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Comments by silvershower

Belgian Bar, Altrincham

Pretty good i thought, good tapas not too noisy and loutish. I wouldn't have said it was ideally sized to bring a massive dog into though, as one patron did on Friday. Great beers, surprisingly good food (tapas). Could maybe do with more food choices other than the tapas though?

12 Mar 2012 11:35

The Bridge Inn, Altrincham

never been to this pub, but I did feel a bit sad when I found out it had been demolished to make way for Altair (if it is still to be called that). It is sat on the edge of a road, so surely it could have been kept as wouldn't have obstructed the development? If they can keep old and new together in Manchester city centre then surely they could do it in Alty. That said, the clientele looked rough as old boots, judging by those outside whenever I drove past.

12 Mar 2012 11:33

Mort Subite, Altrincham

absolutely love this place, they have a vast selection and whilst occasionally things are out of stock, it doesn't detract. Great atmosphere, not for everyone I agree. Definitely a thinking man or woman's bar. I laughed at the previous poster's comment that the detractors would be happier in unicorn, and I wholeheartedly agree! It can be expensive, but it's because of the product they sell. Some of the beers are very unusual. There is however a wide range of priced beers. If price is your main consideration when out for a drink, rather than what you are actually drinking, then you are best elsewhere. Oh and it's wheat crunchies - chosen for their salty taste to oppose the beer!

12 Mar 2012 11:29

The Flamin' Galah, Altrincham

i should qualify, this occurred under the new guise of "cushion"

12 Mar 2012 11:22

The Flamin' Galah, Altrincham

served cocktails with no alcohol in them. Absolutely scandalous, and very defensive when questioned about it. Place is always empty so it is clear why. This bar has changed numerous times over the last 5 years.

12 Mar 2012 11:22

Suburbia, Hale

great drinks inc dry ice tea, absynthe fountain and things on fire... burlesque girls. Say no more

13 Jan 2011 18:57

The Rope and Anchor, Dunham Massey

great food and the place looks great but not the comfiest indoors. Lots of staff milling around. Outside area with covered log fire seated section looks great for winter. Food good

13 Jan 2011 16:26

The Orange Tree, Altrincham

slightly random and pikey, only saving grace is its next door to ishta

13 Jan 2011 16:23

Mort Subite, Altrincham

love this place, fortunately it isn't for everyone as they don't do a 2 for 1, happy hour and bangin choons. I reckon the ney sayers on here would be happier in the unicorn. Atmosphere is like a 19th Century french brothel, not a sticky floored nightclub with cinema carpets. Great selection of beers, nothing i have ever chosen has been out of stock. Can talk and be heard. Very knowledgeable staff.

13 Jan 2011 16:22

House Bar, Altrincham

is ok, very small, average food

13 Jan 2011 16:18

Church Green, Lymm

great food, decent beer nice enough place for a winter pint next to the fire, not just a food pub.

13 Jan 2011 13:16

Bay Malton, Dunham Massey

Strange mix of office workers and council estate locals, but food is fantastically weird english/thai mix. Good selection of drinks. Love it

13 Jan 2011 13:11

The Barn Owl Inn, Lymm

Strange kind of canteen looking place, quite rude barmaid and funny looks from the local knuckle dragging regulars. Not the cleanest and IMO completely undeserving of its good reputation.

13 Jan 2011 13:09

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