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The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Wine sales must be up ! Enough said !

25 Oct 2012 09:31

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

If the Healey group are actively monitoring the comments about the JF perhaps they might take the trouble to update teh pub details as they are way out of date and incorrect e.g Brewery not HopBack, Richard & Jayne left ages ago, no wi-fi - or is it true that they really dont care !

10 Oct 2012 15:54

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

The comments on the JF seemed to have slowed down a bit recently. Is this just because we're all resigned to the fact that nothing is going to change and it isnt going to get any better ! Its a shame as this place has a great local following and has been & can be again a great place to go.
Tried a small taster of the Summer Lightning again last night and it really is undrinkable - once again a shame as that was one of the good things about the JF !

31 Aug 2012 10:01

The Flintgate, Weybridge

So 5 large glasses of wine comes to 35 + - will be giving this place a big swerve from now on !

29 Aug 2012 09:29

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

Pubs been closed for many months now - doesnt look likely to be open again in ths same form - watch this space !

15 Feb 2012 11:06

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

New oners & had a makeover recently and looking much better

23 Dec 2010 09:40

The St Crispin Inn, Worth

Just returned from a 2-night stay here. Accomodation was up the road from the pub but this was no problem. Very clean. Tye & Di make you feel welcome from the minute you arrive. Many thanks for a great stay. I still don't believe Tye's story about golf balls but it was fun anyway ! Cheers

31 May 2010 11:33

The Perch and Pike, South Stoke

Its a shame about the previous review as my wife & I have just stayed there for 1 night and had a completely opposite experience. Food and service in the restaurant and the pub were both great, Thanks to the staff for making our stay enjoyable.

8 Apr 2010 09:43

The Catherine Wheel, Goring

Easter saturday - quiet but very pleasant - found the secret door to the gents amusing particularly with the sign being elsewhere ! All in all a pleasant experience

3 Apr 2010 18:01

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Apologies beerbum2 - this was not aimed at you !

16 Mar 2010 16:48

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

I'm sure that all the JF regulars (and even non-regulars) would agree that what Mr_big_wibble 'says' is neither relevant or useful in any way for this forum. In fact it's become utterly ridiculous & idiotic so do us all a favour and just give it up ! Just look at the place on most evenings, especially Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays - it speaks for itself with the numbers of people who now frequent the JF.
In true childish style I'm sure that another 'says' comment will follow soon but it will only go to prove my previous points - ridiculous & idiotic ! Move on & get a life !

16 Mar 2010 14:26

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

You could not be further from the truth Charlesfox ! The Grotto is not to everyone's liking but then it's up to people to decide whether to go there or not - 'ghastly' is a bit over the top I believe but then that is your opinion and you're entitled to it.

24 Feb 2010 14:12

The Plough Inn, Horsell

Can't agree more with all the other reviews - been there several times now after stumbling across the place by accident. Great food, good location & atmosphere - nice to see nowadays - cheers

12 Jan 2010 13:26

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

Once again Colin & Jan are helping us beat the credit crunch with another period of 1 off a pint between 12-6. They may only have 2 real ale pumps but both ales are always in good condition (a lesson some other places can learn - less can actually mean more !). The latest - Ruddy Darter - keeps up the standard & at 2.10/pint before 6pm definitely good value.

12 Jan 2010 13:20

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Unfortunately, more recently it seems that the 'good' beer attitude has depleted somewhat, particularly at the beginning of the week (Mondays- Wednesdays). When the landlord is not around there seem to be more beers that are 'off' than 'on' with nobody available to change the barrels

28 Oct 2009 12:05

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

Unfortunately the happy 2-hours has now finished but the beer is still good. Apparently a beer from the Addlestone brewery is coming in - nice to see them supporting local breweries.

19 Oct 2009 15:42

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

Give it a go ! - its's slightly off-the-wall but fun all the same ! Beer is a 1 of between 4-6pm at the moment so its cheaper than the Percy Lambert (but who wants to go there anyway !) - Food alwas looks good and gets good reviews.

17 Jul 2009 11:36

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Its really sad that people dwell on the past with pub life in general. Its a fact of life that time & people move on and things change. It doesnt matter how good or bad the current or previous staff/management have been or still are. As far as I 'm concerned its the people and the personalities who actually use the place (any pub !) which make it. Then if it's not to your liking you move on to somewhere else - so whats the problem. The JF has been for a long time and still is an intriguing den of all sorts and can be fun and can be tiresome but thats just the way it goes.

3 Jul 2009 14:52

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

Now re-opened after a bit of a re-furb - new bar and much lighter inside. Unfortunately, the TV is still 'king' in the place and is never off even when the stereo is on at the same so unnecessarily noisy. No food as yet so can't comment. The obvious is also happening where the 'undesirables' are coming back to try it out !

16 Mar 2009 12:45

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

What a snappy dresser the landlord is with his 2-tone shirt ! Great pub though - always have a good giggle in there - cheers

16 Mar 2009 12:39

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