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Comments by tobyh

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

I guess the last writer was there on Sat arvo/night too as I experienced some of the poorest efforts in serving for a while.
The beer garden is good, large and has shading if needed, the beer selection was good, great even, if you can get one.
BBQ outside was good but they could make better use of the outside bar.

7 Jun 2006 16:32

The Peasant, Clerkenwell

more of a restaurant than a pub as I had been hoping, although it was lunch and the real restaurant is upstairs.
The good beer selection made up for the lack of menu options.
Maybe for a drink, but i'll lunch a miss next time

7 Jun 2006 16:27

The Goat, Battersea

the beers have improved ten fold since O'Neills but I don't think the food has matched up to the same standard.
I am always going to stop in for a few beers but not with too many people as the seating arrangements need sorting out, either you end up sharing a table or crowding too many around one table.
A vast improvement on O'Neills and only a few touches needed to really impress.

4 May 2006 16:21

The Living Room, Islington

no attraction to this place unless you like Carlsberg, I think from 4 tap beers they offered Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Guinness & Carlsberg (again). Small areas are terrible for a group larger then say, 4.

4 May 2006 15:57

The Walkabout, Angel, Islington

I don't understand, if bar staff don't want to serve drinks, don't work in a bar.

Only reason to suggest going here is that you are guaranteed a seat to watch rugby

4 May 2006 15:51

The Clarence, Balham

great first impression matched with good service & music. The beer is a bonus with a wide range and a few you will struggle to find elsewhere. Top notch but I hear things can busy so the word must have already got out.
I think they have taken a lot of business off Exihibt.
I'll be going back to try the food.

4 May 2006 15:45

The Castle, Angel, Islington

the roof garden is good, prices are bad, hoegarden is good, but can be found anywhere these days so I don't know how they can charge the prices, certainly not validated by the service. Great when the sun hits the deck but can get very busy, outside.

4 May 2006 15:42

The Common Rooms, Battersea

could have been great but they have stuffed this one up good and proper. No beer on tap when I went, lousy waitress too. No wonder they have sold, or changing name, so I hear..

4 May 2006 15:30

The Duck, Battersea

pool tables are rare in the area, and this is probably to The Ducks detriment, don't know what market they are going for, it's either completely dead, or packed - usually if football is on, and the bar cannot handle the amount of people, a poor effort

4 May 2006 15:28

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

larger than you intially might think this pub can offer a good place to meet for one before heading on to more interesting places. Largely smoky and mainly full of football fans mean this pub isn't going to increase sales anytime soon.

4 May 2006 15:24

The Slug and Lettuce, Clapham Junction

while it may be close to the station, too busy to bother going to and you should take the time to walk 5 mins up Northcote road for a range of better bars offering a greater range of drinks. A stock standard franchise effort, shame they hold prime location.

4 May 2006 15:21

Yates's, Clapham Junction

alcohol and cliental

4 May 2006 15:05

The Holy Drinker, Battersea

Top notch atmosphere with great staff and some good beers in the fridge though not too many on tap

4 May 2006 15:03

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