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Comments by robamy

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Amazing food and friendly service. Nice atmosphere.

13 Mar 2012 10:27

The Bear and Billet, Chester

Friendly, comfortable, good food and interesting begian and german beers.

13 Mar 2012 10:26

The Black Dove, Brighton

Amazing selection of beers and cocktails but at pretty enormous prices. Truly different and interesting decor and a great music selection. A unique place to enjoy drinks in Brighton but you do pay for the priviledge.

28 Dec 2011 10:42

The Bees Mouth, Brighton

Brilliant selection of beers, both draught and bottles. Really friendly staff, not 'painfully hip and trendy', just a bar that want to create something different. Prices are reasonable for this part of town considering the rareties and choice.

28 Dec 2011 10:29

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

Great selection of brilliantly kept beers. Would be nice if more of the menu was available but this place is about beer and (aside from costing a bit more than I woul expect of a couple of belgian bottles) I can't fault it.

8 Dec 2011 15:48

The Maltings, York

Decent selection of beers, very well kept. They certainly seem to look after their regulars, some of the attention and freindliness would be great for first timers too.

8 Dec 2011 15:43

The Habit, York

Lovely informal atmosphere with good beers and friendly staff.

8 Dec 2011 15:39

The Evil Eye Lounge, York

Great atmosphere, good selection of interesting beers from around the world. Excellent thai menu. A nice interesting place if you are still up for a slightly studenty vibe.

8 Dec 2011 15:38

The Reservoir, Brighton

Part of the new enormo-family that seems to be taking over Brighton one pub at a time. Not necessarily a bad thing as they hold a really good selection of belgian and other beers as well as a more interesting range of lagers (yes I used the 'l' word on bite) than most. Excellent thai food and the usual upmarket but traditional decor we have come to expect.

21 Sep 2011 11:01

Sir Charles Napier, Brighton

So honest and pleasant. Really good staff, great food and a decent selection of drinks all at reasonable prices. This is how pubs used to be!

21 Sep 2011 10:59

The Barley Mow, Brighton

Excellent food and a good selection of beers. Friendly staff, nice and cosy in winter. Not really sure what more you could ask for.

22 Nov 2010 16:30

The Bridge Inn, Shoreham by Sea

Good food pub, they have one side for pool table, tv, sofas and fruit machines and the other half is laid more like a restaurant. Seafood is good and so are the bar snacks. A selection of Gales on offer as well as some premium lagers. Overall decent and innoffensive.

11 Nov 2010 10:01

The Bow Street Runner, Hove

Fair enough, I retract the "grumpy". in it's place I'll add bubbling over with bitterness, horribly discriminatory and prejudice with a tendancy to generalise and uses any platform to spread bad feeling and resentment. Shall we get back to reviewing pubs?

10 Nov 2010 09:28

The Bow Street Runner, Hove

How much of a grumpy old man are you chaschas? Anyway, great pub with friendly people both young and older, good selection of beers and a great atmosphere. Perfect for the student and old and bitter alike.

5 Nov 2010 08:30

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Good for beer drinkers. Extremely expensive place to eat. We asked where the meat was sourced expecting superb quality to be the saving grace but it was not local and they didn't know the farm. Extremely cold with all doors open on a late October day. Despite this staff were attentive and you could see the locals were happy and it was almost fully booked, so it would only take a little tweaking to be really good.

18 Oct 2010 12:51

The Craft Beer Co., Brighton

Excellent pub with a great selection of drinks, some of the friendliest staff in Brighton and you can have coffee and a cake until 7 for a very reasonable price. Lovely open and airy atmosphere and good happy hour deals. Go here and enjoy it, if you can get a seat.

8 Oct 2010 16:42

The Royal Sovereign, Brighton

As a complete neutral there is definitely something funny going on with these posts. Most people would be happy to have their say and leave it, but when arguements are breaking out it's time to relax and just stop going there if you don't like it. My opinion, decent smart pub with a good selection of drinks and good food. Didn't notice anything massively out of the ordinary with regards to prices and its always packed when I go so why the polarised opinion? Dodgy posts I say.

4 Oct 2010 12:32

The Hobgoblin, Brighton

the prices here are ridiculous especially when you consider the competition across the road in Hanover. 4.20 For a pint of Hoegaarden and not even a particularly good one. Food menu looks good and much more reasnoably priced in comparison. Go here for the ambience, decor and food and drink tap water. Then go to the Caroline of Brunswick for a (reasonably priced)drink.

4 Oct 2010 10:38

The Westbourne, Hove

Good food, good atmosphere, decent selection of drinks, excellent soundtrack.

4 Oct 2010 10:13

Connaught, Hove

So many people grumbling about price and the class of people in this pub as if it isn't always packed. There is an appeal in this place that extends beyong real ale and a nice bunch of locals. I am a beer man but am just as enthusiastic about locally sourced, high quality food and this place provides that brilliantly. It is a bit noisy and does attract a few pretentious folk but you are drinking in Hove! There are still dark places with sticky carpets nearby should that be your thing.

4 Oct 2010 09:29

The Constant Service, Brighton


6 Sep 2010 08:51

The Dover Castle, Brighton


6 Sep 2010 08:50

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Excellent pub with hugely knowledgable staff an amazing range of beers including seasonal and high quality food. Decor is lovely and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. You even get recommended beers for each dish on the menu.

3 Aug 2010 08:45

The Pump House, Brighton

Another town centre pub that gets very busy on weekends. Quite a nasty food smell often. Not to say the food is bad, they have decent vegetarian options. Decent selection of beers at good prices.

30 Mar 2010 15:50

The Pull and Pump, Brighton

Not bad, not good either. As straightforward a pub as you are likely to find. Turn up, drink, leave. Could be a bit cleaner.

30 Mar 2010 15:46

Prestonville Arms, Brighton

Very good beers and a classic pub atmosphere. Good for whiling away a long stretch of time. And the food is good if you get peckish while drinking.

30 Mar 2010 15:39

The Mash Tun, Brighton

Why is moonmonk so offended by "cool" people (see his other reviews). The staff in here have been nothing but friendly considering their work load on weekend evenings. Not a great pub though, plastic cups and very tired looking. Standard range of drinks, nothing special. Ok if your out with workmates but anything more intimate, steer clear.

30 Mar 2010 15:37

Fountainhead, Brighton

Very unfair review from moonmonk. Staff have always been friendly and he must have had a bad day. OK selection of drinks and a nice atmosphere when its not too crammed due to its popularity. I expect most people go because of the cool staff.

30 Mar 2010 15:29

Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton

Grungy, burlesque themed pub with nice atmosphere friendly staff and cool decor. Always advertising bands or comedy or DJs so must be a popular place all week.

30 Mar 2010 15:24

The Druids Head, Brighton

Busy weekend pub. Not hugely interesting. Could do with being a bit cleaner and tidier. Reasonable selection of drinks but nothing special. Gets very crowded and loud.

30 Mar 2010 15:13

Atlas Lounge, Brighton

Perfect for a social drink in comfortable and civilzed surroundings. Decent premium lagers available (I feel it necessary to mention lagers as most people who review on this site tend to believe that it isn't a pub without ale) and not as expensive as you expect with such a classy atmosphere. Professional and friendly staff. A winner.

30 Mar 2010 15:10

Red Rover, West Wellow

Nicer atmosphere than most chain places. Decent food and a very standard selection of drinks.

30 Mar 2010 14:46

Panniers, Barnstaple

Interesting drinks, very cheap but has all the usual problems of the weatherspoons chain.

30 Mar 2010 14:45

The Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt

Excellent food. Good beer. Friendly service.

30 Mar 2010 14:41

The Williams Arms, Wrafton

Big family carvey pub. Worth going to because it's independant and most of these places have been bought up by faceless chains. Sometimes too busy, but I don't suppose they will complain.

30 Mar 2010 14:32

Park View, Brighton

Excellent selection of Belgian and German beers. Really friendly staff and a good selection of food. Seem to have ironed out the problems documented below and a lovely evening was had by all.

30 Mar 2010 14:17

The Three Jolly Butchers, Brighton

Nice atmosphere, cosy pub, eclectic decor. Could do with a better selection of drinks.

24 Feb 2010 14:52

The White Rabbit, Brighton

Strnage atmosphere and not the most friendly staff let this pub down for me.

24 Feb 2010 14:51

The Eddy, Brighton

Incredibly noisy, poor selection of drinks. All style and little substance.

16 Dec 2009 16:20

The Great Eastern, Brighton

I think this is quite a quaint pub. As simple and as a pub can be with good service and a nice selection of beers. Genuine and honest place.

4 Dec 2009 15:02

The George, Brighton

A great place for a vegetarian meal, but they could present it a bit better. The live music is usually good and the burger competition is a great idea for regulars. Nice selection of drinks.

4 Dec 2009 14:59

The Office, Brighton

A young crowd but not a party place. Perhaps somewhere to start the night but there's nothing to keep you here for long.

4 Dec 2009 14:51

The Pond, Brighton

Excellent food but they need to do something to brighten the place up. When out on a dank night it's not as cosy and comfortable as it could be. Decent selection of beers and a nice enough atmosphere.

4 Dec 2009 14:47

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Like a pub from the 70's. That's not a criticism. Doombar and leffe on draught and a cosy atmosphere.

4 Dec 2009 14:41

112 Church Street, Brighton

Comfortable and gay friendly. That doesn't mean to say you shouldn't go if you are straight, it's welcoming to all. Boring lagers and only a couple of ales slightly disappoint but it's still an ok stop on a rainy afternoon.

4 Dec 2009 14:20

The Waggon and Horses, Brighton

Lovely staff and a good selection of drinks. Other than that it's a basic pub with a nice atmosphere that gets very crowded on Saturday nights. Would recommend as a stop off on a city center crawl.

4 Dec 2009 14:08

Fitzherberts, Brighton

Good if small selection of drinks, great atmosphere and an amazing location. This is how city center pubs should be done.

4 Dec 2009 13:34

The Standard, Brighton

Very slightly more comfortable and clean and expensive than the wetherspoons across the road. There is no reason to ever go here.

3 Dec 2009 16:15

The Bright Helm, Brighton

I don't know what people expect from this place. A cheap chain on the grottiest street in Brighton. Good if you want Polish beers that will knock you out or anything cheap. Otherwise, desperately avoid.

3 Dec 2009 16:08

The Walkabout, Brighton

Don't go here if you don't like sports, sticky floors or plastic glasses. If you do it's great. Staff are good considering.

3 Dec 2009 15:50

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

Nice, busy pub with good atmosphere, half decent selection of drinks and the food looked good.

3 Dec 2009 15:41

The Three and Ten, Brighton

Mr. Raffles says this is a gay bar but it isn't. but he is right about everything else. Good pub.

30 Nov 2009 16:45

The Tin Drum, Brighton

People say it's expensive but not when you consider its table service and they are premium lagers but they do have to try a little harder if they want the exclusive, high-class feel they are after.

30 Nov 2009 16:38

Hop Poles, Brighton

Good pub with a selection of premium lagers and usually good food apart from our last visit, but that was probably an off day. Nice atmosphere and interesting decor.

30 Nov 2009 15:27

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Excellent selection of german, belgian and local beers. Great atmosphere wehn a few people are in and friendly staff. Come here for the beer and the people, not sky sports and carling.

30 Nov 2009 15:15

Kings Arms, Luxulyan

Lovely, friendly welcome and lots of people enjoying what looked to be good food. Great dog.

8 Mar 2007 18:14

The St James Tavern, Brighton

Great friendly pub with good prices and interesting decor. Also hear the food is well worth a try.

19 Feb 2007 09:59

The Master Mariner, Brighton

It may be the only independent pub on the marina but it is easily the worst. The entire plate of food was cold and sad looking, the service was the bare minimum, the surroundings were like a travelodge and it was too much money. I would much rather eat at a chain for a decent price with hot food than the same kind of food here for much much more money. With places like this relying on the fact that they are independant it is no wonder faceless chains are taking over. The bar and beers were decidedly average too.

19 Feb 2007 09:56

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