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The Landseer, Holloway

G'friend and I went for dinner a few Fridays ago. Food wasn't really up to much. I had chicken in a peculiar orange and tarragon sauce, on a soggy rosti. No thanks.

Better for Sunday roasts, chilling out with the papers etc, I think.

Not a bad pub overall - not a particularly good gastropub though, certainly not a patch on The Old Dairy or St John.

9 Apr 2008 12:57

The Bree Louise, Euston

Watched the Grand National in here last Saturday. Sat right next to a deafeningly loud telly, resulting in some mild banter with some friendly locals.

I also enjoyed the Oyster Stout, as recommended by the landlord, who seemed friendly.

My co-drinker said it had had a paint job and had consequently lost some of its 'old man' charm, but overall a good place.

9 Apr 2008 12:51

The Phoenix, Victoria

Decent, slightly anonymous gastro pub. Not much competition round there though.

11 Dec 2007 16:57

The Stag, Victoria

Exterior looks like a strip club, interior is nice. Hoegaarden and Star drinkable.

Good atmos/service. Fine for all comers!

11 Dec 2007 16:55

The York, Islington

Respectable ale and good for watching football in. A surprisingly rare combination in Islington that.

Also went there last night and sampled the very drinkable guest ale 'XXXB' or something.

16 Mar 2007 11:40

The Kings Head, Islington

Watched football here a few weeks back and was pretty enjoyable, nice relaxed atmosphere etc. And the ales were pretty good too.

16 Feb 2007 15:27

The Water Rats, St Pancras

More of a bands venue, yes. You know a pub has an unexciting range of beers when you end up drinking Staropramen (NB I know REALLY shit pubs don't even sell this).

The band room was baking hot, so much so that it spoiled our enjoyment of the music slightly.

13 Feb 2007 17:48

The Prince of Wales, Pimlico

Admittedly I went here a while ago (in October - it's now Feb), but I can say without reservation this is worst pub I have been to in London.

My friend and I came here after a running race in Hyde Park (walked for a bit afterwards, natch) and ended up ordering food.

Despite me ordering first, my friend's arrived first. I continued to wait, over a pint of very badly kept ale, for 45 minutes. Only when I went inside to prompt the barman, did he 'remember' and put my order through.

It arrived, soon afterwards, cold. Unfortunately there had been a change of bar staff by then, and the manager had gone AWOL. Attempts by the friendly bar girl to ring him failed.

13 Feb 2007 17:39

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