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Comments by terenced

The Hope, West Norwood

Friendly service and good beer. I am a fan of Youngs (even since it moved) and a light and bitter or a ram and special if you're feeling kamikaze on a school night, are a pleasure.

Only downside on the visit was the obvious use of marching powder in the Gents by some of the more bulging eyed, enthusiastic patrons.

Which is a shame as this otherwise is a very good pub.

3 Aug 2018 12:53

Norwood Hotel, West Norwood

Now called the Great North Wood.
Once upon a time you'd have gentlemen walking around this pub collecting for the cause. That was an age ago.

It's alright. Identi-kit gentrified pub but serving some interesting decent beers.

3 Aug 2018 12:51

The Horns, West Norwood

Good down to earth pub, serving the usual suspects but doing it well. Friendly service and a very nice beer garden.

Long may it survive.

3 Aug 2018 12:50

Knowles of Norwood, West Norwood

There is much that is wrong about the vanilla gentrification that is engulfing South London and West Norwood has absorbed the shade of vanilla in the last 7 or so years.
Getting a decent place to have a beer is one of the few upsides and Knowles is a smart unpretentious and friendly place to have a decent beer.

Decent music been played in the background too.

And no I never went in it when it was hardware store. So I am to blame.

3 Aug 2018 12:49

William Stanley, South Norwood

This is where the poets and Art teachers go in South Norwood.

Very good range of beer as you'd expect from an Antic pub. Just a funny old space a bit devoid of atmosphere looking deliberately half-finished.

21 Feb 2018 14:29

The Albion, South Norwood

Sitting the opposite corner to the Jolly Sailor, the Albion looks the more promising of the two. Sadly this did not prove to be the case.

The beer was fine. However sadly the pub was punctuated by human misery and a domestic dispute.
Stay at home and watch Jeremy Kyle. The beer's cheaper.

21 Feb 2018 13:50

The Jolly Sailor, South Norwood

Does what it says on the tin. Friendly atmosphere, swift service for a busy Friday night.

Nothing wrong with it.

Glad they got rid of the stainless steel bar.

21 Feb 2018 13:39

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Still a solid down to earth hostelry. Decent service and decent beer.

Some fine tunes on the jukebox.

Given the heat of the hand dryer last time this time I went for drip dry.

21 Feb 2018 13:37

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Good beer. Respectfully and well run by Fullers. Great location. Went twice in November 2017.

13 Feb 2018 08:57

Rights of Man, Lewes

The decor did remind me a bit of an Aberdeen Steak House so I was hoping for a starter of egg mayonaiise for £8.00

Beer was sublime and it was November so me and my compadre Alphonso Tallyman got a couple of Bonfire Boys in.

13 Feb 2018 08:56

Royal Oak, Lewes

Not very busy for a friday evening but decent enough

13 Feb 2018 08:55

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

Packed pub of an evening while you sit and wait for Southern Rail to apologise for something and for Chris Grayling's failures to once again impact upon your life.

Beer was alright, atmosphere decent.

13 Feb 2018 08:54

The Snowdrop, Lewes

I;m a big fan of the Snowdrop. Great beer, friendly service, charming location.

Plus points is they were playing I Am Kloot when we were in their and they have a poster up with an old Eden Kane gig on it. Quality.

Contender for best pub in Lewes if you ask me.

13 Feb 2018 08:53

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Goes without saying the beer is good, atmosphere inside a little food driven so perhaps a little sterile for the unreconstructed beer drinker.

13 Feb 2018 08:52

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

This remains a quality pub serving very good beer.

Terenced seal of approval.

13 Feb 2018 08:51

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

Shepherd Neame beer is not a favourite of mine.

OK pub near the station. Convenient but not particularly memorable.

13 Feb 2018 08:49

The Market Hotel, Reigate

I went here twice in one day. Very nice range of beer and friendly staff. The elevated beer garden is very pleasant and sitting inside was decent too.

PErhaps given the previously reviews this place has upped its game.


13 Feb 2018 08:48

The Bell, Reigate

Nothing remarkable. Small and narrow and a bit gloomy. I'm not a big fan of Greene King beer generally but it was ok.

13 Feb 2018 08:47

The Bulls Head, Reigate

I listened as hard as I could for a whimpering dog but there wasn't any.

Very nice beer garden at the back a nice suntrap. And the beer was good but careful on the stairs on the way out as if you spill some you might feel disappointed.

13 Feb 2018 08:46

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

We weren't followed by any babies into this pub unless they were disguised as something else.

Roomy pub not busy at all. Nothing wrong with it. Decent beer.

13 Feb 2018 08:45

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Decent big beer garden overlooking a cricket pitch. Very pleasant place to sit. To be commended.

13 Feb 2018 08:43

The Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heath

Sublime location and decent beer. I sat here in the warm April sunshine and have only just remembered. Worth the walk up up from Reigate if you ask me. Sit outside sink an ale and look across at the hills and exhale. Pencil in inhaling at some point otherwise it will all end.

13 Feb 2018 08:42

The William IV, Elmers End

No news on the next meat raffle guys?

13 Feb 2018 08:38

The Coach and Horses, Carshalton

The Youngs I had was drinkable. My colleagues Sharps was a bit like Sarsons know what I mean.

It wasn't raining inside this pub and it had a roof and everything so that had an advantage over the beer garden of the Woodman.
A few mildly hostile stares from regulars for you not being a regular. How many years do you have to show commitment to not get this? I'd be prepared to give it a go. Mind you had I broken the ice it could have all ended with a freeze frame fist bump.

31 Jul 2017 11:50

The Woodman, Carshalton

Nothing special about this hostelry.

It rained in the beer garden.

31 Jul 2017 11:48

The Lord Palmerston, Carshalton

So on that basis I have to imagine what it might have been like inside.

31 Jul 2017 11:47

The Sun, Carshalton

Swift service at the bar and an inventive range of beers on tap and in bottle in the fridge.
Nice beer garden blessed by the horizontal rain of British summer time but even the Great Ramondo couldn't stop the rain in South London on a July Saturday.
Get an IPA down you sunbeam. Stop complaining.

31 Jul 2017 11:47

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

A very fine community pub serving decent beer. Friendly service and a decent beer garden.
No sign of hipsters with acoustic guitars and no "Here Comes The Sun."

One of the finest pubs in Croydon if you ask me.

30 May 2017 08:21

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

It's reassuring to return to the Claret and it still be as fine as it was. Good beer decent service and friendly (if seasoned) clientele. No Hoxton fins in here kids. More retired Geography teacher hairstyles than you could shake a stick at.

Great pub. Long may it remain. And remain as it is.

20 Feb 2017 08:32

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Good solid friendly down to earth pub. Fair prices.

Hand drier in Gents quite hot.

20 Feb 2017 08:30

William Stanley, South Norwood

It can't seem to shake off the feel of a down at heel Wetherspoons pub full of old men who think that woman wearing trousers has signalled the death knell of England.

Antic have done a great job in some pubs across south london. For some reason this didn't quite seem to work. Beer was ok if not the most imaginative line up but layout still feels a bit JDW. A pint of Article 50 please guvnor.

20 Feb 2017 08:29

Beer Rebellion, Gipsy Hill

Nothing not to like about Beer Rebellion. Good beer good music and friendly service. No board games, no distressed furniture and no Jus.

20 Feb 2017 08:25

The Tulse Hill Tavern, Tulse Hill

Belhaven Black Scottish Stout and the murky grey rooftops of the Tulse Hill skyline. There's synergy right there.

A very decent pub. Now the indentikit lazy gentrification signpost that many other pubs in this part of town have become. A very good range of beers and decent friendly service.

20 Feb 2017 08:24

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

All is still ok at the Blackfriar. Very busy on a Saturday late afternoon but service was prompt and friendly.

Bernie from Scunthorpe was giving out relationship advice and that must be treasured.

Quality pub.

23 Jan 2017 11:06

Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Fleet Street

It's alright. Beer was decent service was ok. Not so memorable. Interior looks like many other pubs and I am sure it once looked far more interesting.

Didn't try the crisps so can't comment on them. They might have been amazing.

23 Jan 2017 11:03

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Beautiful marble ceiling. But other than it's not quite punching above it's weight. Wordplay IS funny.

Two beers on. One tasted like vinegar on the turn which when handed back did not result in the beer clip being turned around so presumably some poor sod from Portland Oregon will come and drink it and go "hey you guys drink beer that tastes like on the turn vinegar."

23 Jan 2017 11:00

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Historic pub and Sam Smith's beer at Sam Smith's prices. No problem with either. Sit in here and pretend to be in a period drama. Say things like "I've had to call the doctor out as Mrs Miggins has got a dose of that pleuresy. She's not looking to clever I tell thee."

23 Jan 2017 10:53

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

Returned to The Tipperary for the first time in 9 years. Still a fine Irish pub and it had to Harveys beers on taps which makes bonus points kids.

Friendly service and a charming interior.

I believe an episode of New Tricks was filmed in this pub. Write the theme toon sing the theme toon.

23 Jan 2017 10:51

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Called The Chancery. No thugs in here when I went in. I reckon they are probably all off down the Bridge Bar drinking alcopops and discussing Vauxhall Corsa's listening to 2Unlimited what.

5 Dec 2016 09:55

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

A Terenced gold medal winner.

Quality backstreet pub serving good beer. Friendly staff. Requires repeated returns.

Worth the walk up from the High Street.

5 Dec 2016 09:53

The George, Beckenham

Beer was alright to be fair. I didn't see any fruit flies. Quite busy on a saturday afternoon. Nothing remarkable as such but decent enough. Although I wouldn't be saying that if I saw fruit flies.

5 Dec 2016 09:51

The Coach and Horses, Beckenham

Very low ceilings. I wouldn't like to say whether they are the lowest ceilings I have ever encountered in a pub because quite frankly I am unsure. But if pushed I would say it certainly falls within the top 5 lowest ceiling pubs I have ever been in.


Lots of men getting angry with the rugby. Like it affects their lives.
Beer was alright. Difficult to get to the Gents though through all the excitable rugby men and the low ceiling.

5 Dec 2016 09:46

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

St Austell's Tribute is a welcome find. Decent enough pub worth ducking into before you trip down the neon funky broadway of Beckenham High Street.

5 Dec 2016 09:39

The Patch, East Dulwich

Now called The Lordship. Lovely old battleship boozer building wise. Beer wise not that imaginative to be honest. Some Meantime on for the kids. A Truman's bitter on for those who can remember Compact Discs.

5 Dec 2016 09:32

Franklins, Dulwich

Small bar area. Pleasant enough. Nice crowd and friendly service.

5 Dec 2016 09:30

The Crystal Palace Tavern, East Dulwich

Now called The Great Exhibition.

Some people were playing monopoly. Danger Mouse was showing ironically on a tv screen with the sound turned down. Del Boy and Rodney were pictured promoting their New Years Eve Party, batman and robin style. It made your great aunt laugh back in 1990 something. Neither Rodney nor Denzil would drink in here.

5 Dec 2016 09:29

The Palmerston, East Dulwich

Smart pub which provided ample empirical evidence that the middle classes take a philosophical approach to disciplining their children even if it means other people secretly hate their kids.

I'm not here to give out parenting tips kids so lets get to the point.
Pub's decent enough. Interesting range of beers bit pricey but you don't come to East Dulwich for budgetary purposes do you Nigel?

5 Dec 2016 09:27

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Easy to knock the EDT but it's a very decent pub doing whatever it does pretty well. Good range of beers and manages to dance the right side of the line of East Dulwich parody.

5 Dec 2016 09:25

The Swan and Mitre, Bromley

Decent enough pub with an impressive range on tap beyond the ubiquitous usual suspects. You can waste the bar staffs time but asking them to talk through the full range and then go "I'll just have a Fosters" but that is reprehensible behaviour.

6 Jun 2016 09:57

The Partridge, Bromley

Decent enough Fuller's town centre pub.

Men can be seen hiding in here while womenfolk search for new bags said Simone de Beavouir or somebody.

6 Jun 2016 09:56

The Railway Hotel, Bromley

Like having a beer in your nan's front room. Except I suspect there's an underlying irony about the tatty old chairs.

Very good range of beer and decent service. Bonus points for the presence of morris men and the sound of Fats Domino in the pub.

6 Jun 2016 09:51

The Anglesey Arms, Bromley

A fine backstreet Shepherd Neame hostelry. Friendly service and a beautiful beer garden in the sunshine. Good beer. Nothing not to like.

6 Jun 2016 09:47

The Railway Hotel, West Wickham

Decent food and good range of beer. Service a bit slow at the bar with staff not great at identifying who is next.

Nothing remarkable as such other than a gathering of young males who like a bit of banter and get proper mugged off when somebody cuts them up on the Addington Road. Probably given to a cheeky Magners now and then. Wear Gant shoes. No socks.

6 Jun 2016 09:45

The Railway Tavern, Carshalton

Good beer and a handsome pub for sure but when you walk in the piano stops playing.*

Nice beer garden but for some reason not the most welcoming atmosphere.

*Metaphorically speaking ladies and gentlemen.

18 Feb 2016 13:31

The Lord Palmerston, Carshalton

2 bar pub (saloon and public kids you know it makes sense).

Fairly empty on a saturday afternoon but friendly service.

18 Feb 2016 13:27

The Hope, Carshalton

A great pub - well run doing very good beer. Long may it continue. Long may you run. Etc etc.

18 Feb 2016 13:26

The William IV, Elmers End

When's the next meat raffle?

18 Feb 2016 13:25

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

Friendly, helpful service, good beer and a decent location. Seemingly more down to earth than it's neighbour a few doors up.

5 Oct 2015 09:18

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

Excellent range of ales on tap and prime location. Friendly service. Bonus points for having another Youngs pub a couple of doors down. Now who do you love best? Mummy or daddy?

5 Oct 2015 09:17

The Swan Tavern, West Wimbledon

Up on Ridgeway - decent enough pub. Friendly service and good range of beer. Sit outside, watch the world go by, have some Nobby's nuts and be thankful.

Mine's a Yakima Red.

5 Oct 2015 09:15

The Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

A light and bitter in the afternoon sun watching people park huge cards badly.
Friendly service and good beer.

5 Oct 2015 09:13

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon Village. Evidence that people with too much disposable income dress badly.

Anyhow - this is a very smart, aspirational pub with friendly service and decent beer. Top end of the market of course but nothing but good service and good, albeit pricey beer.

5 Oct 2015 09:12

The Plough Inn, Wangford

Very decent pub on the A12. Adnams Broadside was very decent, service was very good.
Food was also very good. A very decent hostelry.

21 Sep 2015 15:53

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

The Oval Tavern gets a firm handshake from Terenced. Excellent range of beers (Old Peculiar is always a good find) and a nice vibe in the pub. Good beer garden too.

To be cherised I would say. And returned to.

1 Sep 2015 09:47

The Builders Arms, Croydon

Charming looking back street Fullers pub. Clean and pleasant interior as well as a nice looking beer garden.
The Fullers beer was very good as always. Would be nice to see the range other Fullers pubs do - some of the George Gale beers for instance on tap.
Deserving of a return for sure.

1 Sep 2015 09:46

The Windmill, Croydon

Unremarkable boozer with a big paved beer garden. The Harveys was ok. Service was friendly enough.

As for a pub serving curry - to me that's a genius idea. Curry. In a pub. Hand in glove.

1 Sep 2015 09:44

The Glamorgan, Croydon

Mysterious opening times so haven't got a ruddy clue what it's like have I? No good asking me old son.

1 Sep 2015 09:41

The Orchard, Croydon

Decent honest to goodness boozer. Down to earth and decent service. Very good Guinness as well.

1 Sep 2015 09:40

The Smack, Whitstable

I remember the Smack for being charming and quirky with a great jukebox. So yeah it smelt a bit of dogs but it was a fine pub.

So it's been done up and the jukebox has been put in a skip. The ramshackle charm of the garden has experienced gentrification shall we say. Still a very fine beer garden but I can't help feeling some charm has been lost.

Friendly service and good beer but some of the uniqueness may have also gone in the skip as well.

23 Jul 2015 16:21

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

No longer SHepherd Neame but Whitstable brewery I think given my Columbo like observation of what was on the side of the pub.

Oyster stout was decent. The wind was strong on the beach and it blew empty crisp packets away and I don;t think that should be allowed in this modern age.

Great location and decent pub.

23 Jul 2015 16:19

Ship Centurion Arminius, Whitstable

Great pub. Adnams on draught and some fine German beers. Friendly amusing bar service and a comfortable space to sit and drink beer. My new favourite Whitstable pub.

23 Jul 2015 16:16

The Duke Of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable

Rumours that the Mechanics without Mike were doing a secret gig here on Monday led me to the Duke. No sign of the Mechancis or material off their new EP rumoured to have a grime flavour.

However, the Duke's beer garden was a pleasant place to be and a lager from the Whistable brewery went down very well. Smartened up since I last went in. And it wasn't raining this time either and that has to be down to Michael Fish.

23 Jul 2015 16:15

The Royal Naval Reserve, Whitstable

Visited here on a Monday and encountered friendly service and good beer. Traditional pub interior and a nice beer garden. Nothing not to like about it.

23 Jul 2015 16:13

Balham Bowls Club, Balham

Reopened. Unless I was dreaming.

Good beer and friendly service. Charming layout.

Only odd thing was that people were coming into look around and be fascinated at things in the building that are very standard features in some of my elderly relatives' flats. Maybe I should organise some tours and charge a bit of money?

26 May 2015 08:55

The Regent, Balham

Huge pub in a part of London that is very pleased with itself. You suspect this pub would have been a huge cavernous smoke-filled boozer a number of years ago. Now it is pricey and a parody of a gastro pub with the tick box inflated beer prices, indifferent bar staff and focus on food.

26 May 2015 08:52

The Moon Under Water, Balham

Standard Spoons. Decent beer good service. Nothing remarkable but solid and does what it says on the JDW tin. Not quite sure it's what George Orwell had in mind btw.

26 May 2015 08:49

Hagen and Hyde, Balham

Not Marstons anymore. Friendly and helpful bar staff, good beer and a charming layout. Fair prices and pork scratchings. What's not to like? Possibly one of the best pubs in the area.

26 May 2015 08:48

The Bedford, Balham

Huge boozer in Balham refreshingly not kitted out with junk, distressed furniture and board games. No pan-fried pheasant here kids.

However service was indifferent and slow despite the pub being empty. Balham prices too.

26 May 2015 08:46

The Sandrock Hotel, Shirley

Was deserted last time I went in. Beer was ok but pricey. Looks like it's under new management again?

11 May 2015 16:17

The Surprise, Croydon

Now then this pubhas been smartened up but not in the identi-kit gastro pub way that excites estate agents.

Beer is decent and service is good. Beats its neighbour hands down.

11 May 2015 16:16

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

One of my favourite pubs in Brighton. Consistently very good beer, decent service, and a nice unpretentious crowd.

11 May 2015 16:15

The Pelham Arms, Lewes

Hall & Woodhouse tend to make everything seem a little bit like a middle class dinner party in Highgate village.

However, this pub has managed to retain some of its charm. Badger beers are always very good and the beer garden is a nice place to sit. It's just a shame the inside is so erm.... Hall & Woodhouse.

1 Jul 2014 13:34

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Now run very well by Fullers serving their excellent beer plus a Harveys (of which there is no shortage in the town).

A fine pub with much character and charm. Pleasant bar staff sympathetic to 2 geezers sitting outside on stools listening to an ipod waving their beers around.
To be cherised.

1 Jul 2014 13:33

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

This had some genuine charm in a student union kind of a way a few years ago but it was a little more of a generic by the station kind of pub on a recent visit. Decent enough even though there was an element of funkiness to the Harveys (on the cusp of the turn) but just about drinkable.

Not charmless by any means and worth popping your head it while running for an inevitably late running Southern service.

1 Jul 2014 13:31

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

What it lacks in width it makes up for in atmosphere, genial service and good beer. There may be bearded men with CAMRA t-shirts on passing through so beware Fosters drinkers! I opted for a Harveys (unimaginatively given its proximity to the brewery) and it was very good.

A fine hostelry to be cherished. I once spotted tattoed hooligan Jonathan Dimbleby walking his dogs outside. This was back around 2008 ish. A true story.

1 Jul 2014 13:26

The Snowdrop, Lewes

Tucked away but worth the effort to find.

Friendly and helpful staff and very good beer.

A worthy inclusion on any trip to Lewes.

1 Jul 2014 13:24

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Excellent charming pub doing very fine beer. Good service and unpretentious.

Terenced extends a firm handshake.

22 Apr 2014 15:35

The Three Crowns, Old Street

The pub is reinstated. It is smart and clean and aspirational and full of people who's coat cost more than my monthly mortgage.

The beer is decent and it's a nice walk to the Gents. But nothing to make it memorable as such.

22 Apr 2014 15:34

The Bricklayers Arms, Shoreditch

Interesting side street boozer with a good jukebox and decent beer. Doesn't draw the homogenous smug Shoreditch crowd in neither. Yes Rupert. I did say homogenous. Did I spell it correctly?

Friendly enough.

22 Apr 2014 15:32

The Owl and the Pussycat, Shoreditch

Brakspear bitter is always a pleasure of course. Shoreditch was in danger of disappearing up its own backside entirely a few years ago and looks like it might still be on the threshold of doing so. The beer was decent.

Service was a bit slow. Bar staff are too cool for school.

Patrons very pleased with themselves. They could tell it had been a while since I'd eaten any artisan bread. They knew I was passing through.

22 Apr 2014 15:30

The Centre Page, St Pauls

Jump in my car!

On Knight Rider Street. With signed pictures of the Hoff.

It's alright.

31 Mar 2014 09:29

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

A fine pub serving very good beer. Intriguing on the inside and pleasant to sit outside on a spring Saturday afternoon.

31 Mar 2014 09:27

The Mad Hatter Hotel, Southwark

Being a Fullers pub the beer is very good. Interior is typical Fullers. Empty on a saturday afternoon which was a little strange. On the way to the Gents the hotel lobby smells of hand cream. That is merely an aside.

31 Mar 2014 09:26

The Thirsty Bear, London

The gimmick of ordering from the table is an interesting one. But £3 for two packets of crisps makes me lose all interest all of a sudden. Bye.

31 Mar 2014 09:24

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

Decent smart Youngs pub on the main drag behind Gabriels Wharf and the tourist honeypot. Beer is good being Youngs and service was decent.

Hang around kids and Bobby Davro might pop in.

31 Mar 2014 09:17

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

A charming down to earth street corner pub near Waterloo without pretention. The Adnams was very good and the service was decent.

You can sit here and discuss the merits of Shane Ritchie's second album without any hipsters sneering at you.

31 Mar 2014 09:16

The William IV, Elmers End

When;'s the meat raffle?

14 Mar 2014 14:07

The Tommyfield, Lambeth

Identikit upwardly mobile gastro type pub.

14 Mar 2014 14:02

The Prince of Wales, Kennington

Cleaver Square is a charming square of fine houses in Kennington and right in the corner is this gem of a pub. Good beer and what nicer innercity location could there be for a pub.

A quick half of Kent's Best in the Cleaver Square lunchtime sunshine is a beautiful thing.

14 Mar 2014 14:01

The Shirley Inn, Shirley

Been back in again and I think I was feeling a bit generous in my previous review. Sports casualwear and hostility. Terrible bar service from miserable looking girl who had about as much charm as an unflushed toilet.

Won't be going back.

10 Feb 2014 13:55

The Mash Tun, Brighton

Not unfriendly and full of undergraduates who think that only Bob Dylan or Che Guevera really know what it's like to be misunderstood and have bourgeois parents who live in Reigate.

Any which way it's decent and atmospheric enough of an evening.

3 Feb 2014 15:27

The Cricketers, Croydon

Solid and decent local pub serving decent beer. Regulars crowd around the bar but no hostility in here, friendly enough.

Bonus points for seafood stall outside at the weekend.

3 Feb 2014 12:01

Crown, Shirley

Identi-kit Ember inn doing decent food and most of the time decent beer. It's not going to be full of individual character but what it does it generally does fairly well. Service is 100 times better than the Shirley Inn down the road.

3 Feb 2014 11:59

The Shirley Inn, Shirley

An average pub doing average beer with below average service.

It's quite hard to get affectionate or loyal for something so average to be honest.

3 Feb 2014 11:58

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

This pub has declined consistently in the last couple of years. Charmlessly inebriated customers, no heat in the pub in winter, very little light and a gents toilet that smells like an apple press on the turn.

23 Apr 2012 11:52

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Still a decent pub the beer is ok but the gents toilets are like the bathroom in a crackhouse.

16 Apr 2012 10:43

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

One of the best pints of HSB i've had... pleasant street corner hostelry well worth a visit. One of the best pubs in the city by the sea in my humble opinion.

16 Apr 2012 10:41

The Royal Standard, Brighton

Decent hostelry barely a stones throw away from the station. Scoundrels wielding chairs and Belgian beer aside, it was decent enough. I assume the chat with the priest didnt go well for the scoundrel.

16 Apr 2012 10:39

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

It's pricey but its a decent hostelry.

26 Mar 2012 13:48

The Sun, Clapham

4.20 for a pint of Red Stripe probably crystallises everything that is wrong with this pub. It looks great but its prices nail its colours to the mast.

26 Mar 2012 13:46

The Prince of Wales, Clapham

One of the best pubs in Clapham I reckon. It saves itself from turning into what Clapham has become of late - moneyed, self-satisfied and dull.

26 Mar 2012 13:45

The Jolly Sailor, South Norwood

Friendly enough pub on the corner in pre-renaissance South Norwood. Guinness was decent, service was friendly. Nothing amazing but a pub being a pub.

21 Feb 2012 12:21

The Colby Arms, Crystal Palace

A pub standing firm against the tide of bugaboos.

It's alright beers decent, service is fine, it's down to earth....

2 Nov 2011 11:00

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

It's alright actually - friendly enough, unpretentious, local crowd.... nothing particularly outstanding but its decent enough for a pub by a station.

20 Oct 2011 09:36

The Florence, Herne Hill

There's a good range of stuff on at the bar but the fact that the pub is so overrun by kids who aren't kept under manners by their smug bourgeois parents makes it a no-go area for law enforcement agencies at the weekend.

I know you think your kid is being creative and exuberant but I've just paid 4 quid for a beer and it don't move me particularly.

20 Oct 2011 09:35

The Crown, Leaves Green

On initial impressions a decent hostelry with a decent sized beer garden, a good and interesting range on draught at the bar.

3 Oct 2011 08:39

The Fox and Hounds, Toys Hill

Prime location sitting on top of the Weald as it were, but aside from the location this pub don't seem to be bother much. Mono-syllabic 19 year old behind the bar..... the beer was ok but it doesn't work too hard as a pub so I'd rather this closed up if it can't smile know what I mean.

3 Oct 2011 08:37

The Four Elms Inn, Four Elms

Passed by here Saturday and found it closed - assumed it was only temporary but seeing the note below sadly it is permament.

Proper shame - hope it re-opens as terenced liked to sit outside have a harveys and watch the planes in the distance.

3 Oct 2011 08:34

The Wheatsheaf, Bough Beech

Charming beer garden and friendly staff... beer is perhaps a little pricey but it is well kept - the Westerham ales were good and the Harveys was decent. Worth heading out to while the sun's out.

3 Oct 2011 08:32

The Barley Mow, Tandridge

Sussex was on and it was very good on a unfeasibly sunny October saturday. The garden is very pleasant and service very good.... I like the Barley Mow.

3 Oct 2011 08:30

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

My favourite pub on these shores. Beautiful location, unpretentious... decent beer and decent home-pressed cider.

I don't get there enough.

20 Sep 2011 08:47

The New Inn, Church Knowle

Avoid on a busy sunday as feels a bit like a factory..... Pack you in like a cattle truck. Still a decent pub however.

20 Sep 2011 08:45

The Cricketers, Brighton

The Cricketers is presumptious because of it;s prime location and beguiling interior.
It's a tourist trap but doesn't deserve to do particularly well with detatched bar staff and criminally expensive beer and lager.

As mentioned below, 4 for a standard lager is not how it goes. Won;t be bothering to go back. Nowt to go back for really. Disappointing as it used to have better service and was more reasonably priced. Not any more.

26 Aug 2011 11:47

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Proper turnaround. Always was a good looking hostelry but the service used to be disgusting.

Now the service is friendly, the content on the jukebox is sublime and the beer is decent.
Always wanted to like the Heart and Hand, now I can without apologising for it.

26 Aug 2011 11:43

The Foundry, Brighton

Decent back street boozer. Stand outside sink a Guinness and watch people fall off their bike after too many ciders.

Well worth a visit.

26 Aug 2011 11:42

The Railway Bell, Brighton

Sometimes you have to find forgiveness in your heart. Visited this place back in 2006 and it was about as pleasant as a recurrent kidney infection.

Passed by last week in the brilliant sunshine and it is making an effort. Friendly bar staff, it's smartened up and the service was friendly so it seems to have managed a turnaround.

Terenced will rush in for a pre-train beer next time he's in town.

26 Aug 2011 11:40

The Cricketers, Croydon

As inauspicious as it looks from the outside, this is in fact a very, very good pub. Good service and very good beer. Quality.

18 Jul 2011 12:07

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Proper decent pub serving good beer at a reasonable price. Well worth visiting.

Stand outside and stare at the Guys tower. Then go and buy another beer.

4 Jul 2011 11:41

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Fine location but actually not a particularly fine pub. Beer can be dicey, service is inconsistent.... it could do with upping its game but probably doesn't need to as it has a captive audience by the Thames.

Terenced sorrowfully shakes his head and backs away.

4 Jul 2011 11:38

The Alma, Crystal Palace

Apparently it's been sold.

27 May 2011 10:30

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

It's pricey and its East Dulwich so its bound to have a pretentious glance to cover its lack of soul, thats the deal.

But it does Caffreys and sometimes a decent Irish stout is the way to terenced's heart.

27 May 2011 10:29

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

Yeah it's a good location but its staff need to develop a bit of courtesy because they act like they're doing you a favour by serving you. Behave yourself or go and work in a prison with a face like that.

14 Apr 2011 09:26

The Smack, Whitstable

The Smack has a charm about it for sure. Friendly, ramschackle and individual. Friendly people and nice beer and a good jukebox.

However the pub does smell of dogs. In such a way as to make it a bit unpleasant to be in for any period of time which is a shame.

Maybe splash some brut on the dogs. KNow what I mean.

14 Apr 2011 09:23

The Duke Of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable

The Duke seems to be empty more than it should be for a town centre pub which may suggest it's not getting everything right.

It's not particularly friendly which is not uncommon with pubs with good locations as they can get presumptious.

14 Apr 2011 09:21

The Royal Naval Reserve, Whitstable

Very friendly town centre hostelry with decent beer and a nice beer garden.

14 Apr 2011 09:19

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

Reasonable enough Youngs pub but doesn't do anything particularly remarkable. Nowt wrong with it though.

24 Jan 2011 13:43

Tir Na Nog, Wandsworth

Nice Irish pub with as the Original Rawnsley's rightly says a very friendly dog.

The Guinness is very good and the service is friendly. What's not to like?

More character than a lot of the local Youngs' line-up. And better than a lot of the dead-eyed dying hostelries that pepper south london

24 Jan 2011 13:42

The Grosvenor, Earlsfield

It's a bit like 1975 in here. Not without some charm but not going out of its way to ingratiate itself to you.

24 Jan 2011 13:38

The Spread Eagle, Wandsworth

Impressive gin palace type interior aside, the Spread Eagle is a standard larger Youngs pub, incongrous for its flagship nature given the departure of the brewery from over the road.

However, the beer was as usual the Youngs, very good.

24 Jan 2011 13:31

The Fishermans Arms, Croydon

Under new management cleaned up and now a very smart pub.

17 Jan 2011 08:08

The Ship, Croydon

It's a bit dark in there and I'm not into metal.

31 Dec 2010 08:38

The Royal Oak, Borough

It's good to find a Harveys pub in Borough and the Royal Oak is a very smart little Harveys pub.
Decent atmosphere, fairly busy and well worth visiting.

31 Dec 2010 08:26

The Duke of York, Victoria

Standard central London pub... the beers kept ok but it doesn't really try hard to do anything that well.... probably doesn't need to.

13 Dec 2010 11:37

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

It does Winter Warmer and on a snowy day that goes a long way.

However it is obstensibly a gastro pub by appearances and this is a shame. The focus seems to have shifted to food.

1 Dec 2010 11:08

The King Henry VIII Inn, Hever

Idyllic setting and good beer if you like Shepherd Neame which I do.
However the prices are unjustifiably high.
8 quid for 2 beers is not justifiable in this setting.

16 Nov 2010 12:16

The Beehive, South Norwood

If you like a bit of underlying hostility chucked in with your beer then this is the place. Not really brimming with any charm at all.

The Joiners is miles better.

16 Nov 2010 08:17

The Joiners Arms, South Norwood

Pleasant hostelry that does a nice job of serving beer.

Friendly service and a comfortable enough interior.

16 Nov 2010 08:15

The Cricketers, Croydon

A fine hostelry that deserves to be cherished. Marvellous line up of ales on tap, friendly service and a decent atmosphere.

Went in for the first time on saturday and was definitely impressed.

16 Nov 2010 08:12

The Alma Tavern, Croydon

A mixed bag - friendly enough down-to-earth atmosphere on the plus side.

On the down-side both beers were undrinkable. If you walk in a pub and see most people drinking lager don't touch the beer.

I would return for a Guinness or a lager but would not touch any of the ales on tap.

16 Nov 2010 08:10

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The Claret does a fine range of beers for very good prices. They are reliably well kept and it's always a pleasure to run into Whitstable Oyster Stout.

The decor is like a 1970s wine bar that serves gammon and pineapple. But that is no bad thing. The Claret is well worth a visit.

16 Nov 2010 08:07

The Conquering Hero, Upper Norwood

Decent but nothing remarkable. Always a superior alternative to fight night at the Rose and Crown round the corner.

1 Nov 2010 16:08

Waxy O'Connors, Manchester

You know what you're getting. Inauthentic cardboard cutout irish theme bar that was cutting edge in 1995.

It's nothing particularly offensive and does what it does fairly well. As said in a previous review - standard Printworks fare.

1 Nov 2010 10:16

The Old Wellington Inn, Manchester

Superior to its neighbour. Decent beer and a busy bar well managed.

1 Nov 2010 10:12

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Sam Smith's prices. But nothing more really to say.....

1 Nov 2010 10:11

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

I like this pub. The interior is not great by any means... unsympathetic and slightly bland but the Holts beer is very good.
Prime city centre location could mean this pub could get away with being a bit average but it's actually pretty good.

1 Nov 2010 10:10

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Bit of BITE admin badly needed here as the low rating is reflective of the previous "It's fight night every night" pubs that occupied the site where the G&G is now.

The G&G on the other hand is intelligently run with a fine line up of well-kept beers. Bar service is friendly and efficient.

Only shortfall (which is an unfair criticism really) is it can feel slightly cavernous when not busy so atmosphere can be a bit flat at times. But a minor point.

The G&G is a very good, well-run pub and deserves to do well.

26 Oct 2010 14:50

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Charmless unfortunately.
How can you make cheap beer charmless? They seem to have managed.

If you're 14 and think people are looking at you, pop in for a Magners.

12 Aug 2010 09:44

Angel Hotel, Halesworth

Pleasant friendly staff and very good Adnams. What's not to like?

12 Aug 2010 09:42

All Bar One, London Bridge

If you work in an open plan office and find Dave from Accounts' jokes funny, you will love All Bar One at London Bridge.

As for the tramps collective attending to their rectal hygeine in the facilities, I saw no first hand evidence of this.

The beer was ok but the rest was monochrome.

The bar equivalent of M People.

25 Jun 2010 13:34

The Evening Star, Brighton

Unbeatable range on tap... but sadly beatable on atmosphere and likeability.
Top marks for its service for keeping beer interesting but its all a bit cliquey and sterile.

Stunning array of beards and I encountered serious facial hair envy when I was last here.

But that aside - come here for the excellent beer but you wouldnt hang around for the atmosphere.

4 Jun 2010 10:59

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

I want to still like the H&H honestly I do... best jukebox, charming looking hostelry, nice location........ but the whole notion of you doing people a favour by being there when the pub trade is dying is a curious one. And rude bar staff is not really a trade magnet is it.

3 Jun 2010 10:21

The Rising Sun, Epsom

Charming Youngs pub down an unlikely street to the south Epsom.

Very good beer, well kept and served swiftly. Nice, sprawling beer garden all rather charming.

14 May 2010 10:37

The Albion, Epsom

Yeah it's open again. Warms the cockles of the heart doesn't it....

It's a tremendous relief to me personally.

14 May 2010 10:34

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

Quality pub good beer and a decent atmosphere.

It demands a re-visit in my humble opinion.

14 May 2010 10:33

The Alma, Crystal Palace

This hostelry is on top of its game... well run, decent beer, friendly atmosphere, quality live music....

Terenced offers a warm affirmative hand of friendship.

14 May 2010 10:30

The Princess Alice, West Thamesmead

There's lots you could say about the Princess Alice and its location. But sometimes charity goes a long way.

There are some extremely drunk people in here very early in the day. I would go easy on the eye contact know what i mean.

Having said that, the odds are stacked against it but it doesn't do bad considering the odds.

14 May 2010 10:28

The Coach, Greenwich

Prime location on Greenwich market..... its alright and tries to be beautiful but it can be a bit sterile. Good range of beers it has to be said but it could do with fancying itself a bit less.

But we've all stared at ourselves in puddles at some stage haven't we. (coughs) That's where Berni's inn's went wrong.

14 May 2010 10:20

The Flying Machine, Biggin Hill

Horrendous looking building... but on the inside reasonable boozer with friendly service and good Guinness. So yeah there's a pub dog. but nowt wrong with it really, apart from it looking from the outside like a pub that has fight night twice a week. But I don't think it does.

12 Mar 2010 09:15

The Landor, Clapham

The Landor ticks a box as it hasn;t slid into looking like every other pub in the bourgeois hinterlands. It looks scary from the outside but reassuring on the inside, which is always a smart move in South London if you ask me.

Nothing outstanding as such, but the beer (Tribute) was well kept. Worth a drop in if you're passing by or even if you're not.

12 Mar 2010 09:12

The Railway, Clapham North

Not sure what there is to like about the Railway other than it's quite a nice space. But the beer it serves is the by now tiring standard gastropub range. It badly wants to be the place for the Clapham boys who wear suits and trainers and work in something in the third sector or something. I think it's a bit boring.

12 Mar 2010 09:11

The Falcon, Clapham North

Quality hostelry with impressive range on tap, friendly staff, interesting music and smart beer garden.

A lot of Clapham's less imaginative and lazy "smart" outlets could learn a lot from the Falcon.

12 Mar 2010 09:04

The Clapham North, Clapham North

No prizes for imagination in terms of pub name. Unless of course it was situated in Berlin.
Standard aspirational Clapham outfit but not anything outstanding. The staff were fine and the food was ok if steep in price as you might expect.

Nothing dynamic or impressive. Standard in a Clapham kind of way.

12 Mar 2010 09:03

O'Neills, Sutton

As despicable a concept as Irish theme bars are, I have a begrudging affection for O'Neills. The Guinness is normally good, you can grab a Caffreys or sometimes a Murphy's and you often hear Van the Man.

The Sutton outlet is fine although very fragrant very drunk old men do stagger around in here alarmingly early on a saturday.

11 Mar 2010 13:24

The Alliance, South Norwood

It was playing Xfm and the Guinness was decent. For South Norwood that's pretty impressive. A decent local I reckon.

30 Dec 2009 08:36

The Eagle, Croydon

anti smoking anti white anti working class? nah i don't think so sunbeam. I just didn't like your pub.

20 Aug 2009 12:15

The Eagle, Croydon

I'm delighted to hear it has ladies and gents toilets.

Sounds like you've been there far more times than me so maybe I got it on an off day. But believe me it was off.

17 Jul 2009 13:34

The Four Elms Inn, Four Elms

I like the Four Elms Inn. A proper hostelry serving good beer. Service was decent and pub-like. Minimal emotion but maximum efficiency. Nice one maestro.

You can sit outside and watch what I assume must be Gatwick air traffic. Have a beer on the bench outside and be grateful you're not being forced to have flat carlsberg from a tiny can on a budget flight.

Harveys was well kept. Nice to see some Westerham ales on tap aswell.

27 May 2009 13:48

The Wheatsheaf, Bough Beech

Nice pub in a charming bit of the Weald.

Tiny little bar but smart service. The beer is good. Couldn't comment on food but the garden is charming.

The Wheatsheaf is worth a visit.

27 May 2009 13:46

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

The JHT is a winning hostelry. Obviously very good beer straight out of the Harveys brewery. Friendly service and charming albeit cramped interior.

You want cavernous sunbeam then go to a pub that used to be a bank in a commuter town.

27 May 2009 13:43

Lewes Arms, Lewes

It's hard not to like the Lewes Arms. It does charm you and the beer is good and people are friendly.

Seafarers Ale was very decent. Harveys is back. Although the Bristol Cream was already available (just my little joke).

27 May 2009 13:41

The Tamworth Arms, Croydon

Fine Youngs bitter. Smart and clean on the whole, not particularly busy.

Charming enough but not particulalry outstanding from other Youngs hostelries.

5 May 2009 10:51

The Eagle, Croydon

There should be an extension of Croydon Tramlink right through the Eagle.

You name it, it lacks it.

It can't even get the basics right.

5 May 2009 10:49

The Gun Tavern, Croydon

Cavernous public house, more charming on the inside that it promises to be from the out.
Nothing unusual about what's on draught but worth a visit.

5 May 2009 10:44

The Fox, Keston

I like the Fox. It's comfortable enough and serves a decent pint of Flowers.

Friendly enough as well.

21 Apr 2009 09:26

The New Inn, Whitstable

The New Inn looks fascinating and promising from the outside - a traditional corner style hostelry by Shepherd Neame. However on a visit it was empty and two lively (coughs) dogs were running about.
Maybe we didn't pass by at peak time.

The beer was fine and service was decent but hard to get enthusiastic about in this context.

21 Apr 2009 09:25

The Smack, Whitstable

Just up the road from Squeeze Gut Alley is the Smack.... a fine beginning to a folk song sung by retired Geography teachers who like folk but are fascinated by mass movement...

I like The Smack. Yes it has a couple of dogs in there but they are friendly and I am not a fan of dogs at all but these two were fine although I think they thought I was their butler.
Quirky but fascinating interior. Great jukebox, friendly service, good beer and a very good beer garden.

Well worth repeated visits. Charming and memorable. A rare 9/10.

21 Apr 2009 09:17

The Prince Albert, Whitstable

A local pub for local people.

Maybe I missed something given the extensive positive reviews below.

Nothing particularly charming or impressive and I was quite terrified at the prospect that they sold oysters.

But I could be wrong.... maybe I missed some gold somewhere.

21 Apr 2009 09:06

Pearsons Arms, Crab And Oyster House, Whitstable

Friendly staff and very good oysters. When the Oyster House across the way can't be bothered to keep a cheif on the premises across the afternoon (because after all it is 1957 and everyone's finished luncheon by 3pm sharp haven't they), Pearsons does fine food.

Smart looking bar as well.

21 Apr 2009 09:03

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

Revisited this hostelry and it remains a winner. Great jukebox - even Barnacle Bill was impressed and he's very difficult to please. He's got tunnel vision when it comes to music.

Yes it benefits from a fine location but it is also a decent pub. 8/10 and a warm, affectionate handshake.

21 Apr 2009 09:01

The Duke Of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable

The Duke, as you call this pub, when you are as well connected as I am (coughs) is a large pub that sits very centrally in Whitstable.

Its cavernous nature makes atmosphere an elusive thing. Being Shepherd Neame, the beer was fine but on a rainy Thursday afternoon it wasn't particularly magnetic. A shame really....

21 Apr 2009 08:59

The Royal Naval Reserve, Whitstable

The Reserve is a friendly hostelry in the heart of Whitstable.

The beer (Master Brew) was good and service was friendly. The interior does have the feel of a suburban steak house in about 1975 but don't let that put you off. The Reserve is well worth a visit.

21 Apr 2009 08:55

The George & Dragon, Westerham

The G&D as lazy people might call it, has a smart enough interior with open fires. It's a bit gloomy inside but sometimes you might want a bit of gloom hovering over your light ale.

The draught range is unremarkable. But decent enough.

9 Mar 2009 13:37

The Grasshopper on the Green, Westerham

No Boyzone playing on my visit. Therefore I remained.

Nice hostelry with a couple of bars. One for darts. So mind your head sunbeam.

Good beer the Harveys was nice and the service was friendly enough.
Impressive enough on a quick visit.

9 Mar 2009 13:35

The Railway Tavern, Carshalton

The Tavern is a fine example of a quality hostelry.
Smart, clean and friendly without being at all pretentious. Being a Fullers pub, the beer is decent, service friendly.

Terenced gives a warm and affirming handshake.

12 Feb 2009 08:12

The Goat, Mitcham

On an early evening visit, The Goat is decent enough.

Nothing remarkable as such but the Guinness was very, very good.

Can imagine it could get a bit lively (coughs) at certain times but seems reasonable enough on a passing visit.

12 Feb 2009 08:08

The Old Bell, Old Oxted

More of a restaurant than a pub but charming enough nonetheless.

Worth a visit I would say. Can't comment on the food as not had any...

19 Jan 2009 09:00

The George, Old Oxted

Badger Brewery ales available here which is no bad thing.

Service friendly enough and a pleasant enough place to discuss the merits of one hit-wonder beat combo Mental As Anything.

19 Jan 2009 08:59

The Crown, Old Oxted

Charming traditional style hostelry serving fine pale ale from the Westerham brewery. Friendly service and charming layout.

19 Jan 2009 08:58

The Wheatsheaf, Oxted

Smart, friendly enough hostelry serving well kept Speckled Hen.

Decent enough although nothing particularly outstanding other than the presence of a jar of pickled eggs.

That would make anyone behave themselves.

19 Jan 2009 08:56

The Fox and Hounds, Toys Hill

The Fox & Hounds is a decent hostelry sitting beside Toys Hill overlooking the Weald of Kent.

Nice beers at it's the ubiquitous Greene King. Friendly service.

No mobile phones and no swearing and quite right too.

14 Jan 2009 11:21

The White Hart, Brasted

Interesting history which is nicely documented but you can't help feeling the restaurant feel of the pub takes you back to 1991 sitting in a Beefeater with your parents.

Harveys on draught was nicely kept. Food is standard nothing special although an extensive menu. Bar service was decent. One waitress was slightly terrifying.

Not a pub more a restaurant I guess....

14 Jan 2009 11:16

Bull Inn, Brasted

Metaphorically the piano does stop playing when you walk in here and every barstool and table and beer clip screams at you "You're not from round here are you?"

Having said the draught Bishops Finger was decent. But yes as previously suggested not a pub with any aspiration to be overly welcoming or anything much.
They sell scampi fries which can only be a good thing.

It did used to have a sign up saying "Pull in to the Bull Inn" but they've taken it down as presumably they're not so insistent on your pulling in, which was reflected in the atmosphere of the pub.
In no way was the atmosphere aggressive, just not overly hospitable.

14 Jan 2009 11:14

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Reasonable visit to the Old Bell. Beer was good service friendly and comfortable enough.

Nicholson through and through of course.

16 Dec 2008 11:01

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Unspoilt courtesy of Sam Smith and preservatives.

If you like Sam Smith beer then this is a winner. I am not overly keen but the bitter was decent but this is undoubtedly a charming hostelry with bags of character.
So yeah a honeypot for tourists but not to be discounted on that basis.

16 Dec 2008 10:59

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

I like the Tipperary. No frills, no Hunters Chicken, no caeser salad and no seared tuna.

The Adnams was good, service was prompt. A place for a beer and a chat. Unspoilt on Fleet Street.

16 Dec 2008 10:57

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Outstanding selection of ales available.

Service was friendly.

The Edgar as you may wish to call it should you feel informal, has a slightly oppressive feel to it which is no doubt in keeping with its namesake But a smart enough hostelry well worth a visit for its ales and character.

16 Dec 2008 10:55

The Devereux, Temple

Fairly sedate on a monday lunchtime but then I guess it would be... Smart and friendly enough and the Stocking Filler guest ale was well-kept and decent.

Not overly memorable for anything as such but not particularly offensive either.

Designed for office workers and tourists most like and serves them very well no doubt.

16 Dec 2008 10:53

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

JDW can be seen as a haven for older men who want a beer at 9:30am in the morning and find the bench outside Costcutters a bit too character-building.

However - this is a smart outfit for legal eagles. Architechturally impressive and decently run.

It's still a JDW but it is a cut above the rest of the chain.

16 Dec 2008 10:51

George IV, Holborn

I am sure this hostelry used to have a sign up saying "No Students". But that was a number of years ago and now the hotbed of radicalism that gave the world the third way owns this pub.

Interior is charming and un-spoilt. The beer is kept ok but a bit too cold. Lager range uninspiring. If you like Carslberg or Carling you would be spoilt for choice.

Nothing remarkable or memorable.

16 Dec 2008 09:43

The Hand and Marigold, Bermondsey

Decent Bermondsey hostelry. No real ale.

Friendly enough.

12 Dec 2008 12:17

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

On saturday afternoon there were about 400 small children running around in here, high on organic lentils.

It's not a pub on a saturday. It's a place for the local bourgeoisie to take their kids to on a saturday if the au-pair has a day off to visit the Latvian embassy for paperwork purposes.

17 Nov 2008 15:21

The Old Ship, Tatsfield

Slightly unremarkable. IPA was decent and service was fine but not remotely memorable.

If it changed its name to Old Shep I'd be back there straight away.

10 Nov 2008 13:16

The Surprise, Croydon

For a pub with a name like this, I was expecting to be served glorious ale for free by a philosopher who would say things like "Truth is a jewel in the case in the wreck at the bottom of the ocean, my friend, now would you like anything else with that London Pride my friend?"

Sadly, surprises were not in abundance.

However apt or otherwise its name might be, this is a decent hostlery and the London Pride was decent. Not as smart as its neighbour but still worthy of a visit.

31 Oct 2008 17:41

The Sandrock Hotel, Shirley

A smart and clean hostelry serving decent Harveys and good food.

2 pints of Peroni will knock you back more sterling than it probably should.

But the Sandrock remains a contender.

Stop by for half a Harveys and wait for the traffic to clear on the approach to Gravel Hill whilst work on the national grid increases your journey times.

31 Oct 2008 17:39

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

The Old Neptune might not warrant much attention aside from its position, dropped somehow onto the beach in the charming town of Whitstable.

Its beer range is unimaginative - I think you can get hold of Stella Artois in most Berni Inn restaurants nowadays (coughs), and you can spit in any direction (without phelgm ladies and gentlemen we're not animals after all) and hit the wall of a pub selling Greene King IPA.

However, I like this pub. Decent service. The lager named after a woman who could be Fitzgerald were it not for the St was cold and decent and the crab sandwich was very good.

Give it a try. Just don't expect trappist ale.

And just an aside - is Whitstable the only town left in Britain where its dogs are not staffs or miscellaneous cross-bred bull terriers attached to cliched individuals on the way to cash their giros? The lost, gentler breeds were in town. And in The Old Neptune.

Yes terenced gives this pub a 7. And I'm not scared. I have psychotic cocker spaniel with me called Gerald who will see of your pitbull on its cod-gansta-chain rude boy. Heck, pass me another crab sandwich.

31 Oct 2008 17:32

The White Hart, West Norwood

Traditional South London boozer without any effort made on its part to charm you or make you come back again. Yet people seem to.

Your pint will be served with a measure of resentment and passivity. Blokes stare transfixed at the tv screen. Somebody somewhere has a hacking cough.

No Guardian weekend supplements in here ladies and gentleman (in fact no ladies either accept for behind the bar).
No kids other than that kid who's probably always in there.

I think I quite like it but then again I'm not sure and I might change my mind tomorrow.
I'll give it 5 but it might deserve a 6 on some days and a 0 and instant demolition and turning into The Banana Leaf & Bogey Pie Gastro Pub on other days.
But leave it alone for now.

20 Oct 2008 11:19

The Barley Mow, Tandridge

Beware you don't get your Barley Mows muddled up.

This is a smart country pub just off the A25. Use your tom-tom maestro.

Decent Badger beers. Well kept but maybe a little pricey. Pleasant beer garden and friendly enough service.

1 Oct 2008 11:25

Seven Stars, Brighton

I like the Seven Stars. Hope it stays as is as it is decent, friendly, decent beer and good food.

Leave it alone that's what I say.

19 Aug 2008 15:02

King's Arms, Greenwich

Traditional hostlery full of tourists and people who had travelled much further me and my colleague had.

Queue at the bar was extensive but service was ok. Abbots ale was fine.

Nice looking olde-school pub in a good location.

28 Jul 2008 08:58

Admiral Hardy, Greenwich

The Admiral served up a nice pint of Flowers.

Talkative punters without inaccurate war stories and suggestions for tougher sentancing for apple scrumping.

Smart feel on the inside and a relaxed atmosphere.

28 Jul 2008 08:52

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

I like the Spanish Galleon.

The beer here is good being Shepherd Neame. Bishops Finger was decent and the service was prompt and friendly.

Whilst a tourist trap of sorts, it remains a fine pub and comfortable and smart without resorting to olde worlde trickery and chronological exactitude or maritime-related tomfoolery as it might being in Greenwich.

28 Jul 2008 08:49

The Mitre, Greenwich

Very pleasant hostelry with friendly service and relaxed atmosphere.

The Doombar was well kept and a welcome find. Nice beer garden and a nice mix of people.

Fairly busy at the bar but the bar staff did the thing that so many others find so complex and out of reach - acknowledge you and say they will be with you shortly.

28 Jul 2008 08:46

The Lost Hour, Greenwich

The Auctioneer is a little bit 1996 but I like 1996.

No ale on here at all but the Guinness was decent and the service was friendly. Comfortable enough but the interior is very much Baddiel and Skinner and Shed Seven.

Not remarkable but you can imagine if you was local a reliable to place to stop by.

28 Jul 2008 08:17

The Surrey Cricketers, Croydon

Pleasant enough traditional establishment with friendly enough bar staff.

Worth a visit. Keeps Harveys on tap and Alphonso Tallyman likes a Harveys. If you knew Alphonso you would know it's a good thing to keep him happy.

Doesn't feel like it's in Croydon which is in many ways a good thing.

21 Jul 2008 08:29

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Quality back street local with good Fuller's ales on tap. Friendly enough.

Proper community hostelry that is not hostile but retains its loyalty from its local clientele.

If you like looking at the flyover, sit outside and stare at it. If you don't like it - don't worry - no-one will force you. Go and sit inside and pretend it isn't there.

One of Croydon's finest.

21 Jul 2008 08:25

The Commercial, Herne Hill

Sometimes when you visit this pub there are no bar staff around at all.

You wait. And you wait. And then you go to leave. Think better of it. Wait some more. And then leave.

This is a shame as when there are staff at the bar the Commercial can really be a decent pub.

It's not a complex multi-layered, scientific process is it? Sort it out.

30 Jun 2008 14:47

The Florence, Herne Hill

A mixed bag is the Florence.
Interesting range of lagers and beers on tap. Extensive beer garden which is very pleasant to visit.

However, careful when you visit.
Visit at the wrong time and expect to have vast quantities of small children running about, illegally parked bugaboo's, dad's called Nigel drinking Erdinger and trying to avoid eye contact with Miranda who spots that a nappy needs changing somewhere next to that poor old geezer sitting with his half of guinness wondering what happened to the old Schweppes parasols.

30 Jun 2008 14:45

The Half Moon, Herne HIll

A quality down-to-earth but friendly hostelry well worth a visit if you are in the area.

They've not ruined it on the inside and you can pretend you're going to the boxing gym above it but secretly run into the pub for a less strenuous although none the less virtuous light ale.

30 Jun 2008 14:42

Mowlem Restaurant, Swanage

License for this place is up for sale so should be all change.

Not been to Swanage for a few years but would be interested in hearing what happens.
Current owners vacate in November.

28 May 2008 14:04

The Faraday, Epsom

Anythings better than a Litten Tree apart from maybe a sudden amputation or an eight car pile-up.
This has to be an improvement.

The Vestry is smart and clean and whilst nothing particularly individual. The lager is cold, the Guinness is decent and the service was friednly and efficient.

25 May 2008 16:42

The Symonds Well, Epsom

A home to Scampi Fries. Smart, clean hostelry, seems to be well run and the Youngs Ordinary was decent.

One of the better places in cheery Epsom.

25 May 2008 16:38

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

The Marquis is a decent space with a garden at the front and a small outdoor seated area at the back.

Great range of beers and lagers on. Even a Porter on.

A handshake for the Marquis. Treat the Porter with respect sunny jim.

25 May 2008 16:36

The Albion, Epsom

You're not likely to be bowled over by warmth or friendliness in this hostelry.
Only 1 of 3 beers on.....

I am sure its regulars feel huge amounts of misplaced affection for this place but it's not brimming with obvious charms.

Played some interesting 1950s music with makes a change from Jack Johnson.

This pub should get recognition for playing Chubby Checker but its unlikely to get recognition for much else.

25 May 2008 16:33

The Oxted Inn, Oxted

Cheap beer being a JDW.

Strange location tucked up by the station accessible via cod-ElephantandCastle-lite subways.

You can imagine this place getting interesting at certain times of the week. Bit of a tavern famine that end of Oxted so it might have to do.

13 May 2008 09:45

The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

Drunken boring old geezers can be found in the beer garden.

Beware sometimes they want to talk.

Stay inside even in the sunshine. Get your Vitamin B another way.

The Bell seems to retain a loyalty from its clientele however.

8 May 2008 15:23

The Alma, Crystal Palace

Far better than the White Hart across the street.

You tend to get served without growing a beard in the Alma.

Smartened up and interesting hostelry nowadays.

8 May 2008 15:19

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

When I went in here on 12th April there was a bloke dressed in a penguin outfit.
Noisy medical students. Even the media types ran for the hills.

If you want a youngs pub in this part of London head for the Founders Arms.

22 Apr 2008 09:05

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

I do like this pub but the drinks are overpriced. And to add a hefty service charge is cheeky when ordering food.

The food was decent enough and service was pleasant but lunch for three (only 2 of us having 2 courses) at 75 is well over-priced, 2 of us having burgers.

Nah mate I'm off to Starburger with a can of Skol hidden in my pocket in a brown paper bag.

21 Apr 2008 15:24

Seven Stars, Brighton

Now closed - which is disappointing as this place worked rather well.

21 Apr 2008 15:19

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Nice Guinness, my fellow traveller commented on good Armada, friendly service, high quality hostelry conveniently located 7 minute sprint from the station.

Or 12 minute hacking cough interspersed jog.

21 Apr 2008 09:10

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Zaphod is right - the real ale is not always in tip-top condition in here.
However, the HAH is deserving of commendation for it's jukebox and atmosphere. Students, aspiring young mods with jump the gun shopping bags and old geezers makes for an interesting mix.
I would stick to the lager if you can however, but a decent street corner hostelry. And its green on the outside.

Play "Runaway" by Del Shannon on the jukebox, have a drink by the bar and play air mellotron in the middle of the song.

21 Apr 2008 09:08

Horatio's Bar, Brighton Pier

Closed on a thursday afternoon.

21 Apr 2008 09:06

The Globe, Brighton

Busier than I've ever seen it before on a thursday afternoon. Geezers in suits. Oh well...

Still decent but it might need to sharpen up its range on tap and it's not particularly exciting.

21 Apr 2008 09:05

Hop Poles, Brighton

The beer is not cheap in here but comparitive with other pubs in this part of Brighton.

Bit like a very smart student union bar at times but that is not without its charm.

Sit, have an Abbots Ale and ponder the intriguing looking building opposite it that has been up for sale for the last 2 years.

21 Apr 2008 08:58

The Cricketers, Brighton

Remains a warm pub with responsive service and well kept beer.
Quite busy on a thursday afternoon but its charm was not lost.

The Broadside is consistently very good and if you're into single malts which I'm not, they have a good range.

Always good to see pubs in tourist hot spots not succumbing to mediocrity as is so often the case.

21 Apr 2008 08:55

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Have an Old Peculiar in here and go and make an impulsive cd purchase afterwards.

Polite service, decent beer and it gets an extra point from me because it's green on the outside.

21 Apr 2008 08:53

The Bath Arms, Brighton

Friendly, cheerful service and some Jamaican dub playing which is far more interesting than the M People Lighthouse Family sandwich you get in most hostelries nowadays.

The beer is good and the location is prime. Terenced almost breaks into a smile.

21 Apr 2008 08:52

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Nice enough Youngs pub conveniently placed near to the station which I think is very thoughtful.

Wells Banana Bread beer is a guilty pleasure of mine and they do it here.

7 Apr 2008 09:56

The Market Porter, Borough

Packed to the gills on saturday afternoon.

Staff seemed to manage to do rather well in serving the sheer volume of people waiting to be served.

Sweetly kept "Tradewinds" went down rather well.

Remains a classic hostelry to be cherished.

7 Apr 2008 09:52

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

A place for tourists to eat "Traditional English food" lucky them.

Beer's ok, location good but it was pouring with rain so the pub might aswell have been in a back street in Basingstoke. Can't blame the pub for this though.

7 Apr 2008 09:39

Founders Arms, Bankside

No winter warmer on tap at the weekend but it is technically April though somebody should tell Michael Fish.

Service was responsive and quick. Nothing remarkable however apart from its riverside location.

7 Apr 2008 09:34

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Interesting place this, in that it at least tries to have an extensive range of beers available, it doesn't lazily default to the usual suspects and standard line-up.
Sure not everything will always be available but the range remains impressive.
Tastefully done out and worth a visit in a stretch of Covent Garden that doesn't have bags of imagination in terms of bars.

Mind the stairs though sunbeam.

7 Apr 2008 09:29

The Edge, Croydon

Decent crowd still in here who respect The Clash but have yet to embrace KC & The Sunshine Band.

Nice Guinness, friendly staff and a good if pricey jukebox.

Better than most alternatives locally. Alphonso likes it in here as well. I agree with Alphonso.

13 Mar 2008 09:41

The Bulls Head, Croydon

Sorry to hear about the wife theft and the canine aroma Terry. Sometimes we just have to pick ourselves up and carry on.

As for the Bulls Head, it is a respectable back street local. The Guinness is decent and the regulars know their Phil Daniels from their Paul Daniels.

13 Mar 2008 09:34

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The Dog & Bull retains a timeless charm. It has an effortlessly friendly, relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere.
Not packed on a Wednesday night but doing fairly well.

One of the finest hostelries in the area.

13 Mar 2008 09:30

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

Good range of ales and smart enough pub. Not brimming with warmth particularly but pleasant enough.

It should be noted that employees of Wernham Hogg come in here and regale each other with hilarious tales and drink Sambuca on school nights - the carefree hoodlums.

The food is pricey but decent enough.

13 Mar 2008 09:24

The Harrow Inn, Warlingham

Friendly staff and a pleasant hostelry.
Remains consistent and worth coming out of your way to visit.

3 Mar 2008 10:50

The White Lion, Warlingham

The Broadside was decent enough but the Adnams was the only one on much to the chagrin of some disgruntled looking ale fans at the weekend.

Ember inns have customed this hostelry to their own corporate intentions. Not a terrible pub by any means.

What is slightly incongruous is you had the ale gentlemen, then the usual Ember inn clientele eating food and then a group of geezers who might ask you who you was looking at if you spilt their Magners.

No individual character but reliable enough.

3 Mar 2008 10:49

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

The Prince Regent (and for that matter The Florence down the road) suffer from swathes of middle class parents bringing in their small children on the weekend and completely failing to keep them under any manners.

22 Feb 2008 13:34

The Lambeth Walk, Lambeth

Ordering a vodka martini in the Lambeth Walk?

Nah - not really the context for it.

14 Feb 2008 11:52

The Mansion, Gipsy Hill

Off an upmarket breed of gastro-pubs. Thoughtfully put-together decor with a series of photographs of Herne Hill traders on display which was an interesting touch.

But nothing remarkable really aside from this... no coherent sense of character aside from its aspirations.
Beer was ok... Guinness was respectable..

13 Feb 2008 14:50

The Sun, Covent Garden

Nice to find a pub serving Flowers. That's a good place to start.

If your missus is saying to you "you never buy me flowers" take her here.

Small but charming hostelry with friendly enough service and a jukebox which is always a winner.

Nice to find a such a down-to-earth pub on Drury Lane.

28 Jan 2008 09:00

Prince Of Wales, Covent Garden

Centrally located but unimpressive on the visit I undertook with a comrade.

Service was thoughtful and respectful but there was nothing particularly to commend this place at any level. Forgettable to be honest.

28 Jan 2008 08:58

The Opera Tavern, Covent Garden

Friendly, charming hostelry with good beer. Busy but service was good and this pub seems to work rather well. Bustling atmosphere in a prime location.

Down-to-earth despite its location and a pub worth a re-visit.

28 Jan 2008 08:49

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

Smart, decent pub with a friendly atmosphere. The Marston's was decent.

Nothing outstanding as such but a decent pub in a part of London where much around it serves the lowest common denominator.

28 Jan 2008 08:47

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

Depends what you think about McMullen's beers... they're alright but this large boozer was rammed up with people who might want to go to Yates for a bottle of something water melon flavoured.

Might work for a larger group visit should that be your thing....

The beer was ok... but nothing here demands a return visit.

28 Jan 2008 08:43

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Unspoilt classic hostelry tucked away in Covent Garden.
How a pub should be. Few decent ales on, friendly service, rammed up with tourists asking for directions to the "Blind Beggar" pub in Whitechapel.

Friendly service. Decent atmosphere but inevitably packed to the rafters.

28 Jan 2008 08:40

The Coal Hole, Strand

Decent enough busy hostelry on the Strand near the Savoy.

4 good ales on. The Broadside was decent. Very busy but good service and a classic, historic feel to this hostelry.

28 Jan 2008 08:37

The Commercial, Herne Hill

Identical to the White Hart in Crystal Palace.

Decent pub of course a good range on tap. Normally a couple of good ales on and an impressive range of lagers.

If you miss your train from Herne Hill, don't stand on the platform cursing your inability to run up stairs fast enough. Go for a light ale in the Commercial. May the road rise with you...

10 Jan 2008 13:44

Seven Stars, Brighton

Very easy to knock O'Neills but the one in Brighton seems to work very well.
Charming bar staff. Decent range on tap. Decent Guinness and the all day Irish breakfast is a pleasure.

Not a fan of the chain at all but this one simply does the business.

10 Jan 2008 13:42

The Tin Drum, Brighton

No not really a pub. Not a bad place at all but it's not a pub.

Not everywhere can be a pub can it? Otherwise where would you buy hosiery?

10 Jan 2008 13:41

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

ec1 you are most correct.

13 Dec 2007 15:36

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

ec1 you are most correct.

13 Dec 2007 15:35

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

ec1 you are most correct.

13 Dec 2007 15:34

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

A refuge from the madness of Christmas shopping. Pop in and have a Winter Warmer.

Remains a charming hostelry.

13 Dec 2007 10:48

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Quality pub with good atmosphere.

Warm handshake and promise of a return.

12 Nov 2007 08:54

The Cricketers, Brighton

Remains a charming pub which is worth a visit on any ale-related visit to the city by the sea.
Always a pleasure to pass by and sink a Broadside.

Sit at one of the little individual tables near the bar and pontificate.

12 Nov 2007 08:45

The Bath Arms, Brighton

The Adnams Broadside is looked after nicely. Friendly enough staff...

Charming location. An affirming pat on the back from terenced.

12 Nov 2007 08:44

The Druids Head, Brighton

Now geared more towards serving food, the Druid's Head has had a bit of a re-fit which works better towards the rear of the pub. Mind your head sunbeam, there's a low beam in the middle of the pub.

12 Nov 2007 08:41

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Harveys is nice in here. Pleasant decor perhaps geared towards tourists but a decent hostelry.

12 Nov 2007 08:39

The Castle, Notting Hill

Ran out of pint glasses for a brief moment on Saturday.

I don't suppose they'd let you drink from the draught taps in Notting Hill now would they?

5 Nov 2007 08:14

The Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

2 pints of Waggledance please - "Sorry mate none on draught."
Ok we'll have 2 bottles. - "There's only one bottle."
Ok one Waggledance and one Banana Bread beer then. And a coke please. "We've only got diet coke."

But the barman was charming in the failure of the pub to be properly stocked and it goes to show a bit of charm can cover a multitude of sins.

Prime location. Very busy no music when was in there which lets it down. Pricey but you don't have to go there do you sunbeam?

I don't mind this place but it's not outstanding for anything.

5 Nov 2007 08:13

The Portobello Star, Portobello Road

Small but comfortable boozer. No ales available or so it seemed.
Friendly bar staff and a buzzing atmosphere on a saturday.
There was gurning elderly man in a wooly hat which gives this pub bonus points in my book.

Once again, interesting music being played.

5 Nov 2007 08:09

The Portobello Gold, Portobello Road

They keep the music (ahem) interesting in here. Not to my taste but noteable all the same.

Pleasant enough hostelry with a reasonable range of beers. Harveys done the business.

5 Nov 2007 08:07

The Sun In Splendour, Notting Hill

Pleasant busy pub. Full of tourists on saturday but nonetheless seems to function well.

Nice garden and playing some decent music.

5 Nov 2007 08:05

The Half Moon, Herne HIll

The Half Moon is the only pub remaining in the Herne Hill area that is not yet (although the post below suggests otherwise) by appearance at least grasping for the disposable income of the bland, aspirational middle classes.

Embourgeoisement, ladies and gentlemen, it's a long word. it sounds a bit French and it's ripping the heart out of a lot of pubs.

Standard usual suspects on tap. Decent enough boozer with an interestingly kept interior.

30 Oct 2007 09:22

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

4.20 for a pint of Hoegaarden? Go and climb on a skip.

On the corner of Regent Road, this is an impressive looking pub.
It has been tastefully renovated but it's too pricey. Bar staff are in danger of disappearing up a cul-de-sac of their own self-satisfaction.

The dining area has some fascinating pictures on the wall. But you can't help thinking the heart of this place was ripped out some time ago.

30 Oct 2007 09:09

The Manor Arms, Clapham

Watch the rugby do you anonymous?

15 Oct 2007 13:53

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Sorry to hear that the ubiquitous Greene King have got hold of this interesting hostelry.

Bit of a pub museum really... an experience to visit. Not really a pub to return to again and again.

So I suppose you can no longer get a pint of Trip then...?

12 Oct 2007 12:51

The Prince of Wales, Clapham

A rare find of individuality in the parish of Clapham. A little gloomy in the inside maybe but comfortable enough with Harveys on tap which is always a winner.

As already alluded to, a collection of items that Steptoe would be proud of hang from the ceiling....

But decent enough.

1 Oct 2007 08:23

The Manor Arms, Clapham

Nice enough corner hostelry with good beer and decent service.

A more down-to-earth hostelry than many local alternatives.

1 Oct 2007 08:15

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Recent re-visit to the B&R.... very good range of lagers and beers at the bar, friendly service and decent music.

Whilst it still has a few too many small kids running about, it does seem to function as a very decent pub.

A warm handshake and re-assessment from terenced. Give us bread but give us roses. Yeah after a couple of ales those words could make you cry.

1 Oct 2007 08:11

The Railway, Clapham North

Presentable on the inside and smart looking bar... however, nothing special beneath all of this.
Service was not brimming with warmth or interest.. standard identi-kit aspirational Clapham pub.

It's funny 'cos I remember coming here about six or seven years ago and thought you had to upstairs to the gents but I may well be confusing this with somewhere else from years ago.

1 Oct 2007 08:08

The Royal Oak, Clapham North

Pleasant and smart enough hostelry over from Clapham North tube.
Limited range on draught at the bar... neither of the 2 Adnams beers they had were on at the time and I understand the lager was a bit on the flat side.
However, friendly courteous service smoothed things over.
Nothing outstanding but reasonable enough but they want to change the barrels on the beer and sort out the lager.

1 Oct 2007 08:03

The Riverhead, Riverhead

A Harvester. So whenever you go in here it will be 1992. All over again.

28 Sep 2007 11:45

The Harrow Inn, Warlingham

Agree with MartinRAF - polite bar staff who while I was there had to contend with some very rich young girls talking about their daddy's place in Tuscany yet one of them wanted free soda. Splash the cash treacle and have a port and lemon.
Amstel wasn't free to this less rich customer. Justice for the Amstel One.

Anyhow - nice pub in a pleasant location. Very good food menu and decent range of beers although as previously stated not always full range of ales on.

But remains a pleasant hostelry worth a visit in summer for the beer garden and in winter as well.

11 Sep 2007 10:21

The White Bear, Fickleshole

A very "reserved" posting by original rawnsleys there.

Well tucked away... does very good food with an impressive menu.
Not so sure how this functions as a pub as it comes over as more of a restaurant and that seems to be its priority.
However, decent enough range of beers at the bar.

Worth a re-visit.

Strange how you can drive a few minutes out of London and come to somewhere like this.

11 Sep 2007 10:16

The Edge, Croydon

Hard to think of a better pub in Croydon. You can think of ones with a more imaginative range at the bar but the Edge gets it right in friendly service, a good atmosphere and an absorbing jukebox.

A pub that deserves to do well. A mate of mine called Alphonso thinks they should add "Runaway Train" to the jukebox but he wants the moon on a stick.

6 Aug 2007 08:21

The Half and Half, Croydon

Opens about 2pm on a saturday so drop by one afternoon before it gets too busy later on in the evening.

Friendly bar staff and an excellent range of beers.

May only now be around in its current form until September although new owners will be keeping some of the current features.
Get in there while you can.

6 Aug 2007 08:17

The Bulls Head, Croydon

Decent back street pub serving good beer. Friendly and smart enough.

Worth a visit. Only slightly off the beaten track and more charm than some of the larger hostelries on the main stretch that serve some of Croydon's finest philosophers and scientists.

A warm handshake from Terenced.

6 Aug 2007 08:15

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Have a waggledance in the beer garden here.

Still a fine pub despite the slight dip in the quality of Youngs beer since the move up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire.

6 Aug 2007 08:07

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

Very good range of beers here fullers and otherwise. Can't be faulted.

Not the most dynamic environment but decent enough and a reliable hostelry in a former bank. Think you could have been queueing miserably to pay a bill. Instead you are having a beer.

Service can be less than attentive and cheerful at times but still a decent enough pub.

6 Aug 2007 08:02

The Alma, Crystal Palace

This pub has been cleaned up and smartened up. It retains its charm and hasn't gone all gastro but it's smart and looked after and has retained its regulars by the looks of things.
Just goes to show how lazy and unimaginative the previous owners must have been to let it slide into the state it was in.

Back on form.

26 Jul 2007 08:04

The Albion, South Norwood

I heard that this place was up for sale...

20 Jul 2007 10:38

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Remains the best pub in England.

Brimming with charm and character and great beer.

20 Jul 2007 10:36

The Rumburgh Buck, Rumburgh

Not been here for years and years....

Pleasant enough pub some way down the Wissett Road...

20 Jul 2007 10:31

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

Prime location but a bit bland and a bit dry to be honest.

Feels like a working lunch even if you're not at work.

Smart and clean and the beer's ok but nothing memorable or outstanding.

20 Jul 2007 10:24

The Elgin, Ladbroke Grove

Huge pub with a interesting history pre-the Fart and Firkin days.

Slightly pricey... works on a sunny afternoon with a large group but you could imagine this place being charmless at certain times.

Try The Cowshed up the road if you want beer at pub prices.

20 Jul 2007 10:16

The Earl of Lonsdale, Notting Hill

Only sells Sam Smith liquor which makes a change from the usual cast list.

However, the Earl has a slightly odd feel about it.

Extremely drunk elderly men are known to totter about in here on rainy saturday afternoons, just managing not to decapitate themselves on the "snug" wooden features. This is when they are not making slurred negotiations with bar staff that they are not inebriated and don't need to leave. The bar staff are normally correct.

20 Jul 2007 10:14

The Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

Typical cavernous Youngs' pub but manages to retain its charm. Prime Portobello Road location altho' some say (including mr terenced) that Youngs beer ain't what it was since the brewery change.

Original Rawnsleys' rightly draws attention to the large clock above the bar.

Reasonable service despite being v.busy.

20 Jul 2007 10:10

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

If you're good at avoiding eye contact with inebriated old men then give this place a try. Make eye contact and you might obtain a slurred, frantic anecdote or a redundant threat.

As usual with a JDW impressive range at the bar but undermined by complete absence of charm and atmosphere.

The long-term unemployed are known to come here to re-write their CVs.

Get a window seat and pretend to be a mannequin.

12 Jul 2007 10:56

The Prince Of Wales, Southwark

Decent enough hostelry near to the Elephant and Castle an area noted for its lack of decent pubs aside from its breathtaking skyline.

Well-run and friendly enough. Usual suspects on tap and no real ale but other than that, pretty good.

12 Jul 2007 10:51

The Blue Bottle, Crystal Palace

Now called Westow House.

27 Jun 2007 11:28

The Cambridge, Norwood

Still up for sale.

No news on it being sold. Still as it was...

27 Jun 2007 11:28

The Sun In Splendour, Notting Hill

Does have a slight coffee shop feel but inevitable given the postcode...

But seems to work fairly well. Good service, pleasant decor and quite charming.

A warm handshake and a cheery 7.

18 Jun 2007 08:21

The Castle, Notting Hill

Yes used to be the Warwick.... and Chopper Strummer was known to sink one or two here.

No longer the Warwick and gone all gastro red pesto birkenstock but.... somehow this place works on a passing visit.

Still a nice space and decent enough range on tap.... despite the Notting Hillbillies sitting about (and there has to be some place for them to go) it still feels like a pub and merits a re-visit.

7 and a firm handshake.

18 Jun 2007 08:10

The Portobello Gold, Portobello Road

Not a fan of Brakspear on trying it for the first time in the Gold....

However - a decent place with enough of a buzz on a saturday lunchtime. Interesting layout and decent music.
A good range of beer at the bar.

Worth a visit says terenced.

18 Jun 2007 08:02

The Prince Albert, Notting Hill

Prime location up from the top and near the Notting Hill Gate tube end of Portobello Road.
Tastefully decorated and a comprehensive looking range of lagers, beers and a couple of ciders.

Decent enough for a saturday lunchtime Guinness during the sheeting rain pleasant enough but reading comments below can see shortfalls being a problem, and maybe this is the kind of place that rests on its laurels in terms of its location and the disposable income of its local clientele and passing tourists.

Gents toilets require to be seen to be believed. It wouldn't take too many Guinness' to find yourself mistakenly wading through the urinals themselves.

I'll give it 5 for it's tasteful decor and range at the bar but only 5 because it did not go out of its way to impress and the aforementioned (coughs) facilities.

18 Jun 2007 07:59

The White Hart, Crystal Palace

Yeah aspirational clientele ("Isn't Carling Black Label just so 1983 Godfrey?") who think reading the Guardian makes them less tedious.

Not a bad pub but self-important clientele do spoil things a little.

Service is not always the best and it's not the kind of pub where they know your name or what you drink... but Jasper and his life-partner don't mind...
But these people need somewhere to go. Otherwise they'll start mugging the elderly and the vulnerable.

29 May 2007 11:05

The Plough Inn, Wissett

Not uncommon for country pubs to still close in the afternoon for a few hours.

Interesting to see what happens with this place.

16 May 2007 14:00

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

Charming little hostelry with extensive selection of excellent ales.

Well worth a visit. Small on the inside so gets busy but friendly.

In charming part of Lewes right near to the Harveys Brewery. A real gem.

14 May 2007 08:29

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

A friendly pub serving up a decent pint of Harveys.

Friendly, chatty bar staff even if the rest of the clientele were off their nut (in a slightly oafish yet somehow charming way) on cider. It could only be cider.

Music remained interesting.

This pub seemed to be getting it right.

Next time in town would definitely re-visit. Terenced gives the thumbs-up.

14 May 2007 08:20

The Blue Bottle, Crystal Palace

Being refurbished apparently... and a name change...

10 May 2007 08:18

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

The jukebox remains a winner in here.... classic tunes on it.
Decent beer and a decent pub worth a visit...

16 Apr 2007 08:42

The Druids Head, Brighton

What have they gone and done?

A slight re-fit to this pub seems to have altered things beyond the physical change.
No music playing... little atmosphere... functional for tourists but the charm seems to have vanished... Only one beer out of three advertised on...

A one-off slip I hope...?

16 Apr 2007 08:37

Hop Poles, Brighton

Still a good pub well run.

Decent atmosphere, nice hub-cap creation on the ceiling and a decent range of beers.

Undergraduates still seem to be (coughs) "on reading week."

16 Apr 2007 08:32

The Cricketers, Brighton

Beautifully kept Adnams Broadside...

Manages to retain its charm whilst still being a tourist trap.
Worth dropping by for sure...

16 Apr 2007 08:30

The Market Inn, Brighton

Pleasant to sit outside but inside a bit dour, unfriendly and forgettable.

Token pub geezers standing round.
Sit outside and avoid them and watch the world go by. Only then is it worth a visit.

16 Apr 2007 08:29

The Bath Arms, Brighton

Charming location and beer is well kept.

Nothing outstanding as such but works well as a pub to visit... perhaps not enough character to be a regular haunt.

16 Apr 2007 08:28

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Fine location... beer is ok but not as good as other pubs in town.

Could up its game a little maybe but worth a visit.

16 Apr 2007 08:27

The Anchor, Southwark

Charming location, decent on the inside and a good range of beers.
Only trouble is they should open up the second bar when it's really busy as the queues are pretty bad when busy....

19 Mar 2007 08:39

The Market Porter, Borough

An excellent, charming market pub with an outstanding range of beers.

Very busy at times undoubtedly but worth waiting on. Full of character and charm and set on the excellent Borough market. Well worth a visit.

12 Mar 2007 08:19

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Wins on its location. Decent enough beer and great to sit outside but if you had to sit in here on a rainy Wednesday it might not work so well.

12 Mar 2007 08:17

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

For anyone who remembers this was the pub where Sam and Dexter had a beer in "Roger Roger" before Dexter took a jump off the bridge.... anyway enough about tv comedy...

Very good location and a decent range of beers available. Worth a visit. A tourist and med student trap but seems to be working rather well.

12 Mar 2007 08:07

O'Lunney's, Manhattan

A charming Irish pub off the bustle of Times Square. Decent Guinness and nice food. Friendly service and some decent music.

Worth a visit if you are in town....

20 Feb 2007 10:09

The Blacksmiths Arms, Halland

A pub with a landlord that looks like a landlord and not an estate agent.

Decent enough. Beer ok.

22 Jan 2007 10:05

The Alma, Crystal Palace

Doing well on an early friday evening in terms of numbers of punters.

Gents' toilets, however, frighteningly grim. Not just standard issue pub grim.
A cut above.... blocked urinal, mould, an evocative overwhelming aroma and "Unreliable" lighting.
It's better just to have an embarrassing accident at the bar I think. Seriously...

8 Jan 2007 11:40

Founders Arms, Bankside

Poor quality Guinness it has to be said. Don't know what the beers like nowadays though.

28 Dec 2006 13:28

The Cambridge, Norwood

Only a month or so left of this hostelry.

Being turned into a restaurant in the New Year.

Which in some ways is a shame but in other ways appears to be somewhat inevitable. There only ever seems to be 4 people in here and one of these works behind the bar.

Went downhill after the old landlord died a year or so ago.

28 Dec 2006 13:25

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

A wonderful pub.

Not been here for a few years but my recollection is that a pint of Adnams on the bench outside was a pleasure.

No quibbles about food being served as I didn't go there to eat.

Inevitably, fine Adnams beer on tap.

12 Dec 2006 15:18

The Cambridge, Norwood

Not sure what's happening with this place.
Seems to have changed hands again ? only now seems to attract the occasional betting crowd...

Unclear whether this place has much of a future... mostly empty most of the time....

Lets hope this doesn't go the same way as so many other traditional pubs...

12 Dec 2006 08:40

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

A charming hostelry it has to be said.
Mr Bernie runs the place well.... good beers, friendly service, gathering of locals...... Beats hands down the JDW alternative round the corner....

7 Dec 2006 12:27

Hop Poles, Brighton

I suppose in saying "student" I did not necessarily mean somebody in full-time education.

People talking loudly about their gap years for example. People with jazz beards. And people who say their parents are "just like so bourgeois reactionary."

But there has to be somewhere for these people to go.

Not knocking the Hop Poles though. I quite like the Hop Poles.

28 Nov 2006 10:06

The Railway Bell, Brighton

I appreciate your enthusiasm but the trouble is I did try it and I found it to be grim.
Maybe it was a bad night...?

24 Nov 2006 16:10

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Has the dark and beguiling Hogs Back Rip Snorter on cask here which might be a good thing....

The feel of a chain undoubtedly so not brimming with character.
There was a very drunk man in here gurning like Charles Hawktrey when me and a comrade went in here.

A fair range of ales and a broad range of lagers.

20 Nov 2006 10:01

The Evening Star, Brighton

Yes obviously not to like the Evening Star suggests you are from a new-town, that you let your 8 children open packets of crisps whilst walking around Asda's and that you really do think Carling Extra-Cold is a "bit special."

And obviously to suggest that the Evening Star may not be sublime in every aspect is to suggest that you have "love" and "hate" tattoed on your knuckles. Clearly.

Only trouble is as outstanding a selection of beers as it undoubtedly as, my recollection of the Evening Star is that it was a sterile pub for Geography teachers, and that, dear comrades, is not always a good thing.

9 Nov 2006 14:12

The Railway Bell, Brighton

Would largely agree with the original rawnsleys on this one.

A faint promise of random aggression by overweight fifty year old men compliments the bland range of ubiquitous lagers here.
How people can be territorial over something so sub-standard is almost slightly evocative.

Avoid. Unless of course you (coughs) want some. Far better pubs around near the station.

30 Oct 2006 10:01

The Cuthbert, Brighton

Nothing special.

They don't like the music to be audible here really. A bit like stepping back in time but not in a nostalgic or pleasant way.

30 Oct 2006 09:57

The Globe, Brighton

I like this pub.

30 Oct 2006 09:55

Hop Poles, Brighton

A plethora of students with unsightly, poorly managed and possibly even infested facial hair in here on my last visit.

But never mind.

Decent enough to visit.

30 Oct 2006 09:53

The Cricketers, Brighton

A pub that seems to have improved since the summer. Much friendlier staff, as ever well kept ales and decent single malt available.

Still reliably red also.

30 Oct 2006 09:51

The Bath Arms, Brighton

On a re-visit, decent enough hostelry which was covered in fake dust for Halloween I guess. Some pubs have real dust all year round don't they?

30 Oct 2006 09:49

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Classic looking hostelry on the outside and inside.
The IPA was pure malt vinegar so my mate got a suitable replacement pint.

Friendly enough and jukebox with great tunes on it.

30 Oct 2006 09:47

The William IV, Brighton

Pleasant enough pub in good location although average age of clientele in here was about 97 (that is the woman I am going to marry) on a thursday late morning/lunchtime but that's better than psychotic 17 year olds.
Harveys was well kept.

30 Oct 2006 09:21

The Toby Carvery, Beckenham

Good selection of beers but attached to a toby carvery so not really a pub arranged in the proper sense.

Bizarelly attached to a Travel-lodge. So Eden Park is a tourist honey-pot then.

17 Oct 2006 13:55

The Swan, West Wickham

A bit bland really with not much of a cohesive atmosphere. And pricey too.
However, at least it's trying with various nights of entertainment.

However, bear in mind that 17 year olds called Ricky drive past here playing commercial dance music very loud in 25 year old Ford Fiestas with cheap alloys and sub-woofers.

17 Oct 2006 13:54

The Railway, Tulse Hill

Heard of the Hoxton Fin? This is where the Tulse Hill Spike was invented.

Slightly over-priced. Maybe the least scary pub in Tulse Hill but that's not saying much.

I think it's possibly the only pub in the local vicinity that seems to making some kind of effort.
Oi'll give it foive.

12 Oct 2006 13:46

Puzzle Pub, Crystal Palace

Fans of random aggression and flat lager will be devestated to note that this hostelry has now closed.

9 Oct 2006 14:11

The Botley Hill Farmhouse, Warlingham

When I went here a few years ago, Bernard Manning was coming to do a gig in a few weeks time.

Says it all really.

Should be shut down and turned into an abbatoir.

An interesting location but somehow a complete failure to make this pub at all interesting.

9 Oct 2006 13:49

The Half and Half, Croydon

Still a big for sale sign up outside this place.

Inside the staff seemed not to have any updates.

Loud Americans not withstanding (whose every word seemed like a public announcement) it was pleasant to visit on Saturday although it can't seem to shake off its somewhat sterile atmosphere.
Of course the range of trappist ales etc remains unsurpassed in the local area.

2 Oct 2006 09:00

The Edge, Croydon

On a re-visit, this pub is worth commending because of the excellent jukebox in there. And decent Guinness.

Certainly one of the better pubs in the local area.

2 Oct 2006 08:58

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

A charming, traditional market pub serving decent beer.

The Youngs' Special was well-kept.

Terenced offers this hostelry a very warm hand-shake.

2 Oct 2006 08:57

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Currently closed due to a fire.
At least it was a couple of weeks ago.

25 Sep 2006 14:52

The Half and Half, Croydon

No mention in the local press of it still being up for sale as it was mentioned in the local press recently for being included in the CAMRA guide.
Will pass by this weekend for the good of others, to try and see for myself.

25 Sep 2006 14:51

William Stanley, South Norwood

They are indeed, anonymous, they are indeed.
There are laws and these individuals are quite clearly wrecked and incapable.

If it was properly run these individuals would be slung out on to the High Street.

But it does seem to be a bit of a free-for-all.

13 Sep 2006 08:55

The Belle Vue, Clapham Common

Forgettable bland yet aspirational pub.

Clean interior but not sure what it wants to be.

13 Sep 2006 08:39

The Goose, Beckenham

Flat atmosphere.
Flat lager.

A pub for people who don't like pubs.

24 Aug 2006 10:03

The Dovetail, Clerkenwell

Tucked away to the extent where it's almost hidden.

Outstanding array of Belgian beers/trappist ales but some of them do a mischeif and make you fall over.

Food is decent enough.
Only down side is the crowd of braying suits you get in there after work.

Having said that, worth going out of your way for.

21 Aug 2006 15:39

The Pickhurst Tavern, West Wickham

Attached to a huge carvery which serves mostly pensioners with meat that has been dried up under heat lights for over 4 hours.

Attached pub is what you'd expect in being attached to a chain carvery.

Sterile atmosphere but the Adnams seemed to be kept ok. Huge beer garden which looked pleasant enough.

It's not exactly in a pub hot-spot so does if you happen to be passing by which is most unlikely.

21 Aug 2006 15:37

Numidie, Crystal Palace

Classic little bar.
Well-kept secret (so far). The restaurant above is very good but the bar is a gem. It smells less of Gitanes that it used to.

14 Aug 2006 15:01

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Tucked away in an unlikely location.
Standard tick-box pub decor.

However, a well-kept pint of Young's served in a jug does help things along I always find.
Nothing special perhaps but if you're waiting on a train, passing by and there's a chill wind or even looking to conclude your day with "just one more" then it's worth a brief visit.

14 Aug 2006 09:32

Grand Central, Brighton

You want to read a little more carefully sunbeam. I was referring to a mechanism displaying chronological exactitude.

But seriously... a bit pricey isn't it?

Do they add a few pence (or 50) onto the beer to fund the maintenance of the clock? (note the clear inclusion of the "L" in that word)

14 Aug 2006 09:27

The Evening Star, Brighton

10/10 for it's breadth of choice in terms of beer.
Not all Dark Star beers are too my personal taste but an outstanding range of other beers and ales available.

What was lacking on my visit, however, was any atmosphere and character. Something of a bistro crowd in there and not particularly friendly.

Add an atmosphere to this place (which may well be there on other occasions according to other posts) and a bit of character and it would be a winner.

14 Aug 2006 09:24

Horatio's Bar, Brighton Pier

Karaoke's back on a Friday and it's had a lot to drink.

Go and sit outside if it's sunny.

14 Aug 2006 09:19

The Cricketers, Brighton

Don't bother with the bar at the back. The front bar is much more pleasant.

Once again well-kept beer.

Only fault was off-hand, discourteous service. Not sure what the point is in having charmless bar staff.

Front bar has some olde-world charm and keeps some decent ales.

14 Aug 2006 09:15

The Druids Head, Brighton

After a re-visit, have to concur - it is a good boozer.
Friendly staff, well kept beer (particularly the Harveys) and a good location.

Music was decent - Massive Attack this time - Jack Johnson CD hopefully thrown onto a skip....

I think it does most things you would require a decent pub to do.

14 Aug 2006 09:12

The Font and Firkin, Brighton

No proper beer on tap.

Fascinating building of course...
Had a bit of character a few years back which is an odd thing to say about a Firkin pub....

I think I preferred it when it was a church.

14 Aug 2006 09:08

The Bath Arms, Brighton

Well-kept Adnams Broadside... of that there is no doubt.
Friendly and helpful bar staff... good location.

Not sure what it's like of an evening but previous posts suggest clientele cannot always be great. However when myself and a fellow traveller had the pleasure of a visit, it was pleasant enough.

Worth a visit.

14 Aug 2006 09:05

The Crown and Pepper, Croydon

Dirty glasses. Miserable bar staff.

Avoid on grounds of extreme pointlessness.

9 Aug 2006 16:02

The Pilot Inn, Lydd

A pub in a curiously eerie location. I found the whole landscape around it a little bit desolate and this only made the pub seem a bit incongruous.

However, the food was fine although previous post is reflective of the quality of some of it. Average beer and a bit messy on the inside.

Scary geezers with "love" and "hate" tattoed on their knuckles are known to drink in this pub. Their kids are even scarier. Don't even think about making eye contact with their dogs either.

8 Aug 2006 13:52

The Pineapple, Lambeth

A decent, well run, unpretentious pub.
Decent food and a well-stocked bar.

8 Aug 2006 11:37

The Three Stags, Lambeth

A long wait for average food as I recall.

Kept a decent slection of ales. But once again, udner-acheiving in a prime location.

8 Aug 2006 11:35

William Stanley, South Norwood

If you like your conversations to be punctuated by random "mature" drunks, then this is the place to be, with random incoherent shouting going on.

There's also the "watch the old drunk try and obtain the key to the disabled toilet" game. The standard gents toilets are about a 9 mile walk away down some stairs so you can sympathise....

Well stocked bar of course with low prices being JDW but it's like being surrounded by men who shout at the traffic quite frankly.

8 Aug 2006 08:54

Horatio's Bar, Brighton Pier

In prime position obviously in terms of geography so seems to assume that very little effort need to be made in any other way.
You could name every beer it had on tap without even going there (standard cast list).
Lowest common denominator.

The town has so much more to offer but then there's the nagging thought if you jump on a train down from London... you've got to have a beer on the pier haven't you?

7 Aug 2006 12:26

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

The best pub in the Crystal Palace triangle. (probably)

4 Aug 2006 10:02

The Railway Hotel, West Wickham

Now an Ember Inn.

Can't fault the selection at the bar but the atmosphere is sterile and clientele are less than progressive.

3 Aug 2006 11:08

Postal Order, Crystal Palace

Excellent range of ales and lagers undermined by sterile JDW environment and purple faced senior citizens bemoaning the "onslaught of Brussels" and casting aspersions on social workers and "women who wear trousers."

3 Aug 2006 09:26

Gravity Bar, Dublin

Best place to sink a Guinness which incidentally tastes better than having it anywhere else.

Charming and friendly and great views of the city.
Well worth a visit even if you don't like Guinness. Mrs Terenced doesn't but managed to sink a Guinness to my disappointment (hoping to help her out with her free Guinness)...

Technically not a real pub but deserves an accolade all the same.

3 Aug 2006 09:12

The Hope, West Norwood

As a Young's pub has good beers on tap. Pleasant enough little beer garden.

Friendly enough.

3 Aug 2006 08:58

The Edge, Croydon

Not a bad little hostelry to drop by in. Standard cast-list of veverages at the bar (the ubiquitous usual suspects) but worth a visit all the same.

One of the better run pubs in cheery Croydon.

3 Aug 2006 08:50

Grace's, Penge


And somewhat pointless.


2 Aug 2006 15:23

Arkwrights Wheel, Croydon

Average boozer full of blokes looking miserable and geezers playing pool.

It played "Wandering Star" by Lee Marvin at top volume last Saturday afternoon. Does it win any more points for this? Nah.

2 Aug 2006 09:27

Founders Arms, Bankside

One of the best locations for a pub in London.
One of the best breweries.

However the interior feels like a 1980s airport lounge.

Perhaps a little complacent because of its captive audience and its location.

Get a grip, sunbeam, get a grip.

1 Aug 2006 15:09

The Manor Arms, Clapham

Did this pub used to have a sign up outside it that said "Traditional pub traditional values" or am I getting confused?

I assume it's been taken down now...

1 Aug 2006 13:26

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Mixed feelings about this place.

Spent some very pleasant evenings in here over the years but could on reflection concur with some of the points below.
Imaginative (by late 1990s standards) range of beers, food is decent as I recall but it does not sit as a bona fide pub for some reason.

Still worth a visit if you're passing by.

1 Aug 2006 13:24

The White Hart, Crystal Palace

An improvement on the declining and poorly run O'Neill's that pre-dated it and peaked in 1998.

You cannot fault the breadth of beer on offer here.

However the smugness and aspirational nature of the place is not to everyone's taste. It feels a bit like a refuge for birkenstock wearing dads having a naughty Belgian beer while the au pair takes the kids to piano lessons.

It does seem to be making some kind of effort which is laudable but it somehow manages to conform and become sterile.

Bizarre policy in here on football shirts as well.

1 Aug 2006 13:20

Mowlem Restaurant, Swanage

A bar with one of the best views and locations (same for the restaurant incidentally) but an example of under-acheivement.

Tatty and slightly run-down. Keeps ales from the Badger brewery but needs to up its game. Indifferent staff don't help.

Charming views across Swanage bay do not compensate enough for such a below-average bar.

1 Aug 2006 13:15

The Lord Nelson Inn, Holton

Friendly and well stocked little pub with an upright piano in it last time I looked.

Good range of beers. A treasure.

1 Aug 2006 13:13

Seven Stars, Brighton

So a tired old 90s chain, but actually a well-stocked bar with a couple of decent stouts, lagers and the mighty erdinger on tap.

Food is standard fayre.

Not deserving of great accolades but did seem to making something of an effort on the occasion I passed by there.

1 Aug 2006 13:11

The Quadrant, Brighton

I visited this place back in 2000 with a mate for its Belgian beers.
Sorry to see it gone.

31 Jul 2006 13:34

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Looks very promising from the outside with its distinct green tiling. Nice layout on the inside with pleasant atmosphere and decent service.

Only down-side was I don't know what they'd done to the Old Peculiar.
A one-off mistake I trust....

I would re-visit. My drinking partner and fellow troubadour was put off by the Old Peculiar so wouldn't.

31 Jul 2006 13:32

The Globe, Brighton

Next to the backpackers hostel...
Well-kept Guinness as I recall. Suitably dour bar staff but comfortable enough. Grab a stool at the bar and look dour too. It's surpisingly pleasurable.

Would re-visit.

31 Jul 2006 13:26

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

The only pub I can think of that is an argument for chain pubs.

Slightly sinister atmosphere as well which is a charming addition to the poorly kept beer and flat lager.

If you're early for your train from Norwood Junction and fancy a beer don't visit the Cherry Trees. If you cant make it up to the Alliance, risk an ASBO and street drink.

31 Jul 2006 09:04

The Alliance, South Norwood

Very smoky, friendly enough and a decent range of beers.

Slightly down-at-heel location though but worth dropping into. One of the better pubs in South Norwood.

31 Jul 2006 09:01

The Blue Bottle, Crystal Palace

Cavernous pub with little atmosphere, expensive beer and disinterested bar staff.
Open later on a Friday and Saturday night so it gets the opportunity to be below average for even longer.

31 Jul 2006 08:59

The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

Goes without saying as a Young's pub, quality beer on tap.
Friendly enough with a pleasant beer garden for the summer.
Plus if you're southbound like I am you can walk off the beer up the rather steep Gypsy Hill.

24 Jul 2006 13:38

The Alma, Crystal Palace

Is it me or is this pub getting stranger and stranger of an evening? Down at heel, down on its luck and not a picture of health and happiness...

14 Jul 2006 09:22

The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

Unfortunately bland.
Molson beer is better in a bottle than draught anyhow. Food is poor.

An underacheiving establishment in a prime location.

14 Jun 2006 13:24

Grand Central, Brighton

Best pub for last beer before train scenario.

A beautiful large clock by the door...

9 Jun 2006 13:55

William Stanley, South Norwood

Named after the man who founded the best secondary school in the history of western europe.

Typical Wetherspoons. Cheap prices, wide range of beers and ales but no atmosphere or character.

6 Jun 2006 14:42

The Black Lion, Brighton

It was playing the Pet Shop Boys when me and my mate went there.

Nearly three quid for a Guinness..

Won't be rushing back.

26 May 2006 14:30

The Druids Head, Brighton

Great location for day-trippers from London like my good self.
Good set of ales on tap. Friendly bar staff although they did take off Finlay Quaye and put on Jack Johnson.

26 May 2006 14:28

Hop Poles, Brighton

Yeah a definite student atmosphere. Well-stocked bar with a good range of beers on tap.

The mate who I was with felt comfortable enough to look through the wine list.

Undergraduates do provoke a sense of irony though don't they?

26 May 2006 14:23

The Scott Arms, Kingston

This pub is summed up in the word "potential."

Great, idllic location (near the marvellous Chapmans Pool) with stunning views.

However, an unsympathetic re-fit and a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none food menu with food of variable quality lets it down.

I remember the days when it was owned by the Devenish brewery....

Sadly this pub's potential is currently unfulfilled, by a long way.

23 May 2006 13:51

The New Inn, Church Knowle

Outstanding pub food served here and well kept ales. Yes it's less of a pub really because of its emphasis on food but it's still worth a visit, if a little off the beaten track.

Don't know if they still do, but used to serve a well-kept pint of Flowers.

23 May 2006 13:47

The Half and Half, Croydon

An outstanding array of Belgian beers, trappist ales etc with some rarities available.
However, I have heard (coughs) that you should treat some of these with some respect. Don't knock them back or it'll be like drinking Kestrel super strength.

No music. Atmosphere can be a little sterile. But it's a winner in terms of its selection.

Once again, a venue that is up for sale. My money's on it reverting to a stella, carling, john smith's, strongbow and smirnoff ice venue playing commercial dance and James Blunt.

22 May 2006 15:36

Puzzle Pub, Crystal Palace

Avoid if you like:

well-kept beer, friendly service, a good atmosphere, good music.
You name it - The Puzzle lacks it.

Avoid unless you want a bit of random, indiscriminate violence and bad lager.

22 May 2006 14:35

The Cambridge, Norwood

This pub is up for sale again.

It's a traditional pub in the purest sense. Nothing pretentious about it and serves its regulars well generally. Tiny little bar but if you like a traditional pub and a pint of ale for under 2 then it's worth a visit.

Works well in the winter as it has an open fire.

22 May 2006 13:30

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

The best pub in England.
Finest location.... great beer.
But don't tell anyone.

Only trouble is you need a car to get there. I'll need to persuade Mrs TerenceD to drive me there... that'll be an uphill struggle.

22 May 2006 12:23

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

A decent local pub.
Friendly and comfortable and well-priced.
There are normally 3 ales on a good range of draught lagers (usual suspects).
Nice sun-trap beer garden in the summer and if you sit out the front you can have a beer pondering the London sky-line and try and get all evocative.

Gents toilets are frequented it seems exclusively by those with poor accuracy and aim.

22 May 2006 11:25

The Alma, Crystal Palace

The Alma won't win any prizes for decor. Tatty seats held together by gaffer tape and stained carpet are the order of the day.
It does have a shambolic charm and even if the light doesn't always work in the toilets and the jukebox doesn't always work, it has more character than a night in a chain pub.
Does Adnams on tap although not sure how well-kept it is.

This place is up for sale though or so I'm reliably informed so may not be around in current guise much longer. Drop in there for a beer. It'll be something to tell the grandchildren.

22 May 2006 11:13

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