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The Nags Head, Belgravia

Bloody hell!!! I didn't realise places like this still existed! Walking in is like going back in time 60 or 70 years! Upon entering I ordered a pint of Adnams Lighthouse and went and sat in the downstairs bar (via a very rickety narrow staircase) as all the seats upstairs were taken. Got told off by the landlord for putting my coat on the back of a chair and not hanging it up (yeah welcome to the pub!). After settling into my newspaper it became apparent that the couple seated on the other side of the room were pointing at the fireplace and looking a bit alarmed. I turned round to find a mouse scuttling around on the floor! This mouse was pretty brazen and not shy at all! Finished my pint of perfectly acceptable Lighthouse and onto Adnams Dry-Hopped lager. Re-located back upstairs as seats had become free and I didn't really fancy sharing my pint with the mice! Witnessed another punter being told to leave the pub in no uncertain terms for answering his phone (which was a bit harsh frankly as the guy had obviously never been to the pub before and his phone went off just as he walked in). I did notice the 'no mobile phones' sign and I'm all for not having to listen to other peoples phone conversations but it was a bit over the top frankly. Towards the end of my visit the place was swamped with a bunch of suits who were extremely loud and obviously a bit the worse for wear. As regards the beer only Adnams seemed to be available on draught which I found surprising as I was under the impression this was a free house. Both pints I had were perfectly acceptable but nothing special. Am I glad places like this still exist? Yes. Will I be hurrying back any time soon? No.

16 Dec 2015 15:03

Bell and Bear, Emberton

Dead impressed with this place. 4 real ales on all from different breweries and all seemingly well kept. No less than 5 real ciders mostly from local producers (Gasping Goose being the highlight). Friendly staff, friendly locals and a roaring fire . The chef who was on a break even offered us his seat by the fire on condition that we kept the fire going! Apparently there is a high quality restaurant in the other room which I can well believe. Well worth the walk in the rain from Olney town centre. This is what a pub should be like...

29 Nov 2015 17:22

Bull Inn, Olney

This place seems to have gone downhill a bit since my last visit 3 or 4 years ago. 8pm on a Saturday night and the place was virtually empty. Had a chewy pint of Plum Porter and got treated to some god awful hip-hop style music that was blaring out. Won't be hurrying back...

29 Nov 2015 17:11

March Hare, Broughton Hackett

Our second visit to the March Hare and seemingly not much has changed in the past couple of years (and I mean that in a good way). Excellent carvery, good beer and a very quick turnaround to get your food. This place remains busy even on a very wet day which is always a good sign...

23 Aug 2015 22:29

White Bear, Tewkesbury

Excellent selection of real ales and ciders including their own exclusive cider. Friendly and eccentric locals and an oustide khazi. This is a proper boozer...

23 Aug 2015 22:18

The Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury

Atmospheric old world pub with low beams and friendly staff. Five real ales on and a real cider which all appeared to be well kept. We also stayed for dinner and had two very tasty cottage pies. Hard not to like this place. Didn't get to meet the ghost though...

23 Aug 2015 22:08

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Surprised by some of the negativity of previous reviews. This pub has the biggest selection of bottled beer of any pub I have ever visited. Infact their selection of bottled beers puts most CAMRA beer festivals to shame. Added to that there are 20 or so superbly kept real ales on tap not to mention 5 or 6 real ciders. Oh and they also brew their own Pilsener to a German recipe! Although nothing spectacular the food is very good and the service quick and friendly. When we tried to order food at 8.59pm (the kitchen closes at 9) they were only too happy to take our order where a lot of places would have turned us away. Ok so it is a quite a large pub with modern decor and because of that the place can lack a bit of atmosphere but who cares when the range and quality of beers is frankly exceptional. Ignore the grumpy gits -this pub is fantastic.

6 Apr 2015 23:20

The Beer House, Sheffield

Tidy little micro-pub that reminded me of The Sparrow in Bradford. Think coffee shop style layout and atmosphere but with people drinking craft beers and real ales instead of teas and coffees. Both the ales I tried were well kept. Great place for an afternoon pint in an unpretentious and un-threatening environment. If I was going to be ultra critical I would say the toilet facilities leave a bit to be desired and the missus would probably get bored with only the 1 real cider on. I really hope this place succeeds though as it makes a refreshing change from your average pub. I did not miss the lack of a tv, infact it was nice not to have Sky Sports rammed down your throat as you do in most pubs...

6 Apr 2015 22:43

The Park Pub and Kitchen, Bedford

Popped in here a couple of times just before christmas. Was expecting more of a soulless gastro pub from reading previous reviews but the bar area at the front actually feels like a proper pub, atleast on a Friday night. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the real ales - had an excellent pint of Jospeh Holt 'Maple Moon'.

28 Jan 2015 18:12

The Old Sun, Harlington

Tried to pop in here last Saturday night around 10.45pm. The sign outside said it was open til midnight but nobody was around and the place was in darkness.

13 Dec 2014 17:28

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

After a shaky first few years this pub finally seems to have found its feet. We popped in last night to find Bristol Port cider and Bee Sting perry both on draught and both in top notch condition. In the beer department they had Buntingford's Highwayman in very good condition which is one of my favourite ales. Nice vibe to the place with a DJ playing some old sixties vinyl but not too loud so that you couldn't hold a conversation. I have a feeling we will be popping in more regularly!

13 Dec 2014 17:25

Carpenters Arms, Dunstable

Decided to get out of Bedford for last Saturday and we ended up here on a bit of a whim. So glad we did - we both had excellent home cooked meals (ie not microwaved crap like some of the pub chains). 4 real ales on - Rocking Rudolph which was very good, Thwaites Wainwright which was in tip-top condition, Woodford Wherry which was disappointingly flat and Greene King IPA which I didn't bother with. Landlord very chatty and friendly which is exactly what you want the first time you venture into a new pub. Other bar staff also very pleasant and we even got talking to some of the locals. Surprised this pub has such a low rating. It is also very accessible, only a short walk from Harlington mainline station...

13 Dec 2014 17:15

The Cricketers, Bedford

Unfortunately this pub closed a couple of weeks ago. Hard to understand what went wrong as the beers were always very well kept and Paul and Stephanie were always very accommodating hosts. Great shame this pub has closed IMO.

24 Aug 2014 01:38

The Victoria, Clifton

Wow! What a brilliant little pub. Not the easiest place to find but as the landlord rightly pointed out you only have to find it once! Hard to fault this place - it oozes character, the beers are sublime (Dawkins Bristol Blonde being particularly good), the landlord and landlady were both friendly and welcoming and there was a lovely laid back vibe to the whole place. If I lived in Bristol this would quickly become my local without a doubt. 10/10 from me :-) Oh and they also do real cider and have Fruhli on tap. Bonus!

24 Aug 2014 01:14

The Three Cocks, Kettering

Not a lot wrong with this place. Plenty of seats, friendly bar staff and a distinct lack of chavs. Beers seems to be very well kept - tried 3 ales with Oscar Wilde's Dark Mild being the highlight. Will definitely be back next time I am in Kettering...

13 Jan 2014 15:24

The Worm's Head Hotel, Swansea

As others have said this pub is all about the view of Rhossili bay which really is quite stunning and well worth the visit alone. And if you get bored of that you can just watch the surfers trying to catch waves. As I was at Worms Head I decided to have a pint by the same name which was a bit of a disappointment although perfectly drinakable. However they also had a Gwynt-y-ddraig real cider on tap which more than made up for it. Didn't eat here so can't comment on the food.

10 Aug 2013 16:45

The Pilot, Mumbles

Have to say I was dead impressed with this place. We popped in around 6pm on a wet Monday night and the place was surprisingly busy and full of friendly local characters. The Pilot has a good spot on the sea front to watch the world go buy if you are lucky enough to get a seat by the window. Nice selection of well kept ales and the missus was pretty happy with the selection of bottled ciders...

10 Aug 2013 16:33

The Park Inn, Mumbles

Nice little back street pub selling well kept ales. Good place for a quiet pint. Place seemed friendly enough.

10 Aug 2013 16:19

The King Arthur, Reynoldston

Extremely busy pub/hotel/restaurant. Large beer garden with benches to the front. Good selection of real ales but no real cider when we visited. Food was good quality but a little pricey compared to other pubs in the Gower. We would have stayed longer but it started raining and there was no room inside as the place was packed...

10 Aug 2013 16:12

Kings Head, Llangennith

Visited whilst on holiday. Nice selection of well kept real ales mostly from the Gower brewery and also a real cider (Gwynty y ddraig's Black Dragon). Good quality and very filling food although the restaurant room is long and thin and it can get quite annoying at busy times with people constantly walking past you on their way to the toilets. Other than that a great little pub!

10 Aug 2013 16:04

March Hare, Broughton Hackett

We stopped here by chance on a Friday lunchtime coming back from a holiday in Wales. The carvery was fabulous - huge amounts of top quality food. Beer seemed to be very well kept although I only had 1 pint of EPA. Unlike other reviews we found the service to be excellent - nothing was too much trouble and when we found we were too full to eat dessert they packed it up in plastic boxes for us to take with us! This is definitely a foody pub though...

10 Aug 2013 15:26

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Second visit and was pleased to see that the smell in the gents had been dealt with! Locals were friendly and quirky as before. Had a superb pint of Summer Lightning. Will definitely be hop-back...

2 Oct 2011 15:49

The Cricketers, Bedford

Small one bar pub selling very well kept ales. Landlord and landlady always very freindly. Ok so the beer might be a bit more expensive but then that keeps the riff-raff out. Shame they don't do food any more - Paul used to cook a mean Thai curry...

22 Aug 2011 12:48

Esquires Club, Bedford

The new owners have done a great job of rebranding the place which is exactly what it needed. Great place to see bands but unfortunately the draught beer here has a terrible reputation - I will only drink the bottled beer and all my friends are the same. If they have put in new pipes they need to publicise the fact, clean them regularly and do a bit of PR! The 'Hellfyre' club night is well worth a visit...

12 Jun 2011 23:54

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

A most unusual pub with excellent beer. A bit off the beaten track but well worth the walk from South Wimbledon tube. All the Hop back beers I tried were excellent :-) It did strike me that this was a bit of a 'community pub' but don't let that put you off - we found the place quite friendly. My only criticism would be that the gents toilets really didn't smell too good! Clean the bogs and this is a top boozer...

12 Jun 2011 23:15

The Plough, Simpson

Nice pub with a huge beer garden that backs on to the grand union canal. Main bar is at the front. There are 2 other rooms - one a restaurant room to the rear and a 2nd room at the front which has a pool table in it (and not much else). I used to eat in here every Friday lunchtime and can't remember having a bad meal or a bad pint for that matter. Visited a couple of weeks ago and thankfully not much had changed. Usually a couple of guest ales on. My only gripe about this place is the small car park which tends to get full at peak times...

12 Jun 2011 22:39

The Albion, Ampthill

I never visited the old version of the Albion so I went into this pub without any pre-conceptions. However I had heard it was a Banks & Taylor pub so I was expecting good things and I wasn't disappointed with just the 12 real ales on! It amazes me how Banks & Taylor can put on 12 real ales in a small pub like the Albion in a small town like Ampthill and make it successful. All credit to them. If Banks & Taylor can do it I don't see why other breweries can't. Think this pub will be a regular stop whenever I have a night out in Ampthill :-)

12 Jun 2011 18:52

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

Popped in a couple of weeks ago and was delighted to find the draught Erdinger back on :-) Also they have added some comfy sofas and a coffee table with board games which is a welcome addition. Personally I would prefer to see more guest ales (only 1 on during my visit) but this place seems to be heading in the right direction...

12 Jun 2011 17:55

The Postgate Inn, Egton Bridge

Visited one evening whilst on holiday in Whitby. Excellent food and beer and very friendly landlord. My only criticism of the place was that the landlord kept disappearing for several minutes at a time leaving the bar completely unattended which was somewhat frustrating...

29 May 2011 16:35

The Arncliffe Arms, Glaisdale

Stopped by here one lunchtime on the way to the Museum of Victorian Science which was about 100 yards up the road. Wasn't expecting it to be open having read the previous comments on here. Was pleasantly surprised to find a well kept pint of Black Sheep and an extensive food menu. We had already eaten as we weren't expecting the place to be open let alone serving food which was a shame as the menu looked good. Landlord seemed quite friendly - he only took over 2 or 3 months ago and seems to be trying hard to turn the place round...

2 May 2011 13:19

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

Just to clarify my comments as I seem to have upset someone! I have nothing against Greene King or IPA. I was merely reporting the facts - there were only 2 ales on when I visited and one of them was Greene King IPA which isn't exactly an unusual beer in this part of the world. One of the previous reviews mentioned "Proper Job, Tribute and Bath Ale's Gem" hence I was expecting a similar selection...

5 Apr 2011 23:11

The Prince of Wales, Merton

Tied Youngs pub a couple of hundred yards from South Wimbledon tube. A bit quiet whenever I have visited but the landlord and landlady always seem pretty freindly as do the locals which is quite unusual for a South London boozer! If you stick around long enough you get to meet a rottweiler and a pig! Beer quality is consistently good - I've yet to have a bad pint...

21 Mar 2011 14:44

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

Interesting pub which doesn't look like it has changed much in 100 years or so! - had an open fire on the go when we visited. Bit disapointed with the choice of real ales - only two on and one was Greene King IPA. Place seemed freindly enough and had a lot of character. Worth a visit...

21 Mar 2011 13:18

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

Had a great pint of 'Flying Dutchman' in here. Bar staff were friendly and the place definitely had a bit of an alternative vibe to it which I liked. Not the biggest pub so you might have to get there early to get a seat but well worth a visit...

21 Mar 2011 13:10

Elm Tree, Cambridge

We had a fantastic pint of Black Dragon cider here. I don't usually go for the ciders but this stuff was gorgeous. There were also 7 or 8 real ales on tap which seemed to be well kept from couple I tried. Bar staff were friendly, plenty of seating and a nice laid back atmosphere. Please don't change anything about this pub! If I lived in Cambridge this would be my local...

21 Mar 2011 13:01

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

Only pub in Bedford that sells draught Erdinger but they never seem to have it on. Selection and quality of real ales could be better which is surprising for a 'speciality beer house'. I wonder if the lack of punters is down to the lack of selection or vice versa. Could be a great pub...

1 Sep 2010 00:00

The Kiln Bar, Scalloway

Friendly bar staff. Viking shields and memorabilia on the walls.
We visited during the day and had cup of tea so couldn't comment on the beer!

31 Aug 2010 23:47

The Stromness Hotel, Stromness

Liked this place a lot despite having a bit of a fuddy duddy feel to it. Selection of real ales and was still serving well past 11pm despite the fact that we were the only people left in the place! Food looked good but didn't get a chance to try any. Nice balcony views.

31 Aug 2010 23:41

The Flattie Bar, Stromness

Not a bad little pub. Obviously been refurbed quite recently. Only one real ale on when we visited but well kept. Unfortunately our visit was spoilt by a drunken chav 'celebrating' his birthday or would mark this place higher.

31 Aug 2010 23:36

The Ferry Inn, Stromness

Had a quick pint in here whilst on holiday with my girlfriend. A lot of the seating is torn and ripped and held together with gaffer tape - nice! This adds to the general run down ambience of the place. Had a pint of Dark Island which was virtually undrinkable. It seems not all the dives in Orkney are in Scapa Flow! Avoid.

31 Aug 2010 23:31

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