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The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

what a fantastic venue this is, it has everything & the service and standards were outstanding when I visited last night, what more could you want, this ship is in view of the London Eye, Big Ben etc, it has a night club, comedy club, and I think 4 bars, my partner & I sat on deck, had a wonderful meal & wine and just watched the boats going up & down the Thames, we had a truly great night and I thought I would share our visit with you, going back on Friday....

17 Apr 2008 18:41

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

yippee, a new manager has taken over this wonderful pub, I'm sure we will get better service (I hear this new guy is tops)now, and we can watch our sport in peace without someone warbling on a microphone thinking he is bigger than sport itself, I for one will welcome the new manager as I know lots of my/our friends will, I will let you know.

17 Apr 2008 18:27

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

I like other new customers sinse the redec are enjoying this fantastic pub with i might add the very best toilets in London,(don't know what bob the builder is talking about) the staff are without doubt very friendly & fun who create a fab atmosphere, the Duke of Wellington is worth a visit if you can get in, the upstairs bar is truly outstanding....... the management should be congratulated on giving us a very fine pub with tip top quality service "guess where I'm off to now?" can't wait......

16 Apr 2008 18:32

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