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One Paradise Road, Richmond

Used to be one of those great little bars only a few people knew about. Slowly turned into a sleazy joint which appeared to be frequented by cocky 'dealer' types. Last time I visited (thinking I would introduce my boyfriend to a quaint & quirky place in Richmond), we sat at by the bar on stools and were warmly received by the barman. He was very friendly, 'Great', I thought - just how I remembered.... Until my other half popped to the gents for 5 mins and the barman didn't think for 1 minute until he'd approached me for my phone number - eeeeuw! No thanks. Bring back the class!

17 Feb 2007 03:54

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

Anonymous(4th July 2006) obviously isn't Oisin's biggest fan for reasons which may remain unclear. However, nobody can deny the fact that the place has gone downhill since he departed. You only have to read the rest of the comments on this page and judge for yourselves...
If this re-furb really is going ahead, I really hope it restores the place back to its former glory. Let's wait and see.

4 Jul 2006 10:13

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

I totally agree with the last 2 comments. Atmosphere is grotty. Used to go to the Tavern a few time a week - don't even fancy it once a month now. Sorry guys but since the management changed, this place has gone downhill. Invest some money in attractive and efficient bar staff, get rid of the football and bring the sparkle back!

12 May 2006 08:58

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

A proper pub. Good beer selections and nice atmosphere. Wine is a bit pricey though - shame, it's Hampton, not Leicester Square.

10 Apr 2006 12:29

The Bell Inn, Hampton

Apparently the landlord did a runner with the takings, that's why it's closed.
Could be a great pub under the right management. Bring back the reasonable beer prices, olives and nuts. Stop pushing the food. Tone down the decor. As a more traditional pub, this place could do better.

10 Apr 2006 12:27

The Lion, Teddington

It's been done up nicely. Maybe they need more promotions or some good music though. Haven't tried it on a weekend yet, but evenings in the week are lacking in atmosphere. When the football is on it's pretty depressing too. Also really stinks of stale smoke, and as a smoker I don't usually notice but this was worse than most pubs.

16 Mar 2006 12:03

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

I would say that the food was OK and reasonably priced. It also has a really nice feel. But the management! They are consistantly so rude. It wouldn't be unusual to stand at the bar when nobody else is waiting to be served and have to wait 10 minutes to be acknowledged. The landlady is very surly and has complete inability to smile - she really makes you feel uncomfortable. I've gone back on a few occasions to give them the benefit of the doubt - hoping that they've just had a bad day. Unfortunately it's always a bad day in there and I can't be bothered any more...

18 Jan 2006 09:35

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

Tip: Buy a pint at the Watermans up the lane (it's cheaper and there's no queue), then go and stand outside the Slug.
It's another chain pub really. Not much to it aprt from the location.

7 Dec 2005 14:14

The Royal Oak, Isleworth

I have no problem with cleanliness, but these guys can push it. A clean ashtray after almost every flick. A table wipe after you have put an elbow down. John - i'm not sure when you came in, but try a Friday lunchtime and I bet you won't have any complaints. Apart from these niggling things, it's actually a really nice little boozer (could be better if the drinks weren't SO pricey for a quiet pub in Isleworth).

5 Dec 2005 17:16

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

There's loads of pubs in Twickenham, unfortunately not too many of them are that good. The Barmy Arms however, never fails to disappoint. Nice people, nice atmosphere, nice garden. Food portions have in the past been a little on the small side, but all in all pretty pleasant.

5 Dec 2005 17:10

The White Horse, Richmond

Thought I would bring a few friends here for lunch in the Summer - it ruined everybody's Sunday! Ordered food, waited 25 mins and got a starter. Waited another 45 mins for NO main course (funny how the table that came in after us had all been served). We were assured that the food would arrive in the next 10 mins. 15 mins later and still no food. 20 mins later and still no food. No apology either. Said that we were going to leave and then the food arrived. It was stone cold! We all left (I was pretty embarassed, the others were just starving). Can't believe we only got a half-hearted 'sorry', they made us pay for the drinks we'd had to buy because of the long wait and still didn't get an explanation. I'm hoping they'd just had a bad day and I want to come back and be pleasantly suprised. Just really unacceptable service and bad management on that occasion though. It can really put you off.

5 Dec 2005 17:01

The Shakespeare, Richmond

Just awfull. Full of people that have just collected their dole money, come in here, grab a stool and stay here for the rest of the week. Can never tell who works there - random people just seem to get behind the bar and serve you and a round is a different price every time. It's rank!

5 Dec 2005 16:49

The Rose and Crown, Kew

I thought the menu was pretty extensive and the food good. Nice wine list. A few benches overlooking the green for the summer. Very cosy in the winter. A fairly traditional pub. Good place to take your folks for Sunday lunch.

5 Dec 2005 16:45

The White Swan, Richmond

Fantastic food - if you want to eat here on a weekend, book well in advance. A really nice place for a drink too.

5 Dec 2005 16:42

B@1 (Be At One), Richmond

Must update my comment posted on 24th feb. It's a shame, but it seems that the barmen have got a bit too big for their boots. Was last in a couple of Saturdays ago, and the place was not too busy (which is rare). Took me 30mins to get served though. The guys seemed more interested in chatting to the other bar staff than actually serving. It was really bad. Next, a friend of mine who had been given too much ice put some in an ashtary to get rid of the excess and got told off! What's that all about!? Would you rather it had been slung on the floor for someone to trip on? Perhaps you should serve more drink and less ice and you might not have this problem in the future. Start treating the customers with a little more respect. After all - we're paying your pansy bottle spinning wages.

5 Dec 2005 16:35

The Wine Bar, Twickenham

Probably my favourite bar in Twickenham. Cosy, good tapas, good wine, non-pretentious and a nice little garden in the summer. Can't wait for it to open again!

5 Dec 2005 16:18

The Fountain, Twickenham

Went in a couple of weeks ago for the 1st time since the refurb - probably won't be popping back to the bar for a while. Sorry, but the clientele leaves alot to be desired... Did manage to head upstairs for some food though, which I must say was really good. We chose from the grill menu, which is nothing less than good value and had a really pleasant dinner (good steaks!). Go for the food, but save your booze money for elsewhere.

5 Dec 2005 16:08

O'Neills, Richmond

Not as good as it used to be. They keep you standing outside for even longer now, the service once you get in has got even slower and it just ain't the craic that it used to be. It seems that the Chav's from Edwards heard about O'Neills and thought it might be worth a try - someone tell them to stick to what they're good at!

5 Dec 2005 15:26

Orange Tree, Richmond

I think the re-furb has made a vast improvement, and must disagree that it's like a Slug and Lettuce - there's far more character in here! It's quite pricey and it's difficult to get a seat because most tables are now reserved for 'food only' - which is annoying. However, good atmosphere and definately worth a try if only for the good beer - they do a great Kriek and a nice Winter Warmer.

5 Dec 2005 15:22

The Queen Adelaide, Wandsworth

Left the Orange Tree in Richmond the other week and met up with some friends in here. It was like walking back into the same pub! Obviously Youngs are streamlining the decor of some of their older pubs and they've done a really nice job in doing so (even if they do look the same). Still keeping the pub feel, it's not too modern and the atmosphere was great. Didn't have any food just a few drinks, which were not the cheapest but you'd forgive that for being in a pleasant environment.

5 Dec 2005 15:13

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

Still love it! Would be absolutely fantastic if you could get some more tables and chairs outside though. It's a shame you can't use some of that car park...

3 Jun 2005 16:49

Smollensky's, Twickenham

A nice place for pre-dinner cocktails. Laid back, New York style. Upstairs, the food is great, but a little overpriced for a chain restaurant in Twickenham.

3 Jun 2005 16:35

The Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

Fantastic location! That's about all though. It gets really packed & the service is consistently appalling.

24 Feb 2005 17:58

O'Neills, Richmond

If you turn up at 11 after the other bars close, be prepared to stand in a long, cold queue. Otherwise it's open late, has good band & a good atmosphere. A bit of a pick up joint, but what's wrong with that...

24 Feb 2005 17:54

Cafe Rez, Richmond

Full of 'Staines' types.

24 Feb 2005 17:50

Henry's Cafe Bar, Richmond

It's OK. Nothing special but a nice location.

24 Feb 2005 17:48

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

A lovely atmosphere. Really good food. The staff however are as miserable as anything, which really ruins an almost perfect 'country' pub.

24 Feb 2005 17:47

No.1 Kew Road, Richmond

Burberry heaven! It's totally Chavtastic. In the same league as a Yates's bar. I think you get the picture...

24 Feb 2005 17:44

B@1 (Be At One), Richmond

A nice little bar with good service. A shame it is so small though. They could do with a few more seats.

24 Feb 2005 17:40

All Bar One, Richmond

Just boring.

24 Feb 2005 17:39

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

A really popular pub. It's always full. Nice atmosphere & good food. Much better than any of the nasty chain pubs in Richmond. Sometimes they let you down with the table service, which is a shame because that's one of the things I thought was a great selling point.

24 Feb 2005 17:37

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

More of a restaurant really. Go for a good burger or steak. Good value for money. A small, OK, bar area if you want more of a 'trendy bar' feel in H.H.

19 Jan 2005 13:28

The Worlds End, Hampton

I really thought it was the end of the world when I walked in. Smells of stale fags & beer & full of rough locals.

19 Jan 2005 13:27

Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

Cosy, nice little local pub. Small bar area, low ceilings. Always guarunteed to see at least 1 Hampton Hill local you know. Conservatory can be a bit cold. Nice beer garden for the Summer. Benches at the front so you can pose on a July afternoon.

19 Jan 2005 13:25

The Mitre, Hampton Court

Really nice looking bar. Quite trendy. Good view over the river. Just NO atmosphere whatsoever! Maybe it's the location? - A bit 'nowhere'...

19 Jan 2005 13:22

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