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The Blisland Inn, Blisland

Great pub, really friendly locals and staff with a great range of beers, maybe a better food offer would be good but then it might change the nature of the pub and make it a gastro destination rather than a fantastic local, so sod it keep doing what your doing King Buddha, as they say if it aint broke dont fix it.

18 Oct 2012 18:58

Brouge, Bistro and Belgian Beer Cellar, Richmond Upon Thames

Very likable place, some good beers on started off with a Brewdog 5am Saint, then a bottle of Le Chouffe which is something you dont see much over here and then the rack of ribs, with fries and a pint of ale which i cant remember for 12 squid.

18 Sep 2012 00:42

The White Swan, Richmond

Nice little pub tucked away off the main drag, popped in with a mate at the end of a night out to sample a few whiskeys and im pretty sure i had a pint as a chaser something from the Hogsback stable if my memory serves me right. Friendly knowledgeable staff, will definitely come again if in the area.

18 Sep 2012 00:38

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

WTF is this pub all about 17.95 for a Veal T Bone with fondant potatoes, when its dead as fook on a friday night, oh maybe thats why.

9 Sep 2012 01:47

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

WTF is this pub all about 17.95 for a Veal T Bone with fondant potatoes, when its dead as fook on a friday night, oh maybe thats why.

9 Sep 2012 01:47

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Crackin pub, great staff and a landlady who was very much on the ball and seemed to know all her regulars and their drink, what more can you want in a city center pub.

9 Sep 2012 01:43

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

popped in for a quick pint on a tuesday, sunny day and completely overwhelmed, 2 staff on, no one vaguely managerial around, fair play to the girls on the bar but seriously it was chaos.

9 Sep 2012 01:40

The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

seriously poor service in here, bar staff had no idea what they were doing, usual Fullers range, usual Fullers service though not as bad my nearest the Anglers for mismanagement.

9 Sep 2012 01:37

The Fox, Twickenham

Nice pub with some good local ales on, I dont think a pub can be criticised for doing coffees and attracting in different clientele anymore, with pubs turning into Tesco expresses and flats everywhere you look, publicans need to make money and cant just rely on old gits mumbling into there pints anymore. The times they are a changing.

8 Apr 2012 14:16

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Didnt eat here except for a scotch egg which was tops, so cant really comment on the food. But the beer was great especially the well recommended Firkin Fox, also had a good range of bottled Badger ales.

8 Apr 2012 14:08

The Sportsman, High Peak

Good hearty food, just what you need after a days walking and a few well kept pints of Thwaites. Really enjoyed the Wainwright.

8 Apr 2012 14:04

The New Oxford, Salford

Was brought here by a friend who used it as his local, sadly he has now moved. Met the lovely Jean behind the bar and had a great chat about our favourite Belgian beers and she introduced me to some ones I had never tried but will be having again. Also took part in the quiz and came last, quality night out.

8 Apr 2012 14:00

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

Great little pub, loved the unfussy refurb. Family friendly (rare in Brixton), great pint of Anniversary Ale. And the Secret Garden - what a find! We'll be back soon

12 Oct 2011 09:48

The White Swan, Twickenham

Great little riverside pub, always heaving when the suns out, nice selection of beers and reasonably priced quality food. Paul the manager is a very welcoming host and no its not the cheapest but I dont want to drink in Wetherspoons or the George so I pay more to get more out of it.

10 Oct 2011 11:28

The Norfolk Arms, Steyning

I wandered in here at 6.30 to see a bar covered in glasses, God i said have i just missed everybody as the bar was empty, ah no said she behind the bar, these are from lunch. Fair enough no panic, no to many customers either, still friendly enough and tried some bottled beers from a little brewery across the road . Not bad but dont go there during lunch it might be busy although that may that weeks lunch

1 Sep 2010 01:17

The Star Inn, Steyning

This is a belated review, i was in steyning a couple of months ago but from speaking to local friends nothings changed, and thats what im glad to hear. Me and ,my wife had such a lovely time here Dick and Sue are a lovely couple and very welcoming. Yes im sure there are fancier places to eat nearby, but living in London i can eat in fancy places whenever i want and regularly do. But i love going to a good pub and eating good honest pub food and thats exactly what i had here washed down with lashings of Harveys. Dont know when i will return but i hope these guys are running it

1 Sep 2010 01:09

The Spread Eagle, Camden

Pretty much the best pub in Camden for beer, not just the usual Youngs bevs, the other day it had Butcombe and Wandle as guests both in good condition,good food a well had a steak ciabbata for a fiver, happy dys

25 Aug 2010 23:58

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Lovin this pub, great beers, great snacks great times.

11 Aug 2010 19:22

The College Arms, Bloomsbury

Awful place, met some friends in here and decide to have a bite to eat, bloody hell what a mistaka to maka. Their famous pies were burnt inside and hard as rocks outside, staff couldnt care less even though we were the only people in the pub, ah well dumps like this make you appreciate the better pubs out there.

11 Aug 2010 18:59

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Much better than any of the other pubs in bournemouth, good selection of beers, decent pub food and a very welcoming atmosphere

11 Aug 2010 18:48

Crown and Goose, Camden

Nice little pub, tasty well priced food but jaysus Adnams is about as exciting as a wet weekend in Blackpool

2 Jul 2010 00:58

The One Tun, Goodge Street

Whenever me and the missus are in the neighbourhood for a bite to eat, we always pop in for a few pre dinner drinks and if we still have time a few post dinner drinks. Always friendly service and for a pub which isnt blessed with the best layout it punches above its weight.

2 Jul 2010 00:56

The Drapers Arms, Barnsbury

Popped in for a few pints of a rainy day, very nicely kept Wandle and a not bad butcombe. Cant comment on the food as had just finished lunch before popping in. Staff were more than friendly including the manager and seemed to have a good rapport with people popping for a quick drink. Would pop back if in the area.

2 Feb 2010 20:44

The Prince Albert, Camden

Great outside, really bland inside. Tick box wannabe gastropub menu. Im not trying to be overly harsh because there is nothing really bad about it, it just doesn't appeal to me in any way.

29 Oct 2009 20:23

The Victoria, Camden

Really nice little pub, really busy after work but dead at other times, great Pizza and very reasonably priced

29 Oct 2009 20:16

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

What a load of balls these last two postings are, the bottle looks amazing, i was so worried that it would be yuppified but its been tarted up a treat, its still a pub for sure but with a great area for dining. Its always done food so why not put it in proper settings and for those who think Earlsfield got to many places to eat your tastebuds obviously dont go further than double bubble and marmaris . Cant wait for the summer to see the garden back in full swing and lots of great rugby days

11 Mar 2009 01:04

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Great pub, have had wonderful cheese and wonderful beer, in fact can only ever seem to remember the earlier stage of each visit. I dont think theres anything gimmicky about this place especially not the beer

23 Jan 2009 00:15

The Guinea, Mayfair

seriously rude staff, had a great meal in the windmill, hard to believe the same people run both places.

23 Jan 2009 00:10

The Windmill, Mayfair

have just busted a gut eating in here, great pies we had three between us, amazing value and really friendly staff. The place to be in mayfair but can someone please put a cardiac unit on standby outside the door seriously im so full i really dont know how i made it home

23 Jan 2009 00:05

The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Recently moved nearbyish (more camden than primrose hill) and was well recomended this place. Really good friendly staff and locals along with a nice range of beer. On my last trip staff told me the cellar cooler was playing up so the beer wasnt quite up to standard. Cant beat a bit of honesty better than someone just handing you a crap pint and saying nothing.

11 Aug 2008 15:50

The NW1, Camden

This place is just bizzare looks like a bland bar with lots of sofas dotted around with one or two people taking up prime drinking space. Tellys playing different programmes at the same time while the soundsystem plays something else. Has a strange little betting slip area in the entrance and also serves by all accounts really good Thai food. Im just confused what are you it shoud be called BookieThaiBarSportspub

15 Jun 2008 18:49

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

One of the greatest pubs in South West london, have had so many good nights here especilly the Tuesday poker sessions. Great food, great staff and the best beer garden ive ever seen in London.

14 Jun 2008 14:39

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Love the pub, great atmosphere great decor but last time i went they had run out of guinness and the bitter not in great shape either. Cmon guys get it right.

26 Oct 2007 15:41

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

Possibly the worst service ive had, walked to the bar and ignored by everyone including bar manager while other staff wandered aimlessly before finally one decided to get me a drink. Tried the table service option which resulted in the waitress not understanding a single word we said, not even their own bitter. Got completely flusterd when we told her we didnt have a tab and then returned with the wrong drinks.

8 Jun 2007 12:22

Dark Horse, Camberwell

Only been during the day but a really nice spot with friendly attentive staff, could do with a better ale selection but probably wouldnt sell that much of it. Good addition to Camberwell

26 Apr 2007 15:39

The Winchester, Islington

Top spot for a post dinner cocktail with bartenders who seem to have a sense of prde in what their doing

26 Apr 2007 15:34

The Keston Lodge, Islington

Agree with the last comment went once never again, impossible to get served and full of nathan barley style tossers

26 Apr 2007 15:32

The Coach and Horses, Soho

Always enjoy poppin in for a pint in this spot cant see why so many bad reviews always found the staff helpful even when i realised i hadnt brought any cash and had to do a dash to the cashlink.

26 Apr 2007 15:26

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

Great pub,Andy is such a nice guy and done so much for this pub, good honest pub food too without the "gastro" pretensions of so many Wimbledon spots.

26 Apr 2007 15:08

The Halzephron Inn, Gunwalloe

Had been for a memorable meal here two years ago and recently stayed for wedding anniversary. Food not half as good, staff never checked back or commented on the fact that it was half eaten. Landlady didnt seem interested in non locals and on a saturday night the pub was empty by 9.30 so felt compelled to go to our room as everything was being put away.

26 Apr 2007 15:05

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