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The Borough Arms, Dorchester

Nipped in for a quick pint on the way past. Much improved since my last visit. Excellent range of beers. My pint of hobgoblin was first rate. Keep it up!

6 Jun 2015 20:40

Hare and Hounds, Sidbury

Great beer, awesome carvery, the best in the west!

21 Apr 2015 19:15

The Taphouse, Wimborne

This is a special place and easily the best pub in the area. Only been open for a few months. An awesome array of beers is always available and constantly changing, so there is no possibility of beer boredom! Live music some Sunday afternoons too. To open a brand new pub opposite a big Wetherspoons is a big gamble in anyone's book. To carry it off with such style is a credit to them. Keep it up!. Beer Heaven indeed!

9 Jan 2015 10:43

The Dolphin, Blandford Forum

The beer has certainly improved since the new landlord took over and the pub is very clean indeed. Much busier than of late although few of the real locals are drinking there. The addition of London Pride as a regular ale is a welcome move. The toilets are the most disgusting of any pub in the area however and in serious need of total replacement. Cholera on the menu soon!

30 Dec 2014 20:04

Ye Olde Two Brewers, Shaftesbury

Much improved pub that is well worth a visit. Excellent pint of Taylors Boltmaker was enjoyed. Will call in again

30 Dec 2014 19:53

The White Lion, Covent Garden

Popped in for a pint or three! not at all bad, friendly crowd, great beer. I shall visit again !

12 Dec 2014 21:39

The Lucas Arms, Kings Cross

Visited for a quick pint and something to eat. Ended up staying all evening. First rate pint, very friendly and helpful staff and a very , very good steak for not much money. Very pleasantly surprised! I shall return!

11 Dec 2014 19:38

York Tap, York

20 real ales! yippee! Awesome pub, terrific beers. Need more staff on though as the service was slow. That aside a dam fime hostelry!

11 Dec 2014 19:35

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

Splendid if expensive old pub, Friendly staff great beer, interesting food.worth a look in!

11 Dec 2014 19:31

The Maltings, York

Recent return for me. Good to see that it's going from strength to strength with a variety of great beer s to choose from. Good to see the bad language signs , better to see them being enforced! Great pub!

11 Dec 2014 19:26

Bessemer Arms, Sheffield Park

This pub should be so much better than it is. Well kept Brighton Blonde does not compensate for plastic glasses or the overpowering smell of fried food. This pub is clearly a sideshow for the Bluebell Railway which is a shame.

4 Oct 2014 20:29

Royal Oak, Dorchester

Well kept beer, indifferent food though. Way too slow at clearing tables. Not a place to spend much time in.

15 Jun 2014 22:07

The Man in the Wall, Wimborne

Above average for a Wetherspoons and very popular. Very well kept beer with regular changes of guest beers. Does what it says on the tin!

15 Jun 2014 21:59

The Man in the Wall, Wimborne

Above average for a Wetherspoons and very popular. Very well kept beer with regular changes of guest beers. Does what it says on the tin!

15 Jun 2014 21:59

The Dolphin, Blandford Forum

Oh dear, what a difference a few months can make. Serious decline in fortune for what was the best pub in Blandford. Mass exodus from the regulars sadly. When its hard to tell if its beer of cider there is a serious quality problem indeed. Four visits over a month failed to discover a drinkable pint.Could not fail to notice that certain of the towns problem drinkers discouraged by previous landlords have crept back in. One can only hope that the new landlord gets his act together before its too late.

15 Jun 2014 21:48

The West Gate, Bath

Called in on a Sunday evening really looking for food. The bar staff were very friendly and the Glastonbury Ales Mystery Tor was first was the humungeous roast dinner we had. A far larger pub than it looks from the outside we will return as an escape from shopping next time!

1 Jul 2013 16:40

The New Inn, Eype

Called in for lunch. The Copper Ale wasn't up to much on the day I visited. Lunch was pretty good. The beer garden was pretty squalid and unloved. This should be a great little pub but isn't. The owners need to get their act together. Disappointing.

1 Jul 2013 16:31

The Lock Inn Cafe (Canal Side Cafe), Bradford on Avon

Although the fact that it is quirky is fun it is way too grubby outside. Filthy tenting and no attempt to capitalise on the canal side location. The building is very overgrown and run down. Good food and drink though. Needs a make over and a spring clean and a general refresh!

29 Jun 2012 16:34

The Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon

This pub is on the up. From being a place to avoid it is now a good place to stop for a decent pint and good food. Still a little souless in the main bar but at least it's clean now. I'll call in again!

29 Jun 2012 16:27

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

Enjoyed a decent lunch here recently. At least the food is good. As usual the Box beers were in good condition. What is it about this place ? Clearly a cash cow it does seem to be run by people who don't give a toss! Poor attitude from the staff and epically dreadful toilets seem to be the norm here. The beer garden is squalid with duck s**t everywhere and rotten benches. The landlord doesn't deserve this pub.

29 Jun 2012 16:23

The Albion Hotel, Wimborne

Popped in for a quick pint. Still very sterile following the post fire rebuild but pleasant enough. Pity that it has no guest beers on but the Badger was ok as a last resort.

29 Jun 2012 16:13

The Barge Inn, Seend Cleeve

Popped in for lunch on a lovely sunny day, which probably explained why it was so busy for a Tuesday. We found the staff very friendly and rushed off their feet! Our lunch was first class although a tad pricey but the Wadworths Henry was well kept. We will call in again!

19 Jun 2012 21:04

The Coventry Arms, Corfe Mullen

Reopened once again (May 12) so went in for a look. Only two beers on, Ringwood and Taylors Landlord which were well kept. Another decor change inside, very neutral , very clean. Absolutely no atmosphere and quite inappropriate for a an inn of such age. Burger bar menu. Deserted except for a couple of Dutchmen who had probably stumbled in by accident! Hardly recognisable as the bouncing pub of a year ago. Don't bother to unpack lads. you won't be there for long.

16 May 2012 14:58

The Cottage Inn, Bristol

A great place to visit on a fine day. Well kept Butcombe beers, very busy but not manic. Lovely!

30 Mar 2012 19:39

Fiddleford Inn, Sturminster Newton

Revisited this lovely pub recently to find that it is much improved and was very busy on the day of our visit. Great food too!

18 Mar 2012 20:38

The Oddfellows Arms, Wimborne

I love this pub!, Quirky and fun! Makes up for the slight disappointment felt when you realise that they only have Badger Beer. That said its Badger at its best.Well worth a visit!

21 Oct 2011 19:32

The Green Man, Wimborne

Revisited this lovely little pub after quite a while. Well kept beer , still Wadworths,and a good glass of Merlot for Floozie Suzy. Didn't eat but noticed that the Sunday lunches are very popular. Best pub within the town!

21 Oct 2011 19:27

Chequers Inn, Poole

This pub has recently reopened once again after yet another closure. Ever the optimists we popped in in the hope of better things. No atmosphere, no outstanding beers, not many customers. It's hard to believe that this village pub used to be one of the most successful in the county. Maybe the new landlord should look at what worked so well for years. Still it's much better without Mrs Mussolini !!!

9 Oct 2011 22:10

Fiddleford Inn, Sturminster Newton

We were sorry to see this pretty pub closed for months and were glad when it re-opened recently. Off to a good start with well kept beers and good wines. They need to improve on the menu though as the other local pubs do better food at similar prices.

9 Oct 2011 22:03

The Coventry Arms, Corfe Mullen

A sudden change of management has occurred. The former team will be a tough act to follow. We went in to give the place the once over and to see if the standards were the same. They are not sadly. Is this the beginning of another decline? Hope not

9 Oct 2011 21:59

The Vine, Pamphill

A lovely pub in which to spend a summer evening. Great beer with different guest beers and very friendly staff. Good glass of red wine for a pub too. A little gem. My only criticism is the awful plastic garden furniture. Otherwise bliss!

17 Aug 2011 20:57

The Seven Stars Inn, East Burton

Called in for the first time in ages . Still really good food and well kept beer, Isle of Purbeck and Piddle on when I visited .All the staff were very friendly and helpful. I don't understand the comment about the unsmiling landlord. Spill your drink in your lap and he will smile from ear to ear! Promise!

17 Aug 2011 20:49

The Newmarket Inn, Lewes

Popped in while passing on business for lunch. Really good pint of Hartleys and a first class carvery. Spotlessly clean too with friendly staff. I'll stop there again when I'm in the area

17 Aug 2011 20:44

The Rose and Crown, Lytchett Matravers

After yet another extended closure the pub has again reopened, this time as a free house ( I hear thunderous applause!!!!!!! ) Tribute, Crop Circle and Doombar on at the moment. Early days but looking good!

13 Feb 2011 12:46

The Woodpecker, Spetisbury

Its good to see a village pub undergoing a real revival!. The new landlord is doing a great job!. Well kept beer and I've heard good reports about the food although not eaten there yet myself. A couple of dodgy characters get in now and then.. set traps i say!. but still well worth a visit. The place being previously named after the local MP?. I certainly don't recall a pub called the " Arsehole Arms " !

13 Feb 2011 12:41

Bull Inn, Sturminster Newton

Really good little pub with terrific Sunday lunches and well kept beer. Badger beer is not to everyone's taste but when its well kept its pretty good. Well worth a visit!

13 Feb 2011 12:32

The Maltings, York

Always drop in here when I'm in York, great choice of beers , some quite unusual, good food, friendly staff. Can get very busy though but boring it's not!

28 Jan 2011 21:02

The Old Ship Inn, Dorchester

Having wasted my time by going in to the Borough Arms, which had no beer I was well pleased with the very good pint of Jennings I had in here. Even more pleased with the generous portion of Beef stew and dumplings which was very good indeed.A good place to hide on shopping trips!

18 Jan 2011 20:58

The Borough Arms, Dorchester

Popped in for a quick pint recently..first visit for several years. Friendly staff but no beer! Dregs of a barrel of Ringwood but that's all. Pity as the place looked cleaner and more up together than it has for years.

18 Jan 2011 20:55

The Coventry Arms, Corfe Mullen

This pub has recently changed hands and the new owners seem to have the novel idea of running it as a pub! . They have the idea that good beer and sensible food might appeal to the Dorset population! A quirky idea granted..but you never know. In a sea of eateries run by Indifferent & co a country pub might catch on !

30 Dec 2010 21:23

The Dolphin, Blandford Forum

Shame when the best pub in town loses the plot but it seems to be the case here sadly. The beeer is still well kept and the pub food is way above average but the character of the pub is changing quickly with a resultant loss of regulars. The owners should remember that they have a country town high street boozer, its not a cafe bar or a bistro. They seem to be working hard to ruin the very thing that made the pub so popular.

23 Nov 2010 12:42

The Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon

I get to stay in this great pub when working in the area. The beer is always terrific and the food ins't bad either. Its a lovely old building, now even better with a brewery out the back. One or two of the customers think that they own the place on occasion but the real owner is a very nice guy rightly proud of his pub. Don't pass this place by!

9 Nov 2010 16:23

The Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil

Called in for a quick pint on the way home. Great pint of Tribute, cheap food , luscious barmaid. Recomended!

25 Jul 2010 10:02

Stour Inn, Blandford St Mary

Have had a couple of decent pub meals in here lately and the beer was ok ( for Hall and Woodhouse! ). I really don't understand some of the earlier comments as I found the staff friendly and the pub buzzing.

25 Jul 2010 09:58

The Bell Inn, Lower Heyford

Had a really good meal here at realistic prices. The beer was not as good as I would expect but maybe I was at the tail end of the barrels. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and go in again soon!

10 Jul 2010 22:19

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

A great little pub with good beer and atmosphere. Best pub in the town !

10 Jul 2010 22:14

The Riverside, Lechlade

We thought that we would enjoy the superb location by the river. How wrong can you be. Clearly the outside tables are not on the cleaning plan, or has the landlord a secret passion for duck s..t? It was everywhere which was such a shame. Although the beer was good and the food was good value it did seem that there was a general lack of interest in the pub from most of the staff . Add to this the fact that the pub seemed full of absolutely foul mouthed and very drunk young women it did not turn out to be pleasant pub visit we had expected. Avoid!

10 Jul 2010 22:12

Rose Revived, Newbridge

Moored up here for the night and enjoyed a very good meal and some great beer. It was very busy and somewhat understaffed. Apart from the slow service the pub was well worth the visit.

10 Jul 2010 22:02

Jolly Boatman, Thrupp

Friendly staff could not compensate for a pub that has been spoilt and is lacking in character . Beer is ok but its not a place I would rush back to.

10 Jul 2010 21:58

The Boat Inn, Thrupp

This is a friendly welcoming pub with well kept beer. The main bar could do with brightening up, very bland, and poorly laid out. Food can be hit and miss, had one great m eal there while the next was truly awful. The staff were very apologetic but , as they were well aware that they had sent out burnt food, I had lttle time for the excuses. Good pint though!

10 Jul 2010 21:55

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Had some great Hook Norton in here recently, lovely pub but I must agree that the TV is a curse. The barmaid was transfixed by it all evening and told more than one customer to wait while she stared at it. Throw it in the nearest skip!

10 Jul 2010 21:49

The Dolphin, Blandford Forum

The new owners have greatly expanded the range of beers on offer with three or four guest beers every week on top of the regular brews. All good stuff! Curry on a Tuesday is well above usual pub curry standard for the area. Still remains a friendly, market town boozer well worth a visit anytime. Highly recommended!

19 Apr 2010 14:33

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Dropped in during a busy afternoon session complete with live music. Terrific range of beers all well kept and very agreeable!. The live music drowned out most of the whingeing around the pool table which was a blessing. The pub could be even better if the table could be dumped into the docks tout suite! All round good pub which could be one of the best for miles if brightened a little paintwise. Can't fault the beers at all!

19 Apr 2010 14:21

Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes

This is a great place for people watching while enjoying a decent pint. All life is here! An enjoyable place to spend an hour or two, food is'nt too bad either.

8 Feb 2010 19:53

The Volunteer, Honiton

Often call in here for a couple of pints while my chinese takeaway is being cooked. Its a down to earth no fuss boozer which gets surprisingly busy when there is a band on! Posh its not, friendly and gloriously tatty. Keep it that way!

8 Feb 2010 19:49

The Salamander, Bath

Good little pub this!, Gets packed to the rafters at the weekend which can overwhelm the bar staff. Great beer always but not a pub for a quiet chat!

29 Dec 2009 14:18

Chequers Inn, Poole

This recently refurbished pub has clearly been rescued from impending closure and is busier than it has been for years. Thats good. What is'nt is the lousy choice of beers. Ringwood Best is an "if all else fails" beer for many people and is generally the only option here. I bet I'm not the only local who passes by as a result.

29 Dec 2009 14:12

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Been visiting this pub for years, always great beer and cider and is blessed with not having a restaurant or a menu beyond roadkill pasties.Gets overfull during the summer with the weekend cottage set. At least we know where they all are while the locals burn their cottages down! Certainly a far better pub in the winter months. Worth a visit anytime , a place not to be hurried.

29 Dec 2009 13:47

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Our best pub find of the year!. With over twenty ciders plus Otter Amber and many other decent beers all in one place what could possibly go wrong!.Left a happy bunny, they mailed my liver back later!. Great food too. Never did find the SS Great Britain which is close by I'm told , come to that could'nt find the docks either! Who cares.. the pub is entirely worth the trip! Will definitely visit again soon..if I'm ever allowed out again that is!

29 Dec 2009 13:31

The Albert Inn, Totnes

This pub is a real find if you enjoy proper boozers. The beers are always excellent , and brewed out the back!. The locals are a friendly bunch and will include you in the witty banter if you let 'em Food is ok but basic and the locals all seem to bring their own in on a Sunday evening and share it out. We were offered various local sausages , cheeses and olives during one visit ! We really don't want too many people to find it as it will get spoilt!

29 Dec 2009 13:21

The Coventry Arms, Corfe Mullen

Having used this pub irregularly for over forty years I must confess to being astonished as to how far this pub has sunk. Overpriced food which is indifferent on a good day and dire on others. The beer has always been its saving grace but the choice is becoming limited and lacks any originality. Maybe the owners should sell up and buy a burger van , clearly the pub game is beyond them.

29 Dec 2009 13:14

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

This is a truly cracking pub which her indoors and I visit every time we are in Bath. The landord is a great guy with a terrific sense of humour who does'nt take any prisoners. The faint hearted should beware!. Often crowded a generous cleavage will always get you prompt service! The beer is excellent ,food good too. Always fun later in the evening as the black rat takes hold and the customers medication wears off! Best pub in town by a mile !

5 Aug 2009 17:31

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