychwood and real cider from Addlestones.

Happy customers.

7 Nov 2016 01:48

King Harry's Bar (Glenbrook Hotel), Shanklin

I popped in to see what time children were allowed in 'til, as I seemed to recall when I went in a year ago there was a No Children In the Bar sign. I was right about the sign.

I got a pint and asked if there was a room where children were allowed (as the pub's entry in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide has the symbol for a family room). Fair play to the barman (who I expect was the boss) he said there wasn't and that the CAMRA guide had once said they had a campsite. So the misinformation was no fault of the pub.

I got a pint of Caledonian Edinburgh Castle which was superb. I settled down and, like I had the previous year, admired the pumpclip collection adorning the old beams of the barroom.

Top marks to the pub, naughty corner for CAMRA.

7 Nov 2016 01:43

The Crab Inn, Shanklin

Went in for a midweek family meal.

We were heartily welcomed and the chap looked after us well throughout our visit. Also a huge thumbs up was that we all enjoyed our food.


We were attracted by the large sign advertising meals from £4.99 but when we were seated, the menus were nothing like that price. However when we asked, we were brought the Value Menu. Apologies were given that the Value Menu wasn't with the more expensive menus on the table. Several other groups came in and had to ask for the Value Menu and received similar apologies. I may be over cynical but.......

At the bar, the only real ale was Greene King IPA so I opted for a pint of lime and soda. However, there was no draught soda water so it would mean at least two mixer sized bottles. I opted for a pint of diet coke/lemonade mix which really confused the barstaff. Both the diet coke and lemonade came from plastic bottles.

To sum up The Crab - they have contactless payment but no draught soft drinks.

7 Nov 2016 01:35

The Chine Inn, Shanklin

Dropped by on a Sunday afternoon but found it difficult to get as the smokers outside were reluctant to make way for us wanting to get past. When I got to the bar the service was none existent and with the live entertainment drowning out any chance of conversation, we happily went elsewhere.

Undeterred, we ventured back on the Wednesday evening but it was closed. Not worth the bother.

7 Nov 2016 01:25

The Star Inn, Glossop

Called in on a sleepy Monday afternoon and found the pub pleasantly patronised. Wonderful traditional pub, very friendly atmosphere. Oakham's Scarlet Macaw was on, as well as a few others, and was in fine fettle at a bargain £2.20

Highly recommended.

11 Oct 2015 14:56

The State Bar, Glasgow

Great pub.

Good range of well chosen real ales at very reasonable prices. Fast service even though it was busy when I first arrived. Breweries included Oakham, Stewarts, Fyne, Marble.

Certainly worth a visit.

19 Jun 2015 11:28

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

Wow! What a good transformation of this pub. New seating area where the kitchen used to be. Less choice of real ale but if it improves the quality (due to quicker turnover) then that's a good thing. Still 6 handpumps offering a good choice at great value. I had the Black Jack brewery's New Deck and it was superb and at £2.70 in central Manchester, that's better than fantastic.

Highly recommended.

24 May 2015 02:29

Moorbrook, Preston

Bought and refurbished in 2014. The pub has 6 real ales and a varied range of other ales. Interesting menu though the pub is nowhere near a foody pub. Entertainment on Thursday evenings ranges from quiz to live music. Great beer garden.

A welcome addition to the Preston pub scene, easily slotting into a top 5 slot.

9 Jan 2015 19:05

Ale Emporium, Preston

Now named Ale Emporium. Now 8 real ales and extended opening times.

Still well worth the effort.

9 Jan 2015 19:01

The University Tavern, Preston

No longer a pub.

9 Jan 2015 18:59

The Woodlands, Silverdale

Went looking for this pub one Saturday afternoon after a visit to Leighton Moss RSPB reserve. It took some finding, in the dark, but our satnav told us we had arrived. We stopped, saw the pub sign and headed up the path (don't go left immediately on the small road).

We parked in front of the grand building. The building entrance was amazing. The two rooms which form the 'pub' are quite different. As we had a child with us, we settled in the room with the pool table and TV. England were playing football that afternoon and it was on the TV in the room we were in but here was only 4 people watching it, so it was all good and civilised.

The main bar was busy but service was not slow. Four ales to choose from and the one I tried was fine.

All to soon, it was time to show some consideration to our driver and head homewards.

Great pub, wonderful that such places still exist. Highly recommended to pub lovers.

26 Nov 2014 01:03

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Top notch. It was our first stop for a day roving the rails and pubs between Wolverhampton and Stourbridge. We made sure we had time to get back for our last drink too.

A damn fine pub.

23 Oct 2014 00:38

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

I keep trying the pubs of Leeds near the station. They keep disappointing me. However, this Nicholsons pub always seems to be a safe retreat amid the fancy, trendy bars.

Great beer, good service, it'll do for me.

16 Oct 2014 22:04

Prince Of Wales, Leeds

It was the mid 90s since I last visited, so thought I'd have another look.

The first beer (Roosters brewery) was returned straight away as it was very off. The Copper Dragon was drinkable.

It had the feel of being under new ownership (asking the barmaid confirmed it was taken over a month ago) and treading water - at best.

The real fire was a feature. However it was being fuelled by MDF and painted wood. Hey, who cares about throwing poisonous fumes about, let alone a smokeless zone.

Hopefully it will be get someone with a clue looking after it before too long.

16 Oct 2014 21:59

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

I visited Leeds in January and was unimpressed by the lax barstaff. However, I eventually got a beer. It was so cool it had a chill haze and no real taste.

I gave the pub another chance last night, but upon opening the door the stench of seafood was too much for me.

16 Oct 2014 21:52

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Notoriously difficult to find, it was going on 20 years since my last visit.

It seems many pubs in Oxford have progressed in the passing years leaving the Turf in a bit of a mess.

On our visit it was packed. Proper busy, inside and out. Three deep at the bar. Which must mean they're doing something right. They are, it's a lovely historic pub. The beer was good (though the claim of 11 real ales seems a tad much).

However, the understaffed bar was struggling. Short measures were the norm.

We only got there in time for two drinks. No sooner had we sat down with our second drink than we were being asked to drink up. I found this odd, looked to the bar and saw people still being served. After being mithered and mithered we were the last to leave the pub at 2310.
Now, I understand there are people living very close by, but if the licence states silence by 11pm (I've no idea if it does, but they seemed keen to take glasses out of peoples' hands) then call last at half ten.

This pub was a let down.

9 Oct 2014 01:24

The Grapes, Oxford

Lovely pub. Well kept ales. Great barstaff. The food looked amazing, we will be dining there on our next visit to Oxford.

Also worthy of note is the range of merchandise from Bath brewery which is on sale.

Well worth a visit.

9 Oct 2014 01:12

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Tucked away in an alley by Tesco local, we circled this pub before we found it. It was worth the effort.

A varied clientele and relaxed atmosphere was a promising feel when we entered. The friendly barstaff were fantastic.

We stayed for at least 4 pints.

Highly recommended.

9 Oct 2014 01:08

The Queens Head, Horspath

Stayed a couple of nights in the accommodation. Room was more than ample and remote from the pub. Great shower.

The London Pride was excellent and my girlfriend had a Shotover beer which she enjoyed. Sadly, prior commitments in Oxford denied us the opportunity to sup more in the pub.

Very friendly from start to finish. Using a local cab firm (who were very swift to arrive) it was between £12 and £15 into Oxford.

9 Oct 2014 01:04

Lea Gate, Lea

Hungry Horse branded pub. Child friendly and next to a Premier Inn.

Nothing special. Not brilliant, not terrible. Decent enough food, a couple of cask ales which are often past their best, kiddies play area, pool table, plenty of games machines (seaside grab type things, xbox 360), scenes from old Preston on display. Every other Friday sees a meeting of owners of vintage cars displaying their pride and joy. If you are lucky you can get a table with a view...... of Clifton tip.

7 Jul 2014 10:54

The Snug, Carnforth

Fantastic little gem. Had a very pleasant evening and found it to be very friendly with fantastic beer. Not for everyone's taste - there's no keg beers or spirits - but we'll certainly be making return visits.

7 Jul 2014 10:45

The Ancient Oak, Cottam

Predominantly aimed at young families, which is no bad thing.

The last time I visited this pub was soon after it first opened. So today, after some years, I paid my second visit.

Large car park, good. Young child trying to ride his bike through the front doors of the pub, bad. Cask marque plaque outside, haha. Instant attentive and patient service, good. Local micro brewery beer available, good. Said beer well past its best, bad- double bad. Offered Old Speckled Hen instead, even further past its best. Regretting not going elsewhere at this point. No other real ales. Becks £3.10 a pint.

The sad thing is, we'll be going again. The 8 year old loved the play area. It's a hell on earth for adults- they have you over a barrel for drinks prices and quality control seems to be non existent. But the kids love it.

I'm dreading our next visit.

9 Apr 2014 22:12

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

Not many like this left. I've always enjoyed it in here. Long may it continue.

30 Mar 2014 19:02

The Bulls Head, Manchester

Tidy pub, well kept beer, food looks good, stocks Monster Munch, handy for Piccadilly station. I have friends who usually turn their noses up at Marton pubs (beer snobs) but they enjoyed this place when I took them in before our trains.

30 Mar 2014 18:57

The Star and Garter, Manchester

Rough and ready and totally devoid of frills, but a great atmosphere at many of their nights. Been to several gigs and the Smiths disco and always enjoyed it. They have some quality punk bands playing. Not somewhere to take the Vicar's daughter on a first date, but it's a decent enough venue.

30 Mar 2014 18:55

The Wheatsheaf, Woodplumpton

As the previous comment was over 5 years old, we decided to give the pub a go and popped along for lunch one Saturday.
At half past 12 we were the first car on the car park and the first customers in the pub. We were made very welcome and took a table near the large fire where there is a photo of the fire which I have been told shows three ghosts. Hmm. The real ales on offer were fairly standard (two Theakston beers and Caledonian Deuchars). We both had a starter and a main and enjoyed our meal. Nothing too fancy and good value. The locally sourced gammon was lovely.
After our meal we read the display in the pub about the local 17th century witch, Meg Sheldon, then we visited her grave in the graveyard opposite the pub.

30 Mar 2014 08:57

The Swan Hotel, Kirkham

First stop on a rainy thursday wandering around Kirkham. The smokers gathered at the door of the pub who seemed reluctant to move were the perfect clue as to what this pub was like. Though it was the only pub with any kind of atmosphere, the drinks were a let down. No real ale, Theakston Mild and Best Bitter (both keg) were off. Intrusive TVs, ripped sofas etc. Not somewhere I'll be dashing back to.

28 Mar 2014 15:01

The Queens Arms, Kirkham

A thursday afternoon saw no real ales (two pumpclips were turned around), no lager and no redeeming features. I prompty left.

28 Mar 2014 14:36

The Post Office Hotel, Kirkham

Called in one rainy thursday afternoon, which now seems befitting for the pub. No real ale, Meatloaf on the jukebox until it finally gave way. The next song was Crying. I felt like doing so.

28 Mar 2014 14:33

The Black Horse Hotel, Kirkham

A sleepy thursday afternoon and by far the best pub I visited in Kirkham. The geust beer was superb and reasonably priced. The TV was obtrusive but that was the only downside. It looks like a real effort is being made here.

28 Mar 2014 14:31

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

I called in one Sunday afternoon. The beer was good and well priced, I found a free table in the corner and all was well. However, the crowd of drunken smokers outside the pub were off-putting and the atmosphere was not for the faint hearted. If the pub was to run a swear box, it would be a tidy earner!

28 Mar 2014 13:42

The Drum and Monkey, Glasgow

I would rate this pub as OK, no more, no less. There's plenty of worse bars, there's plenty of better ones. On my last visit I was served a ropey pint but it was changed without issue, however the beer was not removed from sale, so the next poor soul who ordered it would not get a good beer.

28 Mar 2014 13:39

The Pot Still, Glasgow

Great little boozer. I'm not one for whiskey but I know this is a fine place for it. The real ales have always been good on my visits. I once left a flat cap where I'd been sitting and only noticed a couple of hours later, I headed back in to look for it and the barman immediately recognised me and gave me my cap which they had looked after.

28 Mar 2014 13:30

The Swan In The Rushes, Loughborough

Unpretentious pub, great range and quality of beer. Accept vouchers from somewhere else....... Handy for the travelodge. Enjoyed my time in there. Highly recommended.

27 Mar 2014 23:16

The Bridge, Topsham

My train down to Exmouth was delayed at Topsham, so I checked my Good Beer Guide and the Bridge sounded OK. After being underwhelmed with Exmouth I stopped off for a couple of pints at Topsham. I found the Bridge and it instantly made its way into my top 5 pubs.

It's a belter! A step back in time with the layout but bang up to date with what the customer likes. The multitude of rooms is delightful, the quality of beer was tip-top and the friendliness of the occupants was lovely. I was shown into the cellar when the chap serving realised I had an interest in beer and they still use brass beer taps!

There can't be many this good.

27 Mar 2014 22:59

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

A gem of a boozer. I'm looking forward to another visit tomorrow night :)

27 Mar 2014 17:14

The Angel, Manchester

Very good, popular pub. Large choice of real ales but sometimes the breweries are not the best choice. Nonetheless, always worth a visit.

27 Mar 2014 17:13

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Fantastic quality of beers, great decor to the pub. Love it. Always a pleasure to visit.

27 Mar 2014 17:11

Dean Swift, London Bridge

Good choice of breweries from around the country and the beer has always been in great condition when I've been in. The staff have always been friendly and knowledgeable too. I think I'll be paying a visit more often when I'm in the area.

27 Mar 2014 16:59

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Got served a horrid tasting, cloudy real ale. The landlady exchanged it for another drink but with very bad grace claiming it was meant to be like. I was so miffed I contacted the brewery to ask if that brew was meant to be cloudy, which they said it wasn't and were disappointed that it was being served in such a condition. Won't be going back. I get the impression it is still in the Good Beer Guide because it has always been in the GBG and it would a shame to not keep the tradition going.

27 Mar 2014 16:49

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Always good quality real ales from well chosen breweries. The Titanic Plum Porter as a regular beer keeps us going back. Always got on well with the staff (landlord included) and never had any bother as the 'undesirables' seem to go elsewhere. Maybe the house rules are a bit excessive (no coats or bags on seats) but it's often busy and the beer is good.

20 Feb 2014 20:25

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

A Wetherspoons downstairs but comfy well priced rooms above.

20 Feb 2014 20:17

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

A wonderful building worth visiting for the time-warp novelty. It's a shame they are rather restricted on the real ale range but the Cockle Warmer was in fine fettle on a recent visit. A big plate of Sunday roast for £5 was a treat- the staff were fantastic too.

20 Feb 2014 20:14

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Had a fantastic evening this Sunday just gone. Very friendly and helpful barstaff, great quality beer and range. Lovely pub too.

We'll certainly be back.

20 Feb 2014 20:12

The Royal, Birkenhead

A friendly, lively boozer. Totally unpretentious and all the better for it.

Plenty of real ale but some of the breweries used are second rate, but some are good (Brimstage, Liverpool Organic, Titanic).

Can be hard to get to the bar due the it being crowded with barflies and an ever-present gang of smokers crammed into the doorway is never pleasant to push through (why they don't use the smoking area to the rear, I've no idea).

Open mic nights can be hilarious, quiz nights too. Generously filled sandwiches available in a cooler on the bar.

14 Jan 2014 12:19

Oxton Bar and Terrace, Oxton Village

I was enticed in by the sight of Liverpool Organic brewery's wares on the bar. Overpriced and in poor condition.

One for the posers who want to be seen to have a bit of cash.

On the plus side, it was clean.

14 Jan 2014 12:13

The Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton

Refurbishment in 2013 has removed what little charm was remaining at The Shrew.

Uninteresting real ale selection and bog-standard pub-chain food ensures that I won't be a regular here.

It's OK, nothing more.

14 Jan 2014 12:11

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Fantastic small, friendly pub close to Hamilton Square and the ferry terminal.

Well sourced guest beers are always in top condition, with 4 pint takeaway containers available (we have often taken advantage of these when we've been unable to stay out).

The barber shop is well known. Upstairs function room is popular for live music, poetry reading etc. There's often tasting afternoons (cheese, whiskey etc) on Sundays.

Fantastic example of a well run pub.

14 Jan 2014 12:08

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Been a few times on weekend evenings in recent years. The cask beer has always been excellent and the service fantastic. Hard to fault the pub. Bar snacks were good too.

14 Jan 2014 12:02

The Ship Inn, Preston

Now named Ship & Giggles.

One for the young ones but rarely busy.

One well worth walking past.

14 Jan 2014 11:15

The Freshfield Hotel, Formby

Extensively refurbished in 2012, the Freshie is probably Greene King's (though the brewery tries to hide the fact it is their pub, going for the freehouse feel) finest pub.

In the region of 14 real ales on the bar, mainly from independent breweries, with a few GK products, and very well sourced- Liverpool Organic, Leeds, Oakham etc.

The function room has been incorporated into the pub and is mainly used for diners. A dartboard is retained as is plenty of tables for those who just want a drink.

Dogs welcome, children welcome, food served all day, regular beer festivals, weekly quiz night, 1/3 pint boards available, friendly and attentive staff. The Freshie shows what Greene King is capable of when it allows itself to try something different.

Well done to all those involved.

14 Jan 2014 11:12

The Hand and Marigold, Bermondsey

The main downside of The Marigold, for me, is that the regular barflies like the sound of their own voices (bad languange is not an optional extra) too much and assume that others will too.

The main plus side is that it never seems to get busy, so it is our default boozer when everywhere else is busy. While this may seem like a backhanded compliment, we often enjoy our visits to The Marigold. It's a shame their solitary cask beer comes from the Greene King range, therefore it is often bland. But maybe that's appropriate....

14 Jan 2014 11:03

Simon The Tanner, London

Often use StT when in London due to its close proximity of my lodgings. I have found it to be highly variable; the best visit was when I arrived one lunchtime when it was opening and when I ordered a pint of lime and soda, it was given to me free of charge- which cemented my choice of whether to eat there or not. The chili was excellent. Evenings can be busy and I've often felt unwelcome. The hired staff are rarely anything less than fine, it must be said......

The drinks can be a bit high on the ABV side sometimes and I've sometimes been served cask ale in green condition. I have had some cask ale in cracking condition too.

I'll certainly continue my occasional visits.

14 Jan 2014 10:57

The Dog and Partridge, Preston

An update for the D&P (I am the live music promoter for the venue).

Since mid September 2010 the pub is open all-day. Food served each lunchtime (Sundays too).

The pub has had a refurbishment is August and bits are still being improved.

There is an open mic night on the first Monday of the month.
Live bands approx two Tuesday evenings and two Sunday afternoon (Sunday gigs are all-ages gigs). The Tuesday evenings there is no band, there will be at least one rock DJ.
All entertainment is free entry.

There is a free to enter quiz every Thursday.
Rock DJ Sunday evening.

The fruit machine has been removed this week and an itbox installed.

Regular real ales are Young's Special, Tetley Dark Mild and Tim Taylor's Landlord. There are two guest from the SIBA direct delivery list provided by Punch. Weston's Old Rosie is also available.

Hope this ^^^^ helps.

23 Sep 2010 16:28

The Continental Pub, Preston

Best pub in Preston for me.

Great real ale and a wonderful clientelle. The food is excellent, too (not avaialable Mon eves at the moment).

Two beer festivals a year can get very busy, always best to try the first evening.

Fantastic to see a pub which was down-at-heel a few years ago thriving.

23 Sep 2010 16:19

Ale Emporium, Preston

Great beer, well priced. Friendly atmosphere. Varied but great quality entertainment, a function room is available for hire for gigs n that.

Beware - it is closed Mondays at the moment.

23 Sep 2010 16:16

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