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Comments by timbo77

The Pint Pot, Sutton Coldfield

Who even gave this a rating? Needs a good cleen, horrible toilets, full of lager swilling loud mouthed chavs who think they own the place, not for me!

23 Apr 2012 23:49

The Boat Inn, Minworth

Visited this evening with my father to an open mic night and was greeted by the most miserable dick head of a landlord I have ever met! I am fully aware that he has been there for 10ish years but he is hardly making an effort to get new customers and I am very surprised he is still there!!!

9 Apr 2012 01:18

The Halfway House, Four Oaks

Has not been The Halfway House for over a year now. Name changed to The Greenhouse, where mainly yuppies and footballers wives go. I have been in twice, 1st time was a failed attempt to get served as I walked out after spending over half hour waiting. second time, got served then walked out after a refused to pay over 10 for two very average drinks!

8 Apr 2012 17:53

The Horse and Jockey, Lichfield

Love it!!! Worlds friendliest staff and landlord, and top brew! 5ish handpulls last time I looked

4 May 2010 18:53

Lord Conyers Arms, Wales

AVOID! riot squad making regular visits as the old landlord has moved pubs (the chap who kept the riff raff out). New landlord moved in without a clue what to do (and let the riff raff back in). Go up the road to the Duke!

4 May 2010 18:49

The Duke of Leeds, Wales

Current landlord did have both pubs, but now only has the Duke. It's quality, not quantity!! Besides, I don't think the new landlord at the Conyers is doing a good job seeing the riot police outside it the other night! Methinks I'll stick with the Duke :) Much much better crowd of people here and fine selection of ales with 5 hand pulls :D

4 May 2010 18:43

The Feathers, Lichfield

Current landlord aquired the lease in August last year and is transforming this place succesfully. Already he has been nominated for the cask marque for his quality of real ales. The selection is limited to three hand pulls but we're talking quality, not quantity! Definately worth a visit if you're in the vicinity! Make sure you get someone to drive you home ;-)

On last visit (yesterday) there was the old favourite Pedigree, Old Empire and Cross Buttock

14 Feb 2010 06:32

The The Gate Inn, Sutton Coldfield

Ex landlord Nigel Traylor now has a new spot round the corner called Traylor's, super place, check it out! No less than 3 real ales on at any one time

28 Jan 2010 07:29

The Buccaneer, North Ormesby

Sh!th*le. No real ale, no life, working mens club type pub. Very clean place but not very appealing, sorry but not a place I would recommend. Staff were friendly enough though

5 Dec 2009 22:00

Apres, Sutton Coldfield

Good food served during the day, full of snobs and knobs during the evening. Not the place to be for me to spend a night out

19 Nov 2009 07:05

The Crown, Four Oaks

A well run Ember Inn pub which has recently had new management who moved from the local Halfway House. Great beer and food. Oh, and staff!

24 Oct 2009 20:51

O'Neills, Sutton Coldfield

Hole!! Appauling!!! Since the smoking ban the place stinks of B.O.

5 Sep 2009 21:00

The Three Tuns, Sutton Coldfield

Always something going on here. whether it's a fight or karaoke, entertainment is always garanteed! Great choice of ales and always get served within two minutes of getting to the bar, wohoo!

5 Sep 2009 20:57

The Halfway House, Four Oaks

A regular Friday night haunt for me, love the place to bits! Real ales always tip top. Barstaff ain't bad either ;-)

5 Sep 2009 20:48

The Boldmere Oak, Boldmere

Decided to visit last Thursday evening while an open mic night was going on and was plesantly surprised! great atmosphere, shame about the guinness though

5 Sep 2009 20:44

The Bishop Vesey, Boldmere

One of the betterer Wetherspoons around, top sunday roast!!

5 Sep 2009 20:39

The Crown, Bacup

Wonderful place, excellent staff, super beer and top Black pudding salad! One annoying thing about this place, it's a 220 mile round trip for me to get here, bah!

5 Sep 2009 20:37

Royal Oak, Wainfleet

Weeeeelll! What can I say!! Very disapointed since my last visit. Change of landlords and of beer (or lack of!). Only good thing I can say about it now is there's a tv for the footy, oh and the toilets are clean. Bad things - Lack selection of beer, no food, miserable landlord's wife (he was ok though) and no pork scratchings - pah! I'll give them 6 months before it's boarded up, Woolpack down the road maybe a bit tatty but run by a very friendly team.

30 Aug 2009 23:02

The Litten Tree, Sutton Coldfield

Litten Tree?? More like a Litter Tray!!

15 Aug 2009 19:02

The Pumphouse, Sutton Coldfield

OH MY GOD!! Never again! spent most of the evening dodging fists and piles of vomit

15 Aug 2009 18:55

The Plough and Harrow, Sutton Coldfield

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to buy a large round of drinks and chuck it over the landlord of this pub, but this was five years ago now and the brewery by right got rid of him! The place is far better now with a good selection of beers, ales and food. Very friendly staff as well makes this place a worthwhile visit for a lunchtime pint and some grub!

15 Aug 2009 18:50

The Queens Head, Lichfield

I can't really say much more than what has already been said, but what a pub! Definately 'Pub Of The Year' for me. Great food, Slurpalicous ales, friendly staff and clientele. Not many places where you can go to the toilet and Tony Christie pulls up beside you!

2 Aug 2009 18:25

Royal Oak, Wainfleet

superb place to watch the footy and drink the quality local ales. Had a fantastic time there, don't rember much of the second half of the footy or actually leaving the pub! Must be the beer, no hangover though!

2 Aug 2009 18:18

The Bartons Arms, Aston

This is the kind of pub you just want to pick up and move it a couple of mile. Fantastic pub but shame about the area. Food is wonderful, had a giggle at my mate who opted for the 'mild' green curry - sweated buckets!! We were really spoilt for choice for the range of beers, a huuuuge book of continental bottled beers and the ales on tap were superb! Bishops Farewell my favourite methinks!

2 Aug 2009 18:06

The The Gate Inn, Sutton Coldfield

Cracking little place! Live music seven days a week, beer is always spot on and staff are friendly. Music is good most of the time, open mic nights are worth a visit. The split level floor can get a bit tricky after a few beers though!

2 Aug 2009 17:51

White Swan, Barrowby

Smashing little place, I have only visited twice so far due to the long haul for me to get there, but on both occasions beer and staff were spot on! The landlord is even a CAMRA member! Definately be popping in again soon

2 Aug 2009 17:40

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