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The Cecil Arms, Saltash

It's an awful picture of a fine pub.

I've been putting the finishing touches on some lovely charcoal sketches of Phil and Dave, and I'm over the moon with my watercolour of Pete using the fruity.

I'll send them in pronto.

8 May 2006 15:08

The Rodney, Saltash

I disagree with the previous comment. There is always a funny atmosphere in there, not aggressive as such, but just weird.

And the selection of beers on offer is pretty poor, I usually find myself drinking cider.

6 Apr 2006 15:42

The Union Inn, Saltash

This pub is fast becoming my favourite in Saltash. There is no better experience than meeting your buddies down there on a warm summer's evening, taking a bench outside under the bridges, and reminiscing.

I love it.

6 Apr 2006 15:36

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

Soon. Oh....soon.

Soon shall I sup upon a chilled beverage, maybe served up by Dave, the reprobate. I shall pause for a moment, to gaze upon the beauty of my surroundings and absorb the wonderful notion that I AM IN THE CECIL.

It shall be a sweet moment.


11 Dec 2005 16:09

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

Strange comments about Dave's behind. How extraordinary!

10 Apr 2005 21:36

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

I was in the Cecil just last week
And whilst there I did speak
To Bert I cried (he's the boss)
"Sir, please give me a Foss Foss!"
Upon his nasal hair I gazed
Its simple magnificence left me dazed
Some darts were played, in much splendour
Dave tried to hit me, missed, the bender
Drank more beer, many japes were had
I looked around and thought, 'not bad'
I love the place and the people therein
To never go would be a sin
So get yourself down to The Cecil, old boy
And fill your pint glass full of joy

21 Feb 2005 21:56

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

theres the cecil, its so loved
it can be compared to heaven above
phils the god, he rings the bell
and theres young pete, he's the angel
colleen can play the virgin mary
but dave as jesus is awfully scary

stuie's there, a nice young chap
with his eyes upon the foss foss tap
the heavenly juice he'll soon chug
although he's targeted by a bug

the darts is soon, and oh, just think!
i'll soon be able to beat tryst - he stink
a merry time, hard to stay calm
for heaven is, the cecil arms

12 Dec 2004 19:25

Noahs Ark, Plymouth

The Chav centre of Plymouth. Go to it if you want your head kicked in for 'looking at me funny, like'

2 Dec 2004 23:38

Goodbody's, Mutley Plain

Brilliant steak breakfasts, ideal for a late night out on the town. Fantastic place, bouncers are nobheads though.

2 Dec 2004 23:36

Pennycomequick Hotel, Plymouth

Every time I've drank in here before a Plymouth Argyle game, we've won! WOOO! COME ON YOU GREENS!

2 Dec 2004 23:35

The Admiral McBride, Plymouth

The original Mayflower steps were where the pisser for this pub is now. You learn something new every day, eh!

Good atmostphere in there, very touristy though.

2 Dec 2004 23:35

The Waterside, Saltash

This pub would be so much better with a new owner. Fab location, good size, its just needs a new owner. If only Phil from the Cecil could take it under his wing, eh bert.

2 Dec 2004 23:33

The Wig, Swansea

I shall drink in there one day.

1 Dec 2004 22:34

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

There once was a barman called Dave
With facial hair fashion to save
So he grew a little beard
Now looks awfully weird
But The Cecil Arms is still my fave!

I dedicate this work to Phil/Bert, especially his moustache. It's 22:25, surely Pete is telling Roy a paedophilic joke right about now between spells of winning money from the fruity.

1 Dec 2004 22:25

The Boatman, Saltash

Oh, by the way, the 'beer garden' reminded me of a urinal.

1 Dec 2004 22:06

Trelawney Arms, St Budeaux

Awful pub. Full of scallies who just want to kick your head in because they've spend all of their dole money on fags and booze. Stay well away, unless you want to get a 13 year old up the duff, because this pub offers much scope for that.

1 Dec 2004 22:00

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

If God was a pub, he'd be The Cecil Arms.

Fosters is a splendid beer of choice.

1 Dec 2004 21:58

The Ploughboy Inn, Saltash

Good food pub, good family atmosphere. Beer is cold, but can sometimes taste a little off.

Lovely atmosphere of a summers evening, I like this pub. Good place to take videos of when on a pub adventures night.

1 Dec 2004 21:55

The Railway Hotel, Saltash

Good pool table, staff can be a bit weird though. Full of alcoholics though. Jukebox is rubbish.

Again, a pub to visit every now and again, The Two Bridges far outstrips it, and is just down the road.

1 Dec 2004 21:51

The Union Inn, Saltash

Good place to start a pub crawl, very near the Boatman, The Waterside and the Two Bridges.

Quite dark in there, live music is always a bonus. Has Bud on tap, as well as Castlemaine. A nice pub to go to occasionally.

1 Dec 2004 21:49

The Two Bridges, Saltash

The ideal setting for Two Bridges Wednesday, an institution I miss when I'm not home.

Friendly staff, which is a bonus as they're often the only people to talk to of an afternoon in there.

In short, perfect for a quiet pint of an afternoon, livens up a bit in the evenings. A real locals place.

1 Dec 2004 21:46

The Cavern, Liverpool

Just don't choke on the Beatles memorabilia.

1 Dec 2004 21:31

The Boatman, Saltash

Recently reopened. I agree with the previous poster who said it is more of a restaurant.

Last time I was in there the chef was behind the bar, I had to show him how to pour Guiness.

1 Dec 2004 21:29

The Rodney, Saltash

This pub might be reguarly good if there was ever anyone in it. As it is, it is just a standard place for including in pub crawls, and for holding birthday parties at. Other than that, the phrase "within a million miles" comes to mind.

1 Dec 2004 21:28

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

Let's hear it for the Cecil.

By far the best pub in Saltash, friendliest staff and regulars, best beer. Phil may have a bizzare tendency to put Chaz n' Dave on the Jukebox a bit too much though, but his pub is still a mecca for people in need of a quiet pint and good company. If I could choose one pub to live the rest of my days in, it'd be The Cecil Arms!

1 Dec 2004 21:23

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