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The Lifeboat, Margate

Ive given this an 8. We have visited this pub many times in the evening and love the old fashioned atmosphere. its quite dark and dingy with sawdust on the floor. Some tables out the back past the wall divider of ale are in front of the real fire and near the toilets and kitchen. Tables and bar at the front overlook the town square. Personally I think they should rearrange the back so its slightly less 'communal' but thats my personal taste

They serve changing local ciders and Ales, a really good selection and will suggest something if you say 'oh I like this sort of flavour'.

However, I agree with one of the reviews on here, the service is dreadful. I suppose its part of the charm in that its slightly eccentric and chaotic but it doesnt make you feel welcome, especially when you get the impression that everyone else knows everyone in there and you're standing there like a lemon waiting to be served or waiting to pay.

The food looks really good but as I overheard someone say one night in there, it seems to take ages to come out, so again chaos seems to reign.

We will continue to visit as for us the selection of ale and cider and the ambiance out do the small gripes about service.

3 Jun 2012 18:59

The Montefiore Arms, Ramsgate

We visited here this evening, very quiet but engaging pub. Strangely authentic but a real 'local'. Friendly owner (I assume), relaxed atmosphere, real ale (we had screeching owl and Lancaster blonde), clean, tidy with some formica tables. Older clientel, no chavs, which is always a bonus. We will visit again.

26 Feb 2012 00:01

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

We visited last night and drank Pearl of Kent from The Whitstable Brewery which we really liked. There were others on offer but we didnt try them but there seemed a good choice.

The pub itself felt very nice, airy but also traditional feel. We sat at the window seats in the pool section looking out over the sea. Their food menu looked attractive but we were not eating so cant comment on that.

There were a selection of clients, some families, older couples and groups but it felt comfortable and friendly. We were there fairly early so I dont know if it stays like this through the evening.

17 Jul 2011 15:59

The Foy Boat, Ramsgate

We drank in here last night after reading reviews on here. It was nice enough, a mix of characters, a family of all ages, a group of young lads (quiet) and some couples.

It has a nice atmosphere, old fashioned enough to be comfortable but not stale. It has a restaurant upstairs but we didnt visit, however prices on the boards for food looked good value.

My partner had youngs bitter which he said was very good. We were in there fairly early so would be difficult to say what it might be like later.

17 Jul 2011 15:48

Belgian Cafe, Ramsgate

We have not had alcohol in this bar, but visit frequently for sunday breakfasts and today had one of their carvery roast dinners.

This is dog friendly and attracts a wide range of clientel such as families, young trendies, middle aged people and older clients. Its a real mishmash of stuff, lots of posters on the walls, slighly unkempt appearance at face value but clean and lots of tables and chairs. Can be quite dark toward the back and is noisy with chatter but not unbearable.

It seems to have music sometimes, either pianists or bands, plus is an internet cafe.

The food is really good, good prices and large portions. Service can be hit and miss and they always seem to be busy but they are always polite and helpful if they get things wrong.

Their menu cites what they are clearly most famous for which is belgian beers, we havent sampled any as yet but there appears a good selection.

17 Jul 2011 15:39

Brown Jug Inn, Broadstairs

We visited this pub on Easter Sunday, after finding the nearby Red Lion too noisy (very loud music) and the White Swan in Reading Street shut.

We pulled up at the Brown Jug, not having been there before. We tried the front door and received the sound of a barking dog, thinking it was shut because the light was off, we started to leave but someone popped their head out the door and said that she was in fact open.

We realised that in fact, the main entrance to the pub is round the back (using the side gate opposite the car park in the road).

Having finally got into this pub, we found it extremely eccentric, trinkets and ornaments around the room, a bit like a aunty's front room. The landlady is very friendly. Open coal fire, bits and bobs everywhere (pair of flip flops near the doorway??), lots of piles of books, papers, board games. Walls covered in local art, curios, historical pictures.
There is a completely mad clock which times the hour with a twinkly song for some reason. There appeared to be still Christmas decs hanging around.

Beers limited, nuts were out of date, so got them for free! We love this pub, they apparently have quiz nights on a Tuesday, plus irregular fun quizzes every so often (landlady took our number to rope us in), boules on a Sunday afternoon in the garden and crib nights.

This is the sort of pub that is a blast from the past and which if you're looking for an antidote to something like a Wetherspoons, this is the place for you.

Dog friendly too.

4 Apr 2010 21:40

Red Lion, St Peters

this is our new local. we visited on a monday lunchtime, had home cooked food, although we suspected that the chips had been re cooked from the day before. however, i enjoyed the food very much.

the pub is clean and welcoming, very dog friendly, nice food. we're not drinkers so I cant comment on the beer but we will visit again.

25 Jan 2010 22:28

The White Swan, St. Peters

We visited here on boxing day as its our new local. The staff seemed fairly friendly and although they let us in with our dog, they did seem slightly wary of him coming him.

The decor is very 70s, but it is a fairly relaxed atmosphere, we will visit again.

24 Jan 2010 20:42

The Crown Inn, Sarre

I have been here twice, once many years ago and recently this summer. Unfortunately they dont really allow dogs in the eating area, so we ate outside, but this wasnt a problem as it was summer, but I couldnt go back for a meal in winter if we wanted to take the dog.

The food was very good, fresh, seemed local according to the menu. Prices were ok.

Staff very friendly, came out with loads of scraps for the dog!!

We will be going back but if we have the dog with us, it will be the summer so we can sit outside.

24 Jan 2010 20:25

The Gate Inn, Chislet

No till
No credit cards
No piped music
No chips

No chavs!

This is the best pub we have ever been to. We live half an hours drive but we consider this our local now. The food is completely home cooked and huge. The staff are very friendly.
Most importantly for us, they allow dogs and are very dog friendly.
In the winter, its very cosy, log fire etc. In the summer you can sit outside near the river that runs through the garden.

warning, it gets busy, there is only a bit of parking, get there early as they stop serving food at about 8 in the evening (I think) and in the summer its very busy.

24 Jan 2010 20:20

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