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The Grapes Inn, Falmouth

You must have hit it on a hate football/rugby day,
Had a smashing evening in here..albeit.. mid-September after short haul from the med,
Food was superb, Beer was excellent, (bit pricey) Weather atrocious, so went no further, Singalong, Friendly banter with locals and staff (no sign of Jethro) could not fault this pub!

21 Oct 2007 19:19

The Willow Tree Inn, Riddlesden

Wonderful pub...great staff...Smashing locals, really made to feel welcome, spoilt back room though, What happened to the pool table, The pride and joy of the old landlord "Alan"
Good location if you are walking up to Ilkley moor...

18 Jul 2007 21:00

The Busfeild Arms, East Morton

If it changed with new licensees then its back to its old ways...
Cliquey is not the word...Private club!...or "Husband and wife" pub (someone else's husband with someone else's wife!)
Beer not bad but a bit pricey, G&T brigade were doing well, must have pawned the family silver for the weekend,
The pub is handy for those heading to Eldwick, That hill is a bloody steep B..ger!

18 Jul 2007 20:55

The Royal Hotel, Crossflatts

Popular with locals has nothing to do with it being the only "Pub" in the town one wonders?
The other watering hole (and I mean HOLE)being a CIU club.
Must agree though, had a good evening in there last weekend, Good ale and warm welcome after day on nearby canal.

13 Jun 2007 22:14

The Cattlemarket, Preston

Can only concur, very light and airy and clean, Good ales, polite staff, one criticism, not enough seating, (can't have everything)too many big sofas for size of room.
Well worth a visit.

13 Jun 2007 22:01

The Plungington, Fulwood

What a pub.
Had some good beer, good music, (not too loud) not too busy for a Friday night, plenty of in & out trade, everyone seemed friendly and willing to talk.
Bar staff appear to be well known and respected, Joining in the jovial banter with customers,
Bit heavy on the walls with awards but its better than wallpaper reading,
Plenty on offer to go with your beer and crisps, 'Ie' Papers, Free music, Big screens and gaming room out the way at the back.
what more could one wish for when enjoying a few draughts of an evening.
Getting geared up for no smoking as well, Things just get better.

15 Apr 2007 19:48

The Black Bull, Fulwood

Seems your ok in here if your in a club of some sort, Masons or buff's, that sort of thing,
Bit cliche, Not very friendly, Three guys Conversation at bar very iffy regarding what and where to buy cig's and mags from across the water, guess I shouldn't earwig but what the hell, we weren't made to feel welcome at any time on our visit.
Beer on expensive side and a bit warm, Cellar man needs some education.
Too mutch soace not enough costomers,
Cheering the bar staff up might help.

15 Apr 2007 19:26

The Prince Llewellyn, Beddgelert

Made a comment about this Pub/Hotel some short time ago but it seems to have been removed, To close to the truth perhaps.
Anyway this is an update on said premises.
Back in the Village this week and for the laugh, paid a visit. Highly disappointed, No laughs, well not at the staff arguments, because----
"It's Changed hands".

For the better of course, These new people know how to run a pub, even a tourist pub, Food was really enjoyable, Beer was Well looked after and tasty,
Landlord is a local, Big guy, Beard, Looks like a farmer,(Prefer-ed language is Welsh, Can't all be perfect I suppose)
Don't know if there's a landlady, He had quite a few ladies around at the time my party was there but thank God the other crowd has gone.
Long may the Prince and these Licensees flourish, I for one will be going back.

7 Apr 2007 23:27

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

Enjoyed mucky weekend here in 1981 with a sprightly, amicable & giving young thing,
Smashing low roofed bedrooms with deep comfy mattresses. (Bathroom across the way.
November it was, Bad weather, Gale force winds, Didn't venture out much, No need.
Big roaring open fires, Plates piled high with well cooked local produce, Great Sam Smiths Brews, Well stocked top shelf for pre? bed warmers,
Whitby at its best!
Happy days.
Went back to Jolly sailors last year for anniversary, Not much changed except no B&B, Had to stop up the quay, Still have open fire (not as big as i remember) Plates still piled high with good well cooked local produce, Sam Smiths still on excellent form, Good prices too. Top shelf still excellently stocked with Scotland's finest Pre bed warmers.
I, Still with same, not so young thing, only she's not so giving, amicable or sprightly anymore ether.
Only giving an 8 becouse of lack of B&B, Well worth a long visit.

11 Mar 2007 21:18

The Eldon Hotel, Preston

What can one say about the Eldon Hotel that is not detrimental,
Well it's hardly ever open, That's a good point.
It's tucked away in a back street, you can't see it easily, That's another good point.
It keeps getting shut down by the police, Another good point, Shame it isn't closed permanently until someone is found who can run this pub & turn back the clock by two years.
I had my gripes with the landlady of the time but her and spouse could sure run a pub, old school.
This is one pub that should be turned into student accommodation & quickly or get someone (In or back)who knows how to rejuvenate what was a good back street local.

11 Mar 2007 20:08

The Prince Llewellyn, Beddgelert

What a laugh.
Just spent a few days down there, what a tonic this place is,
food not bad, Pricey but not bad.
Beer! well you can't harm Sam's can you.
But the comedy, Priceless.
Run by a family with some unpronounceable name, They never stopped arguing with each other, We think they thought, they were unhearable.
The raised voices from the kitchen were Hilarious to say the least.
Comfy lounge aria, Lots of slate (expected) open fire place (not lit) slight don't care attitude from staff, In need of a firm hand & better attitude to none Welsh speakers.
Suggest bypassing here and crossing bridge to pub opposite if you want to keep your laughing gear intact.

11 Mar 2007 19:55

The Bolton Hotel, Bradford

This Pub (or Private members drinking club as it should now be known)has gone right down the pan.
I was last in there in 2001 and spent some pleasant occasions there, Landlady and spouse certainly knew their jobs &clientele.
Just Spent a long weekend staying with friends & that's their, sporadic local, I now know why,
Some dirty looking(unwashed) drunk, shouting about having another drink as he was the owner? (God help the pub)
Place had not seen a cleaner for weeks,
Beer overpriced & not well looked after,
Lines obviously needed a good clean.
Enough said,
When we commented to our friends how it had (The pub)deteriorated, we were overheard by some dwarf of a middle aged woman in a micro skirt (who thought she could sing like Connie Frances, NOT) who from then on continued to rant on at our party, This was allowed by the management would you believe,
We all left and most certainly will not be going back.

11 Mar 2007 19:35

The Grapes Hotel, Maentwrog

No change then!
This place has been going downhill since the 90's and not got any better,
Time for a kick up the old proverbial, They probably make enough out of the unsuspecting first time Holiday visitors,
Retraining in customer care & a new chef is called for!

4 Mar 2007 19:40

The Castle Hotel, Caernarfon

Nothing changed here,This pub company (Trust Inns)do seem to like letting their establishments get run into the ground, This place is in need of a good clean up. plus they show they dont like English visitors yet are happy to overcharge us.

4 Mar 2007 19:22

The Starr Inn, Bingley

Sentiment echoed entirely, I may be wrong but this is the last pub of its kind in Bingley,(and I do mean 'PUB')
Long may it stay

4 Mar 2007 19:14

The Princes Alice, Preston

Smashing Public house, Great atmospher,Well looked after beers & lagers,
Pool,Darts,Cards & dom's
Bit hard to find if you dont know the aria but well worth the search.

3 Mar 2007 20:05

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