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The Beehive, Welwyn Garden City

I meant anne72, sorry!

23 Mar 2015 03:18

The Beehive, Welwyn Garden City

Whoever this Anne92 is, she must be being paid by Orchid. Does she know that Orchid fell into administration. So much for good business acumen. The pub is shite and until they bring back someone like that cockney fella Toby, at least he tried to rid the place of drugs, the pub will not be a local. It will be a wannabe gastro, get a life Charles Wells and get a landlord who is in touch with the world to run this place!!!!

23 Mar 2015 03:17

The White Hart, Eynsham

We finally get our pub back from that terrible due Wayne and Jane. On top of that, we get the best landlord in that cockney lad Toby from London and then he goes back to London and we are back at square one. That new management team would do well to get that landlord back as he would have breathed new life into our local.

18 Mar 2015 17:26

The Beehive, Welwyn Garden City

This pub has absolutely gone downhill. Someone should tell that Orchid mob to get that landlord they had from a few years ago back. You know the mad Man Utd fan Toby. I care very little for his choice in football teams, but as far as pub management goes, that fella knew what he was doing and supplied excellent customer service and superb beer. Now - well, quite simply - RUBBISH!!!

29 Jul 2014 02:10

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

whatever happened to that manager Toby, single fella Mediterranean looking, bloody good manager, anyone know?

29 Jul 2014 01:57

O'Reilly's, Kentish Town

What has happened to this pub? After several years of having a landlady who did not exactly 'have her eye on the ball' they get a great landlord in that bloke called Toby. He cleared out all the rubbish, cleaned the pub from bad smells and made it an inviting place to drink, with probably the best draught beers in Camden. He's gone and I am afraid the decent reputation which he built will rapidly vanish. All the rubbish from before is back in there drinking and it is just a matter of time before it becomes the hell hole that it was previously. A great shame and I won't be going back. For sure!! :(

25 Jun 2014 19:26

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