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The Joker, Ilford

Does anybody know who manages the pub now?

8 Feb 2011 20:19

The Crown, Cricklewood

Drank many a pint her in the early 70's. Great place to meet friends and lose friennds that needed losing. Saturday nights were best provided you managed to escape a fist flying in the direction of your jaw as you innocently walked in the door to a fight in progress.

7 Dec 2010 20:11

The Coopers Arms, Chadwell Heath

I remember it as a lovely pub in the early 70s when I worked part time there for a while. Wonderful customers and Jack the gov and his wife were absolute treasures to work for. Stayed in digs (that's full board for you youngsters) with a great land lady a few doors up from the pub. Smiled and winked at many a beautiful girl across the counter and I am happy to say some winked back...where are you all now. Oh yes and if memory serves me right Jack was a West Ham fan.

21 Jul 2010 00:58

Cauliflower, Ilford

Drank the odd pint here in the early 70s. Always enjoyed my nights there (some of which I remember) aand always a nice place to bring a lady for a drink

21 Jul 2010 00:35

The Joker, Ilford

I arrived in Seven Kings from Ireland as an 18 year old student in July 1970 and took a part time job in the Joker while I was waiting for my 1st month pay in "the real job" in the city. Well the 1st month pay came and the 2nd and the 3rd and.....I was still serving there part time 3 years later when I returned home. While in those days the pub was pretty rough with weekend fights the norm, I made great friends there and lent an ear to many a lonely customer sitting at the counter and nursing his pint while he pined for home.
I have not been back to the pub since but finding it here has reignited my curiosity and I plan to return there for a pint of Light and Red if it is still sold there. Who knows but some of those beautiful girls I served on Saturday nights in the saloon and lounge bar (for the very posh girls) may be there.

21 Jul 2010 00:24

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