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Comments by thethirstyguzzler

The Hole In The Wall, Chiswick

Nice enough pub, good service and food. Lacks a certain something to make it a buzzing pub.

21 Jul 2011 18:11

Grove Park, Chiswick

Sitting outside on a sunny day is pleasant enough. This should be a great pub, but it's grim and has gotten a lot grimmer of late. This is what's wrong with it:

1) Everything is brown on brown on brown
2) The lighting is so murky and dim, it makes it even browner
3) No seats at the bar
4) No atmosphere
5) Miserable landlady
6) No real fun
7) Over priced drinks
8) Bad use of space - it's a hulk of a lounge

To make it better they need to address all the above and really move everything around - those low level sofas should be moved to the dining area. Cabaret nights and cocktail tables would be a better use of the main bar.


21 Jul 2011 16:33

The Copper Cow, Chiswick

Not a bad little bar all said and done. Just a shame they don't:

1) Ever change the menu
2) Have proper heaters outside
3) Serve Margaritas at full strength
4) Fix the benches before they fall apart

Barmaids perking up of late though.


21 Jul 2011 16:25

The Plough, East Sheen

Rubbish service, ran out of most food, total chaos serving what was left. Best avoided - there's lots better ones nearby.

7 Mar 2010 16:48

The Bulls Head, Chiswick

A rancid restaurant by the river. Impossible to drink beer there unless ordering the microwaved food which has to be the worst in Chiswick. Attracts cretins by the score on sunny days and keeps them out the better pubs.

2 Oct 2009 16:05

The City Barge, Chiswick

Trying hard to do better and some big improvements since the days when Ms 'Chapel Hat-Pegs' ran it. if you want food, go for cooked, unless that is, you want to spend a week glued to the lav.

30 Sep 2009 12:43

The Marlborough, Richmond

An impressive piece of bar mismanagement. Nice if you want spittle in your beer from the barman with a fetish avant garde beards. Food available if ordered 3 days in advance. Queues for beer can take longer than the siege of Mafekin. Best beer is in the offie next door and for food, try a take-away from the cafe over the road.

30 Sep 2009 12:31

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