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Comments by robhealy

Lord Denman, Dagenham

Closed on 11th February 2018 as part of the company’s plans to sell off a number of pubs.

13 Feb 2018 13:11

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

I understand that Phil has now replaced Gary. Welcome back Phil, and let's hope the beer range is still looked after :-)

6 Mar 2014 01:22

The Nut and Squirrel, Westcroft

Does anyone remember Colin & Marion running this pub? I used to work for them years ago. Would be nice to get in touch.

7 Jan 2013 20:45

The Liquor Station, Wembley

Closed, lease for sale.

1 Nov 2012 19:09

Feltham Ex-Services Club, Feltham

now closed, future uncertain.

1 Nov 2012 19:03

The Load of Hay, Bedfont

Closed, future uncertain.

1 Nov 2012 19:02

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Unusual lack of comments lately... still some good beer on occasions here.

13 Jun 2012 09:21

The Crown and Sceptre, Feltham

Now alleged to be yet another Tesco in the making...

13 Jun 2012 09:20

The Duke of Wellington, Hounslow

Up for sale by Greene King, and rumoured to be becoming a Sainsbury's local...

27 Dec 2011 21:35

The Railway, Greenford

which part of the pub was actually damaged by the fire? i don't recall seeing more than smoke damage

15 Oct 2011 09:33

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

Very good food and drink in this pub. Visited with my disabled father on a number of occasions last week. Staff very friendly, and they know about the beer they serve too.

30 Sep 2011 17:09

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

Nice enough pub but during the daytime (off season) there are not enough staff to cope with the customer flow.
Poor disabled access, with small lift at far left of entrance, often blocked by chairs / buggies.

30 Sep 2011 17:08

Crown Inn, Westcott

No record on either Wetherspoon's or Mole Valley Council's web sites re such plans (which is a shame...)

16 Sep 2011 04:37

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

My first visit to the Express Tavern, and I really wish I had been in before now!
A gem of a pub, and a perfect pint of Bass! £3.35 initially seemed a bit steep, but I don't mind paying for a decent pint.

4 Sep 2011 09:40

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

I have just read the comment from bitterboy1970. I would appreciate you not slandering me, (and get my name spelled right) I am a member of the public. I am not a fecking eejit... if you took time to read reviews of pubs that I have written in the past, you can see this.

27 Jun 2011 03:06

The Red Lion, Feltham

The Red Lion now has a great newly-revamped beer garden with new grass and paved areas with tables and umbrellas. Just in time for the summer!
Keep up the good work Jerry & Kelly! :-)

8 Jun 2011 10:05

Prince of Wales Inn, Mynyddygarreg

Went to this pub - GBG rated and apparently sells good food too...

Opens at 5pm, now closed Sundays and no-longer serves food. Didn't stay.

12 May 2011 10:53

The Coach and Horses, Ickenham

No longer an Ember Inn as M&B have sold the Coach to a new pubco. Hope they maintain the good beers and food... will have to see.

11 Jan 2011 20:58

The General Roy, Feltham

1st visit of the year last night. Took my girlfriend for a quiet drink. Very quiet seeing as there was no heating on, and it was minus 2 outside. Not impressed.

9 Jan 2011 21:35

The Hoop and Toy, South Kensington

Popped in for the 1st time last Tuesday. Nice enough pub, pretty pricey (£3.65 for a pint of Abbot Ale)
Noticed an interesting sign re 15 mins drinking up time being the UK law. Don't know what planet they're on, but other than that, a reasonable pit stop.

9 Jan 2011 21:31

The Red Lion, Feltham

Nice to see a lot more families in the pub of recent times. My daughter enjoys playing in the garden with the guvnor's kids when she's over, and has made friends with other kids that visit with their parents.

There is a noted presence of more females drinking in the pub too which takes away some of the "old mans' pub" that used to stigmatise the Red Lion. Much improved. Keep up the good work!

2 Jan 2011 20:05

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Congratulations Gary and team for another well-deserved GBG entry...

I'm looking forward to the real ale festival - there's a brilliant list this time round!


19 Oct 2010 04:17

The Red Lion, Feltham

Pleasant local's pub in Feltham High Street, which has welcoming management and staff. Good food, Sky 3D Sports / ESPN tv, beer garden, karaoke, race nights, pool and darts. Right across the road from my flat...
No real ales, but overall, a very good pub and one of only 2 remaining in the town centre.

19 Oct 2010 04:15

The Three Fishes, Sunbury on Thames

Has been closed for some time, although a banner stating "under new management" is displayed outside...

15 Oct 2010 00:00

Kings Head, Ashford

Popped in last week for the 1st time in years, and the food and Pedigree were both in excellent condition. Will return.

17 Sep 2010 02:40

The Oaks, Ashford

Have been in twice recently for a family meal.

Service was very poor on Sunday evening. However, It was busy when we got there, and were told to expect a 45 minute wait. Food took about 50 mins.

When we had finished our meals (and the pub was pretty quiet), we ordered desserts. These took almost half an hour to come. Considering they were ice cream / easy items, this was a bit extreme.

Food itself was good, but just slow service.

17 Sep 2010 02:39

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Lunarega - your comments are quite bizarre, considering this is the better of the 2 pubs in the High Street This sort of behaviour is extremely rare as it is a very well-run pub.

Furthermore, when you write about 'familes being turned-away' this is probably because they do not allow children into the pub in the evenings - read the signs next time before picking holes in our local.

If you don't like it, then please don't bother coming back.

Thank you.

17 Sep 2010 02:34

Que Pasa, Staines

No great loss... the food was diabolical. I emailed the company and didn't receive a reply.

5 Sep 2010 13:30

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

Visited for the 1st time on Friday afternoon after a visit to the model village.
What a find! Absolutely cracking pub. I just wish it was my local.

Yes it's pricey, but if you look at the location / building, you know what you are in-for before you go there. Furthermore, their web site even has the prices on the down-loadable menus / beer / wine lists, so please don't complain on here!

And no, I don't work there!...

22 Aug 2010 15:47

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

"Henners", I have been to the Horseshoe in Glasgow on a few occasions, and having run the Falcon, I can confirm that the bar area / floor space is bigger at the Falcon!.
Furthermore, they cannot "chop up the long bar" area as the building is listed, and the back fittings of the bar & the Snug bar are original circa 1900.

24 Jul 2010 15:43

The Rose of York, Richmond

I have visited this pub twice in recent weeks, and have found it to be in great order. The staff are friendly, and even bought out a bowl of iced water for the dog in our group.
On my 2nd vist, I tried the food. Very well presented, and very tasty. Will definitely be back...

8 Jul 2010 19:13

The Dysart, Petersham

I attempted to enter this pub on a Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago (approx 6.30pm) when the weather was hot and sunny, and I had just been for a walk around Richmond Park. Unfortunately I cannot comment about the interior as I was turned away before I could reach the door... They were closed as they had a 'concert' on later that evening. Rather than let us get a drink and sit outside, we had to leave.
Therefore, we walked to the Rose of York and spent a lovely evening there instead.

8 Jul 2010 19:12

The Chevalier Inn, Exeter

Visited Exeter last week on way back from Brixham. Found this pub to be good, and the beer to be in good form.

31 May 2010 03:23

Tremenheere, Penzance

Visited Penzance last week, and popped into this well-appointed pub. Good beer and a good lunchtime trade.

31 May 2010 03:22

Vigilance, Brixham

Visited Brixham for the 1st time last week. The pub, staff, beer and food were all top-notch.

31 May 2010 03:20

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Definitely - malo66 - The Falcon has the "Longest Continuous Bar in Great Britain" (125 feet) as per the Guinness Book of Records. There is a certificate on display behind the bar. I worked at - and ran - the Falcon. A lovely boozer!

31 May 2010 03:19

The London Stone, Cannon Street

Looks like it could be a lively place. I got to work across the road from here about 7.15 this morning and saw a bouncer outside, and scantily dressed females coming out for a smoke.
Maybe I'll pop in on a night off!

18 Apr 2010 12:24

Connolly's, Chiswick

A lovely pint of Bass on my recent (1st) visit!

8 Apr 2010 13:35

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY for 12th April!

I pulled the 1st pint in the Moon on its opening day all those years ago.

Nice to be able to sample the great beers on a more regular basis now that I have moved back to the area!


8 Apr 2010 13:34

The Rifleman, Hounslow

interesting to see the name "Fuller Smith & Turner" from days gone bye - on the front of the building, now that the signage has been removed.

1 Apr 2010 03:19

The Market Inn, Salisbury

Visited Salisbury on Sunday and found this real gem of a pub!

The beer was in very good condition, the Sunday Roast was the best I had eaten in years. No processed food, and very generous portions.

Lastly, the bottle of white wine that I ordered to accompany our lunch was perfectly chilled.

Would definitely go back, even just for the lunch!

30 Mar 2010 13:32

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Nice to read the review from flashharry1965 - the clientele was of very similar style when I was working at the Falcon in and around 1997-1999 prior to John & Pauline retiring.

21 Mar 2010 21:52

The Fishermans Joy, Selsey

It's a shame to read about (and see videos of) the fire. I can remember drinking Ballard's Wassail on a number of occasions in here a few years ago.

Hope to see the pub up and running again very soon.

21 Mar 2010 21:50

The Ship Inn, Teignmouth

Visited last Friday, whilst on a whistlestop visit to Teignmouth. A very nice pub, with a perfect location. Hope to pop back to try the food some time soon...

1 Oct 2009 03:05

Brass Monkey, Teignmouth

Popped in last Friday after a long train journey. Pleasant pub which also allowed a child within our company, to enter.

1 Oct 2009 03:04

The Wotton Hatch, Wotton

JG123 - you would say that, wouldn't you? - wouldn't any GENERAL MANAGER?

14 Sep 2009 08:34

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Under New Management... congrats Gary!... Unfortunately this now means that next year's GBG placing will most probably get pulled.

Hope Phil gets things sorted and moves somewhere fairly local...

26 Jul 2009 17:00

The George, Staines

Very un-inspiring beer choice when visited 01/06/09 & 03/06/09

8 Jun 2009 15:13

The Wotton Hatch, Wotton

I popped in on Saturday for the 1st time since I worked there 12 years ago. I feel that Bass (ok, M&B now) have made a dreadful mistake in converting this into a gastro pub. The place was dead quiet - ok I know there's a recession on but even so... It used to be packed on a Saturday afternoon/evening.

The pub looked cold with its dull paintwork. It did however look great from the outside and on the approach from Guildford.

One wierd thing, the (closed) public bar area is still in situ despite a major refurb. Perhaps they might contemplate opening it again, to get some real local trade back!

Lastly, the barmaid pulled a very flat pint of pride for my friend, whist pouring a lager at the same time. Not a good move!

8 Jun 2009 14:52

The Red Lion, Feltham

I can recommend the food... Phoebes's Kitchen Thai is great!

5 Jun 2009 11:14

The Mansion, Feltham

Closed and boarded-up when I went past the other day. 2 Pubs in Feltham gone within 2 weeks. (other is Crown & Sceptre).

5 Jun 2009 11:13

The George and Dragon, Brentford

Re-opened and refurbished. No real ale!

1 Jun 2009 15:18

The Mansion, Feltham

Under new management... AGAIN!...

19 May 2009 02:29

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

Hmmm. A sign inside the entrance states that they haven't increased the prices (recent budget increase). £3.60 for a pint of warm Kronenbourg(!). Heaven help when they put the price up eventually!.

14 May 2009 03:15

The White House, Stockley Park

As per the local CAMRA web site, this place now closes at 6pm. Is this a new wetherspoon's trend?

20 Apr 2009 12:36

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Pretty good pint of Pride on Saturday night. Met with some old school colleagues for a bit of a reunion. Went upstairs to the 'club' and my girlfriend's bag was stolen. Lovely!
Prior to this event, we popped in for a drink a couple of weeks ago, and found the staff to be extremely rude.

5 Mar 2009 02:08

The Granville (Harvester), Ealing Common

Reduced to a pile of rubble in the last couple of weeks.

27 Feb 2009 13:10

The Pelican, Addlestone

My other half has just moved nearby. We popped-in this evening for a look, and I am glad I didn't read the derogatory comments before we went in, we may not have gone at all.
The pub is great, - nice location and good (cheaper than where i live) prices. We had a meal which was fine too so I'm surprised about all the comments, and we're looking forward to going there again.

6 Feb 2009 21:45

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

Very nice pub with good history / local information panels. Typical that it opened just as I moved away from the area!!

24 Dec 2008 09:59

Royal Hart, Ashford

Closed as the operating company has gone bust.

24 Dec 2008 09:52

The George and Dragon, Brentford

Closed and boarded-up when I came past earlier.

16 Dec 2008 18:57

Crown Inn, Westcott

Interesting concept by Paul the manager re the bell on the bar counter...

1 ring is sufficient
2 rings is rude
3 rings means pick a f@!"ing window.

Nice observation whilst in there a couple of weeks ago!!

23 Oct 2008 18:54

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Just blooming typical! Just got back into the GBG and now Bagrat has gone!

Incidentally, the new manager is Phil, recently @ The Red Lion & Pineapple - Acton.

23 Oct 2008 18:49

The Townhouse, Ealing

Closed, and being stripped of contents as seen on Monday 6th Oct.

9 Oct 2008 13:02

The Earl of Dalkeith, Kettering

I stayed in Kettering last weekend and visited this pub with my dad. We both enjoyed the hospitality and the ale and food were great.

16 Sep 2008 00:19

Lloyds No. 1 Cafe Bar, Milton Keynes

Popped in whilst passing through last weekend. Nice place for a Sunday lunchtime pint or a meal.

16 Sep 2008 00:18

The Earl Haig, Hounslow

Sorry, but what a dive!
Even the gents toilets were closed due to "refurb" when I went in. How can a pub operate without toilets?

16 Sep 2008 00:15

The White House, Stockley Park

I read recently on the local CAMRA web site that this was no-longer a Lloyds bar. It IS! I popped in a couple of weeks ago. Very quiet but it was 7 on a Wednesday evening.

15 Sep 2008 00:58

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

I agree with Mim's comment below, and I may now consider re-joining CAMRA when I move into Feltham next month.

14 Sep 2008 01:40

J J Moons, Wembley

The latest publicity states it's a 3 mins walk from Wemley Stadium! I walk fast but bloody hell - 3 minutes???!!!

15 Aug 2008 00:41

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Visited recently and found it to be well-decorated, and with friendly staff. It was delightful to sit outside in the sunshine by the river.

12 May 2008 13:40

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Calling this pub grim is a crime. I think you've got your pubs mixed up!

3 May 2008 08:16

The Wishing Well, Hounslow

Closed due to a fire, and also To Let now.

3 May 2008 08:13

The Swan, Hanworth

So great, that it's To Let a month later?!

3 May 2008 08:11

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

The refurb has seen a few changes, still only 1 ale on (Courage Best) AND they've got rid of scrumpy jack cider (a summer favourite!)

3 May 2008 08:10

The Mansion, Feltham

Now it's To Let by Fleurets agents.

3 May 2008 08:09

Yates's, Gatwick Airport

Closed - and being converted into a Wetherspoons. When I was there in December, a temporary Wetherspoons bar was outside the hoardings.

24 Mar 2008 14:51

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Re the last comment - if you knew what you were talking about it might be worth reading! Seriously no pub sells real ale 2 weeks out of date!
I tried the Exmoor Beast on Friday night and I guarantee that would not be sitting around for that length of time.

23 Mar 2008 12:44

The Mansion, Feltham

Re-opened by 22/03 - with a board outside stating this. Looks like they've got new owners/money?

23 Mar 2008 12:41

The Red Lion, Greenford

Will be interesting to see how this pub gets on when Wetherspoons open up across the road at the old Lloyds bank.

22 Mar 2008 12:25

The Mansion, Feltham

The owner/company has apparently gone into liquidation which is not a good thing...

18 Mar 2008 07:25

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

Closing for a big refurb very soon according to new boss. May see big changes to layout.

10 Mar 2008 23:25

The Mansion, Feltham

Pub was closed when I went past earlier - notices in window but couldn't see from bus!

10 Mar 2008 23:24

Waggon and Horses, Brentford

Sold to St George for redevelopment - just like the old Plough next door was about 15 years ago.

4 Mar 2008 11:11

The Tabard, Turnham Green

I went to the Tabard this evening to see Al Murray in the upstairs theatre. The show was great, and afterwards, I got Al's autograph which was great too...
The Adnam;s Broadside was excellent and at £2.65 a pint was very good for the area.
The church opposite (St Michaels & All Angels) was featured in Nuns On The Run with Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane. My dad was involved in building work at the church when the film was made.

22 Feb 2008 21:58

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

It gets better... the landlady (Dom) left on Thursday. Funny how she happened to leave so quickly - and just before spending Christmas with her regulars(?)

23 Dec 2007 12:25

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

It gets better... the landlady (Dom) left on Thursday. Funny how she happened to leave so quickly - and just before spending Christmas with her regulars(?)

23 Dec 2007 12:25

The Botwell Inn, Hayes

Had a meal recently. Food was inedible. Chilli was burnt from being overcooked in the microwave. Rice was almost cold, garlic bread was microwaved instead of being grilled / oven cooked.
I wrote in to complain but their response was just a 'fill in the gaps' standard letter with no real apology.

30 Nov 2007 11:19

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Service is terrible!
I waited (stupidly, I know) 10 minutes at the right hand side of the bar the other evening. Everyone that walked in and stood at the bar got served 1st. The staff haven't got a clue.

29 Nov 2007 10:34

The Wotton Hatch, Wotton

I'm suprised to hear it's being refurbed again. Perhaps they'll reinstate the public bar that was forced out when Bass bought the pub from Fullers?
Is Phil still in charge of the pub - does anyone know?

20 Nov 2007 16:32

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

I popped in recently. The London Pride was thin and had no life. No ESB any more. Change of management may have increased trade but their beer quality will drive others out.

20 Nov 2007 16:27

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

This pub failed to gain entry to the 2008 Good Beer Guide due to the change of management earlier in the year. This decision sucks as there are other pubs that have had a change of management in the last few months, but they've still got in there. My CAMRA membership expires soon; thankfully.

30 Oct 2007 17:14

The Hillside Inn, Crawley

Dear Anonymous,
Mitchells & Butlers ARE Bass... just a new name for the old company.

8 Oct 2007 15:41

The Freemasons Arms, Wood Green

Sad to hear of the closure of the pub. As mentioned before, I worked there back in 1994. RIP The Freemasons Arms.

27 Sep 2007 12:32

The Liquor Station, Wembley

DPS = Designated Premises Supervisor (Licencee in old money!)

21 Sep 2007 17:07

The Running Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Went in for a meal on Monday evening. Found no ales on sale so had decided to try the Guinness Red. Not bad.
The steak meals were absolutely excellent. The customer service was great. One useful point of note though - the kitchen closes early. Discovered this when having our plates cleared - "as you have had a meal you can order a dessert, although the kitchen is closed" and this was about 8pm.

21 Sep 2007 16:58

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I popped into the Falcon last night to visit for the first time since the refurb. I was pleasantly suprised after reading various comments on here.
I used to run the pub with John & Pauline and then took over the licence when they retired. They would be impressed! M&B (or Bass as they were 10 years ago) tried to rip out half of the bar and all sorts of things. We opposed this then and proved that the pub was Grade 2* listed.
I like the decor, and the fact that they've not mucked around with the old woodwork and fittings. A really good choice of real ales and Tim Taylor's Landlord @ £2.85 (and a cracking pint too!) I was happy.
Live on the Falcon.
ps - they now only refer to the Longest Bar In Britain on the write-up outside!

22 Jul 2007 07:21

The Running Horse, Sunbury on Thames

I noticed it closed at the weekend, is it for good or another refurb? It only just had its garden re-done and also has a bench in the garden in memory of ex landlord Fred.

11 Jul 2007 15:31

The Railway, Greenford

Quite a lot's gone on since my last post...
Now been sold by Spirit group and is now signed as a Free House & Carvery. "Robert and the team welcome you to the Railway" is the new sign above the carvery entrance.
Due to reopen imminently, now recruiting for staff.

7 Jul 2007 20:38

The Feathers, Laleham

Shame - used to have really good beer festivals and some weird ales too!

7 Jun 2007 19:35

The Castle, Acton

Still a good pub, now with ESB permanently on draught! Another criticism though: they don't seem to know that the licensing laws changed to allow 30 minutes drinking up time!

20 May 2007 12:32

The Thomas Willingale, Chingford

Popped in for a pint on the way from Theydon Bois (dropped off in a vintage RF coach!). The Jennings beer was in good form, a change to have in London. As the Cup final was on, they had an array of hot food on the counter, which I was invited to sample which was very nice as I had never even been in there before!

20 May 2007 12:31

J J Moons, Wembley

£3 per pint on Cup Final day!

20 May 2007 12:27

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Popped-in for a quick pint (finally got off at the correct station this time too!) - yesterday evening. Enjoyed a lovely pint of Milton Dorich.
Point to note: Oversize glasses are in use, as noticed for the first time. Pub was fairly quiet but was still enjoyable. Any chance you can move closer to Wembley please?!

20 May 2007 12:26

The Liquor Station, Wembley

Now open as The Bear. (opened on Thursday 3rd May.
Trying in vain to copy JJ Moon's next door... menu with special prices, special food & drink price combos. Now selling real ales (GK Old Speckled Hen @ £1.80 & IPA, Courage Best) at time of visit. Other draught beers range from £3+ per pint. The bar already has a leaky ceiling! Background music playing but amusement machine volume far too high. Plasma screens for sports.

7 May 2007 15:59

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

Long-standing guvnor Jack left at the weekend - so we'll have to wait & see what happens to the pub... whether Dom will carry on the licence, or a new manager is appointed - who knows!

2 May 2007 02:32

The Mansion, Feltham

According to the locals, the staff spend more time lounging around the sofas than behind the bar. The beer quality also varies considerably. The prices are high too.

2 May 2007 02:30

The Liquor Station, Wembley

Further to my earlier post, it is due to reopen soon as The Bear; badged as a Juniper pub which is still part of the Barracuda group. Looks quite smart from the outside through the window... we'll see... Hope it's an improvement on the Old Post Office!

2 May 2007 02:29

The White Hart, Greenford

Not only closed, but burnt down too!

24 Apr 2007 05:29

The Old Post Office, Wembley

Closed for a well-deserved refurb. All signage has been removed so it could be possibly re-named as well.

19 Apr 2007 06:13

The Coach and Horses, Isleworth

According to the local CAMRA website, this pub is due to be converted to a hotel soon. Although, looking from the road, I don't think it will be a Young's hotel conversion as the pub is up for sale. Sad.

18 Apr 2007 03:31

J J Moons, Wembley

ARRRGH! What have they done??
They've taken out half of the handpumps, further reducing the beer range (Now 5 pumps - Abbot, Best, Directors, Pedigree and only 1 guest if you're lucky)and they've also taken the sinks out of the gent's toilet and replaced them with more urinals and then put the sinks on silly wall brackets far too high up.

15 Feb 2007 19:54

The Castle, Acton

Not exactly sure what happened New Year's eve but it was closed for a few days and then reopened as if nothing had happened...

6 Feb 2007 11:25

The Railway, Greenford

Nothing happening here at all... there's a banner on the side of the pub "closed for refurbishment reopening early 2007"

6 Feb 2007 11:24

Tichenham Inn, Ickenham

Beer range and quality varies a great deal.

28 Jan 2007 15:56

The Star, South Harrow

Used to be an excellent Firkin pub (One of David Bruce's Firkin chain) that sold decent ales. Then when he sold it, Spirit Group tried to linger onto the Firkin Pub Co name but it didn't last. Now run by Punch Taverns and quite nice although they've still only got one real ale on and the toilets are still poor!.
**Nice to see the original FIRKIN ashtrays still there - may be collectors items!**

28 Jan 2007 15:53

The Rose and Crown, Feltham

UP FOR SALE! What more can be said?!

25 Jan 2007 15:15

The Castle, Acton

Bad sign - New Years Eve - Fire engines outside and a sign in the window a couple of days later stating the pub is closed due to electrical and water problems. Smell of burnt-ness from the side of the pub & upstairs looks very uninhabited for a change. Not looking good. Any news anyone?

3 Jan 2007 06:55

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

Don't know about the "Best pint in Feltham" bit - how can you decide that when all they sell is Courage? Try the Moon On The Square for the "Best pint in Feltham".
PS: Lovely pub... window put through on Xmas eve....

29 Dec 2006 13:46

The Bells, Staines

STILL CLOSES BETWEEN 3 & 5 (as I found out yesterday)! Typical...

29 Dec 2006 13:44

The Railway, Greenford

Still no update - the lights are on in the flat upstairs but the downstairs hasn't been touched since the fire.
Tried emailing the pubco but they told me in a generic reply to "contact the pub"(!) I rang the number last week only to find "all calls are being diverted" but no-one answered the phone. Not looking good.

29 Dec 2006 13:43

The Hobgoblin, Staines

What has happened here? Popped in yesterday, only 1 ale on = Hobgoblin. This was in poor quality and had bits floating in it. £2.65 a pint too...

29 Dec 2006 13:41

Royal Hart, Ashford

I noticed the fencing around the place yesterday. Pity, not a bad place considering... all that money spent doing it up (albeit a few years ago) - now where do u go for a pint when you've missed the bus?!
Heard a rumour that the whole bit of land including the old dairy & somerfield / pub / old fire station has been sold for more houses...
Let's see.. more houses = more people... what do they do? - shut the pub!

24 Oct 2006 14:58

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Call that a "Refurb"? Just a lick of paint... Apparently the company spent £30K instead of £80K. More like £30...

17 Oct 2006 19:34

The Railway, Greenford

Walked past the pub last night and noticed it was closed. On further investigation, signs on the door show the pub's closed due to fire damage.. "we hope to reopen soon with a new bar & restaurant"
From a peer through the window, it looks like the fire must've been in the restaurant/kitchen although there's little evidence looking at the building itself. The public bar area is badly smoke damaged and the games machines/pool tables have all been removed. Not sure when this happened but I'll try to find out.

14 Oct 2006 07:52

The Freemasons Arms, Wood Green

Worked there back in 1994 before it was knocked through. Went back recently to hear that my old boss has been away at Her Majesty's Pleasure!.
I liked working there.

16 Sep 2006 16:12

The Rose and Thistle, Frimley Green

like it.

16 Sep 2006 16:07

The General Roy, Feltham

Re the last post...
When I worked there, just after the pub opened, we had a really great team and not only did we serve all customers in turn, if you were a regular customer who made eye contact with one of us when you walked through the door, your pint would be waiting for you when you got to the bar!

16 Sep 2006 16:06

The Castle, Acton

I work at North Acton station and must say, I've been quite suprised recently.. the pub has been refurbed and they've got a nice beer garden with a retractable canopy. One criticism: They don't do ESB on draught... only in bottles @ £2.90

17 Aug 2006 17:48

The Townhouse, Ealing

WHY is this place badged as a Fuller's pub when it is owned and run by Laurel? the beer is terrible and you have to know the doorstaff to even get in the bloody place. Will not go back.

17 Aug 2006 17:46

The Haven, Ealing

Went for a pint recently.. Kronenbourg Blanc... £3.95 a pint and served totally flat albeit in the correct glass. It should be with a head hence the water jet on the pump!)

17 Aug 2006 17:44

All Bar One, Ealing

Typical of another 90's phase going down the drain... I mean - whoever heard of a pub being turned into a bank?!

(just look at all those winebars that opened in former bank premises back in the 90's)

17 Aug 2006 17:43

The Happy Landing, Stanwell

Notice the pic of Concorde which has replaced the previous pub sign...
And at last, they've replaced the signage - I can remember it being called the "Happy ding" for years!

9 Aug 2006 18:03

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

Thanks 4 showing my pics of the 'new' building! They were only taken on my mobile as I was on my way...

9 Aug 2006 18:01

The George, Staines

If it rebrands as a Lloyds - where will the dancefloor be ? And will they keep the upstairs as non-smoking?

I'm not convinced it'll work - I used to be a Shift Manager there...

30 Jul 2006 16:54

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

I popped in this afternoon for a pint... very nicely decorated - they've rebuilt bit by bit using the plans from the original (refurbed) building - but it obviously feels 'new'! Beer in good form too - albeit a bit pricey although you can't have it all!

Noticed the 'coconut matting' outside - methinks it needs just a tad of watering and it may well bed in... if not, there's a bit of spare astroturf knocking around at Feltham Arena these days - (the petrol station at Bedfont Green has been using it too for about 20 years!)

30 Jul 2006 16:52

The Moon Under Water, Hounslow

Undergoing a refurb which will still mean no TVs cos the Manager doesn't want them. That's fine by me. Lovely place, pleasant staff, great beer... any chance they could move it closer to my home in Wembley?! (it knocks spots off my local!)

25 Jun 2006 12:58

Diesel, Staines

According to an advert in the local rag, it's due to re-open as an Indian restaurant. Hope they have better luck!

25 Jun 2006 12:55

The Litten Tree, Staines

I'm watching... still says "closed for stocktake" in the windows!

25 Jun 2006 12:53

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

I went past the site yesterday (24/06) and saw that it now has walls and a roof - which is an improvememt!

25 Jun 2006 12:52

Ha Ha Bar And Canteen, Staines

I went in once, and was charged £12.50 for a big bottle of Leffe beer - the same stuff is £3 in Sainsbury's round the corner. And the food was poor. At the time, they didn't let on who owned the place and I was unable to write to complain.

24 Jun 2006 11:53

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Despite previous comments, it HAS got the 'Longest Continuous Bar in Britain' - as awarded by the Guinness Book of Records. I know, I used to run the Falcon!
Trust me - cleaning 42 beer pipes every week (when it had more than it has now!) and working in such a lovely pub back at the end of the 90's was brilliant.
AND we fought off Bass and their plans to rip out half of the bar!

24 Jun 2006 11:48

The Rose and Thistle, Frimley Green

My ex fiancee works here. She tells me it is a great pub and has a good customer base. I will visit it soon and comment further!

16 May 2006 01:17

The Old Post Office, Wembley

Trying to be a Wetherspoon with all the fancy offers. A hell-hole to be truthful. Thanks to this place, the JJ Moons next door can't let you in after 11pm - the rough crowd all seem to pile into JJ's after 10.50pm!

10 May 2006 22:16

J J Moons, Wembley

Pretty good high street Wetherspoon pub. Beer range varies and also the availability of some beers can be sketchy. Also (not at fault of the staff or managers - it's the company) they have too few staff on and it can take a long time to get served.

10 May 2006 22:14

The Pleasure Boat, Alperton

It was taken over by a company called Beer Barrel Ltd in June 2005. The company also own the nearby Panthers restaurant. It has been refurbished with some nautical bits & bobs. The owners are of Indian origin, and now most of the staff are polish girls who are all very polite.
The pub still gets quite busy and still has the resident DJ. The food is good and they have a lunchtime special offer of 2 for £4.95. Some of the food is of Indian style which reflects the management.
Still no real ale, and they've got rid of the golf machine!

10 May 2006 22:12

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Visited the pub on Tues 9th May, after reading an article in the London Drinker magazine.
Really nice pub, again quiet (although it was mid-afternoon...) Beer was really good.
One thing- I almost walked past thinking the pub was closed - those big wooden doors with no glass don't do it any justice. It would help if there were some glass panes - hopefully these are temporary doors?
Will definately pop back, although I live in Wembley and don't always go to Hackney!

10 May 2006 22:08

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

A friend of mine spoke to the landlord (Royston) the other day... apparently it was a really bad kitchen fire. They hope to reopen soon, but from what I saw of what's left of the pub (not a lot) I'm not so sure.
Maybe the place is jinxed - the original Links Hotel on the site burned down in the 70's/80's...

6 May 2006 08:37

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