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The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

What on earth has happened in this pub ??? the previous relaxed and happy atmosphere has now disappeared. First of all i couldn't believe how disinterested the staff were. THEN I REALISED when a jumped up grey haired bloke bawled out the bigger of the bar maids, whilst he stood there doing nothing. I am not surprised the staff are now rude. I enquired where the mental welsh manager was only to be told he had left to become a teacher. I think they were winding me up as even though he was extremely charming and always welcoming i always assumed he was thick as pig sh*t. If anyone knows which pub he is running, please post on this.

27 Aug 2009 18:21

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Good pub, far superior than its next door rival

27 Aug 2009 18:10

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

i really liked this pub and have now chosen this pub as my regular if i am down the river. formally a fan of the dove however a recent change of management and standards has changed my opinion.

27 Aug 2009 18:08

The Salutation, Hammersmith

I echo the comments of below, Fuller's seem to be losing their direction. Out with the hosts as managers and in with the jumped up newbies who don't seem to know how to handle their clientele and show they are the boss by waving a big bunch of keys. Such a travesty if this goes to a gastro pub. Having being a loyal supporter of Fullers i am rapidly changing my mind. If they keep getting rid of the peoples choice of landlords then they deserve to lose their formerly high standing within the industry. I wish the outgoing landlord all the best. This is not the first Fullers pub that will go to the dogs in the area when a change of management moves in (if you need further prove check out the previously excellent Dove).

27 Aug 2009 18:02

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