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Comments by southfields

The Spencer Arms, Putney

Not really a pub. Beer too expensive. Very good Timothy Taylors £4.15 for a very short pint, even after asking for it to be topped up. Too many buggies containing too many children. One off visit I think

1 Jun 2013 16:54

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

Feeling fearless on a Friday lunchtime I went in alone.
What's the fuss? To be fair I did not have a pint as there was no real ale, but it was loads more attractive than the Bullers and no feeling of menace. A bit " night clubish" but clean and no odour. The beer garden was not open.

15 Jun 2012 18:29

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Welcoming to all more than touristy. Good beer. Good service. Ideal location . Frequent have another pint.

14 Jun 2012 10:56

The Three Pilchards, Polperro

Doom was not good. Served by disinterested floppy hair youth. Too expensive. No reason to go back.

14 Jun 2012 10:52

The Blue Peter, Polperro

As well as Doom there was Sharps Own and Bays. Top barman. Talkative locals made us welcome. Just had all that you'd expect from and old Cornish fishing pub. Well done

14 Jun 2012 10:50

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

Good range beers. Doom,Tribute,Exmoor Gold,TimothyTaylorLandlord. Good bar staff. Warm atmosphere. Fun singing.

14 Jun 2012 10:44

The Ship Inn, East Looe

More dogs. Food good. Tribute good. Staff friendly Worth another visit or more.

14 Jun 2012 10:41

The Harbour Moon, West Looe

Doom served from a barrel on the bar was good. Licensee said he had many more complaints when he ran the beer through a line and That keeping it on the bar has been more successful though Sharps (Molson Cours) not too happy. Last drink on a Monday evening so not surprised that it was empty. Guvnor friendly enough, but it felt less of a pub and more of a holiday camp bar.

14 Jun 2012 10:39

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Plenty of dogs in here. Doom served excellent. As is the Cornish Orcahrd Cider. Friendly staff. Friendly locals. Decent food. Toilets good.

14 Jun 2012 10:32

The Globe, East Looe

Proper Job was near finished and tasted bad. New barrel and beers replaced grudgingly. Very quiet Sunday lunchtime. The notices in the toilet were in an unfriendly tone..same thing on the notice board. Not bad pub. Not a brilliant pub. Maybe worth another visit.

14 Jun 2012 10:29

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

Lots of dogs. Cat on the tables. Parrot behind the bar. Slow service.Doom Bar reasonable . No locks on toilet door. Will give it another try.

14 Jun 2012 10:25

The Bullers Arms, East Looe

Dirty and grim. Tribute badged as Buller Brew was awful. Sour. But the look and noise coming fron blokes at the bar left us wary of taking it back. This will be one and only visit.

14 Jun 2012 10:21

The Rocket , Putney

mmm...the last time we went in for lunch...empty order all wrong. When I went to tell the bar staff...."I don't need all this, I'm only paid 6 hour". Manager smilingly ineffectual. Food eventually arrived. What a way to treat polite customers who call in fairly regularly....not any more!

30 Apr 2012 17:50

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Top top Wetherspoons. Excellent range and consistently well served beers. Eager and friendly staff. Clean toilets. Food a good as Wetherspoon gets. The atmosphere is to my mind enhanced by the mixed clientele. As a CAMRA member I cannot understand why this pub has never been considered for the Good Beer Guide....yet the cold empty no-beer Bricklayers in Putney is a fixture.

30 Apr 2012 17:40

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

As a CAMRA memebr still I do not know how this pub so often gets into the Good Beer Guide and is frequently SW London pub of the year! Empty at 1.30pm Sunday lunchtime. No fire on a very wet day, no smell of Sunday roast. 8 beer pumps with nothing on. Just 2 ales and 2 ciders available. Our 2 halves cost 3.50. A dismal and very poor value experience.

30 Apr 2012 17:30

The Sir Percy Florence Shelley, Boscombe

This is an Ok Wetherspoons. Good luck to the management in dealing with "interesting customers". When our local Spoons adopted a similar regime, with many drinkers being barred...takings went down and Mr Tim sold our local to Tesco! Be careful what you wish for.

30 Jan 2012 15:25

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

Busy place whatever time of day. Beers in good condition and staff seem enthusiastic. Something for everyone here.

30 Jan 2012 15:19

The Mary Shelley, Bournemouth

Busy lunchtime but service was speedy. Not an exceptional Wetherspoons and looking rather grubby.

30 Jan 2012 15:16

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

Nice pub. Friendy locals. Decent accommodation. Jolly good food. Enthusiastic staff. Regular Greene King beers in splendid condition. Well done.

30 Jan 2012 15:13

The Railway, Putney

Generally a varied and well kept range of beer at sensible prices. Staff competent and friendly. Toilets ok. Reliable Wetherspoon product.

17 Dec 2011 14:13

The Fox, Putney

"Manager?" with a very poor attitude. All 3 real beers were off. Generally made to feel like we a nuisance. We made our excuses and left.

17 Dec 2011 14:07

Steam, Newquay

Early Dec 2011. Clean tidy and friendly pub/hotel bar. Superb Proper Job. Decent food. Lovely views and professional staff. Usual St Austell brewery high standards.

7 Dec 2011 18:16

Towan Blystra, Newquay

Made this our "local" for a 5 night stay in Newquay early December 2011. Excellent breakfast. Friendly and helpful service. Good range of local beers and Christmas ales generally well kept. Staff seemed as though they enjoyed their job. Nice eye contact and welcoming smiles. Special mention to Marc who seemed to make extra effort.

7 Dec 2011 18:13

The Griffin, Newquay

Visited 3 Dec 2011. Pleasant traditional old style pub. Doom Bar not exceptional. The two female bar staff were considerably more interested in the "regulars" at the end of the bar. However we did not stay to eat as there were only half-hearted vegetarian choices. Nothing wrong, but not special either.

7 Dec 2011 18:08

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Yarmouth

This is a restaurant which sells beer. Not very pub-like at all. Beer seems to be a secondary thought.

27 Jul 2011 18:03

The Kings Head, Yarmouth

Overall the best of a very expensive bunch of pubs. Cornish Coaster was rather too cold however.

27 Jul 2011 18:01

Ship Inn, Mevagissey

New people running the Ship...(same as The Ship in Pentewan). Previous very disappointing visit, however now has new staff and delightful atmosphere. Good food and well kept St Austell range. Friendly and lively atmosphere. Superb pub now.

4 Jun 2011 17:21

Fowlers, Ryde

Busy and friendly Wetherspoons. Enthusiastic young bar staff. Brilliant selction of ales duing the beer fest. Usual food, but very well prepared and presented. Excellent steak. Well done all round.

30 Mar 2011 18:29

The Ryde Castle, Ryde

Very cheap BB offer. Room and general decor extremely tired. Bar also fairly empty and no atmosphere. Beer - Goddards - reasonable.

30 Mar 2011 18:26

The Grid Inn, Southfields

Oh Dear. Well the swearing, smoking, high spending riff raff have been relocated to the Garage. Very very well done for that. However, it seems the emphasis is now on making other- more sedate - regulars uncomfortable too. Taking away the bar stools is an example. Although most managers seek to encourage real ale drinkers, why is it that so often beers are "coming soon". Overall a sense of being unwelcome, loss of sociability and lack of attention to the beer range.

15 Mar 2011 16:05

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Why is this pub not in the Good Beer Guide? All the pumps fully loaded. Friendly and enthusiastic staff - I find that if you are smiling and open bar staff are too. Food regular Wetherspoons...and nothing wrong with that. Lively and sociable crowd and fully functioning loos thoughout the day. The manager and his team have done extremely well in all departments.

15 Mar 2011 15:56

The Swan Tavern, West Wimbledon

Doom Bar & London Pride both in good condition and served full to the top. Friendly and welcoming staff. Good toilets. Decent food. Cheerful mixed crowd of drinkers and diners. Very nice pub.

26 Feb 2011 15:36

St Leonards Hotel, St Leonards

Well run and friendly pub cum restaurant. Ales included Ringwood Best, Abbott and Speckled Hen. All well kept. Food pretty standard but served by motivated and smiling young staff. The conference rooms means that it is used by corporate groups...which accounts for the full car park. Accommodation very nice..large clean room overlooking woodland.

17 Feb 2011 15:52

The Night Jar, Ferndown

Very nice Wetherspoons. Extremely pleasant and helpful staff. Plentiful range of beer including all the Ringwoods. Local drinkers were also friendly.

17 Feb 2011 15:46

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Nowhere near as good as these reviews suggest. The day times are consistently dead. No atmosphere and very few drinkers..only 1 or 2. Staff distracting themselves with crosswords or other puzzles. Certainly nothing on earth does it keep securing "pub of the year"?

14 Feb 2011 12:09

Kings Arms, Bideford

Lovely welcoming pub. Great range of beer and jolly good food. Friendly staff and locals. Nice BB letting rooms and large cooked breakfast

2 Aug 2010 17:04

The Commercial Inn, St Dennis

August 2010. Pub Closed. Shut down

2 Aug 2010 16:50

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Location, location, location. Average pint of Tiger...welcome though after a long climb.

25 May 2010 14:05

London and County, Eastbourne

Definitely not the best JDW in Eastbourne.

25 May 2010 14:02

The Earl Of Burlington, Eastbourne

Very well kept JDW. Motivated and friendly staff. Fine range of beers all well served. Usual food but very good. Especially the breakfasts. Clean and well furnished interior. Entrance looks welcoming. Lovely rear garden. Superb toilets and NO STAIRS. Local (heavy) drinkers not a problem.

25 May 2010 14:00

The Rocket , Putney

Splendid location. Still very reasonable prices for both food and drinks. First class effort by JDW. Probably my new best pub.

15 May 2010 11:31

Fountain Inn, Mevagissey

Lovely old pub. Always nice and warm with a glowing fire. St Austell beers in good order...needed to be topped up though.

8 Mar 2010 11:01

Harbour Tavern, Mevagissey

Friendly locals. Good food served all day. Skinners beers in top condition and served full to the brim

8 Mar 2010 10:59

The Cellar Bar, Mevagissey

The bloke slumped, asleep at the bar rather put us off. As did the dog peeing on the floor.

8 Mar 2010 10:56

The Crown Hotel, Lynton

Boxing Day. Long walk Valley of the Rocks meant we had earned a pint and decent food. Immediately put off by loud, drunk intrusive (local?) man in the company of 3 or 4 others. Our half pints of Proper Job and TRibute were excellent....But due to the slightly theatening atmosphere...we made our excuses and left.

27 Dec 2009 22:54

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

Empty bar. The rain had just stopped. No one sitting outside. Waited and waited and waited..did not get walked out. Over the years it has many times been a real mission to get served..You must be determined if you want a pint in the Sloop.

6 Nov 2009 09:16

Lifeboat Inn, St Ives

I found the many brightly chalked blackboards somewhat distracting. But the Tribute was excellent and the location is exceptional. Beer in hand, through the window, on incoming tide, a seal looking into the bar. Bar staff friendly enough but not really the seal went round to Porthwidden

6 Nov 2009 09:12

Pedn-Olva Hotel, St Ives

Although it is really a hotel this is also a proper bar. Fantastic Tribute (and coffees) Superb views. Downside when we first visited was a gaggle of young women with buggies and babies...had our coffee then came back when the coast was clear for our beers. A good place to wait for your bus or train.

6 Nov 2009 09:05

The Commercial Hotel, St Just

Feast weekend and our first visit to St Just. Terry at the Commercial made us so welcome. Betty Stoggs was on top form and the food was brilliant. Roasts are very big. Lively and relaxed atmosphere...aided by a good Juke Box. Despite the long train journey from London this is definitely a town to revisit.

6 Nov 2009 09:01

The Star Inn, St Just

Very very busy weekend...but professional and attentive service always maintained. Tribute and Tinners superb. Really enjoyed the company and singing. Would return for another feast.

6 Nov 2009 08:58

Kings Arms, St Just

Though not bad...the beer was not quite right, suprising as so much was being sold this weekend. Least friendly welcome in the town...not UNfriendly...just not all that bothered. The two dogs knawing on chews in the bar seemed happy enough.

6 Nov 2009 08:55

The Wellington Hotel, St Just

Feast weekend was brilliant. Food beer and company well worth the 5 hour train journey from London. Bar staff alert and welcoming. The atmosphere felt like a family party or wedding. Top place!

6 Nov 2009 08:51

The Plough, Aylesbury

This pub has a similar atmosphere to a Wetherspoons. Food acceptable and good value. IPA...never much to say about IPA... Others have made accurate observations of the clientele.

23 Oct 2009 17:51

The Horse and Jockey, Aylesbury

St Austell Tribute not quiet perfect. Very busy at the bar. Staff seemed less than happy but this may have been because they were rather overstetched. Food served quickly - which may have accounted for the 'medium' steak running with blood. However after a daylong tour of Aylesbury this was a a jolly good place to stay over night.

23 Oct 2009 17:43

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury many beers...such a short afternoon. Our pints of Vale Best Bitter were quite superb. Lucky locals to have this pub next door

23 Oct 2009 17:38

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

A trip to Aylesbury to visit this place. Well the Chiltern beer was excellent and charmingly served by a youngish woman. Seating a bit impractical for my slightly older companion. ...but where was the history? No pictures , no artefacts. Outrageous treatment of Nimrod7959.

23 Oct 2009 17:32

Rockwoods, Aylesbury

Empty Thursday lunchtime. Friendly staff. Very ordinary pint of Youngs ordinary. Everything ok but nothing special

23 Oct 2009 17:26

The Halfway House, Barnes

Fairly busy Sunday lunchtime. Glad we tasted the black sheep before ordering because it was not good. Settled on the brakspears which was ok.
As previusly stated this is a proper local pub with a large council estate just across the road...however the atmosphere was lively but friendly/relaxed.

12 Oct 2009 16:00

The Pig and Whistle, East Sheen

Nice and busy Sunday lunchtime. Good beer and great atmosphere. Despite the purple dralon I still wish it were my local.....

12 Oct 2009 15:54

The Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

This impressive refurb has turned the pub into a hotel lobby. Nice enough ...if that is what you are looking for....but it is not a local pub.

12 Oct 2009 15:52

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Plenty of staff on duty. Good range of beers and our 2 pints were in top condition. Large pub begining to look shabby. It was just starting to get "lively" about 5pm on Saturday. An adequate Wetherspoons, we made our excuses and left

11 Oct 2009 12:17

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

Wetherspoons product well represented here. Friendly if rather noisy group of regulars. VERY pleasant young girl happily let us try a couple of beers before selecting a perfect pint of Otter. She was also very helpful in giving directions to our next port of call.

11 Oct 2009 12:11

King of Prussia, Fowey

Visited this pub many times over the years. It was awful, stinking before the smoking ban. Since then however it has been pleasant and welcoming. I like the big round table in the window where you can watch the activity of tourists and seagulls. However, took a friend there last week ...there were only two people at the bar who looked fierce,like they had been there for some time. No greeting, no eye contact no welcome from the young girl serving, she was involved with the druken duo. We ordered 3 pints of Tinners ..they were dreadful, undrinkable...but with the guys at the bar we felt it better just to leave rather than ask for replacements - we were pleased to leave on the last ferry this year back to Meva

11 Oct 2009 12:05

Russell Inn, Polruan

Lovely place. Chatty barstaff. Perfect beer.

11 Oct 2009 11:54

Lugger Inn, Polruan

Lunchtime, mid week...nice old pub, unspoilt....with good pint of Tribute

11 Oct 2009 11:52

Harbour Tavern, Mevagissey

In my opinion this pub is not spoiled for being a bit "touristy". Food, beers and service all very good. Nice friendly atmosphere and of course a wonderful vista of the harbour.

11 Oct 2009 11:50

Fountain Inn, Mevagissey

Always a friendly welcome and well served St Austell beers.

11 Oct 2009 11:47

The Grid Inn, Southfields

I give in.
Can no longer defend this pub.
Pick your day and time to visit and take advantage of the prices...but it is not a place to linger.

20 Sep 2009 09:42

The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

First visit. Nothing interesting to say about the regular GK beer range. As it was the begining of what promised to be a long day stuck to the IPA. Am I just cannot get on with TEA. Friendly enough service but the music got too loud too early. Good food reasonably priced. Worth a second visit.

19 Sep 2009 11:22

The Spotted Dog, Dorking

First visit. Indifferent pint of the product pretending to be Youngs ordinary. Lovely garden but atmosphere somewaht spoiled by two women behind the bar loudly calling a TV celebrity scum and "women like her give us all a bad name...."

19 Sep 2009 11:16

The Kings Arms, Dorking

First visit. Great range of Shep Neame. Pleasant staff and atmosphere. Definitely worth a return visit.

19 Sep 2009 11:11

The Telegraph , Putney Heath

Beer toooooooo expensive. Tooooooo many children. Inside never feels quite pubby enough. I really want to like it here....having known the pub for more than 30 years......but it just misses the mark for me

15 Sep 2009 11:41

The Grid Inn, Southfields

The best way to evaluate anything is to try it for yourself. Walking past a pub certainly does not say it all. There is a new, eager manager who is keen to attract new custom. Both the inside and outside are much fresher now, but admittedly with lack of investment in the property it will always be difficult to maintain standards. Give it a try Miss Hulahoop

5 Sep 2009 19:26

Gardeners, Southfields

A successful refurbishment. New proprietor and staff keen to do well. Jolly nice to have Tribute on as a guest beer. Nothing outstanding about the food, but our burgers were good quality. Musak just a little too loud is my only criticism....apart from the (useless) lock on the gents lavatory.

5 Sep 2009 19:18

The Royal Standard, Portsmouth

Friday lunchtime. Blokes loud standing outside.....made it not very welcoming to go and have a drink. Shame as we like "proper" pubs where people like to chat

27 Jul 2009 12:53

The Trafalgar, Portsmouth

This isn't a's a night club Wetherspoons. Food and beer good. Service good too...midday on a Friday.

27 Jul 2009 12:50

The White Swan, Portsmouth

Rather spectacular Wetherspoons. Glitzy refurb. Motivated staff. Food good. Ladies toilets really small.

27 Jul 2009 12:47

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

Nothing remarkable about this Wetherspoons midday Friday

27 Jul 2009 12:43

The Parchment Makers, Havant

A very acceptable Wetherspoons. Staff made eye contact and seemed friendly. Clean inside and out. Toilets good. Beer very good "Horizon" in excellent condition. Topped up without asking. A few young fellas a bit noisy...but this seems to be a pub of two halves .... a noisy young standing up end and an older, family sitting down end. A very pleasant addition in comparison with the other unsavoury establishments

27 Jul 2009 12:40

The Old House At Home, Havant

Very nice. Well kept pub and beer. Decent clientele unlike many other places in Havant

27 Jul 2009 12:33

The Bear Hotel, Havant

Yes there was overly loud music and loud people. Yes the place could do with a refurb. But I found the food to be most acceptable. Stayed over a weekend and the breakfast was great. Staff were business like rather than welcoming. Never had any beer though as the staff failed to notice us. We felt so annoyed that we just walked away from the bar. Still a very good deal though at 9.95 BB! - and just a short trip into Old Porstmouth and the Dockyard

27 Jul 2009 12:31

The Bear Hotel, Havant

Yes there was overly loud music and loud people. Yes the place could do with a refurb. But I found the food to be most acceptable. Stayed over a weekend and the breakfast was great. Staff were business like rather than welcoming. Never had any beer though as the staff failed to notice us. We felt so annoyed that we just walked away from the bar. Still a very good deal though at 9.95 BB! - and just a short trip into Old Porstmouth and the Dockyard

27 Jul 2009 12:30

The Bear Hotel, Havant

Yes there was overly loud music and loud people. Yes the place could do with a refurb. But I found the food to be most acceptable. Stayed over a weekend and the breakfast was great. Staff were business like rather than welcoming. Never had any beer though as the staff failed to notice us. We felt so annoyed that we just walked away from the bar. Still a very good deal though at 9.95 BB! - and just a short trip into Old Porstmouth and the Dockyard

27 Jul 2009 12:30

The Bear Hotel, Havant

Yes there was overly loud music and loud people. Yes the place could do with a refurb. But I found the food to be most acceptable. Stayed over a weekend and the breakfast was great. Staff were business like rather than welcoming. Never had any beer though as the staff failed to notice us. We felt so annoyed that we just walked away from the bar. Still a very good deal though at 9.95 BB! - and just a short trip into Old Porstmouth and the Dockyard

27 Jul 2009 12:30

The St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre, St Austell

Top top visit. Very friendly "guides" especially Roy and Ann. The beers of course were just perfect and it was very comfortable to stay in The Hicks Bar for the whole afternoon. ..and have pasties for lunch. A lovely old family company with forward looking ideas. We learned that the Seven Stars was the first of Walter Hicks pubs ...

14 Jun 2009 11:44

Kings Arms, St Stephen

Very friendly barman and locals. Also talkative grey parrot. St Austell beers in top condition and beautifully served. Music a little too loud - but we were just underneath the speakers. Nice pub in a nice village, but for drinkers a bit let down by lack of frequent public transport.

14 Jun 2009 11:37

The Angel, Roehampton

The Angel has been nicely refurbed. New carpets and furniture. Outside area also looks nice too. The look of a traditional pub has been retained. But, oh dear, the clientele are just as rough as ever. Too loud and too much swearing... the shuffling under belly of a wretched council estate. Beer nothing special. We left after half a pint.

26 May 2009 12:06

The Railway Arms, Alton

Very locals pub. Not welcomed by staff or anyone. A few "rough" types and lots of swearing. Beer was passable....not sufficiently brilliant to try a second visit.

22 May 2009 20:25

The Swan Hotel, Alton

Old buildings need constant repair and the Swan is no exception. Bar nice enough. Food very acceptable. Rooms of good standard though not exceptional. Staff all very helpful

22 May 2009 20:21

The Kings Head, Alton

Mmm....One half of mediocre beer was enough. Place feels unloved and grubby. Landlady slightly bonkers and rather manic but friendly...and was very distracted by new sweet shop

22 May 2009 20:18

The Eight Bells, Alton

Just what a pub should be. Fine range of well kept beers - mine was Bowmans Swift One. Open friendly hosts as well as welcoming local regular chaps and resident dog Toby. Delightfully old fashioned and perfectly shabby. Very good clean toilets.

22 May 2009 20:12

JJ Moons, Tooting

Older men all very smartly dressed for Sunday lunchtime - just like the old days. Nowhere near as unpleasant as previous writers suggest. Everyone polite and courteous. Bar staff attentive and quick to clear tables. Fortyniner was perfect. Ladies loo acceptable, but gents had no locks - which is about standard for most places nowadays.

30 Mar 2009 18:17

Gardeners, Southfields

Oh dear,oh dear,oh dear. Having known this pub for more than 20 years, it saddens me to see it now. It has become less of a community pub and more of an (e)state pub. Ordinary upstanding locals seem to have been relaced by shuffling young people with tatoos and earrings. Slightly gangsterish atmosphere - even on a very quiet Sunday lunchtime. The product previously known as Youngs Ordinary was cloudy. The once immacualte gents toilets are now disgraceful.

30 Mar 2009 18:08

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

This is a lively and welcoming place..both by staff and locals. Beers well served. ..especially the Porter. Visit every time you are in Lewes.

23 Mar 2009 18:37

Dorset Arms, Lewes

Very clean and well kept place. Staff efficient. Loos lovely. Beers very good. Though we did not eat, the other diners semed satisfied and the food looked good. BUT it is rather too expensive for me.

23 Mar 2009 18:34

Neptune, Hove

Seemed shabby but well loved. Half a dozen fellas who had that dishevelled ageing hippy/rock star look formed the local contingent. Again the music too loud in the middle of the day. Lots of rock memorabilia on the walls. Beer was good...but we had been walking a lot on that sunny March day. Fond farewells were offered as we left. Make a point of going here.

23 Mar 2009 18:31

The Bright Helm, Brighton

Reliable Wetherspoons. Looking rather tired and in need of a refurb though. Gents loo was awful apparently. However, decent varied range of beer. Usual food menu. Pleasant enough on a Thursday lunchtime.

23 Mar 2009 18:26

The West Quay, Brighton

Very pleasant Wetherspoons. On a Thursday lunchtime, sat indoors in the sun overlooking the marina with a perfectly served pint of Pedigree. Usual food menu and our order arrived promptly. Varied clientele made this a lovely surprise.

23 Mar 2009 18:23

The Queen Victoria, Rottingdean

Less than 10 people in on a Thursday evening. Music also rather too this a feature of East Sussex pubs? Semi refurbed but ceiling and wall features remain thankfully. The 2 halves we had were nothing special.
Huge bowl of olives for 1.50 seemed good value.

23 Mar 2009 18:10

The Black Horse, Rottingdean

Mmm. Rather empty on a Thursday evening yet the musak was FAR TOO LOUD - live Lionel Ritchie concert - in an empty pub. An old fashioned place with beamed ceiling in a rustic village with heavy traffic. Agree that it is worth a visit.

23 Mar 2009 18:07

White Horse Hotel, Rottingdean

Stayed for 2 nights BB. Accommodation OK but whole place could do with refreshing. That said, the service and friendly attention was without fault. Food very good - excellent value - including dinner menu. Usual GK beers swell kept and served.

23 Mar 2009 18:02

The Grid Inn, Southfields

Second visit last night. Jolly nice atmosphere. People and bar staff friendly. Good real ales well served. Will definitely return

13 Mar 2009 10:05

The Captain Cook, Putney

Now reincarnated as 'The West Putney Tavern'. As far as I could make out the only cahnges made are coat of grey emulsion. The large dining area at the back ahs been feebly screened with a bit of green curtain. Two barrels of Adnams perched on the bar are its offering to real ale enthusiasts. Bar team all looked a bit lost. How can this place be saved?

13 Mar 2009 09:52

The Arab Boy, Putney

My Dad used to play the piano here in the late 60's. His piano has gone since the very good refurb. Warm and welcomimg Sunday lunch with Greene King offerings well kept. Mixed and lively clientele. Despite it being rather too expensive it is worth another visit.

13 Mar 2009 09:46

Greyhound, Bridport

Average JDW. No IPA. No Courage Best. But Pedigree at 99p cannot be bad. Busy Saturday lunchtime. Quick service at bar and food.

3 Mar 2009 16:58

The George, West Bay

Just as pleasant as previous visit. It was nice to be remembered by landlady. Excellent Palmers Copper and good substantial food. Lively pub with friendly locals and tourist visitors. Keep up the good work.

3 Mar 2009 16:55

The West Bay, West Bay

Top class Palmers Copper. Friendly girl behind the bar on an empty Friday night.

3 Mar 2009 16:52

Bridport Arms Hotel, West Bay

In full agreement with earlier conntributors. We were served by indifferent female with poor example of Palmers Best. Rather more friendly when we left after one pint.

3 Mar 2009 16:50

The George Inn, Chideock

Arrived shortly before closing on sunny spring Sunday. Made very welcome and even invited to have 2nd pint...and to make sure we did not miss the bus the landlady said she collect the glasses from outside later. Shame the Palmers Copper was not perfect

3 Mar 2009 16:47

The Anchor, Seatown

Busy 1st Sunday in March. Wonderful pub after a long coastal path walk. Bar fully staffed with energetic and professional chaps. Also plenty of food staff serving/clearing tables. Minimum waiting despite being busy. Food and beer excellent. Cheerful clientele in unexpected sunshine.

3 Mar 2009 16:42

The Asparagus, Battersea

Exceptional value for money...which we tend to take for granted in JDW. Relaxed atmosphere with plenty of lively conversations to be overheard. IPA & guest ales well served.

9 Feb 2009 11:13

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Sunday lunchtime. Warm relaxed atmosphere with small group of locals. Two very good pints of Harveys...rather short however...which is why it gets 6 rather than 7. Lots to see both inside and out. Nice to have a bit of music in the background.

9 Feb 2009 11:08

Barum Gate, Barnstaple

Premier Inn Franchise

5 Feb 2009 12:21

Cedars Lodge, Sticklepath

A rather good 'pubby' atmosphere for what is in fact a hotel bar. There was and old fashioned mine-host character serving and he went to great lengths to make like the IPA & Abbott were being served by handpump. He was ACTING it was NOT a hand pump. To be fair the beer was OK. The hotel rooms, staff and food were great.

2 Feb 2009 17:29

Panniers, Barnstaple

I believe the JDW product is all round good value...but The Panniers is not one of their top pubs. Bar too small for the size of the pub...which ineveitably means a long wait to be served. Good beers though, in good condition and served to the very top. Strange, how on the coldest weekend for many years the girls were wearing 'minimalist' clothing

2 Feb 2009 17:23

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

Regular but rather grubby Wetherspoons..visited on a Tuesday lunchtime. Not awful but not delightful either. Inexpensive pint served rather short.

27 Jan 2009 18:09

The Barley Mow, Epsom

A bit hard to find...and in truth not really worth the effort. Regular range of well kept Fullers ....nice enough place. Bar staff well schooled in being indifferently attentive. Far too expensive... 3 times dearer than Assembly Rooms but not three times better. Shame

27 Jan 2009 18:03

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Pleasant enough pub. Very pleasant Wetherspoon. Warm on a cold day with 99p a pint who can complain.

27 Jan 2009 18:00

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Lovely real fire made the place thoroughly warm on a cold Saturday lunchtime. However, to the bar staff we were almost invisible as they entertained and socialised with what appeared to be friends. 6X & Spitfire were average.

17 Jan 2009 21:07

The King and Castle, Windsor

There is something particularly horrid about a pub which is too cold on a winters day. Turn the heating up! Very nice Marstons Old Empire..but expensive for Wetherspoons

17 Jan 2009 21:01

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Nice ordinary pub. Bloke behind the bar professional and friendly...greeted as soon as we went in. Good Beer...Springhead Polar Bear & Hydes Insulation. Not touristy.

17 Jan 2009 20:56

The Ferryboat Inn, Hayling Island

Nothing special except the location. Imagine it is packed on sunny days. Fairly busy with affable drinkers. Beer OK

17 Jan 2009 20:53

West Town, Hayling Island

Community pub...loud family group rather over took the bar. We felt out of place. Beer OK

17 Jan 2009 20:49

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

Saturday Lunchtime. How lovely to see the wedding party arrive. Felt more welcome than Hand in Hand. Eye contact and hello...though Ordinary just on the margin of being too short. Am I the only one who gets fed up with asking for what I ahve paid for?

22 Dec 2008 15:26

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

Saturday lunch time. Not too busy with diners. Young girl undergoing bar training...but no greeting, no eye contact, talking to girly mates and "manager" 2 pints of Ordinary were good enough...but needed two attempts to reach the top. Staff too busy with themselves. No thank you or good bye. Pretty poor show.

22 Dec 2008 15:20

The Temperance, Putney Bridge

Oh No not another restaurant making like it's a pub just because it sells beer. Early Sunday lunchtime...empty except for two small tables with diners. No eye contact as we walked in..continued to be ignored despite the flag of a 10 note. Eventually "be with you in a minute" still no eye contact. Second bloke served drinks to the diners.."are you being served? be with you in a minute" Drinking companion returned from long visit to the (paint peeeling) loo. Still not served...still no eye contact. Obviously they are only interested in food we walked out thirsty after a very long wait.

22 Dec 2008 15:15

The Railway, Putney

A fine range of real ales always available in The Railway. Less fine range of clientele....A pub of two halves, upstairs downstairs. Kinda like it here though for that last one or two before home

20 Dec 2008 12:43

The Spotted Horse, Putney

Used to love this place....especially when the bus men used it. Another corporate Youngs refurb. Hard to work out who they are aiming at.

20 Dec 2008 12:39

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

Half Esb then half London Porter. Alert but rather false barmaid. Empty at lunchtime. Did not get the impression of anything special

20 Dec 2008 12:37

The Queen Adelaide, Wandsworth

Winter Warmer - served too cold for me. Enthusiastic greeting from the chap behind the bar. I wish I could get used to Youngs corporate ref-furbs. Nice enough for a quiet Fiday lunchtime.

13 Dec 2008 11:21

The Hop Pole, Wandsworth

2 pints Masterbrew Friday lunchtime. Couple of groups of what looked like office colleagues out for Christmas. A few muddy swearing workmen. Food portions looked big. Girl behind the bar looked fed up. Simple local pub...but there seems to be a missing ingredient somehow

13 Dec 2008 11:16

The Kingston Gate, Norbiton

Passing by at the end of a Kingston Crawl....felt intimidating...did not stay for a drink

7 Dec 2008 12:04

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames

Warm convivial atmosphere. Lovely crowd watching the rugby. 2 pints Sharps IPA - full to the top.

7 Dec 2008 11:38

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

How lovely to see the Guvnor Manny behind the bar on a Saturday lunchtime...he greeted us warmly. Everything was very clean and polished which made the delightful Christmas decorations even more attractive. Small group of smiling, welcoming regulars at the bar. 2 pints Chiswick 5.20 2 halves ESB 3.80. Absolutely charming place.

7 Dec 2008 11:34

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

As soon as we walked in on a cold Saturday lunchtime a young girl asked "have you booked?" "No -Ok be with you in a minute then" Given that we were the only drinkers at an empty bar...the longish wait for her to give diners attention left us feeling rather second place. Half Twick Sundance & half Harveys Sussex 3.20 both at the right temperature and rather short of the top of the glass. There is a faceless corporate feel in this restaurant masquerading as a pub. If this were my nearest pub I would walk to the Willoughby.

7 Dec 2008 11:25

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

At first it looked closed from the outside....but inside we found a lovely old fashioned corner pub. A small group of regulars clustered around the bar with welcoming smiles. 2 pints of Twickenham Grandstand - right up to the top 5.80 - just perfect and thankfully not too cold. They had 5 ales on in total. Nice to see the brass coat hooks and footrail at the bar. Wish this could be my local

7 Dec 2008 11:15

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

We must have been lucky yesterday as our Old Peculiars we just fine. Too expensive though. Rather welcoming interior is let down by very smelly and unpleasant toilets. I keep popping back to this pub...hoping it would have found the magic ingredient..always seems they could do better

24 Nov 2008 11:40

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Well run by very professional manager. Wide selction of well kept ales. Pleasant relaxed atmosphere.

24 Nov 2008 11:35

The Junction Hotel, Dorchester

Stayed her whilst attending Tolpuddle 2008. Really nice accomodation and brekko....BUT NO REAL BEER...this is a Marstons pub and apparently when it was refurbed they took the pipes out! Young noisy clientele and indifferent staff.

17 Nov 2008 16:27

The Old Garage, Southfields

Not very nice. Beer was horrid. Was told by bar manager to "drink somewhere else then"

17 Nov 2008 16:20

The Poacher's Inn, Ide

Stayed here in May 2008 on the way to Cornwall. Could easily have remained for more than one night as there was a beer fest in the garden that weekend. About 5 beers on - unable to recall them all. Very welcoming staff and locals. Accomodation & brekko jolly good value. Well worth another visit and stay.

17 Nov 2008 16:17

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Sunday staff had very poor attitude. Far more concerned with chatting amongst themeselves. Beer clips not turned round when the beers were off. Short pints indifferently topped up. Poor show all round for a beer festival.

12 Nov 2008 16:45

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

Sunday morning after Poole beer fest. Very busy. Not a very long wait for a fantastic breakfast. Staff quick and enthusiastic with serving and clearing food. A bit of a wait at the bar though..but no more than you would expect with the number of customers.

4 Nov 2008 10:13

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

Cold wet Saturday lunchtime...the place was full. ..but the atmosphere was comfortable. Not too long to wait for food. Beers were fine. Staff very busy but no problem.

4 Nov 2008 10:08

The Branksome Railway, Branksome

Stayed overnight for 10th Poole beer fest. Large pub with a feeling of emptiness - on a cold, wet Saturday afternoon. Friendly locals though and bar staff. Summer Lightning. Otter & London Pride. But on returning for our last pint around 10:50pm the bar was all but closed never sampled the beer. Accomodation adequate at 50 for the room (no breakfast)

4 Nov 2008 10:05

The New Inn, Dowlish Wake

Oh I could fall very in love with this place. Excellent beer - Otter and Butcombe. Friendly and welcoming staff. This lovely village deserves this lovely pub

13 Oct 2008 16:30

The George, West Bay

Had 3 pints in The George this week end. Very good beer (as always) from Palmers. Each time they were topped up without my asking. Quick, friendly professional service on an exceptionally warm and busy October Sunday lunchtime.

13 Oct 2008 16:19

The Telegraph , Putney Heath

I have known the Telegraph for 30 years. The refurb is only what you would expect and has no soul. The blokes toilets I am told are still exceptionally smelly with locks missing. The food is not exceptional and rather expensive. The beer is good....but too expensive. Always have to ask for a staff smiles not always masking their irritation. Too too many children on Sunny Sundays. Good beer - but never a drinkers pub. Shame.

1 Oct 2008 18:13

Seven Stars Inn, St Austell

Dear appear to know the area and pubs very well. Can you suggest a pub in St Austell with BB for one or two nights? A friend suggested that St Austell was a bit "rough" and to stay in Charlestown instead....but hey, we live in South London - do we need to be wary of staying in St Austell? We are both CAMRA members. Thanks

29 Sep 2008 14:13

The Devil's Stone Inn, Shebbear

CAMRA members - we stayed for 2 nights last year. We were made very welcome by both the staff and locals. Had lovely meals in the bar and enjoyed good converation with local residents. The beer was excellent with the cellar man taking great pride in showing us round. As I read various reports on this site, I begin to think that people get the service and reception they deserve.

1 Sep 2008 13:08

The Grid Inn, Southfields

The grid did have a bad reputation. However over the past year the atmosphere has improved considerably. This is a genuine community pub with a diverse range of professional clientele as well as retired people and young trades people. Convivial intelligent conversation can be enjoyed here.The staff are friendly and professional. The beers are well kept and served. Customers are consulted about their beer preferences before new products are brought in. There are does need a refurb. All in all I regard this a a very pleasant local which we visit 2-3 times a week.

28 Aug 2008 11:31

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