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The White Lion of Mortimer, Mitcham

a tad better than the kings arms opposite, opens at nine in the morning for those with a real thirst eats and drink, allright with a couple of friends in tow but for a night out take a newspaper.

29 Oct 2007 11:29

The Burn Bullock, Mitcham

this place is a step down from the cricketers.

29 Oct 2007 11:21

The Cricketers, Mitcham

pikey pub full of foul mouth fly tippers.

29 Oct 2007 11:20

The Queens Head, Mitcham

the fish and chips on a friday are the best in the business.

29 Oct 2007 11:18

The Windmill, Mitcham

Probably the best pub in mitcham, not that that is any recommondation.The beer isn't the best but for a quite sup, okay.Has been on the market for months now but no one is buying....i think that says it all.

29 Oct 2007 11:16

The Kings Arms, Mitcham

pub has gone downhill in the last three or so entertainment, no atmosphere and no heating.i've heard its going to be on next years tour de france route, the amount of dugs that are consumed on the premises.Not that the people who run the place give a toss.When they are there that is.A big fat zero is too high a recommondation.Shame on Youngs (whatever happened to them?)

29 Oct 2007 11:14

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