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Black Bull, Gateshead

Full of underage girls made up to look like 5o year olds who ae trying to look as if they are 30. Dreadful place. Surprised the police haven't closed it down.

8 Jan 2012 19:23

The Duke of Wellington, Newcastle

Had three different managers last year. It's not the manager, it's the pub. It stinks. Beer is very good as is the choice, but the place needs a little love. Close it for week; clean it; paint (then clean it again); make the toilet usable; clean the cellar.

The current barmaid, btw, is seriously hot.

8 Jan 2012 19:05

The Collingwood Arms, Jesmond

Yep. Been back many a time. Just hven't been on this site. Great beers (though S&N could allow more guests...); good atmosphere; good landlady. nd the place is getting busier again. A proper pub. Though the TV doesn't need to be on...

8 Jan 2012 18:54

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Great selection of well-kept beers; efficient (and in some cases, well-informed) and friendly staff. Gets noisy though when they turn up the music that no-one listens too anyway...

25 Sep 2010 15:39

The Duke of Wellington, Newcastle

Still smells. Good choice of well-kept beers; good staff.

25 Sep 2010 15:36

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Good pub, good staff, dirty toliets - but great beer.

25 Sep 2010 15:34

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Big mistake to retire Len. He put his heart and soul into the job. Some of the current staff are charmless. For God's sake, don't let it go downhill.

25 Sep 2010 15:33

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

Waaaaay better than it used to be. The beers are kept better and the staff are excellent.

25 Sep 2010 15:30

The Goose at the Gardens, Newcastle

Horrible, dirty place with awful clientele.

25 Sep 2010 15:23

The Five Swans, Newcastle upon Tyne

Closed to become a Weatherspoons - which will probably ruin the other bars in the area.

25 Sep 2010 15:22

The Hotspur, Newcastle

Should be good, but isn't. Scruffy toliet; the area near it stinks of urine; too many out of focus televsions. There's usually a good range of beer, however. Clientele is a bit dodgy on Saturday.

25 Sep 2010 15:21

Hancock, Newcastle

Awful place. Loud, dirty and expensive.

25 Sep 2010 15:18

The Collingwood Arms, Jesmond

This is dreadful now. Absentee landlord, low stock, poor barstaff, dirty smelly toilets. What's happened to the place? God I hope the lease is up soon and someone buys it who knows what they're doing.

25 Sep 2010 15:17

Tilleys Bar, Newcastle

Good selection of real ales, but like those at their sister bar, they're not well-kept.

21 Mar 2010 19:32

Market Lane, Newcastle

Walk in here on a Friday night and the smell of all-day fart is overpowering.

21 Mar 2010 19:26

The Collingwood Arms, Jesmond

You're talking about The Cumberland Arms. Boy must you have had a few!

The Collingwood is like a good country pub in the city but just outside the centre and off the beaten track - at least off enough to be away from the crap.

New (ish) owner needs to ensure that his guest pumps are always on, although four out of five isn't bad. Has to put an end to the 'music' night on Saturdays. Completely out of place and ruins the atmosphere.

27 Jul 2009 19:46

The Times Inn, Dalton Le Dale

Seaham's such an awful drug and crime ridden place, with some of the worst scummers you're likely to encounter. You've seen Deliverance, right? This is one of the better pubs, but that's not saying much.

12 Oct 2008 14:28

The Boathouse Inn, Wylam

Disappointing to put it mildly - regardless of the admittedly fine array of real ales. Whatever you do, don't get caught in the room to your right when you go in. It's charver heaven on a Friday night.

12 Oct 2008 14:23

The Bodega, Newcastle

Pretty good range of well-kept beers. Clientele were interesting, to say the least, (but not always in a good way). The fact that it's cavernous is a point against it because they can never manage the layout of the tables. Not bad at all.

28 Jul 2008 09:39

Tilleys Bar, Newcastle

Good range of beer indifferently kept. Staff aren't really with it; it bothers me to see some mook standing around chatting when there are customers queueing. Apart from that the atmosphere's pretty good, although it still manages to give off the feeling that it's smoky! Don't know how. Not as pleasant as it's sister pub, the Head of Steam, but the beers fare better here; neither are as good as the Cluny.

28 Jul 2008 09:36

Pacific Bar Cafe, Newcastle

It seems to cater for the fur coat and no knicker brigade.

28 Jul 2008 09:31

Mr Lynch, Jesmond

Apart from the fact there ae some seriously smart, (though undoubtedly spoilt) young rich women frequenting the place, does it have anything else to recommend it? I think not.

28 Jul 2008 09:30

The Cluny, Ouseburn

Same management team as the HOS but someone here knows how to keep the beer. Great, lively pub.

28 Jul 2008 09:25

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

Went for a bit of a crawl around the bottom end of the Ouseburn on Saturday. Cluny was heaving but had an excellent choice of well-kept ales and the atmosphere was great; Tyne had some music event on and was packed, although they were still changing the beers - again, very good and great atmosphere; Free Trade had only two ales on and now appears to be run down rather than just having that bohemian air of a few years back. Pity about the tower block. Another bloody eyesore.

28 Jul 2008 09:23

The Telegraph, Newcastle

Nice roof top beer garden, but they've ruined this place.

22 Jul 2008 18:22

The Trent House, Newcastle

Cool but they don't keep the beers very well. Neat atmosphere though.

22 Jul 2008 18:20

The Three Bulls Heads, Newcastle

Avoid. Don't go upstairs; you may never come back.

22 Jul 2008 18:19

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Vastly improved over the last couple of years or so. The beer's always been good but it's kept better and the bogs have been done out; on top of this, some of the less savoury clientele have moved on. Al in all, a really good real ale pub. Doesn't beat the Crown but way preferable to the Bodega or The Hottie who should be competing for the same clientele.

22 Jul 2008 18:17

The Bacchus, Newcastle

NEWS JUST IN! The loud music doesn't make us drink more; we just leave and head for the Crown.

22 Jul 2008 18:10

The Old George, Newcastle

Tremendous after nine on a Friday when the leopard print-wearing 55 year old women on the pull get in.

Hope you appreciate irony. Or is it straight forward sarcasm?

22 Jul 2008 17:59

Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

Gone a little plastic in recent years, but the beers are rich and varied and USUALLY well-kept. Service is so-so. Has been great; has been appalling when Jack Slack's too busy ogling twin peaks to bother himself. Hey, we pay to do that; you're paid to serve those who stand and ogle.

22 Jul 2008 17:54

Bob Trollops, Newcastle

Only one real ale on last Friday and the smell from the bogs shared with the Red House suggested somebody hadn't quite made it in time and freestyled. For Christ's sake, this should be a good pub. Still, if you get enough no necks to spend their ill-earned drug profits on fizzy beer, I don't suppose you're too worried. We won't be back.

22 Jul 2008 17:48

The Hotspur, Newcastle

It needs a bloody good clean. Too many TVs; too bright lighting and some dodgy clientele. Beer continues to be good an varied, however.

28 May 2008 11:07

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

It's been done out again. The former downstairs toilet area is now a neat little room. I know that sounds bad, but it's not. The bogs are upstairs (there awlays had been upstairs toilets but they were closed before the previous fairly dimwitted relaunch). There's a rooftop beer garden but I suspect there's been some legal problems, because it was closed last time I was there.

You don't have to be a lager anorak to enjoy the beer because they actually manage to keep a few real ales on at Fridays and on weekends - though they're not kept very well.

Staff are so-so. You get the impression they'd rather serve attractive chicks, but then wouldn't we all...?

28 May 2008 10:56

The Collingwood Arms, Jesmond

Just been back and it was great. Friendly stsff and well kept real ale. Couple of nice chicks too.

3 May 2008 20:09

The Collingwood Arms, Jesmond

Just been back and it was great. Friendly stsff and well kept real ale. Couple of nice chicks too.

3 May 2008 20:09

The Duke of Wellington, Newcastle

This place stinks. Not the beer - there's still a decent range, despite what one correspondent thinks, not the staff, who have never been less than friendly and have to put up with the occasional lunatic; the place itself stinks. Is it the toilets? Is it dampness? Is it the sewage pipes underneath the street? If this place was a restaurant, it would've been closed by the health inspectors long ago. For God's sake do something about it before you get shut down.

3 May 2008 19:54

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

All the real ale was off on a Friday night. You know, run down doesn't always equate with cool; sometimes it just means run down. The place needs a kick up the arse. Still, it must have something,otherwise I wouldn't go there.

3 May 2008 19:46

The Cooperage, Newcastle

Still needs a greater range of ales, but vastly improved; nice feel to the place.

23 Apr 2008 20:29

Jonny Ringo's / The Lodge, Newcastle

So this is where Felling gets to on a Saturday night...

23 Apr 2008 20:26

Enigma, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Dreadful,shallow and empty. Beer's poor too. Perhaps the joint's jumping later, but until 9.30 on Fridays we're talking Eliot.

23 Apr 2008 20:23

Market Lane, Newcastle

Fitzgeralds pub but with only one real ale. It's been refurbished lately, but to no great avail. Decent jukebox, one decent barmaid. I suspect some of the clientele never leave.

23 Apr 2008 20:21

The Lane, Newcastle

This place is dead on a Friday and Saturday night. Once upon a time it was heaving.

23 Apr 2008 20:13

The Quilted Camel, Newcastle

Wasn't someone beaten to death by the door staff here a few years back?

23 Apr 2008 20:04

Gotham Town, Newcastle

Awful pub for awful people.

23 Mar 2008 19:42

The Collingwood Arms, Jesmond

Can't argue with you.

31 Dec 2006 20:07

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