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Comments by pavorossi

The Art Picture House, Bury

One of the better 'spoons pubs, and with very good staff too.

21 May 2012 14:08

Corn Mill, Llangollen

I popped in here for a quick pint last night, and was very impressed. They had a good selection of real ales on, and the staff where very friendly. The building itself is very interesting, and it's certainly the first pub I've been to with it's own waterwheel. I didn't try to food, but it looked delicous.

20 Apr 2009 12:27

Swan And Cemetery, Bury

Not bad, but nothing special.

18 Apr 2009 08:22

The Lendal Cellars, York

Nice pub. It's standard Greene King fayre, but in an unusual setting. The staff seem friendly and both the beers I tried tasted well kept.

9 Mar 2009 00:26

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Brilliant pub with a good seletion of real ales and very friendly atmosphere. The railwayana on the walls is very interesting, and the staff on duty when I visited where the freindliest I've ever come across in a pub.

9 Mar 2009 00:19

The Bank, Manchester

Nice city centre pub, with a good selection of real ales.

9 Mar 2009 00:15

The Pack Horse Inn, Affetside

Nice little place, with a friendly atmosphere. The food's very good, but the prices are a bit steep. The staff are always friendly, and the beer seems well kept. Also, the views of the surrounding countryside are very nice.

7 Mar 2009 11:21

The Pleasant View Inn, Bury

This pub is shut now, and Thwaites is looking for someone to take over the tenancy. Another victim of the credit crunch it seems.

7 Mar 2009 11:16

The Rose and Crown, Bury

Nice little place. Seems to do a few real ales, and all the beers seem to be well kept. It's got a real local feel to it because of it's location, but it's close enough to the town centre to be a good starting point for a night out in Bury.

2 Mar 2009 23:29

Wyldes, Bury

I recently had a night out in Bury town centre, and I reckoned that this qwas one of the best pubs I went in. The beer seemed fresh enough, but I didn't ry the food.

3 Feb 2009 16:14

The Wellington, Bury

I've been in this place a couple of times, and I can't really put mu finger on it. The food is alright, and it's got the usual range of Green king ales. But the decor is to modern for my likingm, and the atmosphere seems a little sterile.

3 Feb 2009 15:48

The Wagonmakers Arms, Bury

Nice little Thwaites pub with a good atmosphere. Tghere' nothing overly remarkable about ti, but they do a good pint.

3 Feb 2009 15:46

The Two Tubs Inn, Bury

Pleasant enough place, but it seems to have no atmosphere when it's quiet.

3 Feb 2009 15:45

The Trackside, Bury

Excellent little place. As I volunteer on the preserved railway next door to it I find myself in here quite a lot. There's always a wide choice of real ales, and with it being an ever changing selection it's impossible to get bored of them.

3 Feb 2009 15:40

The Swan Hotel, Bury

Nice, friendly, local pub. Excellent food, but sometimes the cask ales don't seem to be that fresh.

3 Feb 2009 15:36

The Rose and Crown, Bury

Nice little Green King pub, the beer's usually fresh, and the food isn't bad. Very friendly atmosphere and a good quiz on Thursday nights.

3 Feb 2009 15:33

The Robert Peel, Bury

It's a standard Wetherspoons, decent food and drink, relatively cheap.

3 Feb 2009 15:31

The Pleasant View Inn, Bury

This used to be an excellent pub under the former landlord and landlady, but it seems to have lost a lot of it's character now. It's still a reasonable pub, but if you're a bitter drinker you're choice is limited to Thwaites Smooth.

3 Feb 2009 15:29

The Oddfellows Arms, Bury

Nice little Holts pub. The staff are always friendly and the beer always seems fresh. I tend to go in on a Monday night when it's free pool and jukebox, that way it's a good, cheap night.

3 Feb 2009 15:26

The Knowsley, Bury

I went in on a Sunday evening a few weeks back with some friends of mine. The beer was good, but the choice of real ales was a little limited. It's a standard Green King pub, so nothing unique about the place, but it seems to be a perfectly good pub. And the staff where friendly.

3 Feb 2009 15:24

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

This is an excellent pub, I make a point of visiting it everytime I'm in York. They've got an excellent selection of real ales, and the food is amazingly good and reasonably priced. The staff all seem really friendly, even when they're rushed off there feet at busy periods.

3 Feb 2009 14:38

The Quorndon Fox, Loughborough

I visited this pub recently, and was very impressed. The staff where friendly and helpful, the beer seemed fresh ant the staff where really friendly. Pity that they didn't have a bigger selection of real ales though.

2 Feb 2009 19:31

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