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Comments by rex_edwards

The Puzzle, Clerkenwell

aint this pub closed....?

6 May 2009 16:44

The Square Pig, Holborn

Stumbled upon this place on night out, Looks quite ugly from outside, but quite cool and hip inside.

Bitter good quality, could look at the pricing of its wine as quite pricey for what you get....

Missed out on food as kitchen was closed when we visited (4pm monday)....

6 May 2009 16:42

The Yorkshire Grey , Holborn

One of the pubs that brings up the standard let down by a number of poor efforts in the area. Me and my friends always feel welcome when we visit the Yorkshire Grey, The staff make you feel like a guest in their front room – very polite unlike numerous pubs in the area.

There is a good range of Bitters and Bottled beers, And has just changed its wine list – Nice mix of new world and Classic wine origins at good prices, most being under the £15 mark not being to pretentious having a bottle of 87’ chateaux margeaux on the list that has blaintantly been stuck in the cellar since 1988….

Must say gold medal should go to the Aussie Barmaid who is full of energy and very friendly, And run by a couple of young guys who must be proud to look after…..One European very passionate about Whiskey – Got me to try a Japanese one what I most prob would never had thought about, but glad he did…..So Good (yamazaki or something)

Only criticism is Harvey’s Best Bitter not constantly kept on tap – It should be a permanent fixture, but the fact that they like to try new beers from all over the country for all us bitter drinkers is great – Nice to see somewhere that knows there is more To London pride and Youngs out there….

6 May 2009 16:38

The Enterprise, Holborn

I have been here a few times and most visits dissapointed.

First time was on a weekday evening and found it understaffed for demand and the music too loud to hear myself, Tables and chairs all over the place and hardly a dry spot on the bar....

The second time i went was with my girlfriend for lunch, one girl and manager on duty, the girl was rude, did not seem that she wanted to even be there, no eye contact and messed our food order up - supprising as it was 2 sandwiches - instead of the fish finger and club, we recieved a ploughmans and a cremated fish finger sandwich. Wont be returning unless staff pick up their ideas......

6 May 2009 16:22

Blue Lion, Holborn

Good pub but felt the staff could be bit more attentive, When i ordered a pint of IPA the glass must have come straight out of the dishwasher as was boiling hot. They changed it straight away - no questions asked.

When i went to the bar to get a second round my friends lager had run out, the girl said she would get the barrel changed, as soon as she served the next customer, instructing me to take a seat - 5 mins past and my friend is without his choice, infortunatley the lass had got to involved with serving she forgot about us.....

Good food menu, and some querky decorating, most prob a good after work pub due to the business around the area....

6 May 2009 16:06

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