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Comments by shimaawa

Ganleys, Morden

The only pub worth going to in Morden. It works as a traditional boozer, an Irish theme pub and a sports pub with each function sitting happily side by side without ruining the others. It attracts a mixed crowd, from the young to the old, which is also positive. The food is pretty decent too.

18 Apr 2009 19:40

The George (Harvester), Morden

Harvester have ruined a pub that must have stood there for several hundred years, sucking all atmosphere out with its bland interior. The clientèle are rough and unpleasant looking, giving it quite a menacing atmosphere.

As for the half that it the restaurant, you either like Harvester food or you don't. Personally I found it revolting and if you like it, there is not much hope for you. If you have never been to one before, be warned that there are no vegetables of any sort on the menu. The small mercy is that there are none for the kitchen staff to ruin. There is plenty of fried chicken, fried chicken and of course, fried chicken. The salad bar is inevitably bland with poor sauces.


18 Apr 2009 19:34

The Abbot, Morden

I walked past and this place looked closed. I am devastated - where will the violent-looking chavs go to drink now? They will probably end up in Ganleys and ruin what is Morden's only pub worth going to.

18 Apr 2009 18:24

The Tavern, Morden

Do pubs get any worse than this? The beer is poor and over-priced. The furnishings are so old a tatty that they are probably as old as the building itself. The carpet is faded and filthy looking. There is a sign advertising food, but who in their right minds would trust anything eaten there?

This pub has great potential, being spacious with a huge garden, both front and rear, all of which are ignored and wasted. It may suit the rough clients who frequent it, but no one else should go there unless they are desperate to watch the footy and and don't have Sky.

18 Apr 2009 18:20

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