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Comments by simes69

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Only popped in for one, but my first impression (based upon the warning notices that those swearing will be ejected) was that this pub is primarily here for the gentle enjoyment of excellent beer. No music; no fruit machines; no cursing. Just beer. Will definitely go back.

31 May 2011 09:18

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Visited here last Friday. The interior is rather splendid and packs in the tourists. A good choice of ales were on offer and were fairly well-kept, but the wife's G&T was all tonic and no gin. Service is passable, but the perception that this place is a tourist trap making no effort to attract regulars is unavoidable. I give it a 3 only because of it's charming decor inside, but to be honest I would rather not drink here.

15 May 2011 16:03

The Witness Box, City of London

Awesome breakfasts! Venue of the monthly JPMorgan Breakfast Club offsite for a morning repast of epic proportions.
In the evenings, sitting outside is not to be recommended as the narrow street by the tables is regularly frequented by large lorries turning at the gate that closes the street. Inside, the downstairs bar is snug but can get a little crowded.

1 Oct 2007 22:20

Ye Olde London, St Pauls

Nice enough beer (Youngs Best) and friendly service. We were in the ground floor bar and we were served quickly and efficiently. Mrs Simes reported a G&T with a lot of the latter than the former. Had a bit of food - chips, onion rings - generous portions.

1 Oct 2007 18:04

The St Brides Tavern, Blackfriars

Very friendly staff. Downsatirs bar is traditional, upstairs bar/function room is modern and recently refurbished. Good beer (Abbott & IPA) and the buffet food at a recent do was excellent and well-priced.

1 Oct 2007 17:49

The Harrow, City Of London

Further to my review last year, things are now much improved. Better beer wouldn't go amiss, but now smoke-free and with new staff I'm happy that the Harrow is our work local.

30 Aug 2007 12:51

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Super decor and friendly staff. Only been there once but got the feeling that they were having a party and that I was invited. Downside, poor choice and quality of beer (only Landlord and Guiness, although a reasonable choice of lagers) and those people averse to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers may want to give it a miss, as they're played loudly... a lot.

15 Feb 2007 09:37

The Harrow, City Of London

Smokey and unfriendly. Go out of your way to avoid it.

14 Jun 2006 21:18

The Pavilion End, Mansion House

A recent Thursday evening visit during the World Cup found this old haunt revamped and modernised. I haven't been here since mid 2003. There were a number of large screens showing the cricket and the football but the volume was kept unobtrusively low. There were just the right number of people there - not too many, not too few. Bar service was excellent. Luta deserves particular mention for her beer presentation skills, always ensuring a full pint and a dry outside of the glass. Toilets were clean, modern and well-kept. No complaints about the beer. . in fact no complaints at all.

14 Jun 2006 21:17

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

A nice pub to go to at lunchtimes when it's not too crowded. However, a recent evening when it was not particularly busy visit saw the gents ankle deep in piss and the bar manager practically throwing beer into a glass. Although there's plenty of space to drink outside, you are adjacent one of the busiest traffic junctions in London. Very very disappointing.

14 Jun 2006 21:12

The Cricketer, Paris

A lively pub with a loyal crowd. No food, but you can get a packet of crisps if you're lucky. Jimmy is the 9th's angriest barman, but he'll take good care of you - he's in a better mood on Fridays as he's allowed to play his own music on the PA. Big screen sport most nights. Draught Beer - Beamish Red & brown; Strongow; Carlsberg; Kronenbourg; Newcastle Brown. Bottled beers incluing Moosehead, Heineken, & local chick beers. The scene of many a very sore head.

4 Jul 2005 14:36

O'Sullivans, Paris

A lively pub on a busy junction. The food is good from set meals to filling bar snacks - my portion de pommes frites was a dinner plate full of tasty chips which were most welcome. Great for watching the girls go by. Often frequented by expats.

4 Jul 2005 14:31

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