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Comments by tom202

Green Dragon, Worcester

A good country pub with good food and good ale. Definitely better than the one around the corner...

20 Jul 2009 00:29

Plough, Worcester

A good pub with plenty of atmosphere. The Malvern Hills Brewery's Black Pear is fantastic, and the outdoor area is very good considering the pub is next to a main road. Be prepared to meet interesting (!) people there, but most are completely harmless!!

20 Jul 2009 00:22

The Cardinals Hat, Worcester

A nice pub with good beers, a good few rooms and a nice outdoor area. Expensive, but worth it when you can afford it!!

20 Jul 2009 00:18

The Railway Inn, Malvern Wells

I have been to this pub twice, and the reason I went the second time was because I was fairly drunk from drinking in other pubs nearby. The first time I went, the Hobgoblin had run out, and the only beer there was Banks', which I rarely enjoy. There was hair in the beer, which I presumed came from the barmaid, who was herself drunk, while chatting to the only other customer. The pub smelt bad, felt bad and myself and my friend wasted no time in downing the pint and leaving.

20 Jul 2009 00:15

The Chase, Upper Colwall

I go to this pub very often and find the selection of ales (Shropshire Lad being the absolute favourite) very pleasing. Not only that but the bar-staff are very friendly and make you feel at home. Excellent food as well, plus a brilliant outdoor patio with several benches, which look onto a beautiful view of the countryside towards Ledbury.

20 Jul 2009 00:12

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