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Comments by paul1066

Steam Packet Inn, Knottingley

Nice bar friendly and good food a nice out side seating area

23 Apr 2006 12:34

Green Bottle, Knottingley

The bottle a funny old place full of plastic Celtic fans little boys who sit in there singing Fields of Athenry while wearing four seasons old Celtic shirts who have never ventured north of the border to actually watch a game . Wear ear defenders while in there in case the landlady starts shouting was an experience I wish never to encounter again PS you cant pour Guinness in 5 seconds

23 Apr 2006 12:31

The Royal Bar, Belfast

Well what can you say about this bar apart from never again I think I would become teetotal before I venture in this bar again . Seen more atmosphere on the moon and the locals seem to have a grudge about anyone they donít know being in their pub a fast exit was in order which was a shame as it was a good pint

23 Apr 2006 12:25

Cafferys Bar, Belfast

When I first walk in the Cafferys Bar I felt very intimidated it was like some thing out off one of them 60s western movies were the music stops and everyone looks at you .BUT after a few drinks the regulars become very friendly and what I thought was going to be a fast drink then a fast escape turned out to be one of the best nights iv spend in a bar in a while . A really warm friendly bar

23 Apr 2006 12:19

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