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Comments by tutboy

The Old Forge, Inverie

Went to this pub mid October. Whilst the food was good and the staff very friendly, it was very disappointing that they would not light a fire or turn the heating on. Having spent close to 600 in this establishment our experience was marred by having to eat our dinner with hats and coats on. Certainly wouldn't rush back but location is stunning. If The Old Forge had any competition maybe they would look after their guests better. Hopefully when it is sold it will be to better owners.

22 Oct 2010 20:48

The Oddfellows Arms, Nantwich

Don't be fooled by the dog friendly sign outside. Dogs allowed in a room outside. If i want to drink outside in the pouring rain i could easily go to Morrisons and buy the beer for a 1/3rd of the price and do it!!

1 Oct 2010 16:25

The Rising Sun, Scholar Green

Very nice welcoming pub. Beware the curry. Was v spicy but very enjoyable.

1 Oct 2010 16:17

The Bleeding Wolf, Scholar Green

Went to this pub with my wife, two friends and our dog. Was told they accepted dogs but only in the conservatory. On the way to the said area, my wife was trying to choose her drink, but was told curtly to get the dog in the conservatory. Neither the bar staff or the pub were welcoming!!

1 Oct 2010 16:15

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