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Comments by sergioramos

The Halfway House, Earlsfield

I see and hear alot of people moaning that this pub is very expensive or the food is awfull but they always packed.... they must be doing something right!!!!

11 Sep 2010 14:57

Graffiti Bar, Earlsfield

Love this place... very attentive and fun staff, pretty good cocktails at reasonable priced prices (Demond, you'll find that the prices everywhere are increasing) with 2-4-1 all the time that makes the cocktails CHEAPER!!! :) is a bit small but i guess it makes it more cosy and warm in the winter :D

11 Sep 2010 14:50

Bar 366, Earlsfield

well Mr. richakn!!! Obviously from all your reviews from all the pubs in the area you must be Mr. negative... I love this bar, the staff are great, atmosphere is very friendly, and it's the latest bar in the area that make my journey home pretty easy!!! Every time i go there with or without my friends I have a great time. Just shame that the garden is closed too early!!!

11 Sep 2010 14:46

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