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Linden's, Paisley

has been taken over again this year, and has returned to its original name of "the bar point". brilliant bands/singers on every weekend, which makes a real change from the run of the mill karaoke fayre you find everywhere else in town. great beer, breakfast and lunches good,lovely beer garden and a warm welcome. all-in, the new owners have built on the bars great reputation and taken that bit further! :D

27 Nov 2008 18:55

Linden's, Paisley

has been re-named "iona skye" for a while now, and is a good bar. footy is always on, but with a video jukebox, breakfast license and karaoke at the weekends there is something for everyone. the food is average pub grub, but the banter at the bar is always great! :D

10 Mar 2008 23:08

The Queens Head, Chelsea

my husband drank here many moons ago and decided we should have a pint here for nostalgias sake. 2 great pints of london pride were ordered before we noticed it was a gay bar!! you can imagine the ribbing my poor hubby got from me! lol!

however, the barstaff were very friendly, the beer was fab and we enjoyed our time in there, even though we are straight! lol!

10 Mar 2008 22:41

The Chelsea Potter, Chelsea

my husband took me here at the weekend - he used to live in the area and would go there quite often in the early 80s, but this was his first time back in 20-odd years.

the bar was busy, but getting served wasnt a problem and the drinks were reasonably priced. the little bowl of olives we ordered were fabulous too.:D

according to my hubby it has lost a little of its feel (and the infamous jukebox!) from when he used to drink there, but still a pleasurable visit all the same!

10 Mar 2008 22:33

The Globe, Baker Street

was in here sunday lunchtime and had a nice time. there was myself and my hubby, and few other people waiting outside for it to open, and when we got in we were served by a british barmaid with a friendly smile. the pint of bombadier was very nice and the bar had a great vibe.

i can imagine how busy this place must get during peak times as its not a massive place, but id recommend a visit just to say you have been there as it is an iconic bar :D

10 Mar 2008 22:27

The Blacksmith's Arms, Rotherhithe

its been a while since id been here, and after checking out the reviews on this site before i went i was slightly disappointed to read that the irish landlord had gone. after id checked into the hotel, i walked along to the blacksmiths and checked it out for myself.

i was in there saturday afternoon, the scotland v england rugby match was on and there was 5 people in the bar. the barmaid was friendly enough and the pint of london pride was ok and myself and my husband ordered some sandwiches which were very nice. however the bar just had no atmosphere - the previous times id been there it had been bouncing and id had a fabulous time, but this time it felt like i was sitting in a distant aunts lounge with no-one saying anything!

id recommend the food here, but if you like a pub with atmosphere id recommend you visit the clipper inn 50 yards along the road instead.

10 Mar 2008 22:19

The Euston Flyer, Euston

very good bar, with very well kept ales - best pint of ESB id had all weekend! :D the barman was friendly and knowledgable, and was ovbiously the person in charge of the cellar as he was immensely proud when my husband complimented him on his pint.

we were in the bar in the morning when it was quiet, and we also didnt have any food so i cant vouch for it is at busier times, but our time there was great! :D

10 Mar 2008 22:05

The Admiral Codrington, Brompton

popped in here yesterday as its a pub ive wanted to visit many times, but could never find!lol! being tucked away off the beaten track meant that it wasnt overly busy and i found it a nice friendly bar with a cosy outside area for smokers. i didnt try the food, but the menu did look good, and was reasonably priced. drinks were a little pricy (large vodka+orange and a magners was 12.60) but as the bar had such a nice vibe about it, in my opinion it was money well spent!

in response to a previous posters comment, the cellar trap door is still open, but now has a huge cover over it that people bump into, rather than falling down the hole! lol!

i would certainly recommend a visit to "the cod", but unless you have an A-Z at hand, hail a cab as you would never find it otherwise! :D

10 Mar 2008 21:56

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