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Comments by realbeeronly

The Top House, The Lizard

Have not visited this pub yet. Do they at least serve HSD?

Note your comments r.e. being turned into a restaurant. Please see my comments made last year about the sister pub 'The Golden lion'. How do these people make such a **** up?

28 Sep 2010 17:37

Fox & Hounds, Comford

Have to totallly agree with the last 2 comments. yes the beer is good, and has the hard to find HSD. But the food...pricey is not the word.

Going back to sam0171's comment about have you seen what you get for your 10.50 (Lasagne). Well couldn't really see it at all. Has gone down to 9.50 but the portion is so small that it would not be enough for an 8 year old child. All of the portions were stingy and it really was not that good.

The cooment by boundsgreenboy rings true. Do you work there sam0171, or are you in fact the propietor/chef who if you check on their website just happens to be a Samantha!!

Leave you to your own conclusions.

To sum up, beer good, but food .....Pah!! Avoid.

7 Oct 2009 17:38

Golden Lion Inn, Stithians Lake

Not so much a pub anymore as a restaurant (expensive) with a bar attached. Despite the StAustell affliation a very limited selection of beers.

No atmosphere to speak of and not a place you would go for a drink without a meal.

13 Jun 2009 18:26

Badger Inn, Lelant

Visited the Badger in may as we always do when in the area. regret to sya the once excellent carvery has gone downhill. Gramted there is a very good selection of vegetables but the meats are all rather tastelss. It was bit difficult to tell the difference between the beef and the lamb to be honest.

However the major thing is that they satill have not reinstated the HSD. It used to be available until three years ago but was taken off and the answer is 'no-one asks for it'. Oh I hate that excuse. Funny that. While we there another four people at least did!!

It is not like there is no room for it with at least three pumps used for Tribute.

Think St Austell brewery need to sort their pubs out so they give a full range of their beers.

13 Jun 2009 18:21

The Driftwood Spars Hotel, St Agnes

Sorry vinnie, but if you are expecting to have a decent pint of HSD here, you've had it!!

Ws there in June and had the last pint for the foreseeable future. I was one of at least 8 people disappointed that evening (out of a total customer count of 20). it was replaced by one of their micro-brewery beers. No contest at all.
In fasct the landlord fibbed to anyone who asked for it saying the recipe had changed and was now 4.8 instead of 5.0.

When the fourth person asked for it the story had become that it was now 4.3!!! No need for lies is there.

We are back in Cornwall in September so hopefully HSD may be back on, but would not hold out too much hope. Another pub off the list for me I am afraid.

Why are so many pubs in Cornwall not serving HSD anymore???

13 Jun 2009 18:09

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