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The Horse and Groom, Rushlake Green

New management in 2015 making a go of it. Looks promising.

20 May 2015 12:49

Duke of Wellington, Southampton

It's such a shame that it's not possible to enjoy the evening sunshine outside this, and many other great pubs, without being overrun by smokers. Beer and pub otherwise excellent.

23 Jun 2014 20:07

The Cartoonist, Holborn

The whole building where this pub was located is now under redevelopment. It would appear that the Cartoonist is no more.

24 Jul 2013 22:46

The Horse and Groom, Rushlake Green

New management in 2012 making a go of it. Still a restaurant with a small lounge bar, rather than a pub.

7 Jul 2013 00:58

The Cross In Hand Inn, Heathfield

Now new "permanent" management

7 Jul 2013 00:54

The Brewers Arms, Heathfield

New management again in 2013 - now in the same family as the Star mentioned below.

7 Jul 2013 00:53

The Barley Mow, Punnetts Town


7 Jul 2013 00:50

The Cross In Hand Inn, Heathfield

The new management did a runner. Now under temporary management.

8 Nov 2012 11:22

Sankey's, Tunbridge Wells

This is about the only decent ale pub in the centre of TW. Good beer, decor and atmosphere. If only the bar staff would show some signs of life.

10 Nov 2011 13:34

The Albany Hotel, Roath

After several visits to Cardiff I have at last been introduced to a truly excellent pub. Good quality beer (a rarity) promptly served in a superb street corner local. Two very well kept and decent sized rooms cater for all. Large public bar with piped music on the one hand and quiet comfortable lounge on the other. Complete range of Brains beers are very well kept.

28 Aug 2011 23:56

The War Bill-in-Tun Inn, Warbleton

Following 25 years as landlord, the great majority of which were shared with his wife Val, Bryan has retired and this historic pub is in new ownership. It was closed at the end of April for refurbishment and is expected to reopen in a few weeks.

I understand that the name "The War Bill-in-Tun," which dates back to the English Civil War, has been consigned to the pub names dustbin, and when it reopens the "Warbill" will be renamed as "The Black Duck." Shame.

5 May 2011 12:20

The White Horse, Cranbrook

Got mugged in here today before the rugby. Two pints and two soft drinks for eleven quid? What! No wonder the place was so empty. We should have gone straight to Cranbrook rugby club which was much more reasonable, and the beer was a lot better.

23 Jan 2011 00:33

The Half Moon, Heathfield

Now open all day again and serving lunches - according to the sign outside.

6 Jan 2011 14:53

The Hare and Hounds, Framfield

Big sign outside: "TO LET"
All other signage removed.
Looks very closed.

15 Dec 2010 17:15

The Crown, Heathfield

The Crown was recently closed by Marstons for a refurb and has now reopened as The Beehive.

8 Nov 2010 13:36

The Runt In Tun, Maynards Green

So much for the playground - what about the pub?

30 Sep 2010 00:14

The May Garland, Horam

Train station? What train station? Horam station closed on 14th June 1965...

30 Sep 2010 00:11

The Horse and Groom, Rushlake Green

Harveys! At last! This is only the second Sheps pub that I am aware of that now serves Harveys Best. Well done Fi!

14 Sep 2010 23:06

The Star Inn, Heathfield

Mike and Sue Chapell are now running this pub again (they had it in it's heyday in the 90's and until 2006). Well worth another visit now.

9 Jul 2010 11:33

The Yew Tree, Arlington

I commend Mecedes for waiting what seems to be 50 minutes for a drink witout walking out!

3 Oct 2009 23:08

The Ram Inn, Firle

This pub has an excellent public bar with superb friendly service, good beers nd a friendly local welcome. On our last visit we left with a handful of fresh vegetables given to us by a local who was stopping off on the way home from his allotment. Yes there is food available, but it is a pub at heart and a very good one too.

11 Sep 2009 00:08

The Ash Tree Inn, Battle

Tucked away unspoilt rural idyll north of the road between between Battle and Herstmoceux. Village bar with pool table and a separate dining area. There's a couple of tables by the roadside at the front and a nice enclosed garden at the rear. There's no through traffic, except horses, so sitting outside at the front with a pint and a newspaper is most pleasurable! Harveys beer, good value homecooked menu.

Limited opening times in the week, and I believe closed all day on Mondays.

4 Aug 2009 15:56

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

Spent a leisurely lunchtime here on Saturday. Enjoyed A great Tribute @2.90 and switched to a reasonable Doom Bar when that ran out. I'd agree with GDS about the institutuinal short measures - needed a prompt for every pint. Sat out in the sunshine in the adjacent paved street. Had a superb quality burger with giant mushroon & stilton for 7.45. Unfortunately the chips were a tad anaemic but that didn't seem to matter.

29 Jun 2009 00:34

The Old Oak, Caneheath

@ Miles: Where? please tell me! 2:90-3:10 is the going rate ...

24 Jun 2009 23:06

The Rose Grower, Bramcote

Demolished :-(

20 May 2009 14:26

The Kentish Hare, Bidborough

Called in here one weekday lunchtime recently and thought it would make a great local. Reasonably priced menu and good beer - Doom Bar, Harveys, Youngs and one other as reported below. 3.10 a pint is a tad pricey but a sign of the times I think - with a letter explaining that the responsibility lies with the Chancellor posted on the wall.

Several connected rooms laid out around the central bar, varying from stained board floor to tiles to carpet. A couple of flat screens on the wall, pub games & friut machines in one area, a number of sofas in another and cottage style tables in another set for lunches.

Very friendly bar staff and customers. It was quietish when I was there but got the impression it could get quite busy in the evenings. A good local trade judging by the newspaper headline cuttings on the wall, supposedly referring to certain regulars.

I could definitely get quite comfortable here - a proper pub.

1 May 2009 17:44

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Convenient drinking barn with big screens everywhere. HSB excessive at 3.30. Also the full range of Fullers beers, Butser and Batemans XB. Not my favourite sort of pub.

18 Mar 2009 15:21

The Lincoln Lounge, Kings Cross

Dropped in here for a couple of pints after work recently. It's always appeared to be (very) quiet when I've passed at lunchtimes bit it sure livens up around 5. Good pint of Bombardier and plenty of atmosphere. Friendly bar staff too. I'm not a great sofa fan but there's adequate standing room to compensate. Worthy of another visit I think.

18 Mar 2009 15:18

The Foresters Arms, East Hoathly

Popped in for a pint and sandwich one day last week and the pub is now far more welcoming. The new landlords have made an impression already. It was quiet though, I hope it is busier in the evenings. Both sandwich and pint recommended!

16 Mar 2009 16:19

The Masque Bar, Kings Cross

Closed and reopened as The Fellow. Greatly Improved

12 Mar 2009 12:01

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

I meant " I always have to ask for a top up," but you knew that!
Don't you just hate that predictive text?

4 Mar 2009 23:14

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

No improvement in service here at all. Seriously understaffed at peak periods. It also continues to operate a short measure policy as I always have to ask dot stop up, and then a second top up as they don't do it first time. Shame as the beer is very good quality.

4 Mar 2009 17:07

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Grotty pub only notable for it's novelty value. Decent pint, but not worth stopping for a second - move on or go and get your train!

3 Mar 2009 15:42

The Roebuck Inn, Laughton

Visited briefly towards the end of a boozy eveniing tour a while back. Never again. Very unfriendly. Harveys was crap and for some reason was served from a polypin on the bar when there was an unused handpump on the bar. We couldn't wait to move on.

3 Mar 2009 15:22

Golden Cross Inn, Hailsham

Changed hands last year and is reportedly on the up. My only visit was at the end of a very long evening so can't remember enough to comment, except to say thet it was significantly better than our previous hostelry that night, which was the Roebuck in Laughton . . .

3 Mar 2009 15:17

The Plough, Upper Dicker

Against my usual preference, I needed a pub with a tv in a hurry on Saturday so I wouldn't miss the rugby, in between performing parental taxi duties. The Plough was closest and fortunately it came up trumps all round. A good, comfortable, central public bar with an unobtrusive flat-screen tv, Sheps beers (the Kent's Best was very good) and friendly conversation.

There's a raised dining area to one end, and a doorway to another low beamed dining room at the other end. The menu and food looked good - there were a surprising number of diners for so early in the evening. It's clearly popular.

I said the pub came up trumps all round - shame I can't say the same for the rugby performance!

3 Mar 2009 15:08

The Hare and Hounds, Framfield

(continued . . . . )
The bar menu was basic but adequate. I hope there's more on offer in the evenings though. There were a variety of Harveys ales - the Sussex Best was perfectly acceptable.
All in all a "decent village pub" as rpadam has said before me.

3 Mar 2009 14:49

The Hare and Hounds, Framfield

I've been passing this pub for 12 years and never been in, until today when curiosity got the better of me. It's a very unassuming village pub and difficult to tell if it is open or not without stopping. A small printed list of opening times pinned to the door indicates that it's open all day every day. Why don't they put that on a blackboard where it can be read by passing traffic!

Inside there's a spartan public bar to the left and a dining area to the right, bare boards throughout from what I saw.

3 Mar 2009 14:45

The War Bill-in-Tun Inn, Warbleton

Still the same. Beer quality very average. Quiz on first Sunday in the month. (Don't know why my review below was anonymous.)

18 Dec 2008 10:46

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

Situated slap bang in the middle of the Pantiles so gets very busy with tourists in the summer. At other times however this is a great pub. Clean and nicely furnished, good beer, good food, welcoming staff and friendly locals. Always handy for a brief refresher when Mrs Red is shopping!

17 Dec 2008 10:56

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

I agree with whileyourethere that this pub is improving. Smallish somewhat scruffy bar opposite the Villiers Str escalator to Charing X - handy when trains are delayed as mine was yesterday.

Four ales were available from the Nicholson's range - yesterdays choice included Harveys Best, Brains SA, and I think London Pride and Batemans XXXB. Beer quality was very good but watch out for large head / short measure.

17 Dec 2008 10:47

The Star Inn, Heathfield

Hi Kipper, Only 4 people have rated it so it only takes one zero to drag the whole score down. I was in here again recently and it was good so I upped my rating a tad.

2 Dec 2008 10:56

The Rose and Crown, Fletching

A warm welcoming village pub with excellent food and beer. There's a good fire in a huge fireplace in the cosily furnished main bar and a separate restaurant area too. Beer is Harveys and Jennings Cumberland Ale was the guest on my visit - very good. The extensive blackboard menu looked excellent. This is a super alternative to the ridiculously expensive Griffin down the road. Recommended.

24 Nov 2008 14:53

The Horns Lodge, South Chailey

Called in for a swifty last friday lunchtime. This unspolit country pub has a long main bar with a separate dining area off. Dark Star Hophead and Cottage Golden Arrow were on offer alongside Harveys Best and Old Ale. I opted for the Old and it was excellent. The bar had a good "local" feel about it with it's warming log fire and selection of board games. Great to see a bar billiards table and the traditional Sussex game "toad in the hole." Excellent service and polite conversation from the young barman. I shall call again.

24 Nov 2008 14:24

The Rose Grower, Bramcote

"The Rose Grower in Sandringham Drive, Bramcote Hills, was sold by Greene King to Savace Ltd in July (2008) and closed. Now the company has submitted plans to Broxtowe Borough Council to build a nursing home, with 32 bedrooms and ten parking spaces."

Back in the 1960's the Bramcote Hills Community Association actively opposed planning permission and the granting of a licence for a this pub. Indeed it is well documented on their website (bramcotehills dot com) that it was the very threat of this pub that brought the Community Organisation into being.

Since then the pub has established itself as a valuable amenity for the local community and not the terrible den of iniquity that was feared. Indeed members of Broxtowe Council and of the Community Association itself have found it to be a useful meeting place.

Today's members of that organisation should be as active now as their predecessors were in earlier years. This time they should take up the challenge and oppose the Rose Grower's demise. Unfortunately that doesn't look likely to happen however, since I emailed the chairman a couple of months ago and have received no reply. Shame.

Unless there is strong local support to maintain a public house on this site the Council will allow "change of use" and the amenity will be lost for good.

Come on BHCA - show us the teeth that your predecessors had and fight to keep the Rose Grower as a local pub.

24 Nov 2008 12:34

The Foresters Arms, East Hoathly

I called in here on Saturday evening during the East Hoathly bonfire celebrations and witnessed the vandalism performed by previous tenants. It was my first visit for a year or two. The only thing to say in it's favour is that the Bonfire Boy was excellent. John and Denise can only make improvements, and I'm sure they will if their previous Harveys home is anything to go by.

12 Nov 2008 23:46

The Harp, Covent Garden

Great pint in there again last evening. This time it was the Tribute which seems to be establishing itself as a regular now. Am I right in thinking that only 2 of the 6 pumps rotate guest ales now rather than 3 before? No matter. Lovely beer, lovely staff, lovely pub!

6 Nov 2008 12:15

The Horse and Groom, Rushlake Green

No Harveys.

24 Oct 2008 13:28

The Three Cups Inn, Heathfield

Picture book Sussex pub on the road from Heathfield to Battle. A succession of connected drinking areas around the small central bar with low timbered ceilings and a wooden floor. One of these is an eating area with a lovely old fireplace and there's a more formal restuarant to the rear. Decoration is the usual collection of horse brasses and local photographs. There's a pleasant garden area to the front, separated by trees from the road.

Beers on offer are Harvey's Best and Dark Star Hophead. Also available was Harvey's Old which was my first of the season and excellent it was too.

A greatly improved pub.

17 Oct 2008 15:00

The Gun Inn, Heathfield

Called in for a pint and a sandwich one day last week. I like the revamp since last time I was there (which was admittedly the best part of 10 years ago!). Light and airy and very welcoming. Yes, it was predominantly laid up for diners, of which there were a few, but the separate bar area was quite comfortable if a little on the small side. Excellent sandwiches in a choice of breads or ciabatta, served with crisps and salad garnish. The rest of the lunch menu looked interesting enough.

And the beer? There was a choice of Harveys and Adnams bitters. I ordered Harveys which I thought was the end of the barrel. The barmaid swapped it for a pint of Adnams without question and that was very good. She then had the barrel changed and came back to tell me that it had been done. Great service. Shame I didn't have time to stay for a second pint!

Yes, I'll certainly go back, and I'll go one evening to see how lively the drinking trade is.

16 Oct 2008 15:53

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

Small, traditional old pub squeezed between the more modern shops of Bruton Street. Maybe a Nicholsons pub (?) judging by the beer range - certainly simlar in style. Very quiet mid-afternoon - a welcome oasis!

10 Oct 2008 12:10

The Windmill, Mayfair

Comfortable Youngs pub close to Regent Street. The guest Tribute I had was very drinkable. Good sandwiches and chips! Good service.

10 Oct 2008 12:05

The Guinea, Mayfair

I can't add much here - but can confirm what has already been said. Stood outside The Guinea in the sunshine yesterday and enjoyed a couple of pints of reasonable Youngs Bitter. Nice quiet mews relatively traffic free. Ok in the sunshine but wouldn't be so good if the weather forced us into the limited space inside.

10 Oct 2008 12:02

Welcome Stranger, Crowborough

Pleasant local next to Crowborough railway station. Appears to be on the up from a previous poor reputation locally. It is a Sheps pub with a full range of their beers. Emphasis is on darts, pool fruit machines. I went in as a stranger ( my train had been cancelled) and was indeed made welcome!

10 Oct 2008 11:56

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

We went here this week for a team event and had an excellent evening. No tears! Unspoiled pub with a pleasant upstairs dining room and bare boards throughout. The service was very good and the food and ale were fine.

Don't expect to have anything other than a pie here (choice of about 10) - there is nothing else on the menu. Puddings were equally filling - a selection of the best in English stodge. Very tasty too!

Beers were Black Sheep and London Pride (the Adnams I had last time was no longer on offer) and the Sheep I had was in very good condition.

Overall, good English fayre in good English surroundings. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

For "pie" read: "oval bowl of very tasty stew with an inflated puff pastry lid." I argue strongly that a pie should be made with shortcrust pastry, having a base and sides as well as a lid!! Especially in a pub that sells itself as a "Pie Pub."
Is there a Campaign for Real Pies? There should be!

9 Oct 2008 11:06

The Gun Inn, Heathfield

What worries me about this pub is that all the reviews are about food. What's the beer like now? Are drinkers welcome again now?

1 Oct 2008 15:19

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Dived in here from the rain after giving up on the queues in the Bunch of Grapes around the corner. What a totally different atmosphere. Although busy, there was a lot more elbow room and no deafening cackle from lager sipping office boys and girls as was in the BOGs. Service was fast and there was a good choice of ales and pleasant conversation at the bar. I could have settled in here all night but had to get the next train. The Tribute in the BOGs had been just a tad better, but not enough to give it the edge overall. The Kings Head is a great pub. Worth missing a train for.

1 Oct 2008 15:17

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

I too found this pub when avoiding the rain. Typical modernised Youngs/Wells pub. Very busy at 7 on a Tuesday night with office workers and the two staff were very busy trying to keep up with the demand. After a long wait at the bar I had a pint of the guest Tribute which was excellent - but had to get the short measure topped up twice. I would have stayed for another but couldn't be bothered queueing again. I'll come back when it's quieter or when they have got more staff.

1 Oct 2008 14:39

The Shipwrights Arms, London Bridge

Had a reasonable pint of Adnams here last night at an unreasonable 3.10. Decent boozer convenient for London Bridge station, under the arches opposite Hays Galleria.

One room with a central bar. Service good. Also offering Deuchars IPA and Sheps Spitfire.

24 Sep 2008 13:02

Bessemer Arms, Sheffield Park

The Bluebell line is a great place to take the kids for a day out. Usually such venues provide limited refreshments poorly accommodated. Not so at Sheffield Park station. The old station restaurant has been named The Bessemer Arms and sells a variety of hot meals and cold snacks in pleasant surroundings. There are a number of tables outside on the platform and a function room upstairs. There's also a (catered)pullman car that you can hire for special events.

But the real bonus is the beer. Not a few cans of Carling from the back of the fridge here! There's well kept real ale on handpump! Last time I was here (admittedly a few months ago now) there was a choice of Harveys Sussex and Gales HSB. Now that certainly enhances a family day out! And if you don't want to go on the trains you can still get in for the price of a platform ticket.

18 Sep 2008 15:45

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

I don't know this area well and came across this pretty street-corner boozer while finding my way to Waterloo East. It was clearly popular as there were several people enjoying drinks outside in the road. There's a cosy front bar with a larger room at the back which looked like it was intended for dining. Thai menu available. The Bombadier was good but I agree with rpadam that 3.15 is a tad steep! There were three other ales - Pride/GKIPA/etc - but nothing special. The staff were chatty and service was good.

DholeMoney will be pleased that the toilets were clean and stank of fresh paint. Clearly the management have read your review!

Nice pub - I will stop off here again.

29 Aug 2008 11:53

Blackboys Inn, Blackboys

We came here at lunchtime one day last week. It was not my choice but it was convenient and so I went with the flow as they say. It was very pleasant to sit outside in the sun and the Harveys was good.

We were here for a quick lunch, however, and this was not the cheapest place to go for it. Main meals started at 9.95 - for a salad! There were no sandwiches but ploughmans were available at 7.50. Don't you hate it when they do that? What's more, it was a measly portion on arrival - quite disappointing.

Admittedly the six of us had placed three separate food orders but it shouldn't be beyond any reasonable kitchen to manage this. In summary we were served lunch haphazardly, one person at a time, over a protracted period. It was only when they tried to serve us with some things again that it transpired that they had mixed up several tables food orders.

Eventually it was time to go. I had made the mistake of keeping an open tab and had to return to the bar to settle up. This resulted in having to queue for at least ten minutes while the staff took more food orders - and no doubt sowed the seeds of more confusion!

23 Jul 2008 15:55

The Carpenters Arms, Mayfield

Visited here for lunch one day last week and had very good fish and chips - catch of the day cooked in Harveys batter - for 7.95 which is good value around this part of the world. There were several similarly priced mains and a selection of freshly caught fish mains for slightly more.

I had a couple of very good pints of Horsham Bitter. Harveys Sussex was also available.

I've often passed this pub and this was my first visit - I'll definitely be back.

17 Jul 2008 12:15

The Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

Deuchars and London Pride were on today. The Deuchars was fair, but served from a handpump that was falling to pieces. I was amused by the several notices making it perfectly clear that glasses were not to be taken outside because "beer tastes better in a plastic cup!" And I've been getting it wrong all these years!

Despite all of this the rule was fortunately not enforced. I got a proper Deuchars pint glass and took it outside in the sunshine (just like everyone else) and I was thanked on departure when I duly returned it to the bar !

14 Jul 2008 14:33

The Bricklayer's Arms, Marble Arch

Useful watering hole if you get thirsty between the Pontefract Castle and the Carpenters Arms. I think I had a pint of Adnams Bitter....

30 Jun 2008 11:19

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

I forgot to say - apparently this is not a pub, it is an Imbibing Emporium! That's what it says over the door. Fantastic! I've been on an Imbibing Emporium Amble, not a pub crawl!!!

30 Jun 2008 10:33

The Beehive, Marylebone

Had a Pride here after visiting several hostelries in the area so my judgement may be impaired ;-)
Seemed ok but nothing special inside. Pleasant enough to sit outside away from the main roads.

30 Jun 2008 10:30

The Masons Arms, Marylebone

Good H&W pub in same block as Carpenters Arms. Nice pint of Hopping Hare. Worth visiting both when in this area but the Carpenters gets the edge.

30 Jun 2008 10:18

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

My favourite on a friday afternoon/evening walkabout in the Marylebone area. Nice and airy, bare wooden floors, large unfrosted windows, great beer. Was very popular with the after-work brigade. Overall a great atmosphere. My Archers Strong Mild was superb :-)

30 Jun 2008 10:15

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

Excellent Nicholsons pub with the usual range of guest ales. I enjoyed a pint of "Robin's Ransom" which was a new one on me - very good though. Spacious pub in busy Wigmore Street. Plenty of room inside and out. Spiral wrought iron staircase to upstairs dining area; cellar bar with wrought iron gating downstairs.

30 Jun 2008 10:11

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Excellent pub serving a very good pint of Tribute. Will come back again to this one.

30 Jun 2008 09:52

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

Reasonable pub in a pretty mews location close to Great Portland Street. Reasonable Sam Smiths OBB. Could do with some tables outside at the front. Nothing out of the ordinary inside. Overall I can't see what all the fuss is about.

30 Jun 2008 09:49

Lord Crewe Arms Hotel, Blanchland

A fine pub / hotel in a stone built village tucked away at the head of the Derwent Reservoir on the edge of the Durham moors. Popular with ramblers and tourists. Can get isolated in winter. There are several rambling rooms with stone walls and floors. Busy daytime food trade targetted at tourism. Bet it's great here in the evening after they've all gone home! Worth the journey.

26 Jun 2008 15:06

The Chainlocker and Shipwrights, Falmouth

We had lunch here a couple of weeks ago. It was a pleasant day and most customers sat outside at the quayside tables. The beer was good, and the food just about ok, but the service was very poor. There were two young barmaid/waitresses who occasionally found time to serve the thirsty waiting drinkers between delivering much delayed food orders. Nice enough pub in a good location, but seemed lacking in management direction.

18 Jun 2008 09:48

The Bells of Peover, Lower Peover

I visited this pub a few times when I was working in Knutsford in 2006-7 and thought it was particularly good with options for diners, snackers and drinkers. Great situation, good food and good beer (I can't remember which now!) but I would definitely return. Can't comment on service today but was ok when I used it.

17 Jun 2008 23:39

The Trengilly Wartha, Nancenoy

Well hidden away down the country lanes, the name was inspiring me to expect something very old and traditional. Pulling into the car park, I was disappointed to see a modernised and extended tourist hotel with a conservatory full across the front. Inside was much the same - bistro style tables set with placemats everywhere and a menu priced to match.

I will say the beer was good, Lizard Ales from St Keverne, but it didn't seem quite right being served by antipodeans(?) in matching uniform polo shirts.

12 Jun 2008 15:13

The Red Lion, Falmouth

Great pub in a village 2-3 miles SW of Falmouth. It is just above Helford Passage and a good alternative to the Ferryboat Inn if you prefer a more traditional pub.

It's a lovely old building at the centre of the village, with several interconnecting rooms, some small, some large. The old part of this bulding has a ceiling as high as the roof itself, with old timbers exposed. There is one central bar serving 3-4 different drinking areas, a restuarant area, no garden as such but a few tables line the small rear carpark. Bar food available.

A choice of 3 ales - I think I had Doom Bar . . . .

12 Jun 2008 14:53

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

That was Rother, not Rither!

11 Jun 2008 22:33

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

Thanks to an MOT hiccup, I unexpectedly found myself with an hour or so to pass in Hastings today and, based on BITE reviews (thanks MB), I headed off to the White Rock.

How good to find somewhere in Hastings to enjoy a selection of local ales in extremely pleasant surroundings. There was reasonably priced food, papers to read and a great sea front view from the spacious terrace.

I sampled WJ King's Golden Bitter (KGB) which was a little hazy and Dark Star Original - perfect. Also on offer was Rother Honey Fuzzzzz and an impressive selection of about a dozen bottled ales from local breweries Kings, Hepworths, Rither, Harveys, 1066, Weltons. And don't have a side-order of chips with your sandwich/baguette/ciabatta, you won't need them!

11 Jun 2008 22:31

The Marquis of Granby, Fitzrovia

The Brains SA Gold was my refresher here today. Beer was acceptable, pub fairly uninteresting. Bes feature is being able to drink outside in the sunshine.

10 Jun 2008 15:46

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

Had a swift Wheat Beer here yesterday. It seems quite pleasant - but no cask ale, as has previously been noted by rpadam.

10 Jun 2008 15:43

Ferryboat Inn, Helford Passage

Excellent position on the Helford river which is a hive of marine activity. There are plenty of tables outside on two levels above the beach and jetty. Inside is fairly spartan, the slate floor and bare tables clearly aimed to cater for the summer tourist trade. There are a few marine artifacts on the walls and a separate games room to one side with a takeaway food servery.

The long bar area opposite the front door is unfortunately spoiled by having three archways built on it. The brickwork for these takes up about half the available serving space and the arches on the left and right are rendered pretty much redundant for serving by difficult access and insufficient (but otherwise cheerful and friendly) staff. The small central arch area is all that remains for attending to the numerous emmets, who are reduced to forming an line, dissecting the pub and trailing back out of the door onto the steps outside.

The beer is great - three pumps serving the St Austell range and bottled St Austell ales to take away. Food is about par for the tourist trade, and a little on the pricey side. Evening entertainment includes live music, quiz and poker nights, each once a week.

Worth a visit on a sunny day for the beer and the view. It would be a lot more welcoming (and pub-like) if the bar was redesigned for serving over the full width and the cafeteria style queueing was eliminated.

9 Jun 2008 16:58

The White Hart, Buxted

There have been several changes of management here and also a change of owner. It is now a Hall and Woodhouse pub offering Badger Gold, Hopping Hare, Tanglefoot and K&B Sussex Bitter.

A 2 bar pub, one with comfortable leather sofas and the other with pool table and tv (not Sky). There's a rear conservatory set as a restaurant and a rear terrace. There are new tables at the front too, fenced from the road.

It was fairly quiet when I was there on a Monday but apparently gets quite busy later in the week and at weekends. Hopefully the management is settled now as the pub has a good feel to it and seems to be on the way up. A good alternative to the Buxted Inn (by the station) and worth the 2 minute walk down the hill.

20 May 2008 10:53

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Remembering the favourable posts by fellow BITErs prompted me to call in at this pub as was passing yesterday and was duly rewarded. A lovely pub in a very busy part of town. Choice of 6 ales - 4 of them commonplace but also had Stonehenge Ales "Sign of Spring" and Brains SA Gold. The SA was excellently kept and I just had to have another. The eastern European barman/landlord(?) chatted and gave me a sample of "Sign of Spring" which was very different, very green(!) and also very well kept. Reasonable prices for this part of town - I paid 2.90 but the Pride was 2.50.

Nice well maintained interior, typical theatreland pictures on the walls, a lengthy sausage menu in the main bar and steps to an upstairs bar and restaurant. Quiz machine (silent) and some unobtrusive piped music.

I'll be back :-)

20 May 2008 10:38

The Bricklayer's Arms, Marble Arch

Small, pleasant pub in quiet backstreet near Marble Arch. A choice of 4 ales altogether but no surprises. The pub itself was equally ordinary. I had a very good pint of Deuchars which I enjoyed at one of the tables outside at the front in the sunshine. 3.15 seemed a bit steep for it however.

7 May 2008 15:49

The Harp, Covent Garden

No I didn't have 3 pints in 2 minutes! The bloody "hand held device" I was using said it hadn't posted.

7 May 2008 00:08

The Harp, Covent Garden

The Thwaites Wainwright is excellent. Drinking it at this very moment :)

6 May 2008 18:02

The Harp, Covent Garden

The Thwaites Wainwright is excellent. Drinking it at this very moment :)

6 May 2008 18:01

The Harp, Covent Garden

The Thwaites Wainwright is excellent. Drinking it at this very moment :)

6 May 2008 18:01

The Bishop's Finger, Barbican

Just like YoYo before me, I was passing this pub yesterday after work and it looked inviting so I popped in for a swift refresher. It was pretty quiet for 5-ish but quite pleasant. A few office workers were doing the same as me, more outside than in. There's several solid High tables and high-backed stools as seems to be popular in city pubs nowadays. There's also a flatscreen tv but the sound was off and the subtitles on so no complaints there!

The Master Brew was absolutely fine. Early Bird, Spitfire and Bishops Finger (of course!) were also on offer, but no Kent's Best.

Yes, I'd happily drop in again - if I was passing . . .

2 May 2008 12:24

The Half Moon, Heathfield

The opening times for the Half Moon have changed to 1500-2300 in the week and 1200-2300 at weekends.

21 Apr 2008 15:01

The Oxted Inn, Oxted

I had the misfortune to miss my connection at Oxted on Monday and had 45 minutes to spare so dropped in here for a refresher. I really wish I hadn't, even though there were several ales on at a very cheap 1.69 a pint. I thought I thought Hammer must have been filming a horror movie nearby and I had strayed into the extras' canteen. According to BITE it's 0.6 miles to the next nearest pub, which is a just a tad too far in the time allowed, so I'll make sure I don't miss my connection in future . . . .

17 Apr 2008 01:11

The Oast House, London Bridge Station

5 pm Monday. 6 beer engines in this bar. I thought I was standing on the wrong side of the jump as all I could see was the back of the pump-clips. Pedigree - off! London Pride - off! Bombardier - off! Old Speckled Hen - off! Even GK IPA - off! There was one salvation - the Bass was on and ok if a tad too cold.
The reason for all these beers being off? Apparently (wait for it . . . . ) they had RUN OUT!!!! I was assured it was quite normal as they always all run out at the same time! Well that's alright then. As long as it's normal.. . . . . .

31 Mar 2008 22:35

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Called in here recently on a quiet Monday afternoon. Pleasant location with an interesting history but the pub's atmosphere is badly spoiled by it's recognition on the tourist route. I admire the patience of the bar steward who endlessly described the relative merits of "English Beer" to a string of American and Oriental tourists. Pass.

26 Mar 2008 22:56

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Called in here recently on a quiet Monday afternoon. Not cheap but worth the extra if it's an occasional visit. Good pint of Adnams. Pub split over 3 levels with an abundance of fascinating memorabelia around the walls. The main bar is very low but fortunately so are the bar stools! Apparently the cider's worth visiting for. No nobs in today but the photos suggest some well known regulars.

26 Mar 2008 22:51

The Wilton Arms, Belgravia

Called in here recently on a quiet Monday afternoon. Had a good pint of Master Brew. OK to add to a crawl but if time is limited skip this one and go nextdoor to the Nags Head

26 Mar 2008 22:39

The Swag and Tails, Knightsbridge

Called in here recently on a quiet Monday afternoon. Pleasant, light and airy bar area, bistro style serving a decent but pricey pint. Its a good find so close to the bustle of Knightsbridge.

I do agree with previous reviews about the staff - despite the quiet session (only 6 customers) the immaculately dressed barmaid was aloof and not disposed to pleasantries. I'm sure diners wil take preference on busier sessions.

26 Mar 2008 22:32

The Horse and Groom, Rushlake Green

Unfortunately this pub has gone from private ownership into the hands of Shepherd Neame and now comes under the scrutiny of the corporate accountants . . . .

21 Feb 2008 11:14

The Prince of Wales, Heathfield

I heard tonight that the bailiffs moved in today. Blimey! Such is the power of B.I.T.E.

19 Feb 2008 23:18

The Prince of Wales, Heathfield

Heathfield is a temperance town and this is the only pub remotely near to the centre so it attracts a complete cross section of the local residents. Small uninteresting two-bar street-corner local with a dining area. There are plenty of decent village pubs in the local area without bothering about coming here. Definitely not worth going out of your way for.

19 Feb 2008 16:12

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Visited for lunch after the recent refurbishment. Good pub menu - we had excellent burgers & club sandwiches served with the best chunky chips. The service was very good despite being busy. Beer selection was Black Sheep, Youngs ordinary and London Pride, served in dimple mugs, and an ample selection of lagers. Looks like they've got rid of the TV screens. Last summer a large proportion of the windows opened right back extending the pub to the tables on the pavement - hopefully this will continue in 2008.

19 Feb 2008 15:29

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

Good friendly waterhole away from Tottenham Court Road / Oxford Street. I had a perfectly acceptable pint of Adnams (a bit steep at 3) and London Pride also on offer. Small downstairs bar with scrub floor and tables and a dining room upstairs. Good to see they specialise in pies (several to choose from) and you can still get a cheese or ham toastie for 1.50.

19 Feb 2008 15:05

The Anchor Inn, Ringmer

Stopped off for a refresher on weekday lunchtime. Friendly staff and decent Harveys. Also offered Valentine Ale from WJ King of Horsham and Exmoor Hound Dog which was temporarily unavailable. Seems like a reasonable village local with a separate dining area.

14 Feb 2008 16:57

Blackboys Inn, Blackboys

I think the theme is clear here. All of the recent reviews revolve around pheasants, scallops and soft furnishings. Can anyone remember when this was a pub?

29 Jan 2008 21:34

The George Inn, Frant

Stopped off with the family for a light Saturday lunch. Busy pub with a friendly welcome - it appears to be run by a family/friends consortium.

There was a good blackboard menu (not too long) at reasonable prices for the TW area and also a typed specials list, although why this is needed when there's a blackboard I wasn't quite sure. Also a good choice of decent sized baguettes at 4-5.

The beer choice was Harveys Sussex (excellent condition), Harveys Old and K&B Sussex. No piped background music.

Although there were one or two other families there I wouldn't say this was a nursery at all. There were a lot of other drinkers and diners there and it seemed to work well for everybody. I'll drop by again one evening without the kids.

29 Jan 2008 09:34

The Harp, Covent Garden

"6 real ales tonight but nothing unusual: Landlord, Sussex, Spitfire, Black Sheep, Eden and Hobgoblin. Nice little pub but not as good for beer as I was expecting." . . . . ???

Sussex, Black Sheep and Landlord are permanently on here. The other three pumps rotate guest ales very quickly. You should have been in earlier. Moorhouses Pride of Pendle and another guest I can't remember at 5:30! The Rock "Eden" was excellent. I can't understand anyone knocking this pub for beer choice!

25 Jan 2008 10:32

The Brewers Arms, Heathfield

Good village local which has, until recently, attracted the "wrong sort." A change of management with a small revamp and this is now well worth a visit again. The menu is good and there's a friendly welcome at the bar. It may be GK but the house ales are both Morlands brands: Original and OSH. There's usually a worthy guest ale too, such as St Austell Tribute.

As a bonus, there's a comedy night on the last Monday in the month with London acts for 7 including snack food. Only 50 seats so very intimate, and difficult to hide!!!

20 Jan 2008 18:35

The Swan Inn, Dallington

The Swan has been under new management since August and thankfully it is pretty much unchanged. The new landlords (cousins) are keeping a good pub which is very popular locally. The Harveys Sussex on draft is usually very well kept as is the regularly changing guest ale. The blackboard menu is more affordable than before and offers some simpler choices as well as the more fancy.

Live music continues on occasional sundays. Looking forward to Ricci's barbecues in the summer!

One point: It can get very congested in the main bar area just inside the door. It would help no end if the two huge underused tables were replaced with a number of smaller ones which could be moved to one side if necessary.

18 Jan 2008 15:54

The Star, Waldron

This pub depends very much on when you visit. When it's busy it is very good, especially in summer as there's a large garden at the rear and also plenty of room to spill on to the quiet road in front. The location is excellent. However it can be deadly quiet, particularly in winter. Then you need to take a paper or a friend. There's a traction engine rally here one sunday each September.

Harveys Sussex and Bass on draught. There's sometimes a third ale on, maybe from the 1648 Brewery in nearby Easy Hoathly (summer) or Harveys Old (winter). The blackboard menu is available in both the bar and the restaurant.

18 Jan 2008 15:26

The Masons Arms, Fitzrovia

Busy little street corner boozer. Brakspears Bitter, Youngs Bitter and Black Sheep on today. I had the Brakspears which was very good. The Thai menu looked popular - pity I didn't have time to try it.

There were 2 tv screens showing Sky but the sound was off so not a particular problem.

18 Jan 2008 15:11

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Stopped for a swifty this lunchtime at this unspoilt boozer and had an excellent pint of Youngs Special. Service was quick and the barman ensured a full pint by letting it settle while I paid and then topping up. Great pub.

9 Jan 2008 16:48

The Prince of Wales Feathers, Warren Street

I'd never been in this pub near my work and decided to drop in this lunchtime for a much needed swift reviver after last minute Xmas shopping. It was very busy (Friday lunchtime - standing room only) but despite that I was served immediately with an excellent pint of Robinsons Mr Scrooge. Others on offer were Brains Party Popper and Theakstons Old Peculier. What a wonderful change from the usual offerings.

Nothing special about the decor - I agree with much of what has been said already. And yes, the barman might just have been Icelandic, but who knows!

21 Dec 2007 14:23

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Stopped off for a swifty afer a lunchtime spent Christmas Shopping in Regent Street. Peaceful oasis in a very busy area. Unspoilt decor and choice of 5 beers (though none unusual): Pride, Youngs Ordinary, TT Landlord, etc. Well worth a visit.

20 Dec 2007 01:00

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

Typical West End pub, only notable by it's gothic decor. Even this isn't unique as it's almost identical to the London Stone in Cannon Street, and thais probably more effective being wholly underground. Even the plaitted lager pumps are the same. Ubiquitous London Pride and Bombardier only. Had to ask for a top up which was no problem.

I can't understand why this is currently in the top 40 pubs - nothing special.

19 Dec 2007 15:37

Blackboys Inn, Blackboys

I already said the furnishing was lavish - you should see it now the Christmas decorations are up! Talk about Santa's grotto! Don't expect to walk upright if you're over 5'6" !!!

14 Dec 2007 12:07

The Lukin, Warren Street

Had a good bash here today - 20 or so of us had a good meal in the upstairs room. No apparent evidence of real ale but on asking I was offered London Pride from downstairs - the obliging barman spent the rest of the afternoon going up and down the stairs for more! I agree with comments about the soon to be departing landlady - very friendly.

12 Dec 2007 23:37

Boadicea, Charing Cross Station

Dire. A big zero. Step outside the station, there are so many good pubs within 2 minutes walk.

12 Dec 2007 22:48

The White Lion, Bramcote

Traditional Victorian brick village pub - totally unspoiled. Long known as the Top House. Kimberley beers last time I was there but not sure what they serve now.

11 Dec 2007 23:19

The Oast House, London Bridge Station

I can't believe someone posted a picture of this place!

At about 17.30 one day last week there was only GK IPA on which I normally shy away from on principle, the Pride and Pedigree were reverse-clipped i.e. off. I enquired if they were being changed and they said they couldn't change them now because it was their busy period and they would be back on tomorrow. Doh!

Get a grip - busy means you sell more!!!

11 Dec 2007 22:59

The Old Oak, Caneheath

Beautiful location near to Michelham Priory and Arlington Reservoir. Loads of walks in the local woodland. This pub is perfect for the woodland location. Nice bar and associated menu - equally nice restaurant nextdoor. Lovely hearth and inglenook fireplace in winter. Bench tables out front and an enclosed garden/playground area out back next to a paddock with friendly horses. Had several good family meals here. The kids love it.

The bonus here for me is the 3-4 real ales served by gravity from the rear still-room. Badger ales predominant - can't remember the others from my last visit - need an excuse to go back and check ;-)

7 Dec 2007 00:08

The North Pole, Canary Wharf

Was working in Canary Wharf at the beginning of the year and found this wonderful getaway from all the office blocks and chain bars that surround them. A proper pub, family run, good value food and great London Pride. Dont bother with the bars on the boardwalk - head straight for the North Pole!

6 Dec 2007 15:00

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

Down the left hand side of Charing Cross station. Wonderful historic cavern just selling wine and port. No beer and no chrome or plastic either. Great atmosphere. Just go there!

6 Dec 2007 01:04

The Cross In Hand Inn, Heathfield

Nice looking pub on the west of Heathfield next to the rugby club. Front bar with dominating pool table, comfortable lounge/dining room at the side, function room to the rear.

Recently changed hands and I heard that the new broom had decided to sweep clean by banning as many people as possible. I called in about 7:30 one weekday evening and the policy was clearly effective as there were only 4 customers who were playing darts and joking about not daring to use a minor swearword lest they be similarly cast out.

Maybe it has potential - I will give it another go soon, maybe at the weekend.

5 Dec 2007 12:12

The May Garland, Horam

Old beamed roadside pub on the southern edge of Horam which I visited recently on a Friday evening. There's a series of straggling rooms: a handful of village lads were playing pool in the games end, an unwatched tv showing football was balanced on a small table in the next bay and two couples were drinking at the bar and chatting to the landlord in bay three. Next, two people were dining in bay four, near the toilets. From the outside I could see that I had only seen half of the pub and the rest, which looked like a succession of dining areas, was in darkness.

Very very quiet for a Friday night. I can't think that it gets any busier the rest of the week.

4 Dec 2007 23:44

The Runt In Tun, Maynards Green

Forever passing this place and decided to call in one evening a couple of weeks ago.

There's a bar on the right with a wide open plan archway to the left into a basic eating area. Very shortly after being served the one other customer left and the chef(?) served a meal in the eating area for himself and the barman. I was left alone at the bar.

Is it me?

4 Dec 2007 23:29

Blackboys Inn, Blackboys

A Harveys tenancy which changed hands a couple of years ago. The new management have invested heavily in decorating the large front garden area with heavy wooden furniture and a huge marquee like shelter. Also there is a large triple garage sort of building, with the front doors wide open onto the front drive, which has been decorated to resemble a north african souk. There is a large front lawn under the trees between the pub and the road and a pretty duckpond to the side. Very pleasant to sit outside in the summer.

Inside there are two bars, the one on the left as you enter the porch was the old public bar, now predominantly serving food. The one on the right has a couple of tables (also set for meals) in what is now a sort of reception area for the adjacent restaurant. Furnishings are lavish and not at all typical for a popular country roadside village pub, which is what this used to be.

The bar staff (noiceable by their rarity) could move easily between the two bars should they feel inclined to do so. Unfortunately, in reality, this is not the case. More often than not you can hear evidence of someone rattling glasses in the other bar, but little sign of them coming to serve. This evening there was someone who was totally aware of my existence who continued to play at filling a distant glasswasher for 5 minutes before I got up and left. On the rare occasion when I have managed to be served a beer it has been good quality Harveys including seasonal ales.

Overall, a very comfortable pub, more reminiscent of a hotel lounge, strangely relocated to the Sussex countryside. Be prepared to wait for no apparent reason.

4 Dec 2007 23:20

The Star Inn, Heathfield

Tucked away in a small lane behind Old Heathfield church, The Star is now a reasonable pub with a reasonable menu rather than the "restaurant with a bar" that was it's reputation previously. A change of hands in the last year has brought a more spartan environment - no changes to the fabric of the pub, just that all of the clutter has been removed.

There are two smallish rooms served from the one bar, one predominantly used for dining and the other predominantly drinking. There is an additional upstairs dining room opened at weekends and for private parties. The garden is superb - beautifully kept and with views of the coast 15 miles away and out to sea.

The beer is good - Harveys and at least one guest. This week I enjoyed Sharp's Doombar from the Rock brewery which was excellent.

30 Nov 2007 14:29

The Foresters Arms, East Hoathly

Steve, The Good Pub Guide entry is probably a relic from the former landlord who is now making a real go of The Rose and Crown at Burwash (another Harveys estate pub). Next time check the comments in BITE first!

30 Nov 2007 11:26

The Hampshire Bowman, Dundridge

I used to visit this pub over 12 years ago when I lived close by. Glad to hear it hasn't lost any of it's character. I will make a point of visiting again when I am in the area. If I remember correctly, wasn't this pub the home of the Portugese Racing Sardine Club? I kid you not. Really!

8 Nov 2007 15:50

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Visited today for the first time on recommendation - what a wonderful pub! It would be a huge tragedy to lose it. I expect to be back tomorrow :-)

25 Oct 2007 22:40

The Horam Inn, Horam

This pub changed hands (again) about 18 months ago and the Thai restaurant has long since gone. The new management have created an environment that is much more pleasant than before and a lot of the previous regular customers have found somewhere else to go. It is however very quiet and has yet to find a new customer base which is a shame. I haven't dined in the restaurant but looking at the menu, it would appear to be a bit upmarket for the only pub in the middle of Horam and that may be putting people off. If the food, and the prices, were a little bit more ordinary then it would probably be patronised more and that would create a livelier atmosphere which in turn would attract more drinkers to the bar. Nobody likes a quiet pub, no matter how nice it is.

And although not award winning, the Harveys was fine.

18 Oct 2007 13:47

The Rose and Crown, Burwash

Made it to the Good Beer Guide at last - Congrats Gary! When's the Harvey's Old coming in then?

20 Sep 2007 15:21

The Half Moon, Heathfield

Many congrats Ken & Jane (& Kevin!) on your entry in the new CAMRA Good Beer Guide. Well deserved!

19 Sep 2007 11:38

The Six Bells, Chiddingly

Excellent country pub with an unspoilt old bar - a brick floor and wonderful fireplace. There are two other indoor sitting areas and several bench tables on the rear terrace. Good real ale and good value food (served all day at weekends).

There is free live music 3-4 times a week and a regular folk club. The "Bells" is also popular as a car/bike club meeting place in summer. Paul is an excellent landlord.

My only criticism is the Gents toilets - which are awful!

6 Jul 2007 13:51

The Half Moon, Heathfield

PS: I really can't understand the low rating for this good pub. I can only assume it's carried over from the bad old days of the "Jack Cade" . . . . .

5 Jul 2007 12:38

The Crown, Heathfield

Still dire.

2 Jul 2007 13:30

The Half Moon, Heathfield

This continues to be a good pub for all age groups - welcoming staff, great beer and good quality food. The menu's not overpriced unlike a lot of other pubs in the area. There are two or three very comfortable linked seating areas and a lively bar area. The pool table's in a separate room. The garden's been done now - a great place to sit and enjoy the view. The best of the pubs on the ridge road from Heathfield to Battle.

2 Jul 2007 13:05

Village Inn, Gatwick Airport

Yes - a plain airport bar, but the Bombardier was almost perfect and at only 2.19 a pint I'm not complaining.

30 May 2007 14:32

The Ram Inn, Firle

I understand the chef has deserted recently too and is now in residence at The Three Cups Inn (under new management) between Heathfield and Battle . . . . .

12 Apr 2007 14:43

The Swan Inn, Dallington

A proper local pub. Very well kept beer and a welcoming atmosphere. Good food served either in the bar or in the separate smoke free restaurant. Constantly changing blackboard menu - maybe a tad on the pricey side. Pretty enclosed garden. Live music once a month on Sunday afternoons.

5 Apr 2007 15:21

The Barley Mow, Punnetts Town

Strange pub this one. Nice dining room and garden at the back (and I hear good reports about the food) but a scruffy front bar that's often appears closed from the road. More a watering hole for local workmen than a welcoming pub for thirsty travellers.

5 Apr 2007 14:58

The Ostrich Hotel, Robertsbridge

A good pub, but Tony hasn't done any dining for many years (other than filled rolls on the bar wrapped in clingfilm) so I'm a little surprised by Hastings comment. It is very popular for B&B though. Fluctuating beer quality. Adjacent to Robertsbridge station - worth a stop for the atmosphere and the gallery in the gents!

5 Apr 2007 14:47

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