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Red Lion Inn, Somerton

called in here because it was advertised off the A303. stood by the bar for 10 minutes or so while the bar staff faffed around taking someones card. told to SIT ! ordered my beer sitting down, a novel experience some 20 minutes after entering the pub. a few customers around the pub dressed in those chinos you can buy in the Saturday telegraph at 2 for £50. I mean, what are men doing wearing pink trews anyway ? ordered the guest beer, one tonic and ice, a burger with a quaint tin bucket of chips ( 3 inches tall) and a small portion of hummus, 10 olives in their own kilner jar and a folded toasted chapatti. total bill of £26.50. well excuse my French..............but WHAT? shan't be returning.

9 Aug 2014 16:42

The Stags Head Inn, Dunster

new licensee, excellent exmoor ales and lighthouse guest when I called. Food excellent and reasonably priced.

6 Mar 2011 19:34

The Bell Inn, Frampton on Severn

Three real ales in this very pleasant pub, two of them at 2 a pint. Unbelievable value and a lovely location. If you catch a cricket ball from the pitch on the green in front of the pub you get to keep it !! Nice mix of locals and tourists who are not ripped off.

16 Aug 2010 16:11

The Carew Arms, Crowcombe

There is something about this pub that polarises opinion. I have had wonderful times here, but also dire meals and awful beer. As a pub, it is excellent. The food is good, the beer is good, the setting is wonderful. I think that you have to expect some variability in beer and food in a pub that is far away from a chain as is possible. if you want bland, go to a bland pub. Live a little, go to the Carew !!

28 Jul 2010 22:18

The Star Inn, Watchet

re-visited the star the other saturday early doors. dear oh dear. barmaid terminally slow, beer very cold (exmoor) and the place full of elderly tourists having f and c. is this really the camra pub of the year for 2010 in somerset ? must be a parallel universe to the one I currently inhabit for this place to be voted best over at least a dozen much better beer pubs in the area - the carew, the bicknoller, the white horses washford and stogumber and the farmers arms west hatch.......and thats just for starters. jesus!!

21 Jun 2010 21:26

The Mount Inn, Boughton

Oh dear.....went back to The Mount after an 8 month absence and all had changed. New landlord, no Black Sheep, emphasis on TV, still fab views over the river........local taxi driver put us right....dont go here later in the evening, its full of pissheads !!! Crying shame, this was one of my 10's !!

15 May 2010 22:00

The Courtyard Inn, Wiveliscombe

closed closed closed

27 Jan 2010 17:43

The Bell Inn, Bishops Lydeard

Been here a few times mostly for skittlin....this my first daytime venture. Very picturesque and the barmaids toddler son crying for his mummie was very entertaining. Beer the usual cornish Somerset and not 10 miles from the three best breweries in the western world? ( Thats Cotleigh, Exmoor and Taunton to you)

16 Jan 2010 21:13

The Bird in Hand, Bishop's Lydeard

First visit to this very lively pub on a Sunday lunchtime. Acceptable beer and considering the Lethbridge up the road is shut, busy as hell.

16 Jan 2010 21:10

The New Inn, Halse

What a suprise! Lovely beer and a harrased barmaid make for a lively combination. Didnt try the food but plenty of punters were doing so without complaint. Will certainly put this pub back on my list.

16 Jan 2010 21:08

The Carew Arms, Crowcombe

All is saved, the frog has gone !!! Stand by for changes and a massive improvement in catering at the Carew - I believe that Angela Yon, latterly of the Egremont and Iberia, has secured the catering managers position. Looking forward to some better times at the Carew.

24 Aug 2009 11:06

Lowtrow Cross Inn, Taunton

had a lovely meal at the lowtrow the other saturday. exmoor ale was excellent and the service was fine. crowded with locals which is a good thing considering this pub is in the middle of nowhere on exmoor.

21 Apr 2009 21:37

Woolly Sheep Inn, Skipton

Had a good pint of Landlord passing through. Front bar lovely, good beer, leather tub chairs, newspapers. young'uns play pool at the back, so dont let them put you off. definitely worth a visit on market day (wed)

2 Apr 2009 17:40

Spotted Cow, Malton

went in the tiny front bar where you go back 40 years. best pint of Everards Tiger I've had for a long while. Black Sheep was also excellent. No food, unfortunately, which left room for more beer. Excellent little pub which should be preserved at all costs.

2 Apr 2009 17:35

The New Inn, Cropton

Stayed one night at this lovely pub and wished I had time to stay longer. Beer brewed in the pub's own brewery next door was exceptional, especially the session beer Endeavour and the Uncle Sam which was a bit stronger. Bar staff were welcoming and the food was excellent (chips 10/10). For 40 b and b with beer like this, got to be the best deal I've had lately. Next time I'll be in the camp site next door so I can stay longer. Locals, by the way, were friendly enough and only grabbed the stool at the end of the bar ( and he was the brewer so I guess he's entitled.)

2 Apr 2009 17:28

Royal Huntsman, Williton

had a drink here the other night. the worst dressed person in the pub was the landlord. white vest not a good look, squire, especially if it hasnt been cleaned lately.
stargazer ok. didnt try the food.

16 Sep 2008 20:14

The Red Lion, Bromsgrove

lovely lovely pub offering a very good selection of ales AND the best pork scratchings in the known world.

16 Sep 2008 20:08

The Clytha Arms, Clytha

Tempted to move from Somerset to Wales just be near this wonderful pub. Drinking Rhmney Ale and Felinfoel while my dogs scamper round the place stealing crisps.........aaaahhhh!!! Man and dog heaven, this place and my first 10.
Lovely place, lovely setting, lovely beers. Didnt try the food but it looked very good indeed....lots of fish on the menu. Mixed clientele from teens outside avin a fag to retired colonels in the restaurant. nice loos.

19 Jul 2008 14:29

The Barrels, Hereford

A fine selection of real ales and all at a reasonable price. particularily fine Golden Ale. interesting clientele which occasionally includes the cider heads from over the road as well as locals and visitors like myself drawn bt the beer.

19 Jul 2008 14:19

The Star Inn, Watchet

Changed hands recently and it shows. Service is slack and uninterested but the beer seems to have survived. Otter was good and there were three other real ales to choose from if you could catch the barman's attention. Only stayed for one cos I just couldn'. t wait that long. The only pub in Watchet worth going to if you don't like tattoos or fighting.

26 Jun 2008 21:35

Bromfield Arms, Chester

Big pub that feels a little impersonal. Excellent range of real ales - Speckled Hen and a couple of seesion beers when we were there - big TV footie thing going on and good food .

18 Apr 2008 22:32

The Gardeners Arms, Chester

Excellent pint of Banks' and the base of the Chester Motorcycle Club. Nice friendly pub with a good landlord and customers. Beer garden and parking. Worth a visit to here and The Mount over the road.

18 Apr 2008 22:30

The Mount Inn, Boughton

The best pint of Black Sheep in Chester. No food but the better for it. Please dont tell anybody about the views from this pub over the river. In fact, dont tell anybody about this pub full stop. Perfect.

18 Apr 2008 22:27

The Mitre, Glastonbury

Returned to The Mitre just after Easter to find the Butcombe winning my personal best beer of the year award. Even the very friendly locals recommending it to us grockles. Ham egg and chips excellent, loos clean, staff good.

27 Mar 2008 18:40

The Racehorse Inn, Taunton

On a dismal walk around Taunton the mood was reduced significantly by this pub being closed!! In a beer desert they should have been raking it in!!

4 Jan 2008 20:11

The Naval and Military, Taunton

You know how a pub-crawl always has to have a low point? Well this pit is it. I am usually quite brave, but when I walked into this establishment, reverse gear was engaged immediately. Tattoo city.

4 Jan 2008 18:35

The Kings Arms, Taunton

The Exmoor Ale was good, but the rest of my pub experience was dire. Big pub with little ideas.

4 Jan 2008 18:32

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

Oh dear. The most expensive pint in Taunton with the worst music loudly playing - the barmaids playlist. Why has Taunton got such god-awful pubs?

4 Jan 2008 18:31

The Farmers Arms, Combe Florey

Excellent pint of Cotleigh and an Exmoor to follow. Bit clicky but push in at the bar and try all the beers. Best to be a local, I think.

3 Jan 2008 18:02

The Market House Inn, Glastonbury

Opposite the Abbey car park and obviously caters for that trade during the day. Dont know about the evenings. Nice loos.

3 Jan 2008 17:59

The Who'd A Thought It, Glastonbury

The whole pub is on CCTV, which should tell you everything you need to know. Beer OK. Its a restaurant really and convenient for the High Street.

3 Jan 2008 17:56

The Mitre, Glastonbury

Sharps Doombar excellent. Landlady courteous. Barstools high. Thsts it.

3 Jan 2008 17:54

The Queens Head, Glastonbury

arrived at the top of the High Street to find that the pub had run out of real ale. Had plenty of lager though.

3 Jan 2008 17:53

The White Hart, Wiveliscombe

from being a dour old place this pub is actually getting some life to it. good beers, usually three on draught to choose from. havent tried the food yet but their skittle food is good ( and free!)

24 Mar 2007 16:24

The Bear Inn, Wiveliscombe

lovely locals pub - camra real ale pub of the year this year deservedly for its draught beers which are regularily changed. food basic but excellent. shove over on the tables by the windows and let the others in! nice austin healeys restored in the garage next door for dreaming of.

24 Mar 2007 16:22

The Three Horseshoes, Wiveliscombe

new landlords recently have kept up good reputation for food. beers straight from the barrel on draught. nice atmosphere and well worth a visit.

24 Mar 2007 16:18

The White Horse Inn, Stogumber

Local village pub with two or three draught beers. Not particularily friendly, especially if you have a dog. Food average. open all day. Difficult parking.

7 Mar 2007 11:18

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