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Varsity, Lincoln

Newly refurbished and presentable. Cheap ale (mainly Bombadier) but sometimes others. Food much like Wetherspoons menu but edible and reasonably priced and quick service (as with pre-prepared miccrowaved or boil in bag food!). Comfortable sofa on balcony area is good for people watching. Too many TV screens showing sport or Sky news. Very popular for drinking parties so quite rowdy and bouncers on door some nights. Students love it!

22 Jul 2010 15:01

The Orgasmic Cafe, Lincoln


22 Jul 2010 14:46

The Lamb and Flag, Lincoln

This pub has been re-named the Lamb & Flag. Refurbished and now mirror most of the other pubs - TVs everywhere you look, loud music, indifferent staff and an invisible management. Real ale still available (served too cold). Understand it is shortly to become a carvery. Owned by Mitchells & Butler and just a typical chain pub.

22 Jul 2010 14:42

The Joiners Arms, Lincoln

This has been reopened - according to the local newspaper by a lady who runs a cleaning company. I think she should stick to that! Only 2 punters in mid-evening. We were served a pint of beer - didn't recognise the name to remember it. Ate the bag of nuts and returned the pint of vinegar back to the bar. No apology given. Person sat at the bar said his was all right and barrel must need changing but bar girl did not offer to change ours so we left. No sign of the landlady. Pool table occupies most of the pub and darts board (although removed from the wall) was in line with the end of the pool table! Outside area (yard) accessed by going through a door marked as toilets. This pub will not survive if it carries on like this. You would expect a new landlady to have made radical changes but looks like something out of the ark. Think she must have just wanted her local to stay open but it won't for long luv, believe me. Don't give up the day job! Just think about it - it closed down because it was the same as it is now!

22 Jul 2010 14:26

Chicago Rock Cafe, Lincoln

This place has now closed down completely.

22 Jul 2010 14:17

The Mill Inn, Aldeburgh

Went here last week. No sign of any food at 12.30pm. Only one punter in and he left before us. We had some excellent Broadside but left to find food elsewhere!

10 Mar 2007 16:28

The Victoria, Lincoln

Batemans Brewery have just bought this pub and will probably spoil it by reducing the previously excellent range of real ales by only selling their own. I hope not. Truly the best ale I have found in Lincolnshire. Small "back street" local, friendly staff, worth finding if you only go to a pub for the ale. Good food at lunch times.

10 Mar 2007 16:25

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