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The Orchard Inn, Bristol

What a fantastic little pub! Found by accident looking for some parking for the football. Very welcoming locals willing to give their recommendations on the best ciders and lovely cornish pasties!

12 Sep 2011 08:42

Foggs, Brighton

Had a quick pint in here for the first time on Saturday. Very good Harveys, nice relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. Surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night. Great location. 8/10

24 Aug 2011 10:53

The Windmill, Brighton

Great little local, I wish it sold Harveys but then I'm biased when it comes to beer!

Generally friendly and relaxed, if a little loud at weekends. 8/10

16 Sep 2009 11:32

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Growing to love this place and it's ale more and more. I agree with Monk once again, except the Albion will be handing out a thrashing, I hope! 9/10

4 Sep 2009 15:28

The Evening Star, Brighton

This place has to get a 9 or a 10 for Beer, but as Monk says, the overall comfort of the place is lacking and it's not the sort of place you'd want to spend a long evening... I've given it a 7.

4 Sep 2009 15:27

The Freemasons Tavern, Hove

Thank you napoleon_dynamite, I don't need to write a full review, you've got it spot on. A generous 2/10

4 Sep 2009 15:24

The Iron Duke, Hove

Been living in the area for 2 years and only just discovered this place. What a find, 3 real ales all well kept (Harveys, Tim Taylors and one other on rotation), never seems to be overcrowded, friendly staff, etc., etc... 8/10 and that's probably being mean.

4 Sep 2009 15:16

The Cuckmere Bar, Brighton

Now called the Grosvesnor and predominantly a gay bar.

4 Sep 2009 15:13

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

Great beer, food, people, barmaids, roof terrace... Open very late... Only downside is it gets very overcrowded despite being huge. 9/10

4 Sep 2009 15:12

The Montpelier Inn, Brighton

Been here a couple of times, but unless you enjoy stomach-ache enjoying lumpy, cloudy Harveys I wouldn't recommend it. Though it's probably ok if you're on the lagers.

4 Sep 2009 15:10

The King and Queen, Brighton

Oh and just to add (though I think it was just her), one of the rudest experiences I've ever had from a barmaid was experienced here too. A new barmaid filled up a jug of beer for me, but poured it so that it was slightly over the four pint line. A more experienced barmaid came over, had a go at her, and poured some (about 1/4 pint) of this cheap and nasty lager out of the jug and into a glass and said I would have to pay for it if I wanted it. Once she had done this the beer in the jug was considerably below the line, but she wouldn't listen!

4 Sep 2009 15:03

The King and Queen, Brighton

Suprised how generous people are with this place. It is a pretty good (though hot!) place to watch the footy, but apart from that it is very much worth avoiding, unless you like loud and menacing clientel.

I love the fact everyone seems to think it's a wonderful old building. It's mock tudor... MOCK tudor, ok? They aren't real paintings / ornaments, etc. jeez.


4 Sep 2009 15:00

Fitzherberts, Brighton

Surprised no-one's rated this pub yet!

Small, but perfectly formed, one of my favourite Brighton City Centre pubs. Always has excellent Harveys and at 2.60 is probably the cheapest in the City Centre. Also has other guest ales. Gets very lively at the weekend, though for some reason seems to often be overlooked for its next door neighbour, the Mash Tun (0.1 miles? it's three steps door to door!), which itself doesn't have much in the way of ale. Lots of outside seating on New Road which is great in the summer. Good range of music played at a sensible volume, whereby you can enjoy it and still hear what your friends are saying.


4 Sep 2009 14:55

The Mash Tun, Brighton

This place is ok, but if you want decent beer, staff, atmosphere, music, etc., etc., go to Fitsherberts next door.

27 Apr 2009 18:04

The Riki Tik, Brighton

This is a bar, not a pub (no ale) and a loud pre-club bar at that. Having said that it's good at what it does and is one of the few bars that I frequent.

27 Apr 2009 18:00

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

Good choice of beer now but staff still rude.

27 Apr 2009 17:58

Hop Poles, Brighton

Still owned by Greene King, but now sells other ales from around the country "because Green King is so cheap in Wetherspoons", this puts it up from a 7 to a 9 out of 10!

27 Apr 2009 17:57

Seven Stars, Brighton

Much better than when it was O'Neills, good selection (and quality) of beer, decor perhaps a bit cheap and modern though.

27 Apr 2009 17:56

The Smugglers, Brighton

Once good, now gone tremendously downhill :-(

27 Apr 2009 17:55

The Font and Firkin, Brighton

Once goof, now a dive.

27 Apr 2009 17:54

The Bath Arms, Brighton

Can't believe I haven't reviewed this pub yet, as it's one of my regular haunts, when in this part of town. Most of the pubs in the Lanes seem to struggle quality-wise (can't be bothered to try for the tourists?), but the beer here is good, as is the food, if a little overpriced. Gets very busy at weekends, but with a friendly mixed crowd. 8/10

27 Apr 2009 17:53

The Quadrant, Brighton

I don't mind this pub, the beer is ok, but last time I went in there they were playing BANGING hiphop, so loud that you had to shout to be heard. Very out of place in a pub like this :-( I've given it a five, but they could easily make it a 9 with a bit of TLC.

27 Apr 2009 17:49

The Earth and Stars, Brighton

Recently popped in for the first time in years, don't know why I've been avoiding it! Good beer, beautiful staff, what more can you want?

27 Apr 2009 17:47

Blue Boar, Hay On Wye

Not a bad pub, with reasonably decent food and beer. Found the staff a bit off though and it doesn't have the lovely atmosphere of the Kilvert's down the road, which is also much better value for money food wise.

9 Apr 2009 14:17

The Kilvert's Hotel, Hay on Wye

Top Top pub, fantastic food, great beer, lovely atmosphere, friendly staff :-) 9.5/10!

9 Apr 2009 14:16

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Lovely little pub. All the kemptown beers I tasted were delicious, especially the old trout! Oh well, you can't please everyone.

12 Mar 2009 14:36

The Barley Mow, Brighton

Went to this lovely establishment for the first time last night. I've been to nearly all of the 300+ pubs in Brighton now and this is definitely one of my favourites. In fact it's the only pub I've been to that has a genuine, really traditional tatty furniture and log-fire feel in Brighton (so many places try to recreate this artificially). An excellent selection of local real ales from Arundel and Harveys. The food looked lovely, as did the large outside seating area; I'll be back to try both in the summer. Certainly didn't notice any problem with urinal smells, even in the urinals! 8/10 (and that's probably being a bit mean).

12 Mar 2009 14:34

The Constant Service, Brighton

Hanoverian must've gone on an off day, whenever I've been there the staff have been lovely and I enjoyed the classic rock n roll on vinyl. The quality of the Harveys here is always excellent.

12 Mar 2009 14:30

The Gladstone, Brighton

Good music, good atmosphere, used to only be a larger place but now also sells and excellent pint of Harveys, 8/10

3 Feb 2009 15:49

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Very decent pub, shame they have to charge central London prices, just because they are Fullers. 3.20+ for ale and some lagers are 4+ per pint.

14 Nov 2008 12:56

The Foundry, Brighton

Now the Foundry, lovely little pub with friendly atmosphere and well kept Harveys and TT Landlord, one of favourites.

14 Nov 2008 12:52

The Three Jolly Butchers, Brighton

Just popped in for the first time, lovely little pub. Now sells Harveys which is ok. Nothing particularly gay about it, but this is Brighton :-)

Lovely girls working at the bar!

14 Nov 2008 12:50

The Robin Hood, Brighton

Lovely, friendly pub with a nice atmosphere, and usually very good beer. Definitely more of a pub than a bar...

4 Sep 2008 16:30

The Temple Bar, Brighton

Shame they had to re-name this place as it had been the Temple Bar for well over a hundred years. However, the staff seem very friendly and they've now started serving (well kept) Harveys. Very busy at weekends, but you'd expect that on the main road. Worth a visit.

21 Aug 2008 19:50

Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, Headingley

Don't be put off by the exterior, lovely beer and friendly service!

21 Aug 2008 19:40

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Have to say, I've been here several times and the Harveys has been perfect, perhaps you got the end of a barrel?

16 Aug 2008 19:37

The Wasdale Head Inn, Wasdale Head

Good beer, dreadful food (kept warm all day), rude staff. Stayed in the nearby Burnthwaite farm B&B (absolutely lovely, highly recommended), such a shame that thy will no-doubt get less business due to this poorly run pub. 3/10

9 Aug 2008 19:07

The Strands Hotel, Nether Wasdale

First time I've had goat, tasted lovely, with great ale too...

9 Aug 2008 19:05

The Farm Tavern, Hove

Green King booo!

9 Aug 2008 19:03

The Coopers Cask, Brighton

Best Harveys in this part of Brighton! Took me a while to discover it even though I live nearby, highly recommended!

9 Aug 2008 19:01

The Franklin Tavern, Brighton

Chavvy chain pub... not the worst in the world, but certainly not 7.5/10... No ale.

I'd give it 3/10

9 Aug 2008 18:57

The Standard, Brighton

I've found the staff here to be exceptionally friendly and the Harveys is good. Bit more of a sports bar but definitely worth a look.

9 Aug 2008 18:56

The Prince Arthur, Brighton

The Harveys is perfect and the landlords are very welcoming. Do I need to say any more?

26 Jan 2008 16:32

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Surprised this pub has such a high rating. Had a Harvey's which was a bit cloudy and tasted of metal. Seems to be a bit rough and bouncer controlled. Maybe I was just unlucky.

26 Jan 2008 16:26

The Geese Have Gone Over The Water, Brighton

It might be a bit like the Dover Castle, but sells Harveys instead of that stuff from Kent, so deserves and extra point or two.

5 Oct 2007 14:58

The Battle of Trafalgar, Brighton

Marvellous pub, bigger than you'd expect from the outside, with very large (for central Brighton) garden and a great atmosphere. Great selection of ales too. Harveys, plus currently Black Sheep, London Pride and Tim Taylor's.

5 Oct 2007 14:53

The Queens Head, Brighton

Lovely pub, with very cheap Harveys before 7/8... Definitely not a gay bar!

5 Oct 2007 14:50

Grand Central, Brighton

Lovely roof terrace but the rudest, most incompetent staff I've come across in Brighton. I thought it might've just been me but heard other people complaining as they came up to the roof terrace with their drinks. A great shame that this will be many visitors' first port of call in Brighton

5 Sep 2007 10:23

The Font and Firkin, Brighton

I must be old too (also 24), this place has been destroyed.

31 Aug 2007 14:42

The Smugglers, Brighton

I have to be with Tetsugaku here, used to be one of my favourite haunts (yes, it was dark, dont remember those goths though?), now it's been winebarised. It's just not a pub.

31 Aug 2007 14:40

Hop Poles, Brighton

The best pub food in Brighton (that I've experienced), with an original, ever changing menu. Shame it's Green King though.

31 Aug 2007 14:37

The Greys, Brighton

Fantastic little pub, great atmosphere, food and beer.

31 Aug 2007 14:35

Hotel du Vin and Bistro, Brighton

Although I liked the atmosphere and the Garden of this pub, it was the worst pint of Harvey's I've ever had (and I've had a lot). Despite this the barmen insisted it was ok! Hopefully this was just a one off.

31 Aug 2007 14:32

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

I'm sorry, but this is another pub to have been destroyed in the name of Green King. Don't get me wrong, it IS still worth a visit as is extremely unusual and very, very old... But Green King have taken over (and closed down) the Hardy's and Hansons Brewery, thus beer here is brewed in East Anglia.

29 Jun 2007 16:42

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