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Comments by secretreveiwer

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

Great Local Pub;
exactly as it should be, clean,tidy, nice selection of beer, and pleasent staff.
Use it or loose it says the sign outside, and I agree,
It deserves using, Nice Pub. try it.

10 Jan 2008 16:28

Smiffys Bar, Fratton

this isnt so much of a bar as a thugs meeting den;
used by the portsmouth FC's bad side- perfect for the police on match days, they know exactly where to find them.

10 Jan 2008 16:26

All Bar One, Portsmouth

loosing its appeal ;
** GET SOME BAR STAFF *** there is never (repeat) never any staff serving - where do they all go? the most Ive evr seen is three, which is utter madness!!
The food is ok, but often the tables and floor are dirty.
Food ok, drink expensive. Service appalingly bad (see it to believe it)
having read the staff comments, I can now understand why;
Like many other bars in gunwharf its staring to feel the strain of better bars elsewhere;
so give them a hint ; Dont bother, and go elsehwre until they sort it out.

10 Jan 2008 16:23

The Wine Vaults, Southsea

this was a good pub, but has realy gone down hill now;
seems to have lost all its atmosphere for some reason, the refit seems to have made it false plastic like any other pub-out-of-a-box.
Shame, Real ales can be a bit hit and miss, but when on form they are great.
Maybe resting too much on its past reputation; needs a new spark to bring it back.
Staff are all very pleasent though.. but the toilets are still very poor.

come on guys, what happened??

10 Jan 2008 16:18

The Owtback Bar, Southsea

not sure its still open >>??

10 Jan 2008 16:14

The Walkabout, Portsmouth

Common theme here (dont the staff read)!!!

The door staff are the most horrible, and utterly unreasonable people I have ever met (and yes we were "allowed" in)
they seem to pick arguments with everyone in the que for no reason, truly Horrible!
- a great shame beacuse the bar staff are ALL lovely, serve in turn ,polite and helpful (recommendeing beers)
Why have the IDIOTS on the door set a very bad impression beofre your even inside; they were activly instigating confruntation, even with the girls!

10 Jan 2008 16:12

Tiger Tiger, Portsmouth

Tiger Tiger !! Branding sold out;
**VERY** expensive drink prices, and yet very few bar staff - expect a long wait !
Was great when it opened but now full of horrible chavs...
Definatly NOT worth the money, many far better venues.
and the restaraunt is awful -proceesed overpriced junk food from a packet.
Its got ideas far above reality- try somewhere else were you treated as a customer not an inconvineince;
Horrible, expensive, avoid.

10 Jan 2008 16:06

The American Bar, Portsmouth

Cosy pub, changed hands a while ago, and the food is nowhere near as good- the restraunt is also very cramped too.
Food now ok, but nothing great for the price.
Nice staff and nice bar, if cramped (!)

10 Jan 2008 16:01

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

I agree pricey - but then what is the value of keeping mobile phone clad chavs out!
Lovely big old pub, great inerior, spotless clean, and pleasent staff too, cosy.
Nice, worth the extra few pence!

10 Jan 2008 15:59

Royal Oak, Winchester

Nice beer, Appaling Food !
-we sent ours back, twice, but was resent the Same food "beacuse we had started it" (one mouth full!)
-manageress was sat alongside us, but not interested as "she was on her break" (!!)
Great shame, looks nice interior though.
Avoid the food :

10 Jan 2008 15:56

Ship Inn, Owslebury

Do *NOT* confuse this with THE SHIP INN in winchester;
This pub (The Ship) is in contrast a lovely pub, clean tidy and good food.
Similar names, differant values...
avoid the city one, this is muh better.

10 Jan 2008 15:49

The Green Man, Winchester

another filthy pub (wipe your feet on the way OUT!)
God knows the last time the pipes were ever cleaned, judging by the rest of the pub not for a VERY long time.
The landlord was intoxicated when we arrived, which might explain a lot.
I'd AVOID this like the plague (which is proberly still prevelant inside)

10 Jan 2008 15:46

The Black Boy, Winchester

Excentric real OLD pub- just as they should be.
Very Qwirky, but very nice, covered outside area too.
Lovely open fires, Very Nice beer, but above all LOVELY STAFF...
I cant say anything bad,, they've even succeded in keeping CHAVS out (worth its weight in Gold!!)
Very nice people, very nice pub.

10 Jan 2008 15:43

The Westgate Inn, Winchester

VERY SMALL -deceptive from the exterior.
Pleasent staff, and resonabel priced drink, if a little dark and snug inside (no outside areas-! smokers note)
Hotel rooms were nice, clean, good value.
Staff made up for its shortfalls, worth a visit.

10 Jan 2008 15:39

The Railway Inn, Winchester

was told it was THE live music venue in Winchester (possibly the only one left?)
Sadly it was very small, and the 'venue' section even smaller, which is why it was very intimidating and squashed; we saw several fraca's and fights which didnt help.
The music was OK, but the clientelle were looking for trouble...
Beer was ok, food absolute rubbish -fried fat everything ..shame.

10 Jan 2008 15:36

The Rising Sun, Winchester

Ive never entered such a filthy dump!
even the fan had brown mould growing on it, and it was switched on!!
Patchwork carpet pieces, brocken furniture, and Im told THE local fighting vunue ;
fancy getting glassed with a dirty pint, this is the place to be; we nearly got set upon because the thugs in there thought we were undercover police!
Didn't even finish our drinks...
AVOID if your a student or normal.
very frightening
(and Illegal sky too!) but dont mention that !

10 Jan 2008 15:32

The Forester, Winchester

third time in the same year !

another one gone

10 Jan 2008 15:28

Bakers Arms, Winchester

interesting place (?)
you could proberly buy ANYTHING from the 'locals' at the bar, as long as you pay in Cash and dont ask ny questions..
Not clean, but not dirty, just OK.

The place to hang out if your under age (outside) or barred from the rising sun it seems...
Dodgey Sky too - just dont ask, thy hit first!

10 Jan 2008 15:27

Old Gaol House, Winchester

Filthy dirty ;
cheap nasty beer, in very dirty glasses- even the bar man (after six attempts to find a "clean" glass) was clearly embarrased.
Sore throats a plenty - YUK!

Cheap, and need of a refurb.
Toilets a disgrace.

10 Jan 2008 15:24

The Blonde Beer Cafe, Winchester

Nice busy Fun packed pub (if a little pricey)
However they do run student and promo night, which makes the prices more reasonable;
Nice surrowndings, so I guess thats reflected in the price;
Good staff, and very happy door men!
nice, when busy.

10 Jan 2008 15:20

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