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Tu Chicas, Wimbledon Park

awful... can't say any more than that.
well - I can. don't go there to drink ever. even worse if you eat. last resort of crappy office xmas parties. why would you make yourself suffer?

30 Apr 2005 11:07

The Fire Stables, Wimbledon Village

good food, great german beer, but wine is heavily over-priced. be warned.

30 Apr 2005 11:02

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

Great pub - very dog friendly, our 13 wk old chocolate lab has been accepted with open arms, and the occasional sip of beer. Food is excellent. As someone else noted - if you can't afford it... sod off.
Great menu from a good chef, beer is average pub beer - nothing special, wines are pretty good, and the locals are pretty friendly. It's at the back of the common, so you're best to walk.

30 Apr 2005 11:00

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