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The Bell Inn, Hampton

sadly this is now a restaurant rather than a pub. The landlord rude to new local customers wanting just a drink to check it out has isolated the local community. yes it's busy at the moment but it will not last as people will not travel to this venue specially...should have looked after your local clientelle simon!

5 May 2010 13:53

The Clock House, Teddington

Visited on Saturday Easter Weekend. What a breath of fresh air! The lovliest people both sides of the bar and we were welcomed with open arms. We will decamp from our local immediately! We had a fantastic evening and NO SCUM

7 Apr 2010 13:40

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

Time the old boy behind the bar was retired. He refused to serve a perfectly respectable group of young people before 11pm on a Saturday. Didnt think pubs were able to turn away money and this was a quick 30 quid!

22 Mar 2010 15:09

The Dukes Head, Hampton

Yes the parrot was found all safe and well after 12 weeks i am told.

16 Sep 2009 12:02

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

Popped in the other day. New manager but now rivals the Worlds End as the roughest pub in the village!

16 Sep 2009 12:00

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

Dave27...its not really a "me and me mates" type of pub. Stay urban...MATE!

16 Sep 2009 11:54

The Bell Inn, Hampton

Oh dear oh dear what a rant! starting with a drink mishap at the bar. Clearly this person needs to re think the type of bar they frequent. Are you the original Mr Angry????

16 Sep 2009 11:50

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

Good friends ate here on Saturday night and said it was fabulous and they are a discening couple. They had tapaps at the bar and they could order in dribs and drabs. Absolutely raved about the place.

2 Aug 2009 17:22

The Railway Bell, Hampton

Appalling place. Heaving with football thugs on home match days. Surly staff. What happened? just 3 years ago they did a wonderful organic sunday roast to rival the Coopers (and thats a feat in itself!) and the clientele were discerning. Is there new management or did they suddenly lose interest. Head to the Coopers or the Bell for a good evening if you are a couple.

2 Aug 2009 16:04

The Worlds End, Hampton

oh my god steer clear! Football shirt wearing hooligans has a terrible reputation locally.

2 Aug 2009 15:59

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

Contrary to description this pub has a fine restaurant that does food evenings as well (though not sun eves or Mon chefs well deserved days off) they are running a Summer spanish menu incl tapas. Great friendly atmosphere and open til 12 on Fridays. Sunday roast best for miles around...make sure you have a large appetite though!

2 Aug 2009 15:56

The Bell Inn, Hampton

All has changed at this pub. Matt and his team run an excellent establishment. Come along on thursdays for the unique quiz which is now in its 4th week. Music round done by kazoo and great fun. 2nd from last prize is a very large fruit! Great fun atmosphere.

2 Aug 2009 15:52

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