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Comments by stanley_C

The Kings Arms, Woodstock

A pleasant enough pub/hotel with an "up-market" feel. Food and accommodation is available and there is normally at least one real ale.

19 Mar 2020 09:10

The Red Lion Hotel, Witney

Has re-opened and is now known as "The Rocket"

29 Sep 2019 13:21

The Butchers Arms, Witney

This pub/restaurant is now closed.

29 Sep 2019 13:18

The House Of Windsor, Witney

This pub is now closed.

29 Sep 2019 10:34

Eagle Vaults, Witney

This pub has recently been refurbished, and it is now known as "The Beekeepers".

15 Jun 2019 16:57

The Rowing Machine, Witney

The Rowing Machine now has several real ales, Green King IMA and Abbot Ale being regulars, while London Glory, Doom Bar, Hog's Back, etc. have been recent guests. The IPA is £2 29p.

22 Apr 2018 07:49

The Elm Tree, Witney

I note that the Elm Tree is now opening slightly earlier, at 4.00 pm, and when I went in shortly after opening time I found several customers in the spacious bar area.

22 Apr 2018 07:44

The Punch Bowl, Woodstock

A pleasant pub, which I think has recently changed hands. convenient when waiting for the bus, and has, in recent months at least, had a choice of real ales on tap.

30 May 2017 11:20

Robin Hood, Witney

This pub has been closed.

25 Apr 2016 11:25

The House Of Windsor, Witney

The House of Windsor seems to have closed for good.

25 Apr 2016 11:23

The Plough, Witney

It is not entirely clear, at the present time, if this pub is open or shut.

25 Apr 2016 11:18

The Ferryman Inn, Bablock Hythe

We were on the Upper Thames earlier this week and intended to tie-up at this pub for lunch on Tuesday. However, it was shut - despite June being in the tourist season!

26 Jun 2015 12:23

The Red Lion Hotel, Witney

This pub has now closed, although the brewery are said to be looking for new tenants.

8 Aug 2014 20:30

The Chequers Inn, Witney

The pub has now been re-opened as "The Chequers Smoke House" - a food-orientated establishment.

8 Aug 2014 20:28

The Aviator, Carterton

This pub is probably the oldest building in Carterton, having started life as a "colonial" style general store known as The Emporium. There were three real ales on tap at the time of my visit. The pub is now called "The Golden Eagle".

17 Jun 2014 11:36

The Admiral Benbow, Milton

The Admiral Benbow is shut at the moment.

10 Sep 2013 14:55

The Coachmakers Arms, Wallingford

Notwithstanding the previous comment, I would say that the Coach Makers Arms is a traditional, Home Counties style pub, serving Brakspears and other traditional ales, together with home-cooked food and snacks. Bead and Breakfast accommodation is available, and the pub is well-placed in relation to the Thames and other attractions in and around Wallingford.

5 Sep 2013 09:41

Robin Hood, Witney

I finally managed to visit this pub in the daytime, and can confirm that it is open under new management. The building is interesting, in that it is a circa-1930s rebuild of a much earlier pub. Old photographs of the original building are displayed within the pub, along with some Titanic memorabilia (Captain Smith's daughter lived near Witney). No real ale.

6 Dec 2012 19:55

The Fox Inn, Stanton Harcourt

Seems to be shut at present (?)

23 Nov 2012 16:48

The Rowing Machine, Witney

The Rowing Machine caters for drinkers and those wishing to dine, and is good value in purely financial terms. Abbot and other real ales are available for about £2.70 per pint. One small criticism concerns the lack of bar stools in the "drinking area" - single people do not want to sit at tables that are clearly arranged for groups.

7 Nov 2012 11:34

Robin Hood, Witney

Not entirely clear if the Robin Hood is open or closed - I walked down there twice, and on both occasions, it seemed to be shut-up.

7 Nov 2012 11:31

The Butchers Arms, Witney

The Butcher's Arms seems to be closed at the moment.

7 Nov 2012 11:28

The Plough, Witney

The Plough has now re-opened, presumably under new management.

10 Oct 2012 11:45

The Plough, Witney

The Plough is, at present, closed.

24 Sep 2012 16:23

The Aviator, Carterton

This "rough as badgers" pub, as it was described in the previous post, has now been re-branded as "The Golden Eagle".

7 Jun 2012 08:45

The Bell Inn, Long Hanborough

I heard that the Bell has been closed - it certainly looked shut when I went past the other day.

6 Jun 2012 08:47

The Strickland Arms, Ducklington

Got so annoyed in the Bell that I went to the Strickland Arms, the other pub in the village. Lovely pub, real ale, good food, welcoming atmosphere, the only criticism being that the Wadworths 6X seemed over-priced at £3.20 per pint.

2 May 2012 17:21

The Bell Inn, Ducklington

Having heard that the Bell had recently changed hands I went in at lunchtime to investigate. The interior is an idyllic rural pub, with exposed Cotswold stone walls, wooden lintels and a wealth of old photos and other ephemera. Real ale, well-kept and reasonably-priced was available - Abbot, for example, at £2.90 per pint - but the welcoming atmosphere that should have been present was sadly lacking. Even the dog ignored me.
At one stage, I was alone in the bar with the landlady(?), but she made no attempt to make me feel welcome; no "Are you on holiday?", or "are you from the village?". In fact, she couldn't give a flying f**k" about me or anyone else. So I thought "sod you", and went to Duckkington's other pub - the Strickland Arms, which is by far the best pub in the village. I don't know why some of these people are in business; if they make bo attempt to make customers feel welcome, what is the point?

2 May 2012 17:17

The Palace, Witney

We have been waiting for many years for Wetherspoons to open an establishment in Witney and now they have taken over the former Palace cinema . Was it worth it? Probably not; they advertise real ale but only a couple seem to be available, ie Abbot (at £2.40, which is hardly cheap). They seem more interested in selling lager to yobs. And although I gave them considerable help on behalf of the Witney & District Museum we have received no thanks whatsoever.

14 Mar 2012 17:53

The Palace, Witney

This pub was re-opened on 21 February 2012 as a JD Wetherspoon pub known as "The Company of Weavers".

7 Mar 2012 17:45

The Marlborough Witney, Witney

This establishment has now re-opened under a new name as "The Blue Boar".

8 Jan 2012 20:12

The Three Horseshoes, Witney

Despite my earlier comment about the new managers being "keen to attract real ale drinkers back" this pub has, I think, become exclusively a food-orientated establishment. I went in the other day, paid £3.20 for what appeared to be the "cheapest" ale on tap, and was then totally ignored by the staff. I got the distinct impression that mere drinkers were not welcome.

20 Nov 2011 19:42

The Marlborough Witney, Witney

The Marlborough is, at present, shut for refurbishing.

13 Sep 2011 12:24

The Court Inn, Witney

I went into the Court Inn last night and was shocked at the the prices, so I had just one half and went somewhere else - the half cost me £2 44p, equating to almosy £5 a pint. One to avoid, if you ask me.

3 Mar 2011 20:37

The Palace, Witney

As its name implied, the Palace was a converted cinema, with bars, a dance floor and other facilities. It was large by Witney standards, and was often packed and noisy. The Palace has been closed for several months, but Wethersoons are hoping to take over the site and provide new investment and around 40 new jobs.

21 Jan 2011 12:26

Cross Keys, Witney

Not too bad. I went in during the afternoon when it was not over-crowded, and found that they were selling John Smiths for 2.15 pounds a pint.

6 Sep 2010 12:02

The Newlands Inn, Eynsham

This old fashioned country pub is now open seven days a week from 11.00 onwards. It is still serving Adnams, etc., as mentioned in the previous post.

15 Aug 2010 11:35

The House Of Windsor, Witney

I walked down to the House of Windsor yesterday, but appeared to have closed. A local tragedy, as this wis probably the best food and real ale pub in Witney.

15 Aug 2010 11:09

The Rowing Machine, Witney

As intimated in the previous post, The Rowing Machine was re-opened as a Hungry Horse establishment on 16 December 2009 - the owning company having finally decided to intervene in what had hitherto been a failing and poorly-managed pub." A recent visit revealed that, in addition to a total interior refurbishment, the pub not only sells real ale - it also displays CAMRA literature! $

10 Aug 2010 17:02

The Royal Oak, Witney

A small town centre pub offering real ale and good food. It has latterly become quite popular with those wishing to find a clean, pleasant place in which to eat. The interior is relatively cramped, but meals can be taken in the adjacent yard area, which has been roofed-over to form a glazed.conservatory.

19 Jun 2010 11:20

The Plough, Witney

The Plough is an attractive old Cotswold-style pub with a secluded beer garden, which runs down to the River Windrush at the rear of the premises. Unfortunately, in July 2007 the river burst its banks and swamped the pub to a depth of up to two feet. The pub was then closed – a situation which persisted for no less than eight months. However, re-opening took place at the end of March 2007, one of the first customers being local MP David Cameron. Potential customers should note that the bar area in this pub is quite small, and obstructed by a large chimney breast, but otherwise The Plough is always worth a visit. There are normally four real ales on tap, including Ringwood and other south coast beers.

19 Jun 2010 11:14

The House Of Windsor, Witney

Still the best food and real ale pub in Witney, with a varied range of well-kept ales including (at different times) Everards, Hook Norton and other brews - although Tinners seems to be the regular ale. The one drawback is that this excellent pub is some way from the town centre and, perhaps for this reason, it is closed during the day.

19 Jun 2010 11:08

The Palace, Witney

This establishment was closed in June 2010, although there are suggestions that it may re-open under new management.

13 Jun 2010 20:36

The Fox Inn, Leafield

This pub, which was once very much a local boozer, is being slowly refurbished as a more up-market establishment.

31 May 2010 11:25

Fat Lill's, Witney

A fairly new establishment which appears to be modelled on a 1920s-style "speakeasy" - hence the silly name. A live music venue.

4 May 2010 18:18

Fat Lill's, Witney

A live music venue which is (presumably) modelled upon a 1920s speakeasy - hence the silly name.

10 Apr 2010 23:45

The George and Dragon, Lancaster

I agree with the previous comments. I went to this pub last week, for the first time in about two years, and found only one other customer, who was talking to the bar person. Neither of them made any attempt whatsoever to make me feel welcome, so I finished my half-pint and went instead to the Three Mariners. Perhaps they simply do not want customers?

27 Dec 2009 19:23

The Rowing Machine, Witney

Having been run into the ground by previous landlords, this wretched place is now being converted into a "Hungry Horse" establishment.

13 Nov 2009 23:18

The Plough, Witney

I do not agree with the previous posts. This is not a food-orientated "gastro pub", it is still a real ale-orientated pub with many satisfied customers.

7 Nov 2009 12:28

The Red Lion Hotel, Witney

I went to this pub last night, for the first time in many years, and found a large, open plan bar with ample chairs and tables. There were about nine customers one of whom, a liitle, loud-mouthed chav, was using large numbers of four-letter words ("p***", sh**", c***" and "f***"). The barman made no attempt to shut him up, which gave a very poor impression of what would otherwise have been a reasonable pub.

3 Nov 2009 12:03

The Three Horseshoes, Witney

The Three Horse Shoes now has new owners and, while it is still a food-orientated establishment, the new managers seem keen to attract real ale drinkers back to this attractive, Cotswold-style pub.

27 Oct 2009 00:12

The Plough, Witney

This pub, which was closed for eight months following the 2007 West Country floods, caught fire on the night of 18 February 2009. Customers in the bar area had to flee when the fire was discovered, about 30 firefighters being called out to tackle the blaze. The upper floors were badly damaged, and the fire burned a hole in the roof, which suggests that the pub will be shut for several months.

18 Feb 2009 16:54

The Plough, Witney

This pub, which was closed for eight months following the 2007 West Country floods, caught fire on the night of 18 February 2008. Customers in the bar area had to flee when the fire was discovered, about 30 firefighters being called out to tackle the blaze. The upper floors were badly damaged, and the fire burned a hole in the roof, which suggests that the pub will be shut for several months.

18 Feb 2009 12:11

The General Elliot, South Hinksey

On 11 January 2009 The Sunday Mirror reported that the landlord, John Westendorp, had given away all of the pub's furniture and fittings, including the carpets, and then absconded without paying the rent he owed to the brewery. When told the bosses at Vale Brewery were trying to find him he added "good luck to them".

11 Jan 2009 21:54

The Royal Oak, Witney

I think it is manifestly clear that the previous three comments are part of a petty vendetta that is being waged after some perceived slight over a glass of water, and while the reference to soup like "warthog snot" has givem us all a cheep laugh, the "reviews" in question bear no resemblance to the Royal Oak. This is a very popular food-orientated pub in the centre of town, the only criticism that can be made being that the beer is somewhat over-priced.

15 Nov 2008 12:15

The Three Horseshoes, Witney

The Three Horse Shoes has re-opened and, while it is still a food-orientated establishment, the new managers seem keen to attract real ale drinkers back to this attractive, Cotswold-style pub.

1 Nov 2008 16:59

The Hollybush Inn, Witney

Sorry everybody, that last comment about bland yuppie-style bars should have applied to the neighbouring Three Horse Shoes across the road - the Hollybush has NOT closed, and it already is would-be yuppie-style wine/gastro bar.

12 Jun 2008 21:23

The Three Horseshoes, Witney

This once-attractive pub has been closed pending conversion to a yuppie-style gastro pub/wine bar. New proprietors, one of whom was a very good chef, had just taken it over and were getting many of the old real ale customers back, but they were then stabbed in the back by a grasping brewery company – one sometimes almost forgets why capitalism is so objectionable, then something like this comes along to remind us.

12 Jun 2008 21:19

The Hollybush Inn, Witney

This once-attractive pub has been closed pending conversion to a yuppie-style gastro pub/wine bar. New proprietors, one of whom was a very good chef, had just taken it over and were getting many of the old real ale customers back, but they were then stabbed in the back by a grasping brewery company – one sometimes almost forgets why capitalism is so objectionable, then something like this comes along to remind us.

10 Jun 2008 21:49

The Plough, Witney

The Plough has now re-opened, having been closed for eight months. It seems a bit stark and cold inside, with no soft furnishings - perhaps they are anticipating further flooding?

11 Apr 2008 22:28

The Dolphin, Springbourne

This place has a poor reputation which was further compounded on 24 February 2008 when a man was fatally injured in a fight just outside the pub - one of two murders in Holdenhurst Road on that same day.

25 Feb 2008 23:34

The Three Horseshoes, Witney

Notwithstanding the previous The Three Horse Shoes is most definitely still a pub, and not a restaurant, and customers can go in for a drink at any time without the need to book a table. The staff are normally very friendly and welcoming, and those who have dined there say that they have rarely been disappointed with the food or the drink – real ale being available. As such, this pub can be highly recommended, albeit as a food-orientated establishment rather than a mere boozer. Regarding some of the hostile comments that have been made, I would however suggest that yobs would not be welcomed.

23 Jan 2008 13:09

The Imperial, Hereford

I would suggest that the previous comment was made by the landlord (?)

18 Jan 2008 13:00

The Victoria Hotel, Lancaster

The pub has been re-opened and seems to have been refurbished.

18 Jan 2008 12:55

The Royal Oak, Witney

As far as I am aware, the Royal Oak is not a restaurant, and it serves "just drinks" to all non-dining customers. On the other hand, I can imagine that ill-mannered yobs will not be served food OR drink.

15 Jan 2008 13:20

The Freeholders Arms, Lancaster

A back street locals' pub but pleasant enough, and probably worth a visit. It is not, however, a real ale venue.

14 Jan 2008 12:09

The Dolly Blue Tavern, Lancaster

This is in fact the bar of a local football club. I have not yet worked out when it is open.

14 Jan 2008 12:07

The Horse and Farrier, Lancaster

This apparently innocuous pub was recently the scene of a massive brawl, which broke out after a family funeral descended into what was described by local police as one of the "worst instances of violence" ever seen in the city of Lancaster. The mourners had just arrived at the Horse & Farrier when a family disagreement escalated into a major fight, which had to be broken up by a posse of armed policemen. This has done little to help the pub's rapidly sinking reputation.

3 Jan 2008 14:15

The Rowing Machine, Witney

This must surely be the worst pub in Witney. Although it rarely seems to be busy, there is no attempt to welcome new customers, the bar staff being miserable and totally indifferent. The customers (such as they are) are no better - although, let’s face it, few of them are likely to brain surgeons or experts in the correct use of Latin grammar. So, go to the Rowing Machine and be totally ignored by staff and customers alike as you sip your glass of ale amid the early 1960s décor of this typical estate pub.

1 Jan 2008 11:42

The Royal Oak, Witney

While it may well be true that drinkers are not entirely welcome at lunchtime(?), this is surely not the case in the evenings, when food is not served. In this context, it is utter b******s to claim that The Royal Oak is "just an eaterie".

28 Dec 2007 20:47

Hinds Head, Kingston Bagpuize

A traditional village pub in a picturesque village, this old inn has now been taken over by a Falklands War hero who is, in many ways, an ideal host with a true appreciation of the value of hospitality and real ale.

8 Nov 2007 21:01

The Royal Oak, Witney

This is a small pub which offers real ale and good food, four real ales being available at any one time including Wychwood and Brakspear products. The Royal Oak has become quite popular with those wishing to find a clean, pleasant place in which to eat during the daytime, although during the evenings the pub becomes more of a local. The interior is relatively cramped, but the yard area has recently become a fully enclosed area, and this has effectively doubled the size of the bar.

8 Nov 2007 12:52

Linen Hall, Enniskillen

Bit if a problem yesterday (17 October 2007) when a delivery lorry hit a car and the demolished part of the building.

18 Oct 2007 11:28

The Market Tavern, Atherstone

This is undoubtedly a classic real ale venue with a very good choice of ales on tap. However, my pint of Lady Godiva was very cloudy and did not taste particularly nice. I was told they may have "knocked the barrel" - but is this any excuse?

17 Oct 2007 12:43

The George and Dragon, Lancaster

This pub appears to have been closed - what is going on here?

9 Oct 2007 11:36

The House Of Windsor, Witney

The House of Windsor changed hands last weekend, and it remains to be seen how this celebrated real ale pub will fare under new management.

25 Sep 2007 00:07

The Plough, Witney

This pub was flooded out when the Windrush burst its banks in July and has been shut for the past 4 weeks.

17 Aug 2007 19:37

The New Inn, Witney

Like most of Witney's pubs, The New Inn is an old Cotswold stone building, with a spacious interior, smaller bars having been replaced by an open plan layout. This pub has traditionally offered a range of real ales, and is developing as a first-rate real ale venue.

10 Aug 2007 21:48

The Oak At Didcot, Didcot

Not bad by Didcot standards - in fact probably one of the best pubs in the area.

10 Aug 2007 12:48

The Victory, Hereford

Despite its association with real ale, which will clearly endear it to CAMRA fans, this is in all other respects a bog-standard working clsss boozer in the back streets of a provincial town.

10 Aug 2007 11:44

The Lark Rise, Winton

This pub has made the news on various occasions, usually for all the wrong reasons. On 3 August 2007, for example, a 22-month old child was badly injured in a dog attack, while in 2004 a fight between two customers ended in a fatality.

5 Aug 2007 21:21

The Plough, Witney

Now has four real ales on tap and is clearly attempting to go "up-market" - or rather perhaps one should say get back to where it was a year or two ago. The beer garden remains a prime attraction, although the picturesque old building is also a potential selling point.

13 Jul 2007 14:25

The Angel Inn, Witney

Perhaps the most unwelcoming pub in Witney. Go in and be ignored by staff and customers alike. It gets so busy that they do not even have to pretend to be friendly - and surely £2.75 a pint is excessive?

13 Jul 2007 11:35

Samsons Bar, Springbourne

This popular Bournemouth bar was in the news for all the wrong reasons on 11 July 2007 when the manager was stabbed in the back and received fatal injuries.

13 Jul 2007 11:31

The Hollybush Inn, Witney

Although the shell of the building is clearly a traditional Cotswold stone structure the interior has now been tragically modernised. It is unclear if this is a pub or a restaurant. One real ale was for sale at what appeared to be £3.00 per pint (or was I simply over-charged?). The bar staff were not particularly friendly and the customers did not want to communicate with any one but themselves. A waste of £3.00 and I will not return.

7 Jul 2007 13:00

The Perch Inn, Binsey

The Perch, a thatch-covered 17th century building, was burned down on Tuesday 7 May 2007.

9 May 2007 13:50

The Dragon Hotel, Hereford

Surely this hotel is called THE GREEN DRAGON? That is what is written across its facade in large letters.

29 Mar 2007 11:39

The Victory, Hereford

I was slightly disappointed with this pub, which was neither "old" nor "traditional" in terms of its interior layout and fittings. Traditional pubs do NOT have bars that resemble (somewhat poor) models of 18th century warships. I left with the feeling that this was an utterly typical theme pub, dreamed up by some 18 year old marketing man. Yes, it sold real ale, but real ale is not always sufficient reason to visit a pub.

29 Mar 2007 11:37

The Friar Tuck, Leicester

This pub was he scene of a multiple shooting incident on 24 March 2007. The Sunday Mirror stated that this took place during a "lock in".

25 Mar 2007 17:25

The Bear Hotel, Woodstock

A top of the range Cotswold hotel which, as might be expected, tends to be expensive.

15 Mar 2007 13:10

Robin Hood, Witney

Feels a little bit like an estate pub, being next door to a former council estate. It is shut during the day.

13 Mar 2007 11:48

The Hollybush Inn, Witney

Another typical, Cotswold style pub in an old building that imparts a homely atmmosphere. This pub has recently changed hands.

13 Mar 2007 11:46

The Elm Tree, Witney

Fairlly congenial, but this typical Cotswold style pub is not as welcoming as the nearby House of Windsor - moreover, both of these pubs are normally closed in the daytime.

13 Mar 2007 11:45

The Wheatsheaf, Didcot

Bit of an estate pub feel to this one - what else can one expect in Didcot?

13 Mar 2007 11:43

The Queens Arms, Didcot

The only traditional pub in Didcot, and perhaps the only one that is likely to please real ale fans.

13 Mar 2007 11:40

The Eagle Tavern, Witney

A pleasant, old-fashioned style pub offering Hook Norton ales.

10 Mar 2007 16:16

The Crown, Didcot

Very much an estate pub full of typical estate people.

10 Mar 2007 16:13

Prince Of Wales, Didcot

A rough working class dive ful of boozed-up local rednecks.

10 Mar 2007 16:09

Broadways, Didcot

I think the previous comment is meant to be sarcastic. A WARM WELCOME????

10 Mar 2007 16:08

Cross Foxes, Gobowen

This is a friendly local pub, one of two in the village, and by far the better of the two. It now has a fairly spacious, open plan interior, with a 'U' shaped layout that provides various nooks and crannies. This part of Shropshire is a "mild" area and, perhaps for this reason, the Foxes has a limited range of ales.

13 Dec 2006 21:52

Ruxtons, Lancaster

This is a relatively new pub that has been established in the house once occupied by murderer "Doc" Ruxton, who chopped up his wife and wrapped her in The Lancaster Guardian. The property was empty for many years, and locals said that it was haunted. Sadly, the new pub is a bit or a rough house that most respectable people avoid.

9 Dec 2006 23:39

The Three Pigeons, Witney

This is a picturesque, old-world pub in a quiet part of the town. It is worth a visit, but has never attracted much enthusiasm from the real ale fans.

7 Nov 2006 12:34

The Victoria Hotel, Salisbury

I went in here once and do not intend to repeat the experience. As rough as it can get.

7 Nov 2006 11:49

Yates's, Bournemouth

I was over-charged on a so-called 'two for one offer', and when I complained the surly staff were somewhat less than helpful. I then threatened to compalin the local weights and measures officer because the price list was not visible to the public.

15 Oct 2006 23:56

The Eagle Tavern, Witney

A small Cotswold stone pub, which has recently changed hands, but still sells Hook Norton ales.

11 Oct 2006 12:00

The Plough, Witney

This pub has recently changed hands and it has not yet had time to settle down. The building is, nevertheless, very picturesque, and there is a welcoming beer garden leading down to the River Windrush.

7 Oct 2006 14:24

The Fleece, Witney

Used to be the best hotel in town but had gone downhill by the 1970s. New owners took it up market in the 1990s and it is now an attractive venue for both drinkers and diners.

7 Oct 2006 14:22

Eagle Vaults, Witney

A typical town centre pub, if you like that kind of thing.

7 Oct 2006 14:17

The Dock Inn, Penzance

One of the best pubs in Cornwall, with a good selection of locals. Attracts middle class intellectuals, fishermen and dock yard workers, all of whom are welcomed by the Landlord and his friendly staff.

6 Oct 2006 21:10

The Shamrock Bar, Bournemouth

The Shamrock is an appendage of he Tralee Hotel, and is run by hotel employees. I have sampled real ale here, although at the time of my last visit the was only keg and lager. It is one of the better pubs in Bournemouth.

6 Oct 2006 21:04

The Bakers Arms, Bournemouth

There are very few real pubs in Bournemouth, although the town centre contains large numbers of bars. The Bakers Arms looks like a pub, as indeed it is, although it seems to cater mainly for keg or lager drinkers. It is said to be a gay pub, although I did not know this when I went in.

6 Oct 2006 21:00

The Rowing Machine, Witney

A typical estate pub, although the food is not too bad. There are two good-sized bars and an attractive beer garden.

6 Oct 2006 20:55

The House Of Windsor, Witney

This is probably the best pub in Witney, with a good selection of real ales and food. It attracts a real mix of customers, and has an Aunt Sally team.

6 Oct 2006 20:53

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